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National Fencing Club Championships for USA Fencing National Tournaments 2017-2018

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Rolling National Fencing Club Championships – USA Fencing National Tournaments 2017-2018

Welcome to our rolling National Fencing Club Championships for the 2017-2018 USA Fencing National Tournament season. The Championships rank all clubs by the total number of medals won by Top 8 fencers at National Tournaments held throughout the year. The National Tournaments include North American Cups (NACs), Junior Olympic Fencing Championships (JOs), USA Fencing Championships and the July Challenge. The full schedule of National Tournaments is provided in the table below the rolling medal count standings. Medal count standings for the tournaments are updated within two days after each tournament. The final championships will be announced after the St Louis, MO Summer Nationals in July 2018.

The rolling medal count includes all events except team events at the NACs, the Junior Olympics in February 2018 and the June/July Championship & Challenge in 2018.

In all, 196 or 47% of the 413 clubs participating in National Tournaments so far this year, had a Top 8 fencer. In all, 71 clubs won gold, 75 claimed silver and 108 won bronze. Here are the overall medal count standings at the end of the sixth National Tournament for the 2017-2018 season. Please note, the medal standings do NOT include medals awarded in team events, but include all other events including Veteran, Wheelchair, Div 1, Div 11, Div 111, Junior, Cadet and Youth events.

Readers are able to sort, filter or search the table. In certain instances, state rankings are possible by placing the state abbreviation in the search box, e.g., TX for Texas. The table lists 100 clubs. To see the following clubs please proceed to the bottom right corner of the table and click “Next”.

Rolling Medal Count Standings for National Fencing Club Championships for USA Fencing National Tournaments 2017-2018 - Medal Count by Club @ 3-13-2018

RankRow LabelsGoldSilverBronze5th6th7th8thTotal
1Fencers Club, NY36127106751
2New York Athletic Club, NY81015158249
3Nellya Fencers, GA759534336
4Alliance Fencing Academy, TX569445235
5Manhattan Fencing Center, NY437654332
6Massialas Foundation (M Team), CA547143125
7Los Angeles International Fencing Center, CA63334524
8Medeo Fencing Club, NJ314224319
9Olympia Fencing Center, MA124234218
10New York Fencing Academy, NY154221217
10Northwest Fencing Center, OR14236117
12Advance Fencing And Fitness Academy, NJ31613115
12Oregon Fencing Alliance, OR24232215
12Premier Fencing Academy, CA25322115
12Salle Auriol Seattle, WA321412215
12Swords Fencing Studio, CA514121115
17Bergen Fencing Club, NJ121432114
17Marx Fencing Academy, MA43321114
17San Francisco Fencers Club, CA31324114
20Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ15212213
20Silicon Valley Fencing Center, CA24321113
22Fencers Club Of Arizona, AZ32213112
22Laguna Fencing Center, CA114211212
22Zeljkovic Fencing Academy, PA515112
25Avant Garde Fencers Club, CA211112311
25Fencing Sports Academy, VA163111
27Redstar Fencing Club Chicago, IL2311310
28Academy Of Fencing Masters , CA114129
28Battle Born Fencing Club, NV322119
28Capital Fencing Academy, MD131139
28DC Fencers Club, MD32139
28Fencing Academy Of Westchester, NY14319
335T Fencers Club, NY14218
33Lincoln Fencing Club, NE1311118
33Northern Colorado Fencers, CO13318
33Peter Westbrook Foundation, NY123118
37Brooklyn Bridge Fencing Club, NY131117
37Denver Fencing Center, CO13217
37PDX Fencing, OR21227
37Team Touche Fencing Center, CA13127
37V Fencing Club, NJ112217
42Baltimore Fencing Center, MD111216
42Boston Fencing Club, MA21126
42Durkan Fencing Academy, NJ1146
42Fencing Academy Of Philadelphia, PA112116
42Infinity Fencing Alliance, NJ22116
42The Fencers' Club , MO112116
42Tim Morehouse Fencing Club, NY121116
42Zeta Fencing, MA12216
50East Bay Fencers Gym, CA1225
50Golubitsky Fencing Center, CA1315
50Halberstadt Fencers' Club, CA21115
50Lilov Fencing Academy, NJ11125
50Methodist Rehab Fencing, MS21115
50Premier Fencing Club, NJ21115
50Sabre Outreach Network , FL2125
50Salle Mauro Fencing Academy, TX1135
50Spartak, CA2125
50Top Fencing Club, NJ111115
50Utah Swords Academy Fencing Club, UT12115
50Windy City Fencing-Chicago, IL11215
62Bay State Fencers, MA1214
62Cape Fear Fencing Association, NC11114
62Fencing Alliance Of Ohio, OH1214
62Hooked On Fencing, OH2114
62North Shore Fencers Club, NY2114
62Orion Fencing, WA11114
62Pennsylvania State University Ncaa, PA2114
62Penta Olympic Fencing Club, VA1124
62Rhode Island Fencing Academy And Club, RI2114
62San Diego Fencing Center, CA134
62South Florida Fencing Club, FL2114
62Sword Players, ON11114
62Vango Toronto, ON1124
62Woodlands Fencing Academy, TX1124
76Alamo Fencing Academy, TX213
76Bluegrass Fencers' Club, KY1113
76Boise Fencing Club, ID1113
76Cardinal Fencing Club, CA123
76Cobra Fencing Club, NJ213
76Connecticut Fencers Club, CT1113
76Dynamo Fencing Center, MA213
76Edmonton Fencing Club, AB1113
76Escrime Du Lac, IN1113
76Fairfield Fencing Academy, CT1113
76Fencing Academy Of Denver, CO1113
76Fortune Fencing, CA1113
76Fresno Fencing Academy, CA123
76International Fencing Academy, CA1113
76Le Club Touche, CA1113
76Lone Star Fencing Center, TX1113
76Metro Tacoma Fencing Club, WA1113
76Mid-south Fencers' Club, NC123
76Mission Fencing Center, NY1113
76North Texas Fencing Alliance, TX1113
76Presidio Fencing Club, CA123
76Rochester Fencing Club, NY1113
76Royal Arts Fencing Academy, OH213
76Sheridan Fencing Academy, NY123
76The Phoenix Center, NY213
76Twin Cities Fencing Club, MN1113
76Virginia Academy Of Fencing, VA1113
76Washington Fencing Academy, WA213
104Anaheim Hills Fencers Club, CA22
104Arsenal Fencing Club, GA112
104Athletic Club Northeast, GA22
104Atlantic Fencing Academy, NJ112
104Beverly Hills Fencers' Club, CA112
104Cabrillo Academy Of The Sword, CA112
104California Fencing Academy, CA22
104Chevy Chase Fencing Club, DC112
104Coastside Fencing Club, CA112
104Columbus Fencing And Fitness, OH112
104Cutting Edge Fencing Club, TX112
104Fencing Center Of Chicago, IL112
104Golden Sabre Academy, CA112
104Hangtown Saber Club, CA112
104Hills Fencing Institute (H3), NY112
104Hua Hua Fencing Club, ON112
104Illinois Fencers Club, IL112
104Knights Of Siena (sc), SC22
104Loudoun International Fencing Club, VA112
104Manchen Academy Of Fencing, NJ112
104Masters Fencing Club, FL112
104Naples Fencing Academy, FL112
104Olympia de Montreal, QC112
104Pocatello Fencing Club, ID112
104Prospect Fencing Club, CT112
104Rain City Fencing Center, WA112
104Renaissance Fencing Club, MI112
104Salle Couturier, CA22
104San Antonio Phoenix Fencers' Club, TX112
104Stamford Fencing Center, CT112
104Stoccata Fencing Academy & Club, FL112
104Underground Fencing Organization, MI22
104Utah Sport Fencing Center, UT22
104Williamsport Fencing Club, PA112
138Allez Fencing Studio, CA11
138Apex Fencing Academy, NC11
138Arizona Fencing Center, AZ11
138Birmingham Fencing Club, AL11
138Bucks County Academy Of Fencing - West, PA11
138Cambridge Fencing Center, MA11
138Capital District Fencing School, NY11
138Charlotte Fencing Academy, NC11
138Cheyenne Fencing Society & Modern Pentathlon Cente, CO11
138Colorado Fencing Academy, CO11
138D'Alerta Fencing Academy, FL11
138Dunwoody Fencing Club, GA11
138Dynamo Fencing Club, BC11
138Eagle Fencing Club, GA11
138Fencing Academy Of Boston, MA11
138Fencing Institute Of Texas, TX11
138Fioretto Fencing Academy, FL11
138Gold Fencing Club, MA11
138Halton Blades Fencing Club, ON11
138High Desert Fencing Club, OR11
138Hudson Centers For The Martial Arts, OH11
138Imasters Academy, GA11
138Indysabre, IN11
138International Fencing Club, MA11
138Iowa City Fencing Center, IA11
138Jjl Fencing Club, UT11
138Kern Athletic Fencing Foundation, CA11
138Lionheart Fencing Academy, CA11
138Milwaukee Sport Fencing Academy, WI11
138Moe Fencing Club, MA11
138Morris Fencing Club, NJ11
138Nema Fencing Center, MA11
138No Fear Fencing Club, CA11
138North Bay Fencing Academy, CA11
138North Carolina Fencing Development Program, NC11
138North Coast Fencing Academy, CA11
138Olde Town Fencing Club, VA11
138Olympic Fencers Club, GA11
138Peninsula Fencing Academy, CA11
138Red Rock Fencing Center, NV11
138Rockland Fencers Club, NY11
138Rocky Mountain Fencing Academy, CO11
138Sacramento Saber Fencing, CA11
138Salle D'Asaro Fencing Club, CA11
138Schoolhouse Fencing, UT11
138Sheridan-White Plains Fencing Academy, NY11
138Southwest Florida Fencing Academy, FL11
138St. John's University Ncaa, NY11
138The Fencers Academy, MO11
138Tigerz Fencing Academy, NJ11
138Tim Morehouse Port Chester, NY11
138Toronto Fencing Club, ON11
138Two Ravens Fencing School, OH11
138United Fencing Academy, CA11
138US Navy, CA11
138Wayne State University, OH11
138West Michigan Fencing Club, MI11
138Worcester Fencing Club, MA11
138Z Fencing Los Angeles, CA11
Source: National Fencing Club Rankings based on an analysis of USFA website data. The total number of medals by place is affected by events with less than eight participants and tied results apart from third place. In the case of college fencers, we assigned the fencer’s club immediately before they entered college or a new club, which they may have joined while in college. In no case did we use the college or university representations. In the case of overseas students attending a college in the USA, we have used the college as the club. Our rationale for adopting this approach is explained in part by reading the material in USFA’s Athlete Handbook relating to collegiate or scholastic fencers.

