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National Fencing Club Youth Championships – SYC 2016-2017

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National Fencing Club Youth Championships – SYC 2016-2017

The Academy of Fencing Masters, the emerging epee and foil dynamo based in Campbell, CA, won the National Fencing Club Youth Championships in 2016-2017 based on the total number of Top 8 medals awarded in 16 Super Youth Circuit (SYC) tournaments. With 11 gold, 12 silver, 12 bronze and 72 medals in total, the club eclipsed last year’s winner and powerhouse saber club, Nellya Fencers, for the #1 ranking. Recipient of USFA’s 2016 Club of Excellence in Membership, the Academy of Fencing Masters opened in August 2013 and by May 2017 had about 180 members. This year’s haul of 72 Top 8 medals were split two-thirds: one-third between the club’s epee and foil fencers.  During the year, the club’s youth group generated 203 fencer-events at SYCs and had a Top 8 medal conversion rate of 35.5%. Last year the club finished 18th in the National Fencing Club Championships – SYC 2015-2016.

Nellya Fencers, the saber juggernaut based in Atlanta, GA finished the season in second place with 65 medals, including 14 gold, 13 silver, and 19 bronze. Last year the club finished the season in first place with a haul of 84 medals. The youth fencers generated 169 fencer-events at SYCs and had a Top 8 medal conversion rate of 38.5% in 2016-2017.

The Los Angeles International Fencing Center finished third with 60 medals which included six gold, nine silver, and 17 bronze. During the season the club’s youth fencers generated 142 fencer-events in SYCs and had a Top 8 medal conversion rate of 42.3%.

Just over 3,200 fencers from across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico generated about 9,700 fencer events in 16 SYCs in 2016-2017. In all, 210 out of 357 clubs or about 59% of the clubs participating in SYCs made the ranking in 2016-2017 compared to 203 of 359 clubs in 2015-2016. The Championships ranked all clubs by the total number of medals won by Top 8 fencers at SYCs held throughout the year. Details on the 16 SYCs are provided in the table at the end of this post.

Here’s how the overall medal table looked at the end of the 2016-2017 season. The medal standings do NOT include medals awarded in cadet events, Y-14 team events or Y-8 events that may have been held in conjunction with an SYC. Readers are able to sort, filter or search the table. In certain instances, state rankings are possible by placing the state abbreviation in the search box, e.g., TX for Texas. Details on all medalists from the Top 20 ranked clubs can be found by clicking the name of the club in the following table. We invite you to review our accompanying post, “Evaluating Your Clubs Super Youth Circuit (SYC) Medal Count,” which lists medal conversion rates for the Top 100 ranked clubs listed below.

Final Medal Count Standings for National Fencing Club Youth Championships for the Super Youth Circuit 2016-2017

Rank 2016-2017Rank 2015-2016ClubGoldSilverBronze5678Grand Total
Grand Total2822855562792652602552182
118Academy of Fencing Masters, CA1112121397872
21Nellya Fencers, GA141319554565
35Los Angeles International Fencing Center, CA6917686860
49Massialas Foundation (M Team), CA49175591059
512Silicon Valley Fencing Center, CA8819576558
62Manhattan Fencing Center, NY36186571257
78Alliance Fencing Academy, TX5815397754
817Halberstadt Fencers Club, CA10712465549
84Fencers Club, NY63111055949
106Fencing Academy of Westchester, NY7518265346
113New York Fencing Academy, NY11410565344
1214Medeo Fencing Club, NJ4119655242
Fencing Academy,
1410Olympia Fencing Center, MA5710323737
1531California Fencing Academy, CA239633733
1522Windy City Fencing Club, IL2412263433
177North Texas Fencing Academy, TX849224332
18NAV Fencing Club, NJ86734331
1912Gold Fencing Club, MA468522330
1931Top Fencing Club, NJ439425330
2135Dynamo Fencing Center, MA339534229
2129Salle Mauro Fencing Academy, TX537353329
2368Penta Olympic Fencing Club, VA244253828
2414Laguna Fencing Center, CA248523327
2425Oregon Fencing Alliance, OR366623127
2620Cobra Fencing Club, NJ44851426
2748Dynamo Fencing Club, BC226144625
2863Fencers Club of Arizona, AZ526234224
2920Fortune Fencing, CA17833123
3011Alamo Fencing Academy, TX737112122
3083Salle D'Asaro, CA511021322
3225Sabre Outreach Network, FL436222120
3252Stamford Fencing Center, CT72422320
3448Cardinal Fencing Club, CA4731419
3419Golubitsky Fencing Center, CA813312119
3437Texas Fencing Academy, TX14355119
3733Lone Star Fencing Center, TX235213218
3729The Fencers Academy (St. Louis), MO24532218
3948PDX Fencing, OR234231217
39149Tim Morehouse Fencing Club, NY242213317
4125Fencing Sports Academy, VA31424216
4235Northwest Fencing Center, OR13242315
4228Premier Fencing Academy, CA235112115
4258Washington Fencing Academy, WA22622115
4516San Francisco Fencers Club, CA313231114
4558Team Touche Fencing Center, CA5232214
4748Capital Fencing Academy, MD4141313
4763Fencing Academy of Denver, CO222311213
4752Fresno Fencing Academy, CA124212113
4737HuaHua Fencing Club, ON2441213
4737Swords Fencing Studio, CA322221113
5237Advance Fencing and Fitness Academy, NJ12331212
5244Fencing Alliance of Ohio, OH12521112
5273Winter Garden Fencing Academy, FL413412
55124Battle Born Fencing Club, NV12231211
55NABeverly Hills Fencers' Club, CA244111
55124Fencing Center of Chicago, IL23131111
55149Metro Tacoma Fencing Club, WA313411
5596Precision Athletics Fencing Club, CA2521111
5573Royal Arts Fencing Academy, OH4132111
5558Woodlands Fencing Academy, TX3312211
6244OLYMPIAN Fencing Club, TX1321310
6252Peoria Fencing Academy, IL11421110
6244United Fencing Academy, CA3321110
6683Escrime Du Lac, IN241119
6696Golden Sabre Academy, CA2112129
66124Kairos Fencing Academy, TX1231119
6696North Shore Fencers Club, NY1122129
6644Renaissance Fencing Club, MI1212129
6696Rhode Island Fencing Academy and Club, RI411219
7273Fencing Academy of Nevada, NV2112118
7273Fencing Institute of Texas, TX13228
72149Island Fencing Academy, NY122128
7288Le Club Touch?, CA213118
7222Lilov Fencing Academy, NJ122218
72149Moe Fencing Club, MA141118
7263Rochester Fencing Club, NY24118
7268San Diego Fencing Center, CA122218
7273South Denver Fencing Academy, CO14218
8173Avant Garde Fencers Club, CA1112117
8183Boston Fencing Club, MA121217
81124Denver Fencing Center, CO22217
81NAMidwest Fencing Academy, IL221117
81149New Mexico Fencing Foundation, NM2237
8133Premier Fencing Club, NJ131117
81149Sword Players, ON12227
81149Tri-City Fencing Academy, BC1427
8988Bergen Fencing Club, NJ11136
8958Birmingham Fencing Club, AL12216
89NAFencing Academy of Boston, MA11226
8973Kansas City Fencing Center, KS121116
89149Las Positas Fencing Center, CA211116
8996Marx Fencing Academy, MA121116
89124Peninsula Fencing Academy, CA11226
89NAQueretaro, Mexico11316
89111Rockland Fencers Club, NY21126
8963Salle Auriol Seattle, WA112116
8963Sheridan Fencing Academy, NY2316
100NAAnaheim Hills Fencers Club, CA2125
10088Brooklyn Bridge Fencing Club, NY2215
100NAChadwick International, Korea21115
10096Cutting Edge Fencing Club, TX11125
10037DC Fencers Club, MD12115
100NAEast Bay Fencers Gym, CA3115
10058Grand Rapids Fencing Academy, MI21115
10083Heartland Fencing Academy, KS21115
10037Midwest Fencing Club, IL1315
10052Northern Colorado Fencers, CO111115
100NAOlympia Fencing Academy, MO2125
10088Sacramento Saber Fencing, CA21115
10073Toronto Fencing Club, ON2215
113965T Fencers Club, NY11114
11396Escrimeur Fencers Club, NJ1124
11388Freehold Fencing Academy, NJ11114
11383Illinois Fencers Club, IL1214
113NALoudoun International Fencing Club, VA1124
11337Minnesota Sword Club, MN11114
113111Mission Fencing Center, NY1124
113111Pioneer Valley Fencing Academy, MA2114
113124Rain City Fencing Center, WA1214
113NASECA Academy, Korea2114
113149Vango Toronto, ON1214
12496Baltimore Fencing Center, MD1113
124NABayou City Fencing Academy, TX1113
124NACannon Fencing Academy, OH1113
124NACoastside Fencing Club, CA213
124NAColumbus Fencing & Fitness, OH1113
124111Durkan Fencing Academy, NJ1113
124NAFairfield Fencing Academy, CT1113
124NAGasparin Fencing, TX1113
124NAGold Blade Fencing Center, TX123
124NAHigh Desert Fencing Alliance, NV1113
124111High Desert Fencing Club, OR1113
124124Indysabre Fencing Club, IN123
124111International Fencing Club, MA1113
124124Masque de fer, QC1113
12496Peekskill Fencing Center, NY1113
12473Peter Westbrook Foundation, NY1113
124149Spokane Fencers Unlimited, WA1113
12468Stoccata Fencing Academy & Club, FL1113
124NATwin Cities Fencing Club, MN1113
124124Utah Swords Academy Fencing Club, UT123
124NAVirginia Academy Of Fencing, VA1113
12452Zeta Fencing, MA1113
146NAArena Fencing Academy, NJ112
146NABluegrass Fencers' Club, KY112
146NADavis Fencing Academy, CA112
14688Dunwoody Fencing Club, GA112
14673Fencing Academy of Philadelphia, PA112
146124Fencing Academy of Philadelphia-North, PA112
146NAInternational Fencers Alliance of Boston, MA112
146NAIsland Fencing Center, NY112
146124Masters Fencing Club, FL112
14696Mid-south Fencers' Club, NC112
146NANorth Bay Fencing Academy, CA22
146149Rocky Mountain Fencing Academy, CO22
146124Salle Du Lion Fencing Center, OH112
146NASpartiates d'Anjou, QC112
146149Thrust Fencing Academy, NY112
146149TigerZ Fencing Academy, NJ112
146149Zeljkovic Fencing Academy, PA112
163149Atlantic Fencing Academy, NJ11
163149Bay State Fencers, MA11
163NABoise Fencing Club, ID11
163NABozeman Fencing Association , MT11
163149Bre-les Dynamiques De Brebeuf, QC11
163NACaliburn Fencing Club, WI11
163149Candlewood Fencing Center, CT11
163NAChesapeake Fencing Club, MD11
163NACheyenne Fencing Society, CO11
163NACyrano's Place, OH11
163NADesert Blades, NV11
163149Duke City Fencing Club, NM11
163149Fargo-Moorhead Fencing Club, ND11
163NAFront Range Fencing, CO11
163149George Platt's Swordplay, CA11
163NAGolden Gate Fencing Center, CA11
163NAGryphon Fencing, CA11
163NAHills Fencing Institute (h3), NY11
163149Hopkins School, CT11
163NAHouston Sword Sports, TX11
163149International Fencing Academy, CA11
163NAJunior Titans Fencing Club (stepien), IL11
16396Maryland Fencing Club, MD11
16396Massialas Foundation (M Team) OC, CA11
163NAMiracle Fencing Club, VA11
163NANational Fencing Alliance, NJ11
163149New Amsterdam Fencing Academy North, NY11
163NAOcean State Fencing Club, RI11
163NAOkanagan Freestyle Fencing, BC11
163149Oklahoma Sport Fencing, OK11
163NAOut Of Nowhere Fencing Club, WV11
163149Phoenix Falcons Fencing Club, AZ11
163111Putnam County Fencing Center, NY11
163149RedStar Fencing Club Chicago, IL11
163124Research Triangle Fencing, NC11
163NASacred Heart University, CT11
163NASalem Fencing Club, OR11
163NASan Antonio Phoenix Fencers' Club, TX11
163NASchoolhouse Fencing, UT11
163NASinsu Fencing Club, Korea11
163124South Coast Fencing Center, CA11
163NASyracuse Musketeers Fencing Club, NY11
163149The Fencing Center of San Jose, CA11
16388Vivo Fencing Club, MA11
163NAWasatch Fencing, UT11
163NAWestchester Blades, NY11
163149Z Fencing Los Angeles, CA11
Source: National Fencing Club Rankings based on an analysis of askFRED.net data. Medal counts for "unattached or unknown" club affiliations are excluded from the analysis. The total number of medals by place is further affected by tournament events with less than eight participants and tied results apart from third place.

