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A Brief Review of the Junior Olympics – Kansas City, MO – February 17 – 20, 2017

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The recent USA Fencing Junior Olympic Championships (JOs) held in Kansas City was the largest JOs ever held! The tournament attracted 1,781 fencers from 273 clubs from across the country. The JOs were held at the Kansas City Convention Center, Kansas City, MO and included 12 individual events – epee, foil and saber – for junior (U20) and cadet (U17) fencers and six junior team competitions in all three weapons: epee, foil and saber. 


  • 2,696 entrants in 12 individual events, 2,564 or 95% with club affiliations
  • 1,781 individual fencers, 1,677 or 94% with club affiliations
  • Fencers entered 1.5 events on average, 50.2% entered one event, 48.8% entered two events, eight (0.4%) entered three events and ten (0.6%) entered four events
  • 119 teams entered six junior team events compared to 106 in 2016
  • 273 clubs represented with an average of 9.4 entries per club, ranging from one to 58
  • Largest gender-weapon category – men’s epee at 564 entrants or 20% of total entrants, smallest was women’s saber at 343 entrants or 13% of total entrants
  • Largest event – junior men’s epee (301), smallest event – cadet women’s saber (162)
  • The six largest contingents of fencers came from the Divisions of New Jersey, New England, Metro NYC, Southern California, Georgia and Central California. Collectively, they accounted for one-third of entrants at the JOs. 

Individual Events

The JOs held in Kansas City was the largest of its kind, ever held. Total entrants grew by 7.5% in 2017 compared to 2016. The number of entrants by men grew a little faster at 8.5% compared to 6.2% for women over 2016. Interestingly, the number of entrants for junior fencers grew more strongly than for cadets. The attrition rate refers to the percentage of registrants who failed to enter the event. The rates appear fairly consistent across age-gender-weapon categories, ranging from a high of 7.1% for junior men’s saber to a low of 1.1% for cadet men’s epee.

The Growth in Individual Entrants by Age-Gender-Weapon Category at the Junior Olympics, 2016 – 2017

Age-Gender-Weapon Category 2016 2017 % Growth % Attrition Rate
Men 1,424 1,545 8.5% -4.3%
Cadet 706 741 5.0% -3.0%
Cadet Men’s Epee 235 263 11.9% -1.1%
Cadet Men’s Foil 246 252 2.4% -4.9%
Cadet Men’s Saber 225 226 0.4% -3.0%
Junior 718 804 12.0% -5.5%
Junior Men’s Epee 268 301 12.3% -5.6%
Junior Men’s Foil 238 266 11.8% -4.0%
Junior Men’s Saber 212 237 11.8% -7.1%
Women 1,084 1,151 6.2% -3.2%
Cadet 556 549 -1.3% -2.8%
Cadet Women’s Epee 180 189 5.0% -2.1%
Cadet Women’s Foil 220 198 -10.0% -2.9%
Cadet Women’s Saber 156 162 3.8% -3.6%
Junior 528 602 14.0% -3.5%
Junior Women’s Epee 183 208 13.7% -4.1%
Junior Women’s Foil 199 213 7.0% -3.2%
Junior Women’s Saber 146 181 24.0% -3.2%
Total 2,508 2,696 7.5% -3.9%

Source: USFA Website and National Fencing Club Rankings

Of the 273 clubs participating at the JOs, 50 or 18% were represented by fencers who finished in the Top 8; 18 in foil, 19 in saber and 17 in epee as illustrated in the following table.  Nellya Fencers from Atlanta was the top performing club at the JOs with seven Top 8 results, followed by Alliance Fencing Academy, Los Angeles International Fencing Center, Fencers Club of Arizona, Manhattan Fencing Center, Empire United Fencing and Massialas Foundation (M-Team) each with four top 8 results. Only, three clubs, Manhattan Fencing Center, Medeo Fencing Club and Marx Fencing Academy, had Top 8 results in two weapons. Clubs can be ranked by weapon by clicking on the column heading.

Top 8 Medal Count Standings for Individual Events by Club at the Junior Olympics - Kansas City, MO - February 17 - 20, 2017

Nellya Fencers, GA77
Alliance Fencing Academy, TX44
Empire United Fencing, NJ44
Fencers Club Of Arizona, AZ44
Los Angeles International Fencing Center, CA44
Manhattan Fencing Center, NY134
Massialas Foundation (M Team), CA44
5T Fencers Club, NY33
Brooklyn Bridge Fencing Club, NY33
Medeo Fencing Club, NJ123
New York Athletic Club, NY33
Bergen Fencing Club, NJ22
Bluegrass Fencers' Club, KY22
Fencers Club, NY22
Fencing Academy Of Westchester, NY22
Hooked On Fencing, OH22
Marx Fencing Academy, MA112
Minnesota Sword Club, MN22
New York Fencing Academy, NY22
Northwest Fencing Center, OR22
Olympia Fencing Center, MA22
Oregon Fencing Alliance, OR22
San Francisco Fencers Club, CA22
V Fencing Club, NJ22
Advance Fencing And Fitness Academy, NJ11
Avant Garde Fencers Club, CA11
Capital Fencing Academy, MD11
Cardinal Fencing Club, CA11
Fencing Academy Of Denver, CO11
Fortune Fencing, CA11
Gold Fencing Club, MA11
Golden Gate Fencing Center, CA11
Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ11
Halberstadt Fencers' Club, CA11
Iowa City Fencing Center, IA11
Laguna Fencing Center, CA11
Le Club Touche, CA11
Midwest Fencing Club, IL11
Mission Fencing Center, NY11
Moe Fencing Club, MA11
North Shore Fencers Club, NY11
Northern Colorado Fencers, CO11
PDX Fencing, OR11
Premier Fencing Academy, CA11
Premier Fencing Club, NJ11
Rhode Island Fencing Academy And Club, RI11
Sheridan Fencing Academy, NY11
Swords Fencing Studio, CA11
Team Touche Fencing Center, CA11
Tim Morehouse Fencing Club, NY11
Source: USFA Website