As a result of numerous requests, we have expanded our coverage of the National Tournaments to include a ranking of Top 8 medalists.

Ranking of Top 8 Medalists for National Championship NAC Tournaments in 2017-2018 @ 3-13-2018

Grand Total1471472861351271291321124
1Alqallaf, TareqZeljkovic Fencing Academy, PA516
1Candreva, GretaNew York Athletic Club, NY11136
1Jensen, ShelbyUtah Swords Academy Fencing Club, UT1326
4Devore, DelphineFencers Club, NY1225
4Ewart, StephenSwords Fencing Studio, CA415
4Scruggs, LaurenFencers Club, NY11215
4Weintraub, MaiaFencing Academy Of Philadelphia, PA11215
8Bravo, KenjiMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA2114
8Brinson, JosephUnattached or Unknown, 134
8Ding, AllanMarx Fencing Academy, MA11114
8Dykes, PatriciaZeljkovic Fencing Academy, PA134
8Fernandes, AkselNellya Fencers, GA2114
8Fox-Gitomer, ChloeOregon Fencing Alliance, OR11114
8Guo, Jessica Zi JiaHua Hua Fencing Club, ON2114
8Jenkins, RyanAvant Garde Fencers Club, CA11114
8Khrol, JaclynNew York Fencing Academy, NY2114
8Lin, JessicaMedeo Fencing Club, NJ11114
8Surrell, DejuanMethodist Rehab Fencing, MS44
8Tartakovsky, ElizabethManhattan Fencing Center, NY11114
8Vermeule, EmilyOlympia Fencing Center, MA11114
8Vierheller, GianaAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11114
8Walker, ChristopherNellya Fencers, GA11114
8Zheng, AndrewFencers Club, NY11114
24Bauer, HaileyLincoln Fencing Club, NE33
24Binder, SylvieFencing Academy Of Westchester, NY1113
24Calderon, PeterDC Fencers Club, MD1113
24Campana Sr., RinaldoUnattached or Unknown123
24Chen, DavidZeljkovic Fencing Academy, PA213
24Chen, EarnestFencers Club, NY123
24Chusid, RenataGutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ1113
24Emmer, ChaseV Fencing Club, NJ1113
24Hebert, MatthieuUnattached or Unknown123
24Herbst, IsaacAlliance Fencing Academy, TX1113
24Hirsch, SydneyTim Morehouse Fencing Club, NY1113
24Hoyle, JacobNew York Athletic Club, NY123
24Husisian, HadleyFencing Sports Academy, VA33
24Isaacson, VictoriaThe Phoenix Center, NY213
24Johnson, EdithNellya Fencers, GA213
24Kumbla, SidarthSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA213
24Kushnerik, EthanNew York Fencing Academy, NY1113
24Lee, MorganBrooklyn Bridge Fencing Club, NY1113
24Liang, ConnorSan Diego Fencing Center, CA123
24Linder, KaraFencers Club Of Arizona, AZ1113
24Lombardo, TheodoreNew York Athletic Club, NY123
24Machovec, Andrew5T Fencers Club, NY1113
24Mangano, ArianaNew York Athletic Club, NY1113
24Marinelli, EverSan Francisco Fencers Club, CA1113
24Martos, SaraMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA213
24Mechkov, IliyaBay State Fencers, MA213
24Moss, ZaraPennsylvania State University Ncaa, PA213
24Piskovatskov, JonathanAlliance Fencing Academy, TX123
24Pustilnik, NicoleTeam Touche Fencing Center, CA33
24Tieu, MayPremier Fencing Club, NJ213
24Totemeier, AnnNorthern Colorado Fencers, CO123
24Tourette, GeoffreySilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA213
24Vie, NatalieNew York Athletic Club, NY213
24Zhang, JoshuaNew York Athletic Club, NY213
58Aksamit, MonicaManhattan Fencing Center, NY112
58Anglade, AlexisNellya Fencers, GA22
58Asher, ValerieDC Fencers Club, MD112
58Avakian, MikaelaAvant Garde Fencers Club, CA112
58Bao, XiaoyanInternational Fencing Academy, CA112
58Bates, SeanUnattached or Unknown22
58Beddingfield, ClaireLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA112
58Bedrosian, PatriciaSalle Couturier, CA22
58Bekker, SamuelNew York Fencing Academy, NY112
58Bianchini, VictorGolden Sabre Academy, CA112
58Binder, ZacharyFencing Academy Of Westchester, NY112
58Blow, ImanFencers Club, NY112
58Bradford, JackNorthern Colorado Fencers, CO22
58Brum, LaurenBaltimore Fencing Center, MD112
58Carson, WilliamFencing Academy Of Denver, CO112
58Caulfield, JaneEdmonton Fencing Club, AB112
58Channing, GeminUnattached or Unknown112
58Chen, AndrewNellya Fencers, GA112
58Chen, ZiyuanSan Francisco Fencers Club, CA112
58Chin, ErikaHalberstadt Fencers' Club, CA112
58Chung, AndrewGolubitsky Fencing Center, CA112
58Clark, WileyMethodist Rehab Fencing, MS112
58Cranor, ErichNorthwest Fencing Center, OR112
58Czyzewski, VeronicaManhattan Fencing Center, NY112
58Daniel, AshtonSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA22
58Deguchi, NicolasHalton Blades Fencing Club, ON112
58Deluca, LaurynHooked On Fencing, OH22
58Deming, ClareLilov Fencing Academy, NJ112
58Dewsnup, KellyUnattached or Unknown112
58Di Perna, ChiaraPremier Fencing Academy, CA112
58Diaz, JulioStoccata Fencing Academy & Club, FL112
58Douraghy, JamieLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA112
58Dragonetti, WalterBattle Born Fencing Club, NV22
58Drake-Thomas, ChristineWoodlands Fencing Academy, TX22
58Drovetsky, AlexandraMedeo Fencing Club, NJ112
58Droz, CamdenSabre Outreach Network , FL112
58Dubrovich, JacquelineDurkan Fencing Academy, NJ22
58Elashry, ZeyadFencing Sports Academy, VA22
58Fagan, MargaretFencers Club, NY22
58Fang, SabrinaUnattached or Unknown112
58Fayez, AymanFencing Sports Academy, VA112
58Filippov, NikaAlliance Fencing Academy, TX112
58Foley, EileenDenver Fencing Center, CO112
58Geddes, EllenUnattached or Unknown, 22
58Gordet, CristinaSouth Florida Fencing Club, FL112
58Gornovsky, DavidSword Players, ON112
58Graham, BettieChevy Chase Fencing Club, DC112
58Griffin, JohnSalle Mauro Fencing Academy, TX112
58Guthikonda, NithyaNellya Fencers, GA112
58Gutkovskaya, NoraGutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ112
58Habala, PeterRedstar Fencing Club Chicago, IL112
58Hansen, JonasOlympia Fencing Center, MA112
58Higgins, SallyAtlantic Fencing Academy, NJ112
58Hurley, CourtneyNew York Athletic Club, NY112
58Hurley, KelleyNew York Athletic Club, NY112
58Igoe, NiraliPenta Olympic Fencing Club, VA112
58Jenkins, MorganAvant Garde Fencers Club, CA112
58Jochaniewicz, TonyRedstar Fencing Club Chicago, IL112
58Johnson, AidanFencers Club, NY22
58Johnson, AndrewFencers Club Of Arizona, AZ112
58Johnson, HonorCapital Fencing Academy, MD112
58Julien, EricaCape Fear Fencing Association, NC112
58Kalra, HimaniNellya Fencers, GA112
58Khrol, CaralinaNew York Fencing Academy, NY112
58Kim, CatherineUnattached or Unknown, 22
58Kim, StephenManhattan Fencing Center, NY22
58Kim, TeiFencing Academy Of Westchester, NY22
58Kim, ZoeMedeo Fencing Club, NJ22
58Klein-Braddock, KimberlyOregon Fencing Alliance, OR112
58Kleiner, ElyssaMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA112
58Kocab, ElizabethUnderground Fencing Organization, MI22
58Kong, VeraLaguna Fencing Center, CA112
58Koo, HaleyGutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ112
58Kortenkamp, TimUnattached or Unknown, 112
58Lam, JustinaFencers Club, NY112
58Liu, LindaVango Toronto, ON22
