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Located in Midtown, the Manhattan Fencing Center was started in 2007 by U.S. Fencing Hall of Fame Maestro Yury Gelman. Fencing success has everything to do with the club and coaches. We pride ourselves on our exceptional facility, our world-class coaches and our dynamic programs. We are home to the Olympic Silver Medal Saber Team (Beijing), three top 8 finishers in the London Olympics, many members of the U.S. National Men’s and Women’s Saber Team in addition to World, National and NCAA Champions. We have qualified more fencers for U.S. National teams and the Olympics than any other club in the country in the last quadrennial. Our fencers have received athletic scholarships at some of the most prestigious colleges and universities.

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Club Information

Address: 15 W 37th Street, Floor 2

New York, NY 10018

Tel: 1-212-382-2255

Fax: 1-212-382-2256



Among Our National Rankings

  • # 1 Senior Men’s Saber Top 8 Medal Points 2014-2015 (Club of the Year 2014-2015)
  • # 1 Junior Men’s Saber Top 8 Medal Points 2014-2015 (Club of the Year 2014-2015)
  • # 2 Youth Men’s Saber Top 8 Medal Points 2014-201
  • # 5 Youth Women’s Saber Podium Medal Points 2014-2015
  • # 4 Cadet Women’s Saber Top 8 Medal Points 2014-2015
  • # 6 Junior Women’s Saber Top 8 Medal Points 2014-2015
  • # 4 Senior Women’s Saber Top 8 Medal Points 2014-2015
  • # 5 Youth Women’s Foil Top 8 Medal Points 2014-2015
  • # 24 Youth Men’s Foil Top 16 Placement Points 2014-2015
  • # 2 Top Feeder Fencing Club to the Ivy League Fencing Rosters 2014-2015
  • # 2 Top Feeder “Best Fencing Clubs’ to NCAA Division 1 Men’s Fencing Rosters 2014-2015

Notable International Results

Since the 2000 Olympic Games our coaches have prepared members of the U.S. Olympic team for every Games. We prepared four members of the last Olympic Games in London (Homer-6th Place, Wozniak-6th  Place, Morehouse-8th Place, Williams-8th Place, Team), more than any others club in U.S.

  • Dagmara Wozniak – Currently ranked #7 in the FIE senior point standing
    • 2014 Senior World Championship – Gold in the team, 6th individual
    • Margarita Island World Cup, Venezuela – 9th Place
    • Orleans, France World Cup – 3rd Place
    • New York, Grand Prix – 10th Place
    • Athens, Greece World Cup – 3rd Place
    • Pan American Championship – 2nd Place, Gold Team
    • Moscow, Russia Grand Prix – 9th Place
    • 2015 Senior World Championships – 12th Place, Bronze Team
  • Benjamin Natanzon –  Currently ranked #7 in the FIE junior point standing
    • 2014 Cadet World Championship – 6th Place
    • Junior World Cup Dormagen, Germany – 13th Place
    • Junior WC Phoenix, USA – 7th Place
    • Pan American Junior Championships – Gold Individual & Team
  • Daryl Homer – Currently ranked #6 in the FIE senior point standing
    • New York Grand Prix – 7th Place
    • Warsaw, Poland World Cup – 10th Place
    • Seoul, Korea Grand Prix – 3rd Place
    • Pan American Championships – 2nd Place, Gold Team
    • 2015 Senior World Championships – Silver, 5th Team
  • Geoffrey Loss – 2014 Pan American Championships – Gold Team
  • Monica Aksamit
    • Margarita Island, Venezuela World Cup – 13th Place
    • Seoul, Korea Grand Prix- 26th Place
  • Alexandr Ochocki – 2014 Senior National Champion and member of senior national team at 2014 Senior World Championships

About the Club

  • We are home to Olympic Silver Medal Saber Team (Beijing), three top 8 finishers London Olympics, US National Men’s and Women’s Saber Team, many World, National and NCAA Champions
  • Widely recognized and highly respected world-class coaches; most have Master’s degree in Physical Education
  • Fence with us to qualify for athletic scholarships at the best colleges and universities
  • Check our competition results to see how successful we are. Those results speak for themselves.
  • Enjoy non-competitive fencing as well to simply increase fitness and develop outstanding, character-building skills: patience, dedication, confidence, strength, and optimism
  • Fence with USA National Team members and European National Team members at MFC Camps

Our Coaches

Our coaches are all world-class instructors who have coached and/or fenced at Olympic and National levels. They are well-versed in the latest pedagogical techniques in the sport of fencing and most have a Masters in Physical Education. Classes and lessons are designed to accommodate students of different ages and skill levels.

Yury Gelman (Saber)

Maestro Yury Gelman was inducted Into U.S Fencing Hall Of Fame on July 10 at the 2010 Summer National Championships in Atlanta. Yury is the four-time Olympic Coach for the United States (Sydney, Athens, Beijing and London), former National Men’s Saber Coach (2000-2012), and Head Fencing Coach for 2001 NCAA Champion St. John’s University. In addition, Yury is an honor coach of Ukraine. He received a Masters degree in both Physical Education and fencing from Kiev Institute of Physical Education. His students won gold, silver and bronze at Cadet and Junior World Championships and countless medals in junior and senior World Cups, including individual and team Grand Prizes. He prepared members of Cadet, Junior, and Senior National teams every year since 1995. Yury’s students, Ivan Lee and Tim Hagamen, were the first to bring a gold medal to the United States in the 2001 Junior World Championships. In 1998 another student, Akhi Spencer-El, was the first US fencer to place first in junior FIE point standings and in 2003 his student, Keeth Smart, was the first US fencer to place first in the senior FIE point standings. Keeth is still the only American who won the individual Grand Prize in Madrid 2003. The U.S. National Team, under Yury’s leadership, won the 2001 Gdansk Junior World Championships, the 2004 team Grand Prize, 4th Place at 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, 5th place at the 2005 Leipzicg Senior World Championship, Silver Medal at the 2008 Bejing Olympic Games (Keeth Smart, Tim Morehouse, James Williams, Jason Rogers), 4 of his students (Tim Morehouse, Daryl Homer, James Williams and Dagmara Wozniak) participated in London Olympics and three of them reached top 8 in individual competitions. Over the past twenty years, Yury has prepared 24 students for the United States National Teams.

Other coaches include: Andrew Lamianski (Saber), Misha Shimshovich (Saber), Dmitry Ronzhin (Saber), Dagmara Wozniak (Saber), Nellya Sevostyanova (Foil), Brando Messinese (Foil), Vladymyr Lukashenko (Saber), Oleg Brusilovsky (Foil), Semyon Pinkhasov (Foil) and Sergey Isayenko (Saber). Further information on the club’s coaches can be found here.

The Journey to the Olympics Starts Here

MFC attracts all the elite fencers from the United States and the world. Only MFC offers you the opportunity to train with the world’s best fencers. Watch the New York Times video exclusive of four-time Olympic coach Maestro Yury Gelman’s club and fencers.

London 2012 Games

Four MFC students participated in 2012 London Olympics and three of them finished top 8 in the individual competitions. Daryl Homer-6th Individual, Tim Morehouse-8th Individual, Dagmara Wozniak-6th Individual,
Tim Morehouse, James Williams, Daryl Homer-8th Team

Beijing 2008 Games

Four-time Olympic – Sydney, Athens, Beijing and London – fencing coach for Men’s Sabre, National Men’s Sabre coach, Head fencing coach of St. John’s University, and founder of Manhattan Fencing Center, Yury Gelman has made an incredible impact in U.S. fencing history. Three of his fencers participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympics to represent the United States of America and came home with silver medals.