Here’s how the overall medal tabled looked for the Ranking of Top 8 Medalists for the sixteen SYCS in 2016-2017.

Ranking of Top 8 Medalists for 16 Super Youth Circuit (SYC) Tournaments in 2016-2017

RankFencerC lubGoldSilverBronze5678Total
1Schembri McCord, KruzStoccata Fencing Academy & Club, FL434112
2Jayendra, ChandrashekarNorth Texas Fencing Alliance, TX316111
2Khamis, YasmineNorth Texas Fencing Alliance, TX5122111
4Chin, ErikaHalberstadt Fencers' Club, CA3121310
4Fukuda, RenzoMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA13131110
6Gaberkorn, NadiaNew York Fencing Academy, NY2131119
6Lin, JohnStamford Fencing Center, CT61119
6Prasad, AnkithAlamo Fencing Academy, TX313119
9Guerra, SofiaMetro Tacoma Fencing Club, WA31228
9Guo, Jessica Zi JiaUnattached (or Unknown), 4318
9Ji, CodyNellya Fencers, GA32218
9Jing, EmilyGold Fencing Club, MA51118
9Ketkar, KetkiWashington Fencing Academy, WA213118
9Latif, Imran ZakariyyaBeverly Hills Fencers' Club, CA22318
9Lung, KaterinaGold Fencing Club, MA4318
9Park, FaithPenta Olympic Fencing Club, VA113218
9Park, LukeGolubitsky Fencing Center, CA42118
9Pevzner, VictoriaV Fencing Club, NJ22318
9Talavera, DaenaThe Fencers Academy (St.Louis), MO122218
9Zhang, DanielOlympia Fencing Center, MA231118
21Brislawn, ReillyNew Mexico Fencing Foundation, NM2237
21Choi, LennaGolubitsky Fencing Center, CA31217
21Choun, MinwookMoe Fencing Club, MA14117
21Conway, JosephinaEscrime Du Lac, IN23117
21Drovetsky, AlexandraMedeo Fencing Club, NJ1157
21Emmer, ChaseV Fencing Club, NJ31217
21Fang, SabrinaTri-City Fencing Academy, Canada1427
21Freedman, JannaSalle D'Asaro, CA5117
21Gonzalez II, RickyOLYMPIAN Fencing Club, TX13217
21Hamilton, BogdanThe Fencers Academy (St.Louis), MO12227
21Jing, AlexandraGold Fencing Club, MA21227
21Kim, TeiTop Fencing Club, NJ22127
21Machulsky, LeehiAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA4127
21Maldonado, PilarAlamo Fencing Academy, TX22217
21Yang, AshleyManhattan Fencing Center, NY112217
21Yang, NashCardinal Fencing Club, CA347
37Bailey, AsherLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA121116
37Chang, JosephineGutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ11316
37Chirashnya, NoyaAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA21216
37Dao, MatthewBattle Born Fencing Club, NV112116
37Goldfine, IanNew York Fencing Academy, NY211116
37Huang, AlexanderSalle D'Asaro, CA516
37Khoo, LaurenMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA121116
37Kong, CarysHalberstadt Fencers' Club, CA13116
37Lee, AlexandraHalberstadt Fencers' Club, CA3126
37Ma, ArkAlliance Fencing Academy, TX21216
37Nadile, HenryTim Morehouse Fencing Club, NY111216
37Possick, LolaCobra Fencing Club, NJ111216
37Stone, HavaManhattan Fencing Center, NY111126
37Sullivan, SiobhanOregon Fencing Alliance, OR336
37Tyler, SydneyWindy City Fencing Club, IL13116
37Vermeule, SpencerOlympia Fencing Center, MA13116
37Yu, AndersMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA11316
54Apelian, KatherineGutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ11125
54Bas, LiamGutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ11215
54Bruk, PeterManhattan Fencing Center, NY12115
54Chan, MatthewMedeo Fencing Club, NJ235
54Chen, JiaGutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ111115
54Ching, SapphiraHopkins School, CT1315
54Chirashnya, AdamAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA325
54Chung, JinwooSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA11215
54Dai, JonathanV Fencing Club, NJ111115
54Daniel, OliviaFortune Fencing, CA1315
54Denner, LysanderTim Morehouse Fencing Club, NY2125
54Doctor, Aidan5T Fencers Club, NY12115
54Gebala, Gabrielle GraceAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA1225
54Iyoki, KentNorth Texas Fencing Alliance, TX2215
54Jeffords, AlexLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA111115
54Ketkar, MallikaWashington Fencing Academy, WA12115
54Khrol, CaralinaNew York Fencing Academy, NY3115
54Kim, JuniTop Fencing Club, NJ12115
54Kim, ZoeMedeo Fencing Club, NJ2215
54Kong, IsabelHalberstadt Fencers' Club, CA111115
54Krzyzanowski, AdamUnattached (or Unknown), 1315
54Lee, Timothy SeungjoonPenta Olympic Fencing Club, VA111115
54Lutar, LucasFencing Academy of Westchester, NY2215
54Macarty, JordanOlympia Fencing Center, MO11125
54Myers, Helen SophiaLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA12115
54O'Donnell, AmandaWindy City Fencing Club, IL21115
54Oxenreider, TiernaRoyal Arts Fencing Academy, OH415
54Pant, AnishaSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA3115
54Paturu, MeghanaMedeo Fencing Club, NJ21115
54Sakhamuri, SuryaDynamo Fencing Center, MA1135
54Sohn, Kevin JLaguna Fencing Center, CA325
54Sood, IshaniCalifornia Fencing Academy, CA12115
54Wiggers, SusanNellya Fencers, GA3115
54Wind, NickyStamford Fencing Center, CT11125
54Yun, JakePDX Fencing, OR1225
54Zeng, LucasSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA21115
54Zhao, SophieBluegrass Fencers' Club, KY2215
91Alcebar, KaylaCobra Fencing Club, NJ224
91Augustine, EthanGutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ1124
91Batra, ChaahatSalle Mauro Fencing Academy, TX314
91Berrio, CarterSabre Outreach Network, FL2114
91Bradford, MeeahSalle Mauro Fencing Academy, TX2114
91Cannon, CaidenFencing Alliance of Ohio, OH1214
91Cao, AriannaCalifornia Fencing Academy, CA11114
91Chen, ZiyuanSan Francisco Fencers Club, CA2114
91Chernyshova, VictoriaMedeo Fencing Club, NJ11114
91Chin, SophiaHalberstadt Fencers' Club, CA1214
91Cody, AlexandraSacramento Saber Fencing, CA2114
91Dariano, NoahCalifornia Fencing Academy, CA2114
91Dhingra, GianLaguna Fencing Center, CA1214
91Dodrill, GrantSabre Outreach Network, FL11114
91Fallon, KyleFencing Academy of Westchester, NY314
91Fearns, ZaraPeninsula Fencing Academy, CA11114
91Ferguson, MaryAlliance Fencing Academy, TX1124
91Four-Garcia, MadisonCobra Fencing Club, NJ11114
91Greenbaum, Ella KateNellya Fencers, GA1214
91Heathcock, ColinNellya Fencers, GA11114
91Hung, JulianaSan Francisco Fencers Club, CA2114
91Jain, AdityaTeam Touche Fencing Center, CA314
91Jeffords, SophiaLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA224
91Jeon, AlexanderPrecision Athletics Fencing Club, CA1214
91Jovanovic, JovanFencing Center of Chicago, IL1214
91Kim, Hyungju(Lucas)Chadwick International, Korea1124
91Kim, YonjaeTop Fencing Club, NJ1214
91Knight, SkylarSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA11114
91Koo, RachelGutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ314
91Kuligowski, BartoszAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA1214
91Lai, AdamLone Star Fencing Center, TX11114
91Lam, JustinaPremier Fencing Club, NJ1214
91Lawson, HenryFencers Club, NY1124
91Lee, BethanieCalifornia Fencing Academy, CA224
91Lee, YeddaPenta Olympic Fencing Club, VA2114
91Levy, JacobFresno Fencing Academy, CA1124
91Li, AmandaStamford Fencing Center, CT11114
91Li, PhoebeSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA1214
91Li, VictoriaKairos Fencing Academy, TX1214
91Liang, Henry5T Fencers Club, NY11114
91Limb, MatthewAvant Garde Fencers Club, CA11114
91Lioznyansky, SimonWoodlands Fencing Academy, TX2114
91Liverant, SkylerNew York Fencing Academy, NY2114
91Lo, ConradMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA1124
91Lortkipanidze, NickolozTim Morehouse Fencing Club, NY11114
91Luo, GeorgePDX Fencing, OR11114
91Massick, LaineRoyal Arts Fencing Academy, OH1214
91Mun, BriannaLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA314
91Ng, SarahGutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ2114
91Niebergall, ColinSouth Denver Fencing Academy, CO11114
91Pae, JonathanFencers Club, NY134
91Parker, AllegraTexas Fencing Academy, TX11114
91Petrova, KristinaSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA1124
91Procaccini, AshtenEscrimeur Fencers Club, NJ1124
91Qian, CrystalSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA2114
91Salerno, GaetanoNorth Shore Fencers Club, NY1214
91Serban, SamanthaV Fencing Club, NJ11114
91Silvers, NoahWindy City Fencing Club, IL11114
91Thrower, LolaHalberstadt Fencers' Club, CA1124
91Travers, ArnavBoston Fencing Club, MA224
91Williams, ChloeNellya Fencers, GA224
91Wong, AdamDynamo Fencing Club, Canada11114
91Yakushkin, ErnestLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA314
91Yu, Eric WLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA134
91Zheng, AlanCalifornia Fencing Academy, CA314
91Zuhars, ReneeLas Positas Fencing Center, CA2114
157Ahn, GabriellaFencers Club, NY1113
157Aibel, HudsonLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA1113
157Alvarez, IanCardinal Fencing Club, CA123
157Andres, CharmaineSalle D'Asaro, CA213
157Ayala, NayenTexas Fencing Academy, TX213
157Azuela, MaximoQueretaro, Mexico213
157Balakrishnan, MonicaAlliance Fencing Academy, TX213
157Baumstein, NicholasBrooklyn Bridge Fencing Club, NY213
157Bonsell, JustinLone Star Fencing Center, TX213
157Boroditsky, EthanMedeo Fencing Club, NJ1113