58Love, GeorginaTanner City Fencers Club, MA112
58Low, GretaUtah Swords Academy Fencing Club, UT112
58Lu, Margaret L.C.New York Athletic Club, NY112
58Lundborg, MarkWashington Fencing Academy, WA22
58Lytle, DarbyLincoln Fencing Club, NE112
58Ma, ArkAlliance Fencing Academy, TX112
58Ma, JoyNorth Shore Fencers Club, NY112
58Mackiewicz, AndrewZeta Fencing, MA112
58Mainville, PierreUnattached or Unknown22
58Mandour, SophiaBaltimore Fencing Center, MD112
58Marx, Suzanne BrownNorthwest Fencing Center, OR112
58Mathieu, AdamFencers Club, NY112
58Mcdowald, CurtisPeter Westbrook Foundation, NY22
58Mclane, LaurenSwords Fencing Studio, CA112
58Meehan, JustinOrion Fencing, WA112
58Metryka, KarolManhattan Fencing Center, NY112
58Miller, SkyMid-south Fencers' Club, NC22
58Mironovas, MikhailFencing Alliance Of Ohio, OH112
58Mohabir, ArianeAcademy Of Fencing Masters , CA112
58Moosekian, StaffordSwords Fencing Studio, CA112
58Moreno, GerardLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA112
58Moya, KeonaPremier Fencing Academy, CA112
58Mun, MichaelLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA22
58Nguyen, TheaLaguna Fencing Center, CA112
58Nixon, Catherine (Kasia)Los Angeles International Fencing Center, CA112
58Oblonsky, NataliaManhattan Fencing Center, NY112
58Olivares, MarcelloBluegrass Fencers' Club, KY112
58Orts, LucasMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA112
58Oswalt, Russell (Curt)San Antonio Phoenix Fencers' Club, TX112
58Phillips, KimCape Fear Fencing Association, NC112
58Possick, LolaAdvance Fencing And Fitness Academy, NJ112
58Prilutsky, StanColumbus Fencing And Fitness, OH112
58Quattrociocchi, AndrewAthletic Club Northeast, GA22
58Quinlan, NicoleWilliamsport Fencing Club, PA112
58Rausch, ArianaAlliance Fencing Academy, TX112
58Rayle, EvanNorthwest Fencing Center, OR112
58Reichman, MarshaUnattached or Unknown112
58Rice, VaughnMedeo Fencing Club, NJ112
58Russell, JoshuaUnattached or Unknown22
58Russo, FrancescaBergen Fencing Club, NJ112
58Saron, MitchellBergen Fencing Club, NJ112
58Schmid, CarolaSalle Auriol Seattle, WA112
58Seal, JulieUtah Sport Fencing Center, UT22
58Sexton Iii, RayUnattached or Unknown112
58Shen, LydiaOlympia Fencing Center, MA112
58Shifron, DanielTeam Touche Fencing Center, CA112
58Shin, Richard J.H.Avant Garde Fencers Club, CA112
58Simmons, ArielAlliance Fencing Academy, TX22
58Skarbonkiewicz, MagdaOregon Fencing Alliance, OR112
58Skeete, KamarNellya Fencers, GA112
58Solomon, DanielMission Fencing Center, NY112
58Souders, PeterBoston Fencing Club, MA22
58Starks-Faulkner, JennetteConnecticut Fencers Club, CT112
58Streb, JosephRoyal Arts Fencing Academy, OH112
58Streets, KaitoAdvance Fencing And Fitness Academy, NJ112
58Strong, SeanPresidio Fencing Club, CA22
58Swartz, RoscoeBergen Fencing Club, NJ112
58Telles, AnnaSalle Auriol Seattle, WA112
58Temiryaev, AlanNew York Fencing Academy, NY112
58Tepedelenlioglu, MehmetEast Bay Fencers Gym, CA112
58Thompson, KamaliUnattached or Unknown112
58Timofeyev, NicolePremier Fencing Academy, CA22
58Tsinis, AlexanderNew York Athletic Club, NY22
58Tulyag, FyzeFresno Fencing Academy, CA112
58Turner, DeliaUnattached or Unknown22
58Vaysberg, NathanNew York Fencing Academy, NY112
58Vidovszky, RobertPremier Fencing Academy, CA112
58Wade-Currie, AvaOlympia Fencing Center, MA112
58Walters, Anne-MarieMasters Fencing Club, FL112
58Wang, KarinaBaltimore Fencing Center, MD112
58Weiss, LewisAlliance Fencing Academy, TX22
58Williams, JadeynAdvance Fencing And Fitness Academy, NJ112
58Xiao, Leon (Ruibo)Unattached or Unknown, 112
58Yamanaka, MinaNew York Athletic Club, NY112
58Yu, EricLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA112
58Zeiss, MadisonEscrime Du Lac, IN112
58Zhao, HowardUnattached or Unknown, 112
58Zhao, RaymondNellya Fencers, GA22
212Aher, BonnieSalle Auriol Seattle, WA11
212Ahn, GabriellaFencers Club, NY11
212Ajnsztajn, AlecMedeo Fencing Club, NJ11
212Altman, LeighCutting Edge Fencing Club, TX11
212Ambalong, JodyPremier Fencing Academy, CA11
212Ameli, SeanBattle Born Fencing Club, NV11
212Anderson, KristianLincoln Fencing Club, NE11
212Anglade, RonaldNellya Fencers, GA11
212Antekeier, AidanAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
212Armijo, GabrielManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
212Arnold, JosephUnattached or Unknown11
212Atluri, SrijaFencing Institute Of Texas, TX11
212Attig, WillOregon Fencing Alliance, OR11
212Augustine, EthanGutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ11
212Azadi, TommyNellya Fencers, GA11
212Babayev, GabrielStamford Fencing Center, CT11
212Balch, JuliaFairfield Fencing Academy, CT11
212Baldwin, RobertIllinois Fencers Club, IL11
212Bard, SimonOrion Fencing, WA11
212Barmann, SamuelRhode Island Fencing Academy And Club, RI11
212Barnes, OliviaNorthwest Fencing Center, OR11
212Bas, LiamGutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ11
212Bassa, FrancescaAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
212Bates, CassandraMarx Fencing Academy, MA11
212Baxter, DanielNorthwest Fencing Center, OR11
212Beale, ZoePDX Fencing, OR11
212Becker, KaitlynFencers Club Of Arizona, AZ11
212Becker, WilliamFencers Club Of Arizona, AZ11
212Bentolila, EstherUnattached or Unknown11
212Bermender, CameronNorth Bay Fencing Academy, CA11
212Berret, JohnUnattached or Unknown, 11
212Bevacqua, AriaTim Morehouse Fencing Club, NY11
212Bhatt, MorganeThe Fencers' Club , MO11
212Biebel, JosephMilwaukee Sport Fencing Academy, WI11
212Bissinger, MichaelAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
212Bivins, GeorgeManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
212Blackmon, LukeNellya Fencers, GA11
212Blackmon, StefaniNellya Fencers, GA11
212Blakley, DwainAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
212Bogert, Alexander BryceUnattached or Unknown, 11
212Bolton, BraydonFencers Club Of Arizona, AZ11
212Bookwalter, James (Erich)Denver Fencing Center, CO11
212Botelho, LynnUnattached or Unknown11
212Bothelio, JereUnattached or Unknown11
212Boudreau, JustineOlympia de Montreal, QC11
212Boys, NishtaAlamo Fencing Academy, TX11
212Brewer, AndrewThe Fencers' Club , MO11
212Brill, SophieLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA11
212Bronzo, ThomasNorth Coast Fencing Academy, CA11
212Brynildsen, KarenUnattached or Unknown11
212Buckingham, EmmaNorth Carolina Fencing Development Program, NC11
212Buckley, MichaelToronto Fencing Club, ON11
212Buechel, HollyNew York Athletic Club, NY11
212Bulavko, SoniaAcademy Of Fencing Masters , CA11
212Bush, JoshuaLincoln Fencing Club, NE11
212Cai, ErwinNellya Fencers, GA11
212Callaghan, SeanPocatello Fencing Club, ID11
212Callahan, JadenSpartak, CA11
212Canaux, GabrielNew York Athletic Club, NY11
212Candreva, HunterNew York Athletic Club, NY11
