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Top Texas Feeder Clubs to the Super Youth Circuit (SYC) 2016-2017

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Texas fencing clubs have been the 4th largest source of demand (fencer-events in Y-10, Y-12 and Y-14 age categories) for the burgeoning Super Youth Circuit (SYC)¹ over the past six years. Since 2011-2012, the clubs have accounted for almost 9% of the total U.S. demand for SYC fencer-events. This compares with clubs in New York, […]

Michigan – Top 25 List for Fencing Activity 2015-2016

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Michigan Division Generating almost 1,700 local and regional fencer-events in 2015-2016¹, the Michigan Division is the 22nd largest USA Fencing Division in the nation for generating fencer-events. Since 2008-2009  the number of fencer-events generated by members of the Division has grown at the compound annual rate of 14.3%, the 7th highest of any Division in […]

A Brief Statistical Review of USA Fencing 2015-2016

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NFCR is pleased to provide a brief statistical review of USA Fencing for 2015-2016. It is not meant to be an exhaustive expose, but rather a snapshot into membership, clubs, divisions and fencing activity. As usual we look forward to your comments. Membership Despite increased fencer activity at local, divisional, regional and national level competitions […]