157Buchmann, FinnFencers Club of Arizona, AZ213
157Burch, KeonaOregon Fencing Alliance, OR123
157Cai, LarryNellya Fencers, GA1113
157Caldera, LexyAlliance Fencing Academy, TX123
157Cartagena, CadenNellya Fencers, GA33
157Carvalho, IsabelaManhattan Fencing Center, NY123
157Castaneda, KeiraAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA1113
157Chan, ZacharyBergen Fencing Club, NJ1113
157Chayevsky, KirkNellya Fencers, GA123
157Cheema, SophiaOregon Fencing Alliance, OR1113
157Chon, Taylor AidenLone Star Fencing Center, TX1113
157Chung, JaeinSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA1113
157Chusid, MikaylaGutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ1113
157Corrales, VictorWindy City Fencing Club, IL213
157Delsoin, ChelseaCobra Fencing Club, NJ123
157Demarest, IainOregon Fencing Alliance, OR1113
157Desai, MeeraFencing Sports Academy, VA1113
157Desamours, SabineFencing Sports Academy, VA123
157Dieck, LoganCardinal Fencing Club, CA213
157Dubois, LaurenManhattan Fencing Center, NY1113
157Eichhorn, LukasUnattached (or Unknown), 33
157Flanagan, CatherineFencing Academy of Westchester, NY1113
157Forman, LoganFencing Academy of Denver, CO123
157Frishman, EthanManhattan Fencing Center, NY1113
157Ghidina, OliviaPeoria Fencing Academy, IL33
157Gibson, NowellFencing Academy of Westchester, NY123
157Gohel, DayusOlympia Fencing Center, MO123
157Graham, RoyFencing Sports Academy, VA1113
157Grant, LachlanMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA1113
157Green, UmmiEast Bay Fencers Gym, CA33
157Griffin, JohnSalle Mauro Fencing Academy, TX33
157Guo, JoeDynamo Fencing Club, Canada1113
157Hamza, MalakSalle Mauro Fencing Academy, TX1113
157Harley, ColbyNellya Fencers, GA213
157Herrera, FernandaQueretaro, Mexico1113
157Hess, HeidiAlliance Fencing Academy, TX123
157Hjerpe, WadeFencers Club of Arizona, AZ123
157Hulseburg, KaitlynCobra Fencing Club, NJ1113
157Husisian, HadleyFencing Sports Academy, VA1113
157Imrek, Samuel AlanAlliance Fencing Academy, TX123
157Jang, JaewonTop Fencing Club, NJ123
157Jayasekara, HiranAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA1113
157Jean, NoeTexas Fencing Academy, TX1113
157Jeon, CalebSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA1113
157Jin, JasmineFortune Fencing, CA1113
157Jo, MiaPrecision Athletics Fencing Club, CA33
157Katz, AnatInternational Fencing Club, MA1113
157Kim, RachaelTop Fencing Club, NJ1113
157Kushkov, SimonDynamo Fencing Center, MA213
157Kushnerik, EthanNew York Fencing Academy, NY213
157LaBrache, EllaLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA123
157Lambert, MahalaNorthwest Fencing Center, OR1113
157Leang, PriscillaAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA123
157Lei, JoshuaAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA213
157Leslie, RyanneFencing Academy of Philadelphia, PA1113
157Li, BrandonMarx Fencing Academy, MA1113
157Liang, ConnorSan Diego Fencing Center, CA123
157Luh, EthanSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA123
157Maklin, EdwardDynamo Fencing Center, MA1113
157Medina, MichaelPeoria Fencing Academy, IL1113
157Mun, Michael KimLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA1113
157Musher, BenjaminLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA123
157Nagimov, MarselAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA213
157Nazlymov, AndreiCapital Fencing Academy, MD1113
157Nazlymov, TatianaCapital Fencing Academy, MD213
157Nguyen, KaylinNorth Shore Fencers Club, NY1113
157Nil, MichaelDynamo Fencing Center, MA213
157Noble, DanielFencers Club of Arizona, AZ1113
157Oishi, MegumiPDX Fencing, OR213
157Pae, BrianFencers Club, NY213
157Park, BrianRockland Fencers Club, NY213
157Park, DonghwanPremier Fencing Academy, CA1113
157Peng, AmberAnaheim Hills Fencers Club, CA123
157Qureshi, NisaFortune Fencing, CA1113
157Reals, AldenFencers Club, NY1113
157Reid, AnoushehMedeo Fencing Club, NJ213
157Rhodes, ZanderV Fencing Club, NJ1113
157Robles, ElenaMarx Fencing Academy, MA1113
157Romagnoli, IsabellaManhattan Fencing Center, NY213
157Rong, YaoDynamo Fencing Club, Canada1113
157Semikin, JuliaFencing Alliance of Ohio, OH1113
157Shafaie, Kaveh Freehold Fencing Academy, NJ1113
157Shearer, NatalieLaguna Fencing Center, CA213
157Shen, LydiaOlympia Fencing Center, MA1113
157Shen, Sophia H.Olympia Fencing Center, MA1113
157Shirpal, OlekasnderDynamo Fencing Center, MA1113
157Shoman, JennaMedeo Fencing Club, NJ1113
157Silberzweig, JordanManhattan Fencing Center, NY1113
157Skarbonkiewicz, MagdaOregon Fencing Alliance, OR1113
157Spina, JosephFencing Center of Chicago, IL1113
157Stone, JackSabre Outreach Network, FL1113
157Strugar, MarcusNorthwest Fencing Center, OR1113
157Tanner, JacksonLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA1113
157Thai, WilliamMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA1113
157Timofeyev, NicolePremier Fencing Academy, CA1113
157Tong, KunlingNellya Fencers, GA213
157Tran, AvaUnited Fencing Academy, CA213
157Tummings, C.J.Peekskill Fencing Center, NY1113
157Upton, MichaelRenaissance Fencing Club, MI123
157Valdez, XavierFencers Club of Arizona, AZ1113
157Wade, AvaOlympia Fencing Center, MA1113
157Whelan, TonyOlympia Fencing Center, MA1113
157Wilson, JudeCobra Fencing Club, NJ1113
157Wong, SophiaFencing Academy of Westchester, NY213
157Wu, AmeliaFresno Fencing Academy, CA213
157Ye, EileenManhattan Fencing Center, NY1113
157Yun, MayaAdvance Fencing and Fitness Academy, NJ1113
157Zafft, MaximoMarx Fencing Academy, MA213
157Zafft, TatianaUnattached (or Unknown), 213
157Zhang, AlinaFencing Academy of Westchester, NY123
157Zhang, SylviaCalifornia Fencing Academy, CA213
157Zheng, IvyGold Fencing Club, MA123
157Zinni, KaylynDenver Fencing Center, CO1113
281Abayeva, SashaFencing Academy of Westchester, NY112
281Aboudaher, JannaSalle Mauro Fencing Academy, TX112
281Abram, Ash TrinityNorthwest Fencing Center, OR112
281Ahuja, AriannaWindy City Fencing Club, IL112
281Anglade, RonaldNellya Fencers, GA112
281Ashby, EthanUtah Swords Academy Fencing Club, UT22
281Atluri, SrijaFencing Institute of Texas, TX112
281Ayupov, IlyaUnited Fencing Academy, CA22
281Banerjee, AnupLe Club Touch?, CA112
281Beale, ZoePDX Fencing, OR112
281Benoit, AdelaideIndysabre Fencing Club, IN112
281Berger, OliverLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA112
281Bessire, NolanNorth Bay Fencing Academy, CA22
281Bienvenu, JuiszelleManhattan Fencing Center, NY22
281Binder, ZacharyFencing Academy of Westchester, NY22
281Blum, LeahBoston Fencing Club, MA112
281Bodon, MicheleHigh Desert Fencing Club, OR112
281Bolton, BraydonFencers Club of Arizona, AZ112
281Boys, Nishta BisiniAlamo Fencing Academy, TX22
281Burn, LaurenPeoria Fencing Academy, IL112
281Cao, StephanieLaguna Fencing Center, CA112
281Cashman, AlexanderKansas City Fencing Center, KS112
281Cashman, NatalieKansas City Fencing Center, KS112
281Castaneda, ErikaAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA112
281Chan, ElizabethMedeo Fencing Club, NJ22
281Chapman-Layland, AstridFencing Alliance of Ohio, OH112
281Chen, AlexSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA112
281Chen, AndrewBirmingham Fencing Club, AL112
281Chernomorsky, MariaCoastside Fencing Club, CA112
281Chin, IsabellaNorth Shore Fencers Club, NY112
281Choi, LylaFencing Academy of Westchester, NY112
281Chu, AudreyAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA112
281Chu, EthanAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA22
281Chung, AndrewGolubitsky Fencing Center, CA112
281Chung, RachelUnattached (or Unknown), 112
281Dao, AlexanderBattle Born Fencing Club, NV112
281Davis, ChristopherMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA112
281DeBack, GretaGrand Rapids Fencing Academy, MI112
281Dekermanji, ChristopherSwords Fencing Studio, CA112
281Dickson, FarrSalle Mauro Fencing Academy, TX112
281Dixon, SamuelFencers Club, NY112
281Dolgonos, MarkNew York Fencing Academy, NY22
281Droz, CamdenSabre Outreach Network, FL22
281Duan, JennyNorthwest Fencing Center, OR112
281Duchow, BenjaminSpokane Fencers Unlimited, WA112
281Dungey, AudreyKairos Fencing Academy, TX112
281Elloway, WilliamAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA112
281Erachshaw, TarasManhattan Fencing Center, NY22
281Erikson, KiraSalle D'Asaro, CA112
281Ferguson, NateliAlliance Fencing Academy, TX22
281Fernandes, TheaCalifornia Fencing Academy, CA112
281Florez, MelissaSabre Outreach Network, FL112
281Freedman, MirandaRenaissance Fencing Club, MI112
281Gandhi, SednaFencing Academy of Westchester, NY22
281Gao, ArethaLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA112
281Gao, ChaneyLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA22
281Gebala, Natalie BrookeAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA112
281Gefell, Andrew P.Rochester Fencing Club, NY22
281Gilbert-Goldstein, AveryBrooklyn Bridge Fencing Club, NY22
281Gomes, DianaGolden Sabre Academy, CA22
281Gorbachev, AleksanderMasters Fencing Club, FL112