212Cao, StephanieLaguna Fencing Center, CA11
212Caplin, MichelleBeverly Hills Fencers' Club, CA11
212Carter, JaneMarx Fencing Academy, MA11
212Carvey, DavisRain City Fencing Center, WA11
212Cawthorn, MurielRhode Island Fencing Academy And Club, RI11
212Chamberlain, MaiaAdvance Fencing And Fitness Academy, NJ11
212Chambers, ThomasBucks County Academy Of Fencing - West, PA11
212Chamley-Watson, MilesFencers Club, NY11
212Chan, AudreyLaguna Fencing Center, CA11
212Chang, ColinLaguna Fencing Center, CA11
212Chang, JerryDurkan Fencing Academy, NJ11
212Chang, Tung-ShanNema Fencing Center, MA11
212Chayevsky, KirkNellya Fencers, GA11
212Cheema, HyderOregon Fencing Alliance, OR11
212Chen, JamesFencers Club, NY11
212Chen, Shiuan-An ShannonGolubitsky Fencing Center, CA11
212Cheng, EvelynMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA11
212Cheng, JulianMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA11
212Cheris, ZachariahCheyenne Fencing Society & Modern Pentathlon Cente, CO11
212Chernomashentsev, AlanFioretto Fencing Academy, FL11
212Chimienti, MicheleNo Fear Fencing Club, CA11
212Ching, SapphiraFairfield Fencing Academy, CT11
212Cho, JustinLone Star Fencing Center, TX11
212Cho, RebeccaTop Fencing Club, NJ11
212Cho, SabrinaSan Francisco Fencers Club, CA11
212Choi, LennaGolubitsky Fencing Center, CA11
212Chou, StephenBergen Fencing Club, NJ11
212Choy, LucasUnattached or Unknown11
212Chu, AudreyAcademy Of Fencing Masters , CA11
212Chung, KwangsukMetro Tacoma Fencing Club, WA11
212Chung, ThomasBattle Born Fencing Club, NV11
212Chusid, MikaylaGutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ11
212Clarke, GenevieveCalifornia Fencing Academy, CA11
212Clausen, AmalieTwo Ravens Fencing School, OH11
212Clingshoff, ChristopherBoise Fencing Club, ID11
212Coffman, MichaelHigh Desert Fencing Club, OR11
212Cohen, BennettNew York Fencing Academy, NY11
212Cohen, JosefRhode Island Fencing Academy And Club, RI11
212Cola, EmmanuelleUnited Fencing Academy, CA11
212Comer, DanielFortune Fencing, CA11
212Comes, RitaCardinal Fencing Club, CA11
212Constantino, LolaMedeo Fencing Club, NJ11
212Contreras, AlessandroCapital Fencing Academy, MD11
212Copelan, MariaNorthwest Fencing Center, OR11
212Crotchett, KaidenNorthwest Fencing Center, OR11
212Curtis, TylerPDX Fencing, OR11
212Dai, JonathanV Fencing Club, NJ11
212Danahy, EllenPDX Fencing, OR11
212Darricau, HenriDenver Fencing Center, CO11
212Dashnaw, StephenLilov Fencing Academy, NJ11
212Davis, DonUnattached or Unknown11
212De La Cruz, AlyssaAnaheim Hills Fencers Club, CA11
212Del Vecchio, NicolasCapital Fencing Academy, MD11
212Delsoin, ChelseaCobra Fencing Club, NJ11
212Demarest, IainOregon Fencing Alliance, OR11
212Desando, MichaelMission Fencing Center, NY11
212Deseranno, JeidusRenaissance Fencing Club, MI11
212Didaskalou, IliasFencers Club, NY11
212Diegel, AngelaSheridan Fencing Academy, NY11
212Ding, Jiahe (Heidi)Unattached or Unknown11
212Dobrzanski, LucasKern Athletic Fencing Foundation, CA11
212Doddo, AndrewFencers Club, NY11
212Dodge, RuthArizona Fencing Center, AZ11
212Dolgonos, MarkNew York Fencing Academy, NY11
212Dority, PhilipBluegrass Fencers' Club, KY11
212Downey, GerardEast Bay Fencers Gym, CA11
212Drake, DavidTeam Touche Fencing Center, CA11
212Du, GavinArsenal Fencing Club, GA11
212Dubois, LaurenManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
212Dungey, AmeliaLone Star Fencing Center, TX11
212Dunlop, RichardFencing Center Of Chicago, IL11
212Dunn, Linda J.Indysabre, IN11
212Elizondo, IsabelleSalle Mauro Fencing Academy, TX11
212Elnatan, MicaSabre Outreach Network , FL11
212Elsissy, ZiadWayne State University, OH11
212Eno, MeganNorthwest Fencing Center, OR11
212Enochs, LizCoastside Fencing Club, CA11
212Erachshaw, CyrusManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
212Evans, CameronFencing Academy Of Westchester, NY11
212Exum, MonicaSalle Auriol Seattle, WA11
212Eyer, HaileyManchen Academy Of Fencing, NJ11
212Eyre, JaneInfinity Fencing Alliance, NJ11
212Fadl, OmarVirginia Academy Of Fencing, VA11
212Fallon, KyleFencing Academy Of Westchester, NY11
212Fang, VictoriaLaguna Fencing Center, CA11
212Fanning, AbeNorth Texas Fencing Alliance, TX11
212Farquharson, ColeUnattached or Unknown11
212Feinberg, GabrielOlympia Fencing Center, MA11
212Feldman, JaeminOlympia Fencing Center, MA11
212Feldman, JillCapital Fencing Academy, MD11
212Ferguson, DianeOlde Town Fencing Club, VA11
212Fields, MalcolmAdvance Fencing And Fitness Academy, NJ11
212Fitzgerald, JonathanManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
212Flesher, DanielBoise Fencing Club, ID11
212Flores, PeterPremier Fencing Academy, CA11
212Florez, MelissaSabre Outreach Network , FL11
212Fong, KahleemMedeo Fencing Club, NJ11
212Ford, CristinaNorthwest Fencing Center, OR11
212Frank, TimmyNorthwest Fencing Center, OR11
212Fredendall, SusanSalle Auriol Seattle, WA11
212Freedman, MirandaRenaissance Fencing Club, MI11
212Freeman, DanielApex Fencing Academy, NC11
212Freiman, BenjaminWoodlands Fencing Academy, TX11
212Frishman, EthanManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
212Fukuda, AlessioMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA11
212Gajjala, SharikaMedeo Fencing Club, NJ11
212Galavotti, Claire TeresaRedstar Fencing Club Chicago, IL11
212Gao, ArethaLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA11
212Gao, CindyVango Toronto, ON11
212Gassner, EthanSan Francisco Fencers Club, CA11
212Gebala, Gabrielle GraceAcademy Of Fencing Masters , CA11
212Gefell, AndrewRochester Fencing Club, NY11
212Gieg, MirandaZeta Fencing, MA11
212Gluck, MyriamFencing Alliance Of Ohio, OH11
212Gomes, DianaSpartak, CA11
212Goriunov, IvanSouth Florida Fencing Club, FL11
212Gorman, VictoriaZeta Fencing, MA11
212Gouhin, ChloeFencing Alliance Of Ohio, OH11
212Grady, MiriamNorthern Colorado Fencers, CO11
212Grams, StevenNorth Shore Fencers Club, NY11
212Granholm, CarolynUnattached or Unknown11
212Grathwol-Sear, SebastianSalle Auriol Seattle, WA11
212Greenbaum, AtaraSabre Outreach Network , FL11
212Greenbaum, EllaNellya Fencers, GA11
212Gregory, AleksandraAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
212Gregory, ElizabethAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
212Gresham, SarahAlamo Fencing Academy, TX11
212Griffiths, RyanNew York Athletic Club, NY11
212Gu, DanielEdmonton Fencing Club, AB11
212Guo, Zi ShanVango Toronto, ON11
212Gupta, ShivenMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA11
212Guthikonda, SunanyaNellya Fencers, GA11
212Guy, PhilippeSpartak, CA11
212Haberkern, KundrySalle Auriol Seattle, WA11
212Hahn, HaileyMedeo Fencing Club, NJ11
212Hamilton, BogdanThe Fencers Academy, MO11
212Hamilton, PaulineUnattached or Unknown11
212Hamza, MohamedSalle Mauro Fencing Academy, TX11
