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New Jersey’s Contingent of Fencers for the Summer Nationals – 2016

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New Jersey fencing clubs are once again sending a large contingent of fencers to the USA Fencing National Championships and July Challenge (Summer Nationals). Billed as the world’s largest fencing tournament, the Summer Nationals will be held in Dallas, TX from June 29 – July 8, 2016.

This year’s tournament is expected to attract 350 fencers from 28 clubs in New Jersey. With many fencing in multiple events, New Jersey fencers are expected to generate about 811 fencer events, their second largest on record, eclipsed only by the Summer Nationals in Columbus, Ohio two years ago when they generated 955 fencer events. New Jersey is likely to account for almost 10% of this year’s entrants at the Summer Nationals. The contingent includes 40 of the 44 New Jersey fencers ranked in the Top 8 of their respective age/division categories with many poised for one of 78 individual titles at the premier domestic tournament of the year.

New Jersey Fencers Ranked in the Top 8 in National Rolling Point Standings 16th June 2016

NameNational RankAge-Gender-Weapon CategoryClub
Bak, Mikolaj 3Junior Men's SaberNew York Athletic Club
Brykczynski, James V 2V-70 Men's FoilBucks County Academy Of Fencing
Chusid, Renata M 2Y12 Women's FoilGutkovskiy Fencing Academy
Cohen, Joseph8V-70 Men's EpeeBucks County Academy Of Fencing - West
Cohen, Joseph 3V-70 Men's FoilBucks County Academy Of Fencing - West
Delsoin, Chelsea C6Y10 Women's SaberCobra Fencing Club Llc
Drovetsky, Alexandra Michelle 6Y10 Women's EpeeMedeo Fencing Club
Dvorin, Alexander 6V-40 Men's SaberManhattan Fencing Center
Epply-Schmidt, Paul4V-50 Men's FoilBucks County Academy Of Fencing
Eyre, Jane E 1V-60 Women's SaberInfinity Fencing Alliance
Griffiths, Ryan2Cadet Men's EpeeDurkan Fencing Academy
Gutkovskaya, Nora6V-60 Women's FoilGutkovskiy Fencing Academy
Hadzic, Alen 4Senior Men's EpeeFencers Club Inc.
Haglund, George R1Junior Men's FoilNew York Athletic Club
Higgins, Sally 6V-70 Women's EpeeAtlantic Fencing Academy
Higgins, Sally A4V-70 Women's SaberAtlantic Fencing Academy
Hurley, Tanya J 5V-60 Women's EpeePrinceton-Hillsborough YMCA
Komar, Sofia2Cadet Women's EpeeMedeo Fencing Club
Kopylov, Dmitri 4V-50 Men's SaberLilov Fencing Academy
Lam, Justina4Y12 Women's FoilPremier Fencing Club
Lawrence, John W 4V-60 Men's FoilDurkan Fencing Academy
Lewicki, Matthew F 8Junior Men's SaberDurkan Fencing Academy
Lilov, Neil 7Y12 Men's SaberLilov Fencing Academy
Lin, Jessica Y 1Y12 Women's EpeeMedeo Fencing Club
Liu, Charlene K8Junior Women's EpeeMedeo Fencing Club
Mangano, Ariana J1Y14 Women's EpeeNew York Athletic Club
Mangano, Ariana J4Cadet Women's EpeeNew York Athletic Club
Merza, Sarah 5Junior Women's SaberBergen Fencing Club
Metryka, Karol 2Junior Men's SaberNew York Athletic Club
Midgley, Janice M 2V-60 Women's EpeeMedeo Fencing Club
Possick, Lola P1Y10 Women's SaberCobra Fencing Club Llc
Rhodes, Zander6Y12 Women's FoilLilov Fencing Academy
Saron, Mitchell S2Cadet Men's SaberBergen Fencing Club
Singh, Dayaal8Y10 Men's FoilLilov Fencing Academy
Stetsiv, Oleg 6V-50 Men's SaberBergen Fencing Club
Swartz, Roscoe O8Cadet Men's SaberBergen Fencing Club
Tieu, May L 1Y14 Women's FoilPremier Fencing Club
Tieu, May L 3Cadet Women's FoilPremier Fencing Club
Vaiani, Nicole 8Junior Women's FoilEmpire United Fencing
Welch, David T 8V-40 Men's SaberRenaissance Fencing Club
Woods, Jack H 2Y14 Men's FoilLilov Fencing Academy
Wozniak, Dagmara I 3Senior Women's SaberManhattan Fencing Center
Yuan, Wesley5Junior Men's EpeeTigerz Fencing Academy
Yun, Maya 8Y12 Wome's SaberAdvance Fencing And Fitness Academy
Source: USFA