281Grathwol-Sear, OliverSalle Auriol Seattle, WA112
281Greenbaum, IanNellya Fencers, GA112
281Gregory, AlexandraUnattached (or Unknown), 112
281Gresham, RebekahAlamo Fencing Academy, TX112
281Griffin, NicholasHalberstadt Fencers' Club, CA112
281Grossman Smisek, SpencerFencers Club, NY112
281Guerra, SergioHeartland Fencing Academy, KS112
281Guo, DavidDynamo Fencing Club, Canada112
281Hammerstrom, JaredNellya Fencers, GA112
281He, Elizabeth WenqingSalle Mauro Fencing Academy, TX112
281Heathcock, AntonioNellya Fencers, GA112
281Horsley, AsherahGutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ22
281Houtz, MitchellFencing Academy of Denver, CO112
281Huangfu, HaoranUnattached (or Unknown), 112
281Hwang, GabiFencers Club of Arizona, AZ112
281Iben, ClaireTeam Touche Fencing Center, CA112
281Imrek, ElijahAlliance Fencing Academy, TX112
281Insler, GabrielRhode Island Fencing Academy and Club, RI112
281Jakel, SophiaDC Fencers Club, MD112
281Jean, OlympeTexas Fencing Academy, TX112
281Jin, NicholasFortune Fencing, CA22
281Johnson, AndrewFencers Club of Arizona, AZ112
281Johnson, ClaraNellya Fencers, GA112
281Joseph, DominicPremier Fencing Club, NJ112
281Joyce, MichaelaLoudoun International Fencing Club, VA112
281Julien, MichelleSabre Outreach Network, FL112
281Kalamaros, Zoe S.Precision Athletics Fencing Club, CA112
281Kalra, HimaniNellya Fencers, GA112
281Kambeseles, JackNew York Fencing Academy, NY112
281Kambeseles, PeterNew York Fencing Academy, NY22
281Kang, DahyunPenta Olympic Fencing Club, VA112
281Kang, MichaelRockland Fencers Club, NY112
281Kaur, SimarpreetUnattached (or Unknown), 112
281Kelly, WilliamAnaheim Hills Fencers Club, CA112
281Kim, Alexander MinkyumLone Star Fencing Center, TX112
281Kim, BenLas Positas Fencing Center, CA112
281Kim, Siyeon(Cindy)Chadwick International, Korea112
281Kogan, BenjaminDynamo Fencing Center, MA112
281Koo, HaleyGutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ112
281Koslow, AmicieMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA112
281Kozak, SonjaLaguna Fencing Center, CA112
281Kudriavtcev, SergeyAlliance Fencing Academy, TX112
281Kulkarni, SohahV Fencing Club, NJ22
281Kumashi, MihirAlliance Fencing Academy, TX112
281Kupanoff, DimitriLaguna Fencing Center, CA112
281Lacson, SarahLaguna Fencing Center, CA112
281Lau, JustinIsland Fencing Academy, NY112
281Laudon, KonradFencers Club of Arizona, AZ112
281Lawson, NicholasFencers Club, NY112
281Leach, MekaFencing Center of Chicago, IL112
281Leang, AndreaAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA112
281Lee, AaronFencing Academy of Nevada, NV112
281Lee, AllisonFencers Club, NY112
281Lee, AnnoraFencers Club, NY112
281Lee, RyanFortune Fencing, CA112
281Lee, ShwanPenta Olympic Fencing Club, VA22
281Leigh, David AOlympia Fencing Center, MA112
281Lender, DavidIllinois Fencers Club, IL112
281Levy, ZachariFresno Fencing Academy, CA112
281Liang, MeganSan Diego Fencing Center, CA112
281Lief, IsaacUnattached (or Unknown), 112
281Lilov, NeilLilov Fencing Academy, NJ112
281Lim, ChloeGold Blade Fencing Center, TX22
281Lim, ClariceGold Blade Fencing Center, TX112
281Lin, AudreyLone Star Fencing Center, TX112
281Lin, JessicaMedeo Fencing Club, NJ112
281Lin, KyranFortune Fencing, CA22
281Liu, JustinMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA112
281Liu, PatrickInternational Fencers Alliance of Boston, MA112
281Liu, RachelBergen Fencing Club, NJ112
281Liverant, JordanNew York Fencing Academy, NY112
281Lo, SabrinaFortune Fencing, CA22
281Louie, BryceLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA112
281Louie, TimothyUnattached (or Unknown), 112
281Lurye, SarahWindy City Fencing Club, IL22
281Mallavarpu, AarthiIllinois Fencers Club, IL22
281Marek, SofiaAdvance Fencing and Fitness Academy, NJ112
281Martinez, DonavynFresno Fencing Academy, CA112
281Marx, OscarEmpire United Fencing, NJ112
281Matsuo, ShinGolden Sabre Academy, CA112
281McGillion-Moore, JakeFairfield Fencing Academy, CT112
281McLane, LaurenSwords Fencing Studio, CA112
281Merchant, MarcelManhattan Fencing Center, NY112
281Mierczuk, TessaSword Players, Canada112
281Moon, SeanZeta Fencing, MA112
281Moske, WendellFencing Academy of Westchester, NY112
281Moskoff, TessaNorthern Colorado Fencers, CO112
281Myers, KalebFencing Alliance of Ohio, OH112
281Naranjo, David E.Twin Cities Fencing Club, MN112
281Nathanson, SammyDynamo Fencing Center, MA112
281Neal, JohnWoodlands Fencing Academy, TX112
281Ng, EbenLe Club Touch?, CA112
281Noel, SebastienBeverly Hills Fencers' Club, CA112
281Northrop, HelenLone Star Fencing Center, TX112
281Oden, IsaacOLYMPIAN Fencing Club, TX112
281O'Donnell, BenjaminWindy City Fencing Club, IL112
281Oh, JoshuaPrecision Athletics Fencing Club, CA112
281Ortega, IvannaGasparin Fencing, TX112
281Orvananos, JorgeFencers Club, NY22
281Pacyna, AtillaMasque de fer, Canada112
281Pak, KaitlynNellya Fencers, GA112
281Palmer, AmeliaTexas Fencing Academy, TX112
281Pan, Jack (Yuxiang)Dynamo Fencing Club, Canada22
281Park, IanUnattached (or Unknown), 112
281Parris, GillianLilov Fencing Academy, NJ112
281Patel, RiyaSalle D'Asaro, CA112
281Pavlenishvili, DavidNew York Fencing Academy, NY22
281Pelosky, RyanFencers Club, NY112
281Pelosky, ZackFencers Club, NY112
281Pirkowski, AmandaStoccata Fencing Academy & Club, FL112
281Priestley, CateNellya Fencers, GA112
281Prilutsky, DavidManhattan Fencing Center, NY112
281Pyo, PenelopeHalberstadt Fencers' Club, CA112
281Raman, TanviSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA22
281Raso, SofiaFencers Club, NY112
281Remeza, AlissaFencing Academy of Westchester, NY112
281Sarpy, Dylan NicholasNorth Texas Fencing Alliance, TX112
281Seck, Chejsa-KailiPeter Westbrook Foundation, NY112
281Sennewald, FrederickAlliance Fencing Academy, TX112
281Sennewald, JamesAlliance Fencing Academy, TX112
281Sharma, SanilAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA22
281Shi, AndrewLilov Fencing Academy, NJ112
281Siegel, GretaAlliance Fencing Academy, TX112
281Simak, JosephCapital Fencing Academy, MD22
281Smitley, TylerMinnesota Sword Club, MN112
281Sohn, ChristopherMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA112
281Song, AidenFencing Institute of Texas, TX112
281Sun, RuoxiAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA112
281Sykes, ElynorSouth Denver Fencing Academy, CO112
281Szego, ClaraLe Club Touch?, CA112
281Tong, QilinNellya Fencers, GA112
281Tonini, SamanthaBayou City Fencing Academy, TX112
281Travers, SamirFencing Academy of Boston, MA112
281Tsang, MatthewMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA112
281Tsay, JeremySilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA112
281Tsuang, TiffanySalle D'Asaro, CA22
281Tulyag, FyzeFresno Fencing Academy, CA112
281Ueyama, IetetsuPremier Fencing Academy, CA112
281Umap, ArnaCalifornia Fencing Academy, CA22
281Van Eikema Hommes, NeilAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA22
281Vasconcellos, AmandaOregon Fencing Alliance, OR112
281Vogler, JustinNorthwest Fencing Center, OR112
281Walker, JaredHigh Desert Fencing Alliance, NV112
281Watrall, ChristinaFencing Academy of Westchester, NY112
281Wei, VivianCapital Fencing Academy, MD112
281Weintraub, ReiFencers Club, NY112
281Wimmer, NathanielFencing Sports Academy, VA112
281Wong, WesleyRain City Fencing Center, WA112
281Wood, EldenManhattan Fencing Center, NY112
281Wu, AlexanderHuaHua Fencing Club, Canada112
281Xu, MaxHeartland Fencing Academy, KS112
281Yamaguchi, KateUnited Fencing Academy, CA112
281Yang, MirandaDynamo Fencing Club, Canada112
281Yankovskiy, AnastasiaSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA22
281Yao, GeoffreyDavis Fencing Academy, CA112
281Yao, JonathanAdvance Fencing and Fitness Academy, NJ112
281Yap, MadelineHalberstadt Fencers' Club, CA22
281Yhip, MikaelaMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA22
281Yi, KailaUnited Fencing Academy, CA112
281Yong, ErikaCardinal Fencing Club, CA22
281Yu, MelindaDynamo Fencing Center, MA112
281Yu, SenecaMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA112
281Zhang, EvanOlympia Fencing Center, MA112
281Zhang, TinaNorth Shore Fencers Club, NY112
281Zhu, AngelinaCalifornia Fencing Academy, CA112
281Zhu, WilsonFortune Fencing, CA112
281Zielinski, NicholausMidwest Fencing Academy, IL112
281Zusin, ZacharyFencing Academy of Westchester, NY112
512Adler, AshaNellya Fencers, GA11
512Adolphe, JasmineFencing Sports Academy, VA11
512Agaon, ShawnNew York Fencing Academy, NY11
512Alexandrov, KatyaWindy City Fencing Club, IL11
512Alfarache, GabriellaTexas Fencing Academy, TX11
512Alfonso, CzarinaGutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ11
512Altman, JohnCutting Edge Fencing Club, TX11
512Anderson, ClaireDenver Fencing Center, CO11
512Anderson, MelodyDenver Fencing Center, CO11
512Andrews, NathanFencing Academy of Westchester, NY11
512Androsyuk, AlexanderSword Players, ON11
512Anton, NathanielFencers Club, NY11
512Arnold, OscarTeam Touche Fencing Center, CA11