212Hanadari-Levy, AmitCapital Fencing Academy, MD11
212Harley, ColbyNellya Fencers, GA11
212Harley, SageNellya Fencers, GA11
212Harrill, GillianFencers Club Of Arizona, AZ11
212Harrison, ImogenOregon Fencing Alliance, OR11
212Haskel, DarbyDenver Fencing Center, CO11
212He, CharlotteCardinal Fencing Club, CA11
212Heathcock, ColinPremier Fencing Academy, CA11
212Hedvat, AlexisFencers Club, NY11
212Hennig-Trestman, BonnieConnecticut Fencers Club, CT11
212Henzler, ThomasAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
212Herbst, EliotAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
212Hernandez, SusanneNaples Fencing Academy, FL11
212Herrera, RichardPDX Fencing, OR11
212Hewitt, FrankCabrillo Academy Of The Sword, CA11
212Hiatt, DianeUnattached or Unknown11
212Hitchcock, DavidBay State Fencers, MA11
212Hofmann, AlissaPennsylvania State University Ncaa, PA11
212Holle, Aviella5T Fencers Club, NY11
212Holmes, KatharineNew York Athletic Club, NY11
212Holmes, LeoSalle Mauro Fencing Academy, TX11
212Homer, DarylPeter Westbrook Foundation, NY11
212Hooshi, Erica5T Fencers Club, NY11
212Hooshi, Jayden5T Fencers Club, NY11
212Hsieh Jarov, SeraphimDynamo Fencing Club, BC11
212Hu, GraceUnattached or Unknown11
212Huang, MaxwellCobra Fencing Club, NJ11
212Huang, SharonUnattached or Unknown11
212Hudson, JeffreyHudson Centers For The Martial Arts, OH11
212Huey, SharoneUnattached or Unknown11
212Hung, JulianaSan Francisco Fencers Club, CA11
212Hurst, SusanCabrillo Academy Of The Sword, CA11
212Hwang, GabrielaFencers Club Of Arizona, AZ11
212Insley, MathiasSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA11
212Israelian, MaratFencers Club, NY11
212Itkin, NickLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA11
212Iwamoto, EricLaguna Fencing Center, CA11
212Iyoki, KentNorth Texas Fencing Alliance, TX11
212Jain, AdityaTeam Touche Fencing Center, CA11
212Janowski, MadelineDunwoody Fencing Club, GA11
212Jefferies, JonathanThe Fencers' Club , MO11
212Jeong, EunyoungLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA11
212Jeyoon, RyanFencing Sports Academy, VA11
212Ji, CodyNellya Fencers, GA11
212Jia, ChengmingLincoln Fencing Club, NE11
212Jing, EmilyMarx Fencing Academy, MA11
212Joyce, MichaelaLoudoun International Fencing Club, VA11
212Kaihatsu, EdwardFencing Center Of Chicago, IL11
212Kallus, DianeUnattached or Unknown11
212Kalonji, AnastasiaPennsylvania State University Ncaa, PA11
212Kanary, LoganFencing Academy Of Denver, CO11
212Kandlik, AaronUnattached or Unknown11
212Kaneshige, BrianDurkan Fencing Academy, NJ11
212Karam, TariqManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
212Kasi, SanjayGutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ11
212Kath, PhilipKnights Of Siena (sc), SC11
212Katz, AnatInternational Fencing Club, MA11
212Kaufman, BradleySheridan Fencing Academy, NY11
212Kaull, JamesNew York Athletic Club, NY11
212Kenne Douandji, MaxwellUnattached or Unknown11
212Kerr, MargaretWorcester Fencing Club, MA11
212Khairi, FaarisNellya Fencers, GA11
212Khamis, YasmineNorth Texas Fencing Alliance, TX11
212Khan, PetraPDX Fencing, OR11
212Kim, AlexanderOlympic Fencers Club, GA11
212Kim, DianeTop Fencing Club, NJ11
212Kim, EdwardPenta Olympic Fencing Club, VA11
212Kim, Elisabeth (Gracie)Metro Tacoma Fencing Club, WA11
212Kim, EthanLoudoun International Fencing Club, VA11
212Kim, Lauren CTop Fencing Club, NJ11
212Kim, MinwookBergen Fencing Club, NJ11
212Kim, NatalieWindy City Fencing-chicago, IL11
212Kim, NicholasTop Fencing Club, NJ11
212Kim, ShaunTim Morehouse Fencing Club, NY11
212Kimatian, HarrisonHooked On Fencing, OH11
212Kiriakidi, FedorRochester Fencing Club, NY11
212Kissingford, JohnDenver Fencing Center, CO11
212Klára, ZsuzsannaWashington Fencing Academy, WA11
212Klinemeier, NicoleSalle Auriol Seattle, WA11
212Knight, EthanSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA11
212Knodt, JulianMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA11
212Koberstein, MaggieRedstar Fencing Club Chicago, IL11
212Kong, CarysHalberstadt Fencers' Club, CA11
212Koo, RachelGutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ11
212Kopecky, LydiaNew York Athletic Club, NY11
212Kopylov, DmitriLilov Fencing Academy, NJ11
212Kowalsky, RachelHills Fencing Institute (H3), NY11
212Kozak, SonjaLaguna Fencing Center, CA11
212Kruger, MarkNorthern Colorado Fencers, CO11
212Kuen, EricaLe Club Touche, CA11
212Kung, AidanSwords Fencing Studio, CA11
212Kushkov, SimonDynamo Fencing Center, MA11
212Kutik, MichelleSword Players, ON11
212Lambert, JasmineDenver Fencing Center, CO11
212Lartz, JohnIllinois Fencers Club, IL11
212Lauron, SeanLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA11
212Lavender, RandyMethodist Rehab Fencing, MS11
212Lawrence, JohnDurkan Fencing Academy, NJ11
212Lawson, NicholasFencers Club, NY11
212Leang, AndreaAcademy Of Fencing Masters , CA11
212Leang, PriscillaAcademy Of Fencing Masters , CA11
212Lee, AidanFencing Sports Academy, VA11
212Lee, AlexandraHalberstadt Fencers' Club, CA11
212Lee, AlinaMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA11
212Lee, AllisonPremier Fencing Club, NJ11
212Lee, BriannaSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA11
212Lee, ChristopherSpartak, CA11
212Lee, HannahZeta Fencing, MA11
212Lee, HeejooUnattached or Unknown, 11
212Lee, JiyoungLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA11
212Lee, KyleCapital Fencing Academy, MD11
212Lee, NatashaBattle Born Fencing Club, NV11
212Lee, NoahLilov Fencing Academy, NJ11
212Lee, RyanSwords Fencing Studio, CA11
212Lee, StephenHalberstadt Fencers' Club, CA11
212Lee, TobiasMetro Tacoma Fencing Club, WA11
212Lee, YejineTop Fencing Club, NJ11
212Lei, JoshuaNorthwest Fencing Center, OR11
212Leighton, EleanorEscrime Du Lac, IN11
212Leonard, ArianeOlympia de Montreal, QC11
212Levitt, BenjaminBergen Fencing Club, NJ11
212Levy, CameronBrooklyn Bridge Fencing Club, NY11
212Levy, JacobFresno Fencing Academy, CA11
212Levy, JasperBrooklyn Bridge Fencing Club, NY11
212Levy, PaulTigerz Fencing Academy, NJ11
212Lewicki, MaxMedeo Fencing Club, NJ11
212Lezhava, NikolozRedstar Fencing Club Chicago, IL11
212Li, AnnaOregon Fencing Alliance, OR11
212Li, MatthewPenta Olympic Fencing Club, VA11
212Li, YaoOlympia Fencing Center, MA11
212Liang, CalvinManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
212Liao, Jun Heng (James)Fencers Club, NY11
212Lichten, KeithEast Bay Fencers Gym, CA11
212Lin, JohnStamford Fencing Center, CT11
212Linder, JamesFencers Club Of Arizona, AZ11
212Lioznyansky, SimonAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
212Litynski, GillianUnattached or Unknown11
212Liu, AlexanderAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
212Liu, JonathanBoston Fencing Club, MA11
212Liu, KevinOlympia Fencing Center, MA11
