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The Performance of the Canadian Cadet Team at the Cadet World Fencing Championships, Plovdiv, Bulgaria 2017

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Canada’s Cadet Team capped its appearance at this year’s Cadet World Fencing Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria with a silver medal in the Cadet Team Mixed 3-Weapon event with 21 teams, after falling to Russia 21-30 in the gold medal match. The team included Blake Brozsus (Men’s Foil), Francois Cauchon (Men’s Sabre), Jane Caulfield (Women’s Foil), Fynn Fafard (Men’s Epee), Marina Guintchitskaia (Women’s Sabre), Seraphim Hsief Jarov (Men’s Epee), and Ariane Leonard (Women’s Epee). On its way to the silver medal, the Team defeated Great Britain 30-21, Italy 30-22 and Korea 30-25.

Members of the Team finished the Worlds with two Top 8 and four Top 16 results; Blake Broszus 5th in Cadet Men’s Foil, Cynthia Liu 7th in Cadet Women’s Foil,  Ariane Leonard 11th in Cadet Women’s Epee and Fynn Fafard 12th in Cadet Men’s Epee.

Based on the individual performance of the 18 cadet members, the Team ranks #2 compared to previous Canadian Cadet Teams over the past five years (2011-2017) and #6 compared to previous Canadian Teams over the past 10 years (2008-2017).

Members of the Canadian Team and their results at the Cadet Worlds are listed in the table below.

Canadian Cadet World Championship Team and Results at Cadet World Fencing Championships 2017

Blake BroszusFoilMenCanadian living in the US5
Cynthia LiuFoilWomenCanadian living in the US7
Ariane LeonardEpeeWomenOLYMPIA MONTREAL, QC11
Fynn FafardEpeeMenDynamo Fencing Club, BC12
Seraphim JarovEpeeMenDynamo Fencing Club, BC18
Jane CaulfieldFoilWomenEdmonton Fencing Club, AB19
Francois CauchonSabreMenBre-les Dynamiques De Brebeuf, QC20
Angelo ChiaraSabreMenBre-les Dynamiques De Brebeuf, QC24
Ying CaoFoilWomenToronto Fencing Club, ON29
Alex CaiFoilMenToronto Fencing Club, ON45
Shirley WangEpeeWomenVango Toronto, ON45
Daniel LiFoilMenToronto Fencing Club, ON49
Lily LiuSabreWomenVango Toronto, ON62
Gabriel DodierSabreMenClub d'escrime du Roussillon, QC63
Natasha Kis-TothEpeeWomenDynamo Fencing Club, BC65
Marina GuintchitskaiaSabreWomenSergei's Sabre Club, AB69
Matina PunSabreWomenDynamo Fencing Club, BC78
Victor Chen JiEpeeMenVango Toronto, ON108
Source: International Fencing Federation and Canadian Fencing Federation

While the Men’s and Women’s Cadet squads have enjoyed similar success over the past five years, the Men’s squad performed marginally better in this year’s Cadet World Championships, with a better performance in the Top 32 and Top 64 tableau categories as illustrated in the accompanying graphs.

The Performance of Canadian Cadet Men’s and Women’s Teams at the Cadet World Championships 2013-2017

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The most successful squad’s this year were Men’s and Women’s Foil. The least successful were Women’s Saber and Women’s Epee as illustrated in the graphs below.

The Performance of Canadian Cadet Men’s and Women’s Foil, Saber and Epee Squads at the Cadet World Championships 2013-2017


After the completion of the Junior World Championships, we plan to aggregate the performance of the thirty-nine cadet and junior fencers and rank the performance of the 14 clubs they represent. While clubs are not “officially” represented at the Worlds, de facto, they are, as the athlete’s personal club coach often attends these events. In addition, the clubs are eager to publicize their athlete’s selection in the national team and the results their fencers achieved at the Worlds.