512Atanassov, VasilOregon Fencing Alliance, OR11
512Atluri, SaraSheridan Fencing Academy, NY11
512Attig, WillOregon Fencing Alliance, OR11
512Auray, LeopoldMidwest Fencing Academy, IL11
512Auray, PhileasMidwest Fencing Academy, IL11
512Bae, JunnieThe Fencers Academy (St.Louis), MO11
512Bagchi, AritraAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA11
512Baker, JacksonPhoenix Falcons Fencing Club, AZ11
512Balmaseda, SabrinaCoastside Fencing Club, CA11
512Balot, CorinneToronto Fencing Club, Canada11
512Barker, JohnColumbus Fencing & Fitness, OH11
512Barnes, OliviaHigh Desert Fencing Club, OR11
512Barnow, SashaLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA11
512Barrie, QuinnCutting Edge Fencing Club, TX11
512Beksultanov, BaatyrSalem Fencing Club, OR11
512Berman, StellaManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
512Bias, LailahCutting Edge Fencing Club, TX11
512Bisono, LucaAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
512Bogdanova, MariaHalberstadt Fencers' Club, CA11
512Bohrer, ShiraRoyal Arts Fencing Academy, OH11
512Bolton, EleksiFencers Club of Arizona, AZ11
512Bonsell, VanceLone Star Fencing Center, TX11
512Boratgis, ChristopherArena Fencing Academy, NJ11
512Boudaouara, IbrahimBre-les Dynamiques De Brebeuf, QC11
512Boulais, OliviaRochester Fencing Club, NY11
512Boylan, KevinDurkan Fencing Academy, NJ11
512Breier, SatchelSan Diego Fencing Center, CA11
512Breker, AnikaRhode Island Fencing Academy and Club, RI11
512Brooks, ClaireRochester Fencing Club, NY11
512Brooks, MasonTwin Cities Fencing Club, MN11
512Buhay, KirstenFencing Academy of Denver, CO11
512Buhay, RachelFencing Academy of Denver, CO11
512Bulavko, SoniaAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA11
512Bullard, NicholasIndysabre Fencing Club, IN11
512Burchett, VictoriaSalle Auriol Seattle, WA11
512Buswell, AlexAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
512Callahan, Jaden PierceTeam Touche Fencing Center, CA11
512Candela, NicholasBattle Born Fencing Club, NV11
512Candreva, GretaPutnam County Fencing Center, NY11
512Cannon, Lira JuliannaCannon Fencing Academy, OH11
512Carrier, GabrielSchoolhouse Fencing, UT11
512Castro, RachelNorthern Colorado Fencers, CO11
512Caunt, AldenRocky Mountain Fencing Academy, CO11
512Chambers, AmirNational Fencing Alliance, NJ11
512Chambliss, LoganDC Fencers Club, MD11
512Chan, LeanneMid-south Fencers' Club, NC11
512Chang, BrandonPDX Fencing, OR11
512Chawla, AanyaBaltimore Fencing Center, MD11
512Chawla, ArmaanMaryland Fencing Club, MD11
512Cheema, HyderOregon Fencing Alliance, OR11
512Chen, AllenBirmingham Fencing Club, AL11
512Chen, JadenGolubitsky Fencing Center, CA11
512Chen, JamesEmpire United Fencing, NJ11
512Chen, KellyBaltimore Fencing Center, MD11
512Chen, NicoleSouth Denver Fencing Academy, CO11
512Cheng, LydiaSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA11
512Cheng, XiaoHouston Sword Sports, TX11
512Cheong, HeonjunTexas Fencing Academy, TX11
512Chien, PhillipAvant Garde Fencers Club, CA11
512Chin, EthanFencing Academy of Westchester, NY11
512Cho, CameronAnaheim Hills Fencers Club, CA11
512Cho, TaylorAnaheim Hills Fencers Club, CA11
512Choi, KaidenFront Range Fencing, CO11
512Choi, PeterFencing Institute of Texas, TX11
512Chon, SamanthaSalle Mauro Fencing Academy, TX11
512Chon, SophiaSalle Mauro Fencing Academy, TX11
512Christothoulou, OlympiaSalle Auriol Seattle, WA11
512Chu, MackennaSan Francisco Fencers Club, CA11
512Chung, AshleyUnattached (or Unknown), 11
512Chusid, RenataGutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ11
512Clarke, GenevieveCalifornia Fencing Academy, CA11
512Cody, HaydenSacramento Saber Fencing, CA11
512Colombano, Maximillian VittorioHalberstadt Fencers' Club, CA11
512Condon, CalvinCobra Fencing Club, NJ11
512Craley, ThomasCandlewood Fencing Center, CT11
512Cui, OscarDynamo Fencing Club, Canada11
512Cummings, KaiBozeman Fencing Association , MT11
512Cyr, MathieuSpartiates d'Anjou, Canada11
512Czekajewski, SoniaMidwest Fencing Academy, IL11
512Dacko, AlexanderSyracuse Musketeers Fencing Club, NY11
512Dankar, NeelLe Club Touch?, CA11
512Dannull, LukasResearch Triangle Fencing, NC11
512Davis, BaileySalle Mauro Fencing Academy, TX11
512Deloe, PiersonRochester Fencing Club, NY11
512Desai, DrewvLone Star Fencing Center, TX11
512Di Perna, ChiaraPremier Fencing Academy, CA11
512Dinu, Nicholas DLaguna Fencing Center, CA11
512DiVito, DylanGryphon Fencing, CA11
512Dixon, ThomasFencers Club, NY11
512Djevalikian-Couture, NeveOLYMPIA MONTREAL, ON11
512D'Orazio, SofiaFencing Sports Academy, VA11
512Du, AngelaAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA11
512Dungey, AmeliaKairos Fencing Academy, TX11
512Dvorin, JackLilov Fencing Academy, NJ11
512Edwards, DarbyUnattached (or Unknown), 11
512Elkousy, LaithSalle Mauro Fencing Academy, TX11
512Ellent, VictoriaWoodlands Fencing Academy, TX11
512Ermakov, LevFencing Academy of Denver, CO11
512Euscher, Alex MichaelSalle Mauro Fencing Academy, TX11
512Evans, CameronFencing Academy of Westchester, NY11
512Fahri, Monir J.Cardinal Fencing Club, CA11
512Fedonchik, HenryManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
512Feinberg, GabrielOlympia Fencing Center, MA11
512Feng, LeoMiracle Fencing Club, VA11
512Fernandez, RodrigoNellya Fencers, GA11
512Ferrari, ChristinaFencing Academy of Westchester, NY11
512Ferretti, Anna RebeccaManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
512Filippov, NikaAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
512Firstman, WillNellya Fencers, GA11
512Fogelson, FrederickManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
512Fonfara, PatrycjaMidwest Fencing Academy, IL11
512Fowler, TristanSan Antonio Phoenix Fencers' Club, TX11
512Fox, IsabellaGolden Sabre Academy, CA11
512Frassetto, MarcusRochester Fencing Club, NY11
512Freedman, SamuelRenaissance Fencing Club, MI11
512Freeman, ShaynaWindy City Fencing Club, IL11
512Fyrst, EspenEast Bay Fencers Gym, CA11
512Gaidar, DanielNew York Fencing Academy, NY11
512Gallon, MayaCardinal Fencing Club, CA11
512Gana, JorgeAtlantic Fencing Academy, NJ11
512Gao, AlbertGolden Sabre Academy, CA11
512Garbutt, MartinaRedStar Fencing Club Chicago, IL11
512Garrett, SamuelGolden Gate Fencing Center, CA11
512Gauriat, JadeBeverly Hills Fencers' Club, CA11
512Geva, ElianaAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
512Gibala, JoshuaWoodlands Fencing Academy, TX11
512Godzhik, ZacharyUnited Fencing Academy, CA11
512Goel, PariAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA11
512Gomes, RafaellaMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA11
512Gompel, LucasWindy City Fencing Club, IL11
512Gong, BenjaminGold Fencing Club, MA11
512Gornovsky, AbigailSword Players, ON11
512Gouhin, ChloeFencing Alliance of Ohio, OH11
512Goyette, MathieuMasque de fer, QC11
512Graber, AndrewAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
512Graff, SophieCobra Fencing Club, NJ11
512Grassi, OliviaNorthern Colorado Fencers, CO11
512Green, JabreelEast Bay Fencers Gym, CA11
512Green, NoahFencing Academy of Denver, CO11
512Gregston, LailiaFencing Academy of Nevada, NV11
512Gresham, SarahAlamo Fencing Academy, TX11
512Griffin, EmmaSalle Mauro Fencing Academy, TX11
512Gu, SarahMedeo Fencing Club, NJ11
512Gubin, BobbyNew York Fencing Academy, NY11
512Guo, YiluDynamo Fencing Club, Canada11
512Guthikonda, SunanyaNellya Fencers, GA11
512Haddad, JustinDC Fencers Club, MD11
512Hager, ClarkDuke City Fencing Club, NM11
512Hajimirsadeghi, BijanSan Diego Fencing Center, CA11
512Hall, VelmaColumbus Fencing & Fitness, OH11
512Hamilton, NinaThe Fencers Academy (St.Louis), MO11
512Hammer, PeterSabre Outreach Network, FL11
512Haney, VincentColumbus Fencing & Fitness, OH11
512Hao, AliciaGold Fencing Club, MA11
512Harrison, NeveOregon Fencing Alliance, OR11
512Hayes, GraceDenver Fencing Center, CO11
512He, CharlotteCardinal Fencing Club, CA11
512He, JasonThe Fencing Center of San Jose, CA11
512He, XiangxinHuaHua Fencing Club, Canada11
512He, ZhihengDavis Fencing Academy, CA11
512Hearn, ChristenBirmingham Fencing Club, AL11
512Heller, MikennaKansas City Fencing Center, KS11
512Herbel, MicahFargo-Moorhead Fencing Club, ND11
512Hergan, AnastasiaFencing Center of Chicago, IL11
512Hicks, RowenSwords Fencing Studio, CA11
512Hill, ZooeySouth Denver Fencing Academy, CO11
512Hobson, LeenaMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA11
512Hoge, NathanielFencing Academy of Boston, MA11
512Holmes, AidenSalle Auriol Seattle, WA11
512Hong, DanielGolubitsky Fencing Center, CA11
512Hoogendoorn, LeviMinnesota Sword Club, MN11
512Hoogendoorn, SterreMinnesota Sword Club, MN11
512Hu, GraceVango Toronto, ON11
512Hu, WilliamPremier Fencing Academy, CA11
512Huang, RainDynamo Fencing Club, Canada11
512Hueter, RyanSpokane Fencers Unlimited, WA11
512Jackson, MayaFencing Academy of Denver, CO11
512Jang, KimberleyDurkan Fencing Academy, NJ11
512Janowski, MadelineDunwoody Fencing Club, GA11
512Jeffry, ChristianHalberstadt Fencers' Club, CA11
