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The Performance of U.S. Saber, Foil and Epee Teams at the Senior World Championships 2005-2015

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Senior World Championships

Team USA’s most successful and consistent squad over the past decade at the Senior World Championships has been Women’s Saber! Our previous post on the increasingly competitive performance of Team USA at the Senior World Championships since 2005 generated significant interest and discussion. A number of readers said they thought that this increasing competitiveness was a result of the number of East European fencing coaches who had migrated to the U.S. over the past twenty years. Whatever the reason, the fact is that Team USA is more competitive today than it has ever been.

Examining the performance of the team as a whole, however, disguises how some squads have enjoyed more success than others over the past decade. In order to review the performance of the team members of the various squads, NFCR decided to undertake a longitudinal review of each squad’s performance over the past ten years at the Senior World Championships. The World Championships is an annual competition organized by the FIE (International Fencing Federation), the international governing body of the sport of fencing.

Due to the number of countries represented, the World Championships is, after the Olympic Games, the most prominent international competition in the sport of fencing. The fencing competitions at the Summer Olympics have served as the World Championships of the year for the relevant events, although not all gender-weapon events are held, and the number of fencers per country is less than four, the typical number for the World Championships.

For the purposes of our analysis we have excluded the data from the Olympic Games. Four athletes are selected each year by the USFA for each gender-weapon category. World Championship placements for Team USA members over the last decade can be found in the table at the bottom of this post.

By any measure of success, the Women’s Saber squad has been the star performer, amassing more podium medals and Top 8 finishers than any other squad over the past decade. The squad won seven podium medals (Mariel Zagunis, two gold and three silver medals, Rebecca Ward, one gold medal and Sada Jacobson, one bronze medal) and had thirteen Top 8 finishers over the period as illustrated in the graph below. In addition, members of the team have finished at least in the Top 64, a record unique to the Women’s Saber squad. In short, the squad has been the most successful and consistent over the past decade.

After Women’s Saber, the most successful squad has been Men’s Foil.  It finished the decade with four podium medals (Miles Chamley-Watson, a gold medal, Alexander Massialas, one silver medal, and Gerek Meinhardt, two bronze medals) and eight Top 8 finishers. Since 2009, members of the squad have always placed in the Top 64.

After Men’s Foil, the most successful squad has been Women’s Foil, which has won two podium medals (Lee Kiefer and Nzingha Prescod, a bronze each) and four Top 8 finishers. Apart from 2005, members of the squad have finished in the Top 64 as illustrated below.

The Performance of the U.S. Senior Women’s  Saber, Foil and Epee Teams at the Senior World Championships 2005-2015

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The Performance of the U.S. Senior Men’s Foil, Saber and Epee Teams at the Senior World Championships 2005-2015

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The Performance of the U.S. Senior Men’s  Saber, Foil and Epee Teams at the Senior World Championships 2005-2015