The Performance of the Canadian Cadet Men’s  Saber, Foil and Epee Squads at the Cadet World Championships 2011-2017

Y earCountryLocationSaberPlaceFoil PlaceEpee Place
2011JordanMer MorteArfa Fares15David Francois-Olivier27Hutchinson Kerr6
Gordon Shaul32Keyes Alastair44Blais-Belanger Marc-Antoine55
Breault-Mallette Miguel42Gomez-Perales Eamonn49Khamis Ilyas58
2012RussiaMoscowLambert Pascal28Keyes Alastair26Blais-Belanger Marc-Antoine11
Tachefine Hassen49Gomez-Perales Eamonn32French Dylan79
Kabbaj Jihad60Devaney Geoffrey65Wang Qifan82
2013CroatiaPorecKabbaj Jihad32Gu Daniel44French Dylan13
Pitura Philip59Dula Patrik54Wang Qifan54
Mackay Cameron61French Dylan61Heidecker Philippe60
2014BulgariaPlovdivBrown David60Grant Sean45French Dylan3
Kennedy Falan66Heffernan Aidan53Wang Qifan31
Moricz Hunter67Gu Daniel57Bablani Sahil82
2015UzbekistanTashkentMoricz Hunter40Grant Sean18Beaulieau Loic3
Beauchamp Jean-Etienne57Sheardown Christopher33Damjanovic Nikola36
Song Bill59Cucos Alex60
2016FranceBourgesCauchon Francois17Broszus Blake27Litwin Matthew28
Chiara Angelo25Kozak Mateusz31Fafard Fynn53
Moricz Hunter40Riopel Nicolas78
2017BulgariaPlovdivCauchon Francois20Broszus Blake5Fafard Fynn12
Chiara Angelo24Cai Alex45Hsieh Jarov Seraphim18
Dodier Gabriel63Li Daniel49Ji Victor Cheng108
Source: International Fencing Federation

The Performance of the Canadian Cadet Women's Saber, Foil and Epee Squads at the Cadet World Championships 2011-2017

Y earCountryLocationSaberPlaceFoil PlaceEpee Place
2011JordanMer MortePage Gabriella25Goldie Alanna11Mark-Larkin Brittany12
Bakos Imola33Gu Jerrica17Marion-Jetten Ariane40
Grodzinski Natasha45Harvey Eleanor32Lacas-Warrick Vanessa63
2012RussiaMoscowBakos Imola28Harvey Eleanor22Ouellette-Robichaud Carolanne49
Gayowsky Tatiana41Hurtubise Elisabeth32Von Dadelszen Emma66
Jiang Lily59Bi Yue (Francie)52Paquet Andree-Anne75
2013CroatiaPorecBourget Frederique38Nelson Tanya31Von Dadelszen Emma29
Lamarre Rachel45Loh Zoe52Plante Marilyne79
Lamarre Veronique53Romashina Sofya59Ouellette-Robichaud Carolanne90
2014BulgariaPlovdivThurgood Madison37Zhao Jenny11Verret Alexanne30
Bourget Frederique43Li Angela23Von Dadelszen Emma49
Lamarre Veronique47Bilodeau Ariane25Gao Cindy62
2015UzbekistanTashkentLamarre Veronique23Filby Sarah6Lubczynski Monica17
Thurgood Madison31Li Angela16Verret Alexanne33
Lamarre Rachel51Kwon Woojoo58Gao Cindy40
2016FranceBourgesGuintchitskaia Marina42Caulfield Jane19Gao Cindy6
Creusot Julia50Cao Ying21Kis-Toth Natasha86
Hu Kathy71Li Karina40Douglas Elizabeth93
2017BulgariaPlovdivLiu Bai Xun You62Liu Cynthia7Leonard Ariane11
Guintchitskaia Marina69Caulfield Jane19Wang Shirley45
Pun Matina78Cao Ying29Kis-Toth Natasha65
Source: International Fencing Federation


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