512Jeffry, NicholasHalberstadt Fencers' Club, CA11
512Jeyoon, RyanPenta Olympic Fencing Club, VA11
512Jia, JackyHuaHua Fencing Club, Canada11
512Johnson, DagnyRochester Fencing Club, NY11
512Kagan, HelenaFencers Club, NY11
512Kalinichenko, SashaStamford Fencing Center, CT11
512Kasi, SanjayGutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ11
512Kaushish, SaraBattle Born Fencing Club, NV11
512Keefe, DuncanDynamo Fencing Center, MA11
512Kercher, AlexanderTexas Fencing Academy, TX11
512Khairi, FaarisNellya Fencers, GA11
512Khrol, JaclynNew York Fencing Academy, NY11
512Kim, Catherine Young-JeanLone Star Fencing Center, TX11
512Kim, Dongju(Elijah)Chadwick International, Korea11
512Kim, EdwardPenta Olympic Fencing Club, VA11
512Kim, Elisabeth "Gracie"Metro Tacoma Fencing Club, WA11
512Kim, EmilyLaguna Fencing Center, CA11
512Kim, Ethan S.Loudoun International Fencing Club, VA11
512Kim, IsabelSwords Fencing Studio, CA11
512Kim, JacksonMetro Tacoma Fencing Club, WA11
512Kim, NicholasTop Fencing Club, NJ11
512Kim, SeanOregon Fencing Alliance, OR11
512Kim, StephenManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
512Kim, ZoeSwords Fencing Studio, CA11
512King, JudeWashington Fencing Academy, WA11
512Kirchner, TobeyPeninsula Fencing Academy, CA11
512Kobozeva, TomaDynamo Fencing Center, MA11
512Kofroth, ZacharyWasatch Fencing, UT11
512Kong, Chin-yiSan Francisco Fencers Club, CA11
512Kong, VeraLaguna Fencing Center, CA11
512Koustikov, MaxNew York Fencing Academy, NY11
512Kowalsky, RachelHills Fencing Institute (h3), NY11
512Kozlowski, MatthewWoodlands Fencing Academy, TX11
512Kurland, MatveyAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
512La Rosa, FedericoSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA11
512La Rosa, LudovicaSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA11
512Labbe, Kathryn MayWoodlands Fencing Academy, TX11
512LaGrasso, BellaSabre Outreach Network, FL11
512LaGrasso, LivSabre Outreach Network, FL11
512Lai, ChristopherLe Club Touch?, CA11
512Lamothe, Laurie-AnnSpartiates d'Anjou, Canada11
512Lange, CatherineSan Francisco Fencers Club, CA11
512Langton, SawyerOcean State Fencing Club, RI11
512Latif, RamyMission Fencing Center, NY11
512Lau, ChloeMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA11
512Lau, JeremyIsland Fencing Academy, NY11
512Lau, SydneeMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA11
512Lauricella, DouglasFreehold Fencing Academy, NJ11
512Lavery, ChloeTeam Touche Fencing Center, CA11
512Lee, AidanPenta Olympic Fencing Club, VA11
512Lee, AlexanderBattle Born Fencing Club, NV11
512Lee, AlinaMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA11
512Lee, ArianaSalle Mauro Fencing Academy, TX11
512Lee, BriannaSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA11
512Lee, ChloeCutting Edge Fencing Club, TX11
512Lee, ChrisTop Fencing Club, NJ11
512Lee, DerekFencers Club, NY11
512Lee, IsabelleCalifornia Fencing Academy, CA11
512Lee, Joshua JeminFencing Academy of Westchester, NY11
512Lee, KyleCapital Fencing Academy, MD11
512Lee, MontanaManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
512Lee, YejineTop Fencing Club, NJ11
512Leonard, CalebCutting Edge Fencing Club, TX11
512Levermann, LexaSalle Mauro Fencing Academy, TX11
512Lewis, SophiaHigh Desert Fencing Alliance, NV11
512Lezhava, NinaWindy City Fencing Club, IL11
512Li, AnnaOregon Fencing Alliance, OR11
512Li, Annie(Siliang)Island Fencing Academy, NY11
512Li, BrianMarx Fencing Academy, MA11
512Li, JoshuaZ Fencing Los Angeles, CA11
512Li, RaphaelMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA11
512Li, YitaoUnattached (or Unknown), 11
512Liao, JamesEmpire United Fencing, NJ11
512Lim, IsabelLaguna Fencing Center, CA11
512Limb, MatthewAvant Garde Fencers Club, CA11
512Lin, DashiellMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA11
512Lin, HannahMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA11
512Lin, KatieMedeo Fencing Club, NJ11
512Lin, RyanFortune Fencing, CA11
512Linder, JamesFencers Club of Arizona, AZ11
512Linsky, MatthewTim Morehouse Fencing Club, NY11
512Lipkovitz, RivkaHalberstadt Fencers' Club, CA11
512Liu, ChristinaAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
512Liu, ChristopherArsenal Fencing Club, GA11
512Liu, EricV Fencing Club, NJ11
512Liu, JenniferAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA11
512Liu, ZacharyVango Toronto, ON11
512Lo, JoshuaBoston Fencing Club, MA11
512Lo, KonnorGolden Sabre Academy, CA11
512Loiseau, EliottEscrime Du Lac, IN11
512Lopez-Ona, MiaFencers Club, NY11
512Lowenstein, PenelopeWindy City Fencing Club, IL11
512Lu, Samantha ReneeLoudoun International Fencing Club, VA11
512Lu, VivianPeninsula Fencing Academy, CA11
512Lu, YikaiSECA Academy, Korea11
512Lubenkova, YekaterinaDynamo Fencing Club, BC11
512Lucero, AJFencing Academy of Denver, CO11
512Lui, SebastianMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA11
512Luo, AshleyMedeo Fencing Club, NJ11
512Luo, SandraSan Francisco Fencers Club, CA11
512Luong, NamOLYMPIAN Fencing Club, TX11
512Lyu, VictorUnattached (or Unknown), 11
512Maddineni, MilanFencers Club, NY11
512Maeng, JakeBattle Born Fencing Club, NV11
512Mak, TinneyUnattached (or Unknown), 11
512Maliassov, NikitaWoodlands Fencing Academy, TX11
512Marsee, JamesPremier Fencing Academy, CA11
512Marshall, IanRhode Island Fencing Academy and Club, RI11
512Martos, JimmyMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA11
512Mataiev, NatalieDynamo Fencing Center, MA11
512Matsuo, EmiGolden Sabre Academy, CA11
512May, GriffinNellya Fencers, GA11
512McCarthy, SaraPeoria Fencing Academy, IL11
512McCutchen, LuluAlamo Fencing Academy, TX11
512McGillion-Moore, KatieFairfield Fencing Academy, CT11
512McKee, AlexandraFencing Academy of Westchester, NY11
512McLoudrey, CallanNorthwest Fencing Center, OR11
512Megerditchian, KyleThrust Fencing Academy, NY11
512Mehrotra, AnyaNorth Texas Fencing Alliance, TX11
512Meierovich, SophieManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
512Merchant, RezaNew Amsterdam Fencing Academy North, NY11
512Miller, SkyMid-south Fencers' Club, NC11
512Molho, SofiaMoe Fencing Club, MA11
512Moore, AndrewSwords Fencing Studio, CA11
512Moore, ThomasSwords Fencing Studio, CA11
512Moosekian, StaffordSwords Fencing Studio, CA11
512Morrill, WilliamTim Morehouse Fencing Club, NY11
512Moton, MckenzieAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
512Moyston, ElizabethCobra Fencing Club, NJ11
512Mucsi, AnnaSword Players, Canada11
512Mueller, EmmaRhode Island Fencing Academy and Club, RI11
512Murray, BennettRocky Mountain Fencing Academy, CO11
512Muruhin, YaroslavSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA11
512Musha, JohnMetro Tacoma Fencing Club, WA11
512Myers, Jeanelle ChristinaLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA11
512Nanor, KiesseBaltimore Fencing Center, MD11
512Naygas, LawrenceLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA11
512Ndiaye, EdrissUnattached (or Unknown), 11
512Newell, Ian AlexanderBayou City Fencing Academy, TX11
512Ng, JonathanBergen Fencing Club, NJ11
512Nguyen, EthanBattle Born Fencing Club, NV11
512Nguyen, JolieBattle Born Fencing Club, NV11
512Nieto, TitusGolden Sabre Academy, CA11
512Nixon, GraceCyrano's Place, OH11
512Norbutas, JacksonSwords Fencing Studio, CA11
512Novick, MiaFencing Academy of Denver, CO11
512Novoseltseva, Anna VictoriaGrand Rapids Fencing Academy, MI11
512Novoseltseva, Elizabeth MariyaGrand Rapids Fencing Academy, MI11
512Numan, YazanSalle Mauro Fencing Academy, TX11
512Oh, ErinMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA11
512Oh, SeanBirmingham Fencing Club, AL11
512Olsen, NatalieCapital Fencing Academy, MD11
512Operario, AbigailDesert Blades, NV11
512Oriatti-Bruns, VincentThe Fencers Academy (St.Louis), MO11
512Otake, JaredAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA11
512Otrosyuk, MarkPremier Fencing Academy, CA11
512Outhred, MayaSalle Auriol Seattle, WA11
512Ouyang, BridgetteOlympia Fencing Center, MA11
512Owens, CelineManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
512Owens, WilliamManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
512Oxenstierna, CarolinaStamford Fencing Center, CT11
512Paik, HyunEmpire United Fencing, NJ11
512Palisoul, AllisonTim Morehouse Fencing Club, NY11
512Palmer, MeredithEscrime Du Lac, IN11
512Paluru, AbhijeetPremier Fencing Academy, CA11
512Pan, Jerry (Yuhang)Dynamo Fencing Club, Canada11
512Papadakis, LilyPenta Olympic Fencing Club, VA11
512Park, PrestanPenta Olympic Fencing Club, VA11
512Park, RowanLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA11
512Parker, RileyTexas Fencing Academy, TX11
512Pashin, AnnaDynamo Fencing Center, MA11
512Pearce, JuliaPeoria Fencing Academy, IL11
512Pempek, QuintinJunior Titans Fencing Club (stepien), IL11
512Pitcher, SkylarGrand Rapids Fencing Academy, MI11
512Platovsky, MaxSan Diego Fencing Center, CA11
512Ponomarev, IvanRain City Fencing Center, WA11
512Poon, AlvinToronto Fencing Club, Canada11