212Liu, NilesInfinity Fencing Alliance, NJ11
212Liu, ShuZ Fencing Los Angeles, CA11
212Liverant, SkylerNew York Fencing Academy, NY11
212Lo, MelodySwords Fencing Studio, CA11
212Lo, SabrinaFortune Fencing, CA11
212Lorang, KimCapital District Fencing School, NY11
212Lorenzoni, Davide RyogaUnattached or Unknown11
212Loss, GeoffreyFencers Club, NY11
212Lu, ChungUnattached or Unknown11
212Lu, KerrySan Francisco Fencers Club, CA11
212Lugones Ruggeri, JesusSouthwest Florida Fencing Academy, FL11
212Lum, KarenCoastside Fencing Club, CA11
212Lurye, SarahWindy City Fencing-chicago, IL11
212Lutar, LucasFencing Academy Of Westchester, NY11
212Lutton, ThomasLe Club Touche, CA11
212Luu, ShanonSan Francisco Fencers Club, CA11
212Macarty, JordanOlympia Fencing Center, MA11
212Machulsky, LeehiAcademy Of Fencing Masters , CA11
212Mak, TinneyPremier Fencing Club, NJ11
212Makogon, SergeyUnattached or Unknown11
212Maldonado, PilarAlamo Fencing Academy, TX11
212Mallette, ColeNorthwest Fencing Center, OR11
212Mannan, ZohaibBrooklyn Bridge Fencing Club, NY11
212Mannino, AnnaUnattached or Unknown11
212Manubag, AmandaAdvance Fencing And Fitness Academy, NJ11
212Marchant, SandraProspect Fencing Club, CT11
212Marentes, BlancaSalle Auriol Seattle, WA11
212Mariani, LouThe Fencers' Club , MO11
212Marran, ErikManchen Academy Of Fencing, NJ11
212Martos, DarwinMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA11
212Marx, LeslieMarx Fencing Academy, MA11
212Massialas, SabrinaMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA11
212Matt, ChrisVirginia Academy Of Fencing, VA11
212Matveev, ValentinBattle Born Fencing Club, NV11
212Mcbride, JacksonFencers Club Of Arizona, AZ11
212Mcgillion-Moore, KatieFairfield Fencing Academy, CT11
212Mehall, MichaelBoise Fencing Club, ID11
212Meinhardt, GerekMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA11
212Melchior, DonaldBoston Fencing Club, MA11
212Merchant, MarcelManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
212Merriam, MarthaManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
212Merritt, ElizabethUnattached or Unknown11
212Merza, SarahBergen Fencing Club, NJ11
212Messing, ArnoldFencers Club, NY11
212Midgley, JaniceMedeo Fencing Club, NJ11
212Milne, WillPeninsula Fencing Academy, CA11
212Minarik, Natalie5T Fencers Club, NY11
212Moelis, Samuel (Sam)Brooklyn Bridge Fencing Club, NY11
212Mohamed, YaseenAnaheim Hills Fencers Club, CA11
212Moindrot-Zilliox, NaomiUnattached or Unknown11
212Montorio, LouisSheridan-White Plains Fencing Academy, NY11
212Moon, SeanZeta Fencing, MA11
212Morel, Ruth SylvieUnattached or Unknown11
212Morrison, MonicaSalle Auriol Seattle, WA11
212Moszczynski, AdamAdvance Fencing And Fitness Academy, NJ11
212Mueller, EmmaRhode Island Fencing Academy And Club, RI11
212Mulvaney, AlecRedstar Fencing Club Chicago, IL11
212Munlin, DonovanPremier Fencing Academy, CA11
212Nair, TarunAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
212Natanzon, BenjaminManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
212Nazlymov, TatianaCapital Fencing Academy, MD11
212Nguyen, JolieBattle Born Fencing Club, NV11
212Nixon, Caroline (Karolina)Los Angeles International Fencing Center, CA11
212Noel, SebastienBeverly Hills Fencers' Club, CA11
212Nosil, AndrewDC Fencers Club, MD11
212Nott, Adrienne (Adi)Unattached or Unknown, 11
212Nowell, LindaMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA11
212Offerle, JudithRedstar Fencing Club Chicago, IL11
212Oishi, MegumiPDX Fencing, OR11
212Oldham, JenniferMid-south Fencers' Club, NC11
212O'Leary, EllenInfinity Fencing Alliance, NJ11
212O'Loughlin, ChrisNew York Athletic Club, NY11
212Olsen, NatalieCapital Fencing Academy, MD11
212Ortiz, Zachary5T Fencers Club, NY11
212Oster, KeeganHangtown Saber Club, CA11
212Ouimet, FrancoisUnattached or Unknown11
212Outhred, MayaSalle Auriol Seattle, WA11
212Oxenreider, TiernaRoyal Arts Fencing Academy, OH11
212Paik, JoonFencers Club, NY11
212Paragano, VincentUnattached or Unknown11
212Park, BrianRockland Fencers Club, NY11
212Park, RowanLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA11
212Park, YoohyunNorthwest Fencing Center, OR11
212Parker, AbigaleAdvance Fencing And Fitness Academy, NJ11
212Partridge, MorganUnattached or Unknown11
212Pary, TheodoreDC Fencers Club, MD11
212Patterson, JanSalle Auriol Seattle, WA11
212Perka, MichaelThe Fencers' Club , MO11
212Petrova, KristinaSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA11
212Pimoutkine, RoustamFencers Club, NY11
212Pincus, LucyKnights Of Siena (sc), SC11
212Polansky, SolomonJohns Hopkins University Ncaa, MD11
212Possick, OwenAdvance Fencing And Fitness Academy, NJ11
212Powers, JanineDC Fencers Club, MD11
212Prescod, NzinghaPeter Westbrook Foundation, NY11
212Prieur, LanaGutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ11
212Prilutsky, DavidManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
212Prochniak, EvanCambridge Fencing Center, MA11
212Proctor, SaraNorthern Colorado Fencers, CO11
212Pryor, JasonNew York Athletic Club, NY11
212Qiu, NathanUnattached or Unknown11
212Qureshi, AafreenFortune Fencing, CA11
212Ra, DanielFencers Club, NY11
212Rahimi, AmirSalle D'Asaro Fencing Club, CA11
212Ramirez, YeisserPeter Westbrook Foundation, NY11
212Ranes, EvanBattle Born Fencing Club, NV11
212Raso, SofiaFencers Club, NY11
212Ratzlaff, JocelynPocatello Fencing Club, ID11
212Ream, JannIowa City Fencing Center, IA11
212Reckling, DianeFencers Club, NY11
212Reddy, ShreyaPremier Fencing Academy, CA11
212Reid, AnoushehMedeo Fencing Club, NJ11
212Reilly, PhilipOregon Fencing Alliance, OR11
212Ren, JunmingBergen Fencing Club, NJ11
212Reynolds, TylerUnattached or Unknown11
212Rheingans-Yoo, DuncanMarx Fencing Academy, MA11
212Rhodes, ZanderV Fencing Club, NJ11
212Rich, CarolineUnattached or Unknown11
212Ridge, JohnRocky Mountain Fencing Academy, CO11
212Rizkala, JoannaMedeo Fencing Club, NJ11
212Robinson, TimothyPresidio Fencing Club, CA11
212Robles, ElenaMarx Fencing Academy, MA11
212Rodney, AdamUnattached or Unknown11
212Rohrlack, CharlesRedstar Fencing Club Chicago, IL11
212Rong, YaoUnattached or Unknown11
212Rosenthal, PaulSheridan Fencing Academy, NY11
212Ross, NicoleNew York Athletic Club, NY11
212Runyan, HeidiSpartak, CA11
212Runyan, JoshuaUS Navy, CA11
212Runyon, CynthiaUnattached or Unknown11
212Rusadze, NickolasFencing Academy Of Westchester, NY11
212Russanov, DennisUnattached or Unknown11
212Sallembien, NicolasInternational Fencing Academy, CA11
212Sanchez, LeonBoston Fencing Club, MA11
212Santana, HudsonAdvance Fencing And Fitness Academy, NJ11
212Sbarbaro, PhilipVirginia Academy Of Fencing, VA11
212Schembri Mccord, KruzD'Alerta Fencing Academy, FL11
212Schmitt, TrentonPremier Fencing Academy, CA11
