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Expanded Club Profiles

With 38,000 new visitors and 116,000 page views in our first twelve months, an Expanded Club Profile quarantees a club’s exposure to a high quality and targeted audience in the most cost-effective way. We currently generate over 200 sessions per day with visitors seeking information on the “Best Fencing Clubs” in the nation.

Clubs can link their websites to their Expanded Club Profile on our website. Club profiles allow clubs to feature all of the most important and impactful information that existing and potential members want to know about your club. You want people to know what your club does, where it is and how to contact the club for more information about the club’s coaches and their history and qualifications, as well as awards received and class/camp details. As important, why the club made the “Fencing Club of the Year” or “Best Fencing Clubs” list in 2015-2016?

Clubs with Expanded Club Profiles currently include:

The Expanded Club Profiles enable clubs to promote their rankings and achievements on our website. The information in the Profiles can be updated at any time. All references to the club on our website are hyperlinked to the Expanded Club Profiles enabling the highest click-throughs and website visitors. We believe that by association with our website and the profiles of other top ranked clubs in the U.S., your clubs position will be validated in the fencing marketplace. Our Expanded Club Profile is normally priced at $495 for a twelve (12) month display. Until the end of October 2016 our offer includes either a complimentary “Fencing Club of the Year” or “Best Fencing Club” digital badge valued at $69 and a weapons report valued at $39.

You can update your information at anytime. Email us or call 973-723-0423 for details.

Online Advertising

Showcase your club’s “Best Fencing Clubs” and/or “Fencing Club of the Year” selection by advertising on NFCR’s “Best Fencing Clubs” website. If you have a product or service related to fencing and you would like to promote it, please contact us. Banner ads are available in two distinct formats, home page and sidebars: home page top left and right (240px wide  x 120px high), home page top center (520px wide x 120px high) and sidebars small (240px wide x 200px high) and large (240px wide x 614px high).  Feature your club by location or weapon specialty. Get the click-throughs and website visitors you desire.

For more information on how to leverage your rankings, Email us or call 973-723-0423 for details.



For all NFCR company related questions, contact us at 973-723-0423 or