Year Country Location Saber Place Foil  Place Epee  Place
2005 Germany Leipzig Ivan Lee 29 Dan Kellner 35 Weston Kelsey 36
Adam Crompton 41 Andras Horanyi 45 Soren Thompson 63
Jason Rogers 45 Jedediah Dupree 52 Cody Mattern 64
Timothy Morehouse 47 Jonathan Tiomkin 66 Benjamin Solomon 76
2006 Italy Turin Keeth Smart 16 Jedediah Dupree 34 Soren Thompson 26
Timothy Morehouse 31 Kurt Getz 43 Weston Kelsey 39
James Williams 50 Jonathan Tiomkin 45 Benjamin Solomon 73
Ivan Lee 57 Andras Horanyi 65 Benjamin Bratton 118
2007 Russia Saint Petersburg Keeth Smart 14 Gerek Meinhardt 28 Weston Kelsey 10
Timothy Morehouse 15 Jonathan Tiomkin 49 Benjamin Ungar 31
Ivan Lee 25 Jedediah Dupree 54 Cody Mattern 34
Jason Rogers 47 Andras Horanyi 70 Soren Thompson 47
2009 Turkey Antalya Daryl Homer 23 Kurt Getz 7 Benjamin Bratton 25
Timothy Morehouse 34 Gerek Meinhardt 14 Weston Kelsey 34
Benjamin Igoe 35 Alexander Massialas 44 Cody Mattern 87
James Williams 41 Miles Chamley-Watson 46 Eric Hansen 136
2010 France Paris Daryl Homer 12 Gerek Meinhardt 3 Weston Kelsey 7
Timothy Morehouse 42 Miles Chamley-Watson 5 Benjamin Bratton 15
James Williams 48 Kurt Getz 22 Benjamin Ungar 32
Benjamin Igoe 63 Alexander Massialas 43 Cody Mattern 115
2011 Italy Catania Daryl Homer 34 Race Imboden 8 Weston Kelsey 10
James Williams 47 Gerek Meinhardt 13 Soren Thompson 16
Timothy Morehouse 51 Alexander Massialas 23 Cody Mattern 27
Benjamin Igoe 88 Miles Chamley-Watson 33 Benjamin Bratton 53
2013 Hungary Budapest Daryl Homer 18 Miles Chamley-Watson 1 Alexander Tsinis 80
Eli Dershwitz 36 Gerek Meinhardt 10 Soren Thompson 99
Aleksander Ochocki 44 Alexander Massialas 11 Jason Pryor 108
Jeff Spear 47 Race Imboden 12 Adam Watson 114
2014 Russia Kazan Daryl Homer 19 Gerek Meinhardt 5 Jimmy Moody 55
Jeff Spear 26 Race Imboden 9 Jason Pryor 71
Eli Dershwitz 36 Miles Chalmey-Watson 18 Andras Horanyi 116
Benjamin Igoe 50 Alexander Massialas 19 Adam Watson 143
2015 Russia Moscow Daryl Homer 2 Alexander Massialas 2 Benjamin Bratton 26
Jeff Spear 41 Gerek Meinhardt 3 Yeisser Ramirez 48
Eli Dershwitz 54 Race Imboden 9 Jason Pryor 62
Peter Sounders 75 Miles Chamley-Watson 34 Ariel Simmons 148

Source: International Fencing Federation

The Performance of the U.S. Senior Women’s  Saber, Foil and Epee Teams at the Senior World Championships 2005-2015

Year Country Location Saber Place Foil  Place Epee  Place
2005 Germany Leipzig Sada Jacobson 5 Hanna Thompson 25 Kelley Hurley 61
Rebecca Ward 7 Samantha Nemecek 56 Maya Lawrence 83
Mariel Zagunis 9 Doris Willette 65 Lauren Willock 86
Caitlin Thompson 26 Andrea Ament 76 Lindsay Campbell 115
2006 Italy Turin Rebecca Ward 1 Hanna Thompson 22 Courtney Hurley 31
Mariel Zagunis 2 Emily Cross 31 Kelley Hurley 53
Sada Jacobson 3 Doris Willette 54 Lacey Burt 70
Caitlin Thompson 23 Iris Zimmermann 55 Maya Lawrence 72
2007 Russia Saint Petersburg Mariel Zagunis 5 Emily Cross 12 Courtney Hurley 26
Sada Jacobson 6 Hanna Thompson 20 Kelley Hurley 38
Rebecca Ward 17 Erin Smart 41 Lacey Burt 40
Dagmara Wozniak 24 Iris Zimmermann 55 Maya Lawrence 67
2009 Turkey Antalya Mariel Zagunis 1 Ambika Singh 21 Lindsay Campbell 45
Daria Schneider 15 Nzingha Prescod 25 Courtney Hurley 57
Monica Aksamit 20 Lee Kiefer 33 Kelley Hurley 66
Dagmara Wozniak 51 Doris Willette 62 Susannah Scanlan 107
2010 France Paris Mariel Zagunis 1 Lee Kiefer 27 Kelley Hurley 15