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NFCR’s rankings are based on a rigorous process that includes data collection, data cleansing and statistical analysis. We use a ranking methodology that is easy to find, easy to understand and highly transparent. To be eligible for a ranking, a fencing club must have at least one of its fencers place in the Top 16 […]


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What goes into these rankings, as well as questions of interest to fencers, parents, coaches, other fencing club professionals and the media are addressed in this FAQ. What makes a fencing club eligible to receive a NFCR “Best Fencing Clubs” ranking?

Fencing Club of the Year

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Awarded to the # 1 ranked club in the Top 8 medal points for each age-gender-weapon category, 23 clubs won the prestigious “Fencing Club of the Year” award for 2015-2016. Of the twenty-two (22) clubs which qualified in 2015-2016, eight qualified in two categories. They included Alliance Fencing Academy-TX, (Youth Men’s Epee and Cadet Men’s Epee), […]

Fencer at Windy City SYC


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The “Best Fencing Clubs” rankings are based on the performance of a club’s fencers in the Top 16 finishes in USA Fencing National Point Tournaments for each age-gender-weapon category for 2014-2015. The Top 16 fencers in each competition automatically contribute to their club’s final ranking. Typically, there is a lot of interest in the fencers […]

About NFCR

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National Fencing Club Rankings LLC, (NFCR) provides the fencing community with objective, accurate and in-depth rankings of fencing club performance in the U.S. We publish three rankings (Podium Medal Points, Top 8 Medal Points and Top 16 Placement Points) for each age division (Youth, Cadet, Junior and Senior), each gender and each weapon, giving 72 […]

Best Fencing Clubs

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There are about 667 USA Fencing Member clubs. With the inclusion of 13 clubs from Canada, NFCR ranked 223 fencing clubs based on their fencers’ Top 16 performances in USA Fencing National Domestic Point Tournaments in 2016-2017 for the five major age categories, Youth, Cadet, Junior, Senior and Veteran and honors them as “Best Fencing Clubs”.