Only, three clubs, Manhattan Fencing Center, Medeo Fencing Club and Marx Fencing Academy, had Top 8 results in two weapons. Clubs can be ranked by weapon by clicking on the column heading.

During the Junior Olympics, 12 individual titles were awarded. The list of national champions crowned at the tournament, along with the other podium medalists is found in the accompanying table.

Champions and Podium Medalists at the Junior Olympics - Kansas City, MO - February 17 -20, 2017

CadetMenEpeeHONDOR, RobertLOMBARDO, TheodoreWESSEL, AddisonFRANK, Timmy
CadetMenSaberSOLOMON, DanielSKEETE, KamarSARON, MitchellMULLENNIX, Ethan
CadetMenFoilPAIK, JoonCHENG, JulianWOODS, JackBRAVO, Kenji
CadetWomenSaberJOHNSON, EdithFOX-GITOMER, ChloeAVAKIAN, MikaelaHARRILL, Gillian
CadetWomenFoilTIEU, MayLEE, AnnoraSCRUGGS, LaurenMINARIK, Natalie
CadetWomenEpeeHILL, GabrielleRAUSCH, ArianaCANDREVA, GretaSCALA, Emma
JuniorMenSaberTHOMPSON, KhalilSUN, AndrewFARFAN-BAYERL, IntiZHAO, Raymond
JuniorMenFoilMACHOVEC, AndrewOLIVARES, MarcelloLI, MichaelGRONNINGSATER, Eoin
JuniorWomenEpeeNIXON, Catherine (Kasia)CANDREVA, GretaBEDDINGFIELD, ClaireGRADY, Miriam
JuniorWomenFoilDEVORE, DelphineLEE, MorganZHOU, EmmeMINARIK, Natalie
JuniorWomenSaberCZYZEWSKI, VeronicaLINDER, KaraHARRILL, GillianCADLEY, Galen
Source: USFA Website

Team Events

The JOs also included six junior team events. The number of junior teams grew almost 13% from 119 in 2016 to 134 this year. The six junior teams crowned at the championships are listed in the following table.

National Team Champions Crowned at the USA Fencing Junior Olympics - Kansas City, MO - February 17-20, 2017

Capital Fencing AcademyCampbell, Centanni, Contreras, Del Vecchio Junior Men's Saber
Empire United FencingDing, Kim, Lee, Scruggs Junior Women's Foil
New York Athletic ClubCole, Griffiths, Mecke Junior Men's Epee
New York Athletic ClubCandreva, Mangano, Plenty Junior Women's Epee
San Francisco Fencers ClubChu, Lu, Medloff, Zaroff Junior Men's Foil
Nellya FencersAnglade, Cunningham, Izenson, Johnson Junior Women's Saber
Source: USFA Website.

While the number of team events at the Junior Olympics has grown modestly at the compound annual rate of 2% since 2015, the growth of team events has varied significantly between the age-gender-weapon categories as illustrated in the table below.  Junior women’s foil team events have grown robustly at 10% per year, while Junior Men’s Saber events have fallen by over 11% per year.

The Growth of Team Events by Age-Gender-Weapon Category at the Junior Olympics, 2013 – 2017

Age-Gender-Weapon Category 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 CAGR %
Junior Men’s Epee 40 34 37 41 44 2.4%
Junior Men’s Foil 21 16 15 19 24 3.4%
Junior Men’s Saber 13 14 13 14 8 -11.4%
Total Men 74 64 65 74 76 0.7%
Junior Women’s Epee 28 20 19 24 29 0.9%
Junior Women’s Foil 13 11 12 15 19 10.0%
Junior Women’s Saber 9 7 10 6 10 2.7%
Total Women 50 38 41 45 58 3.8%
Grand Total 124 102 106 119 134 2.0%

Source: National Fencing Club Rankings based on an analysis of USFA website data.

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  1. christophe duclos says:

    All these numbers are great and show how important and seriously clubs, fencers and families are putting a lot of effort to get ready at JO’s.
    It would be interesting to get some stats about how much money US Fencing is investing in Referees formation and skills improvement prior to the Nationals. Considering the cost of the registration for each fencer, US fencing is required to offer a high level refereeing standard which is not the case. So sorry for the one who are doing an amazing job, really dedicated to serve our sport when another 30% – 40% is unable to ref at this level… Our sport is complex and in constant evolution, so how can we hire people who have no clue on the new rules. US federation must definitely manage this and invest more to serve our discipline and not just make profit.

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