212Schultz, MichelleHooked On Fencing, OH11
212Schumacher, CooperFencers Club, NY11
212Scott, GeorgeOlympia Fencing Center, MA11
212Scruggs, NolenFencers Club, NY11
212Seuss, C. DavidFencing Academy Of Boston, MA11
212Shamis, MarkAcademy Of Fencing Masters , CA11
212Sheffield, Lake MawuPeter Westbrook Foundation, NY11
212Shepard, JazzyOrion Fencing, WA11
212Sherman, MarcoMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA11
212Shin, JoshuaLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA11
212Shin, PhilipFencers Club, NY11
212Shinholster, MichaelEagle Fencing Club, GA11
212Shinn-Cunningham, BarbaraDynamo Fencing Center, MA11
212Shirpal, OleksandrDynamo Fencing Center, MA11
212Shoman, MiriamCobra Fencing Club, NJ11
212Sides, LaurenUs Air Force Academy Ncaa, CO11
212Sierra, KateCutting Edge Fencing Club, TX11
212Silberzweig, JordanManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
212Singleton-Comfort, LeanneUs Air Force Academy Ncaa, CO11
212Sirico, AmandaDC Fencers Club, MD11
212Smith, ChazHangtown Saber Club, CA11
212Smith, JaredAvant Garde Fencers Club, CA11
212Smith, JustinLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA11
212So, HananiahManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
212Sohn, ChristopherMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA11
212Song, JennyLaguna Fencing Center, CA11
212Song, Shuxuan (Liliya)Unattached or Unknown11
212Spear, JeffNew York Athletic Club, NY11
212Spear, WillNew York Athletic Club, NY11
212Spiteri, GarethNew York Athletic Club, NY11
212Stanica, TeodoraThe Fencers' Club , MO11
212Starr, CynthiaBergen Fencing Club, NJ11
212Stevens, JoanneFencers Club, NY11
212Stewart, TatijanaSchoolhouse Fencing, UT11
212Stone, Anne-ElizabethBergen Fencing Club, NJ11
212Stone, BenManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
212Stone, HavaManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
212Stott, DonovanRochester Fencing Club, NY11
212Sullivan, JacksonMoe Fencing Club, MA11
212Sullivan, SiobhanOregon Fencing Alliance, OR11
212Sumrall, EmilyWoodlands Fencing Academy, TX11
212Suveg, BelaUnattached or Unknown11
212Szabo, BenedekSword Players, ON11
212Szapary, TristanFencing Academy Of Philadelphia, PA11
212Szego, LeventeUnattached or Unknown11
212Takagi, HikaruSan Francisco Fencers Club, CA11
212Tan, DelphineSan Francisco Fencers Club, CA11
212Tan, KaitlynGold Fencing Club, MA11
212Tan, LawrenceGolubitsky Fencing Center, CA11
212Tang, JulianUnattached or Unknown11
212Tapia, SandyCharlotte Fencing Academy, NC11
212Thai, WilliamMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA11
212Thein-Sandler, AdrienLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA11
212Theodore, MariaBoston Fencing Club, MA11
212Thompson, KhalilPeter Westbrook Foundation, NY11
212Thow, JessicaAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
212Thurgood, MadisonUnattached or Unknown11
212Tian, GraceMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA11
212Tierney, DavidNaples Fencing Academy, FL11
212Tipler, TristanAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
212Tirado, SebastianFencers Club, NY11
212Toby, NataliaNew York Athletic Club, NY11
212Tomich, VittoriaUnattached or Unknown11
212Toncheva, VictoriaBattle Born Fencing Club, NV11
212Tong, KunlingNellya Fencers, GA11
212Travaglione, ConorHills Fencing Institute (H3), NY11
212Troxel, SylvieRain City Fencing Center, WA11
212Tsai, Xiao-QingJjl Fencing Club, UT11
212Tucker Alarcon, AriadnaFencing Sports Academy, VA11
212Tyler, SydWindy City Fencing-chicago, IL11
212Um, EthanMarx Fencing Academy, MA11
212Vag-Urminsky, PaulWindy City Fencing-chicago, IL11
212Van Atta, GraceBergen Fencing Club, NJ11
212Van Dyke, FrankRed Rock Fencing Center, NV11
212Vanbenthuysen, BarbaraPennsylvania State University Ncaa, PA11
212Varney, JohnSalle Auriol Seattle, WA11
212Varukatty-Gafoor, AkhilManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
212Vashisht, SuparnaCalifornia Fencing Academy, CA11
212Vidovszky, TamasPremier Fencing Academy, CA11
212Villasenor, AaronSan Diego Fencing Center, CA11
212Viqueira, SamanthaFencers Club, NY11
212Vlassova, AnastasiaLe Club Touche, CA11
212Vogler, JustinNorthwest Fencing Center, OR11
212Volkers, TimWest Michigan Fencing Club, MI11
212Wallace, KatherineFencers Club, NY11
212Wang, ChloeInfinity Fencing Alliance, NJ11
212Watrall, RickNew York Athletic Club, NY11
212Weiss, MilesAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
212Weissman, KaiImasters Academy, GA11
212Weisz, GabyUnattached or Unknown11
212Werrell, JackMorris Fencing Club, NJ11
212White, AnitaSouth Florida Fencing Club, FL11
212Whitt, LynnetteUnattached or Unknown11
212Whittemore, LucyWindy City Fencing-chicago, IL11
212Wilkinson, DerekUnattached or Unknown11
212Willey, DavidLionheart Fencing Academy, CA11
212Williams, ChloeNellya Fencers, GA11
212Williams, GrantDurkan Fencing Academy, NJ11
212Williams, MartyTim Morehouse Fencing Club, NY11
212Williams, NolanPeter Westbrook Foundation, NY11
212Wilson, SeanAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
212Wimmer, NathanielFencing Sports Academy, VA11
212Wolin, ZacharyTim Morehouse Port Chester, NY11
212Wong, AdamUnattached or Unknown11
212Wong, AdrianUnattached or Unknown11
212Wong, NicoleUnattached or Unknown, 11
212Woundy, MelissaProspect Fencing Club, CT11
212Wozniak, DagmaraManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
212Wu, AlexanderOlympia Fencing Center, MA11
212Wu, AmeliaSwords Fencing Studio, CA11
212Wu, NicholasUnattached or Unknown11
212Wu, RichardArsenal Fencing Club, GA11
212Wyszynski, MarekFencers Club, NY11
212Yamasaki, KyleEast Bay Fencers Gym, CA11
212Yang, KevinLaguna Fencing Center, CA11
212Yefremenko, Dariya (Dasha)Medeo Fencing Club, NJ11
212Yeu, IreneSwords Fencing Studio, CA11
212Yong, ErikaCardinal Fencing Club, CA11
212Yoo, JustinLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA11
212Yugov, ElizabethV Fencing Club, NJ11
212Yun, JoyPDX Fencing, OR11
212Yung, WangInfinity Fencing Alliance, NJ11
212Zafft, MaximoMarx Fencing Academy, MA11
212Zafft, SharrieMarx Fencing Academy, MA11
212Zagoruiko, IvanNorth Shore Fencers Club, NY11
212Zaroff, LeoSan Francisco Fencers Club, CA11
212Zaroff, RoxanneSan Francisco Fencers Club, CA11
212Zeljkovic, DusanZeljkovic Fencing Academy, PA11
212Zeng, LucasSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA11
212Zhang, DanielOlympia Fencing Center, MA11
212Zhang, RachelInfinity Fencing Alliance, NJ11
212Zheng, AvaUnattached or Unknown11
212Zheng, IvyMarx Fencing Academy, MA11
212Zhu, WilsonSwords Fencing Studio, CA11
212Zuikova, VeronikaSt. John's University Ncaa, NY11
212Zuzulo, IsabellaV Fencing Club, NJ11
Source: National Fencing Club Rankings based on an analysis of USA Fencing website data.