512Popovici, AlinaAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA11
512Popovici, AstridAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA11
512Portmann, SteinUtah Swords Academy Fencing Club, UT11
512Potapenko, MargaritaAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
512Priest, AddisonRenaissance Fencing Club, MI11
512Priest, LeightonRenaissance Fencing Club, MI11
512Proctor, SaraNorthern Colorado Fencers, CO11
512Proestakis, Katina AlexandraUnattached (or Unknown), 11
512Prouty, NicholasTeam Touche Fencing Center, CA11
512Pustilnik, NicoleTeam Touche Fencing Center, CA11
512Ra, DanielFencing Academy of Westchester, NY11
512Rady-Pentek, CharlesFencers Club of Arizona, AZ11
512Rausch, ArianaAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
512Rausch, Juliana NicoleAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
512Reddy, ShreyaPremier Fencing Academy, CA11
512Reid, ClaytonSan Francisco Fencers Club, CA11
512Riggs, CamillaMission Fencing Center, NY11
512Rinehart, ConnerChesapeake Fencing Club, MD11
512Ripa, JosephRhode Island Fencing Academy and Club, RI11
512Robertson, LilyHeartland Fencing Academy, KS11
512Robinson, KeeganRoyal Arts Fencing Academy, OH11
512Rollo, EmmetRhode Island Fencing Academy and Club, RI11
512Romanov, MichaelFencing Center of Chicago, IL11
512Rosberg, DashiellHalberstadt Fencers' Club, CA11
512Roy, JosephWashington Fencing Academy, WA11
512Russell, AlisonBoise Fencing Club, ID11
512Saal, AnnaRhode Island Fencing Academy and Club, RI11
512Salmon, OliviaMission Fencing Center, NY11
512Sanders, LoralynFencing Institute of Texas, TX11
512Schiminovich, SophiaOregon Fencing Alliance, OR11
512Schmitt, TrentonPremier Fencing Academy, CA11
512Schmugar, BrookeNorthwest Fencing Center, OR11
512Schniederjan, JosephDunwoody Fencing Club, GA11
512Scofield, ThienSwords Fencing Studio, CA11
512Sebastian, FelicityUnattached (or Unknown), 11
512Shah, ChloeWindy City Fencing Club, IL11
512Shay, DerekSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA11
512Shen, AnnabelUnattached (or Unknown), 11
512Shen, JasmineDurkan Fencing Academy, NJ11
512Shepanek, NoahPDX Fencing, OR11
512Sherman, MarcoMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA11
512Shi, AngelaPremier Fencing Club, NJ11
512Shifron, DanielTeam Touche Fencing Center, CA11
512Shin, Andrea Y.J.Avant Garde Fencers Club, CA11
512Shin, JoshuaLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA11
512Shine, PeterRockland Fencers Club, NY11
512Shirpal, OlekasnderDynamo Fencing Center, MA11
512Shitamoto, AudreySilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA11
512Shoman, MirriamAdvance Fencing and Fitness Academy, NJ11
512Shoman, NoahMedeo Fencing Club, NJ11
512Shoman, ZacharyMedeo Fencing Club, NJ11
512Shori, SamanthaGasparin Fencing, TX11
512Shugart, HenryCheyenne Fencing Society, CO11
512Shur, YakovAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA11
512Siegel, GretaAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
512Simmons, JackFencing Academy of Boston, MA11
512Singh, DayaalV Fencing Club, NJ11
512Sjostedt, JacobTigerZ Fencing Academy, NJ11
512Slowinski, MaiaWinter Garden Fencing Academy, FL11
512Smith, GraceMission Fencing Center, NY11
512Smith, Grace LoganVivo Fencing Club, MA11
512Smith, MitchellKansas City Fencing Center, KS11
512Smuk, AlexandraRhode Island Fencing Academy and Club, RI11
512Soin, AnikaAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA11
512Soomro, AdamFencing Academy of Westchester, NY11
512Stamos, MariaManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
512Strzalkowski, OlaFencing Academy of Denver, CO11
512Su, NicoleDynamo Fencing Club, Canada11
512Sullivan, AidanIsland Fencing Academy, NY11
512Sun, ChienyuAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA11
512Sun, MatthewHuaHua Fencing Club, ON11
512Sun, SierraUnattached (or Unknown), 11
512Sunga, Arabella KrystienneHalberstadt Fencers' Club, CA11
512Szabo, DomonkosSword Players, Canada11
512Szeto, ChloeZeta Fencing, MA11
512Tae, WilliamPenta Olympic Fencing Club, VA11
512Tai, VaughanSword Players, ON11
512Tan, EdenCaliburn Fencing Club, WI11
512Tan, HelenFencing Institute of Texas, TX11
512Tang, AnnieCapital Fencing Academy, MD11
512Taylor, AudreyAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA11
512Taylor, KieraSacred Heart University Ncaa, CT11
512Taylor, LaurenDenver Fencing Center, CO11
512Temiryaev, AnnaNew York Fencing Academy, NY11
512Terrell, GabriellaInternational Fencing Academy CA11
512Tilbrook, TeaganVirginia Academy Of Fencing, VA11
512Toffelmire, AmeliaAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
512Topaz, NikaWindy City Fencing Club, IL11
512Toro, AlejandroZeljkovic Fencing Academy, PA11
512Townsend, AveryRain City Fencing Center, WA11
512Tse, AngelinaHalberstadt Fencers' Club, CA11
512Tucker Alarcon, Ariadna CFencing Sports Academy, VA11
512Tzou, AlexandraSheridan Fencing Academy, NY11
512Um, Ethan ASinsu Fencing Club, China11
512Upton, ElizabethRenaissance Fencing Club, MI11
512Urodovskikh, EvanSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA11
512Uyanik, NerineUnattached (or Unknown), 11
512Vadasz, IblaThrust Fencing Academy, NY11
512Van Atta, GraceLilov Fencing Academy, NJ11
512Vasilyev, NikitaMidwest Fencing Academy, IL11
512Vaughn, Matthew "Manny"North Texas Fencing Alliance, TX11
512Vaules, CharlesRochester Fencing Club, NY11
512Vermeulen, ChristopherOkanagan Freestyle Fencing, BC11
512Vinnitchouk, TedToronto Fencing Club, Canada11
512Vinnitchouk, TedToronto Fencing Club, ON11
512Viti, MarkOut Of Nowhere Fencing Club, WV11
512Walker, MayahBluegrass Fencers' Club, KY11
512Wang, Christopher MFencing Institute of Texas, TX11
512Wang, ElizabethAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
512Wang, EllenGold Fencing Club, MA11
512Wang, EricLaguna Fencing Center, CA11
512Wang, KarenAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
512Wang, NoraFortune Fencing, CA11
512Wang, SarahTexas Fencing Academy, TX11
512Wang, WilliamToronto Fencing Club, ON11
512Wang, Yat PokSECA Academy, Korea11
512Wang, Yat SaiSECA Academy, Korea11
512Weintraub, MaiaFencing Academy of Philadelphia, PA11
512Weiss, MilesAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
512Werst, JonathonNorth Texas Fencing Alliance, TX11
512White, SidneyFencing Academy of Denver, CO11
512Whittemore, LucyWindy City Fencing Club, IL11
512Wi, JaeyoungUnattached (or Unknown), 11
512Williams, ConnorBirmingham Fencing Club, AL11
512Williams, JadeynAdvance Fencing and Fitness Academy, NJ11
512Williams, NolanPeter Westbrook Foundation, NY11
512Willis, FletcherFencers Club, NY11
512Wilson, IsleyDynamo Fencing Center, MA11
512Winkler, LucasUnattached (or Unknown), 11
512Wong, AlexandraFencing Academy of Westchester, NY11
512Wong, MadelineFencers Club of Arizona, AZ11
512Wu, CatherineHuaHua Fencing Club, Canada11
512Wu, ConradCalifornia Fencing Academy, CA11
512Wu, OliverOklahoma Sport Fencing, OK11
512Wu, ReneeMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA11
512Xiao, Angel (Ruien)Vango Toronto, ON11
512Xu, AndrewPDX Fencing, OR11
512Xu, EvanAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
512Yan, YuhengVango Toronto, ON11
512Yang, AndySilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA11
512Yang, KaitlynManhattan Fencing Center, NY11
512Yang, KevinLaguna Fencing Center, CA11
512Yang, ZiyiCardinal Fencing Club, CA11
512Yavorovskiy, JoshuaNew York Fencing Academy, NY11
512Yee-Wadsworth, SofiaBay State Fencers, MA11
512Yeh, MarissaSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CA11
512Yen, NatalieNorthwest Fencing Center, OR11
512Yerokhin, MichaelGutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ11
512Yeu, IreneSwords Fencing Studio, CA11
512Yoon, JuliaTigerZ Fencing Academy, NJ11
512You, IsabelArena Fencing Academy, NJ11
512Young, EvelynWindy City Fencing Club, IL11
512Young, PeytonAlliance Fencing Academy, TX11
512Yu, VinniTop Fencing Club, NJ11
512Yun, EmmaAdvance Fencing and Fitness Academy, NJ11
512Yun, JaesunLaguna Fencing Center, CA11
512Zarebski, KlaudiaMidwest Fencing Academy, IL11
512Zaroff, RoxanneSan Francisco Fencers Club, CA11
512Zeljkovic, DusanZeljkovic Fencing Academy, PA11
512Zhang, AndrewDC Fencers Club, MD11
512Zhang, EricTeam Touche Fencing Center, CA11
512Zhang, MinenSECA Academy, Korea11
512Zhang, NicholasDynamo Fencing Club, Canada11
512Zhang, Yun IsaacHuaHua Fencing Club, Canada11
512Zhang, ZhonghaoUnattached (or Unknown), 11
512Zhao, AileenFencing Sports Academy, VA11
512Zhao, JunlangDynamo Fencing Club, Canada11
512Zheng, HagenOlympia Fencing Center, MA11
512Zheng, JulieGold Fencing Club, MA11
512Zheng, LindenOlympia Fencing Center, MA11
512Zhou, AlanTeam Touche Fencing Center, CA11
512Zhou, BrianKairos Fencing Academy, TX11
512Zhou, JimmyKairos Fencing Academy, TX11
512Zhou, LeoDynamo Fencing Club, BC11
512Zielinski, IsabellaMidwest Fencing Club, IL11
Source: National Fencing Club Rankings based on an analysis of askFRED.net data.