In almost all age/division categories there is likely to be growth in New Jersey entrants this year compared to 2015, although in the case of Division 1, Cadet and Junior categories, year-over-year comparisons are difficult because of the significantly different qualifications paths to the Summer Nationals over the past three years.

Despite the equality of events by gender at the Summer Nationals and the tremendous gains in fencing participation made by girls and women in the past ten years, there is still a persistent gap in the enrollment figures between men and women.  Men account for 58.9% and women 41.1% of New Jersey entrants, which is almost identical to the composition of the entire entrant group for the tournament.

The most popular weapon for New Jersey entrants is foil at almost 44% of entrants, followed by saber at 33% and epee at 23%. This compares with the total entrants where foil made up 37.4% of entries, followed by epee at 33.3% and saber 29.3%. 

The Junior age group is the largest group of entrants for New Jersey fencers and accounts for just over 18% of entrants, whereas the Y14 age group is the largest group of entrants for the entire entrant group at just over 14%.  New Jersey entrants are over-represented in Cadet, Junior, Division 1A and Division 1 events but are under-represented in Y10, Y12, Y14 and Division 111 events compared to total entrants. The state is also under-represented in V-40 and V-50 categories as illustrated in Graph 2.

Fencers from New Jersey plan to participate in 2.3 events on average compared to 2.2 events for the entire entrant group. A larger percentage of New Jersey entrants plan to enter two or more events compared to the total entrant group. About 25% of New Jersey entrants plan to enter only one event compared to about a third of total entrants as illustrated in Graph 3 below.

New Jersey’s contingent of fencers has a larger percentage of “A”, “B” “C” and “D” classifications compared to the total entrant population as illustrated in the accompanying table. Almost 21% have an “A” rating compared to 15.4% for the entire entrant pool.

 Classification New Jersey Total Entrants
A 20.6% 15.4%
B 18.9% 14.6%
C 18.2% 16.6%
D 17.0% 13.6%
E 8.9% 12.7%
U 16.4% 27.1%
Total 100.0% 100.0%

Currently there are about 48 fencing clubs located in New Jersey, of which 36 are USA Fencing Member clubs. Of the 36 clubs, 28 or 78% are likely to be represented at the Summer Nationals in Dallas. The top 10 New Jersey clubs with the largest number of registrants by weapon, along with the “Unattached or Unknown” category account for 82% of New Jersey entrants are ranked in Graph 4.  

Bergen Fencing Club, a 2015-2016 recipient of our “Fencing Club of the Year” designation in two categories, Cadet Women’s Saber and Senior Women’s Saber, heads the list with 109 saber entrants. It is followed by Medeo Fencing Club, the largest epee club in the state with 104 entrants. The club is a 2015-2016 recipient of a “Best Fencing Clubs” designation for both foil and epee and is #1 Top 16 Placement Points Rank for Cadet Women’s Epee 2015-2016.

Medeo is followed by the Empire United Fencing club which is based in Union City, NJ with 75 entrants. A recipient of a “Fencing Club of the Year” designation in 2014-2015, Empire is a 2015-2016 recipient of a 2015-2016  “Best Fencing Clubs” designation and is ranked #2 in Top 8 Medal Points for Senior Men’s Foil in 2015-2016.

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