The Schedule of USA Fencing National Tournaments for 2017-2018

# Date Tournament City/State Events
1 10/13-10/16/2017 NAC Anaheim, CA Div 1, Div 11, Cadet, Wheelchair
2 11/10-11/13/2017 NAC Kansas City, MO Junior, Cadet, Y-14
3 12/8-12/11/2017 NAC Portland, OR Div 1, Div 11, VET, Vet Age
4 1/5-1/8/2018 NAC Virginia Beach, VA Div 1, Junior, Senior Team & Wheelchair
5 2/16/-2/19/2018 Junior Olympics Memphis, TN Junior, Cadet, Junior Team
6 3/9-3/12/2018 NAC Baltimore, MD Div 111, Y 10, Y 12, Y 14, Y 14 Team
7 4/20-4/23/2018 NAC & Championships Baltimore, MD Division I/DTM & Wheelchair Championship, VET, Vet Age, Vet Team, Division 11
8 6/28-7/7/2018 Championships & July Challenge St. Louis, MO Division II, Division III, D1A, Veteran Age, Y14, Y12 & Y10 Championship & Division I, Junior, Cadet & Senior Team July Challenge


Final Medal Count for National Fencing Club Championships for USA Fencing National Tournaments in 2016-2017

It’s official; Manhattan Fencing Center, the powerhouse Saber and Foil club based in Manhattan, New York, won the National Fencing Club Championships in 2016-2017 based on the total number of medals awarded in USA Fencing National Tournaments in 2016-2017. With 9 gold, 9 silver, 17 bronze and 73 medals in total, the club eclipsed the Fencers Club, for the # 1 ranking. The venerable Fencers Club, with strong programs in foil and epee, finished the year at #2 with 71 medals in total following up on its fifth place in 2015-2016 with 45 medals.  The New York Athletic Club came in at #3, after a #3 place in 2015-2016, with 65 medals in total.

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