Super Youth Circuit (SYC) Tournaments – 2016-2017







1 8/5 – 8/7/16 SYC at UCSD La Jolla CA 4
2 9/3 – 9/5/16 North Texas Roundup SYC & RCC Irving TX 5
3 9/10 – 9/11/16 Thrust SYC Suffern NY 3
4 10/14 -10/16/16 Daugherty Youth Cup and RCC St. Louis MO 2
5 10/28 – 10/30/16 Ben Gutenberg Memorial SYC Brockport NY 3
6 10/28 – 10/30/16 Bernie Stein Memorial SYC Chandler AZ 4
7 11/19 – 11/21/16 Gerrie Baumgart Rocky Mountain SYC/RCC Denver CO 4
8 11/25 – 11/27/16 Cobra SYC Jersey City NJ 3
9 12/9 – 12/11/16 The Austin Challenge Austin TX 5
10 12/16 – 12/18/16 Windy City SYC and RCC Rosemont IL 2
11 1/14 – 1/16/17 Capitol Clash SYC and RCC National Harbor Md. 6
12 1/20 – 1/23/17 SYC in Portland Beaverton OR 1
13 3/3 – 3/5/17 Swords by the Bay Santa Rosa CA 4
14 4/28 – 4/30/17 Fairfax Challenge SYC National Harbor MD 6
15 4/28 – 5/1/17 Rain City SYC Bellevue WA 1
16 5/5 – 5/7/17 Mission SYC Rocky Point NY 3


Super Youth Circuits

The following information is provided courtesy of the USFA.

The Super Youth Circuit (SYC), sanctioned by USA Fencing and overseen by the Youth Development Committee is a group of tournaments held throughout the country for fencers in the Y14, Y12 and Y10 age categories in all six weapons. These tournaments provide an opportunity for young athletes to experience elite competition, earn national ranking points and prepare for future national events. A principle goal of USA Fencing and the Youth Development Committee is to showcase the sport of fencing at the youth level in different regions of the country, providing athletes with a developmentally appropriate level of competition while considering travel time and expenses for fencers and their families. A designated SYC will consist of all three age classifications in both Men’s and Women’s events in each of the three weapons. After a bidder has already organized at least 2 successful independent SYC tournaments, an SYC may also incorporate (with the approval of the appropriate oversight group

SYC events function as qualifiers to specific age-restricted North American Cups (Y10/Y12) and National Championships (Y10/12/14), depending upon classification and status. Capping of events within any registration deadline is not allowed. Entry into SYC tournaments is open to any fencer who meets the eligibility and membership requirements. At SYCs all participants, regardless of home region, may earn National Rolling Points towards qualification to the Summer National Championships. The USA Fencing Athlete Handbook contains detailed information on qualifying pathways and should be consulted as the appropriate reference document.


SYC Competitions award national ranking points to the top 40% of the field up to 64 fencers regardless of where the cut-off occurs, within a pool round of a direct elimination bracket. The % is rounded up to the nearest whole number. For example, if there are 17 fencers in an event, 40% of 17 is 6.8. Therefore, the top 7 finishers earn points. Only one/the highest SYC result in a given category is counted towards an athlete’s National Ranking. SYC points are awarded on a 0.8 scale of the Youth NAC points table. (New 2015-2016) Any participant, regardless of region, may earn NRPS at an SYC.


The SYC tournament serves as one qualifying path for Y10 and Y12 fencers to the Youth NAC and for Y10/12 and 14 fencers to the Summer National Championships. Athletes finishing in the top 40% of their event at an SYC earn National Ranking points in that category. In Y12 and Y14 this qualifies athletes to compete at the Summer National Championships for the season in which they earned national points. For Y10, athletes qualify to compete at the Summer National Championships by participating in an RYC or SYC tournament within the competitive season. Points, classifications, and qualification are not finalized until complete results, referee report, membership applications, and program service fee are received by the National Office. Forms and payment must be received within 72 hours of the completion of an SYC tournament for results to be accepted for points and qualification.

For more information on youth qualification paths refer to the Athlete’s Handbook: http://www.usfencing.org/athletehandbook and the qualification table available under the “Qualification” tab at http://www.usfencing.org/rjccresources.

Medal Conversion Statistics for Top 100 Ranked Clubs in the National Fencing Club Youth Championships - SYC 2016-2017

Club# Club Members @ SYCs# Club Entries @ SYCs# Club Members in Top 8# Top 8 Medals % Club Entries in Top 8# Club Members on Podium# Podium Medals% Club Entries on Podium
Academy of Fencing Masters, CA63203317235%183517%
Nellya Fencers, GA35169266538%234627%
Los Angeles International Fencing Center, CA37142216042%153223%
Massialas Foundation (M Team), CA50264265922%183011%
Silicon Valley Fencing Center, CA43216245827%193516%
Manhattan Fencing Center, NY74288255720%17279%
Alliance Fencing Academy, TX69186315429%182815%
Fencers Club, NY60226274922%14209%
Halberstadt Fencers Club, CA2588174956%112933%
Fencing Academy of Westchester, NY53201234623%163015%
New York Fencing Academy, NY27127174435%112520%
Medeo Fencing Club, NJ35145154229%102417%
Fencing Academy,
Olympia Fencing Center, MA46217143717%112210%
California Fencing Academy, CA35190123317%6147%
Windy City Fencing Club, IL3791163336%101820%
North Texas Fencing Alliance, TX147373244%42129%
V Fencing Club, NJ149983131%62121%
Gold Fencing Club, MA1710683028%61817%
Top Fencing Club, NJ22132123023%111612%
Dynamo Fencing Center, MA2996132930%91516%
Salle Mauro Fencing Academy, TX32107162927%91514%
Penta Olympic Fencing Club, VA31115122824%3109%
Laguna Fencing Center, CA3070142739%101420%
Oregon Fencing Alliance, OR2459132746%91525%
Cobra Fencing Club, NJ279092629%81618%
Dynamo Fencing Club, BC39111152523%9109%
Fencers Club of Arizona, AZ2260122440%101322%
Fortune Fencing, CA1764102336%81625%
Alamo Fencing Academy, TX145962237%51729%
Salle D'Asaro, CA115262242%61631%
Sabre Outreach Network, FL175192039%71325%
Stamford Fencing Center, CT177352027%41318%
Cardinal Fencing Club, CA235481935%41120%
Golubitsky Fencing Center, CA179451920%31213%
Texas Fencing Academy, TX1375101925%457%
Lone Star Fencing Center, TX195691832%71018%
The Fencers Academy (St.Louis), MO145251835%31121%
PDX Fencing, OR184471739%5920%
Tim Morehouse Fencing Club, NY258161721%3810%
Fencing Sports Academy, VA479691617%444%
Northwest Fencing Center, OR328381518%445%
Premier Fencing Academy, CA1334101544%81029%
Washington Fencing Academy, WA123241547%31031%
San Francisco Fencers Club, CA327781418%479%
Team Touche Fencing Center, CA2045101431%4716%
Capital Fencing Academy, VA3610171313%344%
Fencing Academy of Denver, CO2949111327%6612%
Fresno Fencing Academy, CA103751335%4719%
HuaHua Fencing Club, ON196171321%51016%
Swords Fencing Studio, CA2034111338%6721%
Advance Fencing and Fitness Academy, NJ238771214%467%
Fencing Alliance of Ohio, OH72351252%4835%
Winter Garden Fencing Academy, FL21521280%2533%
Battle Born Fencing Club, NV234581124%237%
Beverly Hills Fencers' Club, CA42331148%31043%
Fencing Center of Chicago, IL112751141%3519%
Metro Tacoma Fencing Club, WA155541120%147%
Precision Athletics Fencing Club, CA94341126%3716%
Royal Arts Fencing Academy, OH93241134%4825%
Woodlands Fencing Academy, TX275471120%5713%
OLYMPIAN Fencing Club, TX113331030%1618%
Peoria Fencing Academy, IL92451042%228%
United Fencing Academy, CA216951014%469%
Escrime Du Lac, IN5253936%2624%
Golden Sabre Academy, CA9147964%2321%
Kairos Fencing Academy, TX9225941%4627%
North Shore Fencers Club, NY15364925%4411%
Renaissance Fencing Club, MI12466920%337%
Rhode Island Fencing Academy and Club, RI29125897%443%
Fencing Academy of Nevada, NV12245833%3417%
Fencing Institute of Texas, TX27626813%446%
Island Fencing Academy, NY36816810%234%
Le Club Touché, CA18595814%223%
Lilov Fencing Academy, NJ23495816%4510%
Moe Fencing Club, MA10242833%1521%
Rochester Fencing Club, NY35667812%569%
San Diego Fencing Center, CA10145857%2321%
South Denver Fencing Academy, CO16364822%113%
Avant Garde Fencers Club, CA8213733%1210%
Boston Fencing Club, MA11394718%113%
Denver Fencing Center, CO11155747%3427%
Midwest Fencing Academy, IL16237730%4417%
New Mexico Fencing Foundation, NM1291724%127%
Premier Fencing Club, NJ9323722%2413%
Sword Players, ON10186739%3317%
Tri-City Fencing Academy, BC8221732%1523%
Bergen Fencing Club, 14323619%113%
Birmingham Fencing Club, AL6325619%339%
Fencing Academy of Boston, MA11214629%115%
Kansas City Fencing Center, KS6114655%2327%
Las Positas Fencing Center, CA7182633%1211%
Marx Fencing Academy, MA16254624%3416%
Peninsula Fencing Academy, CA8183633%116%
Queretaro, Mexico4102660%1220%
Rockland Fencers Club, NY9443614%237%
Salle Auriol Seattle, WA17395615%225%
Sheridan Fencing Academy, NY11343618%226%
Anaheim Hills Fencers Club, CA9394513%225%
Brooklyn Bridge Fencing Club, NY5222523%
Chadwick International, Korea4283518%2311%
Cutting Edge Fencing Club, TX13175529%116%
DC Fencers Club, MD4376457%345%
East Bay Fencers Gym, CA7223523%2418%
Grand Rapids Fencing Academy, MI15284518%3311%
Heartland Fencing Academy, KS12213524%2210%
Midwest Fencing Club, IL4103550%2440%
Northern Colorado Fencers, CO7214524%3314%
Olympia Fencing Academy, MO484563%3338%
Sacramento Saber Fencing, CA4162531%
Toronto Fencing Club, ON10134538%
Source: National Fencing Club Rankings based on an analysis of askFRED.net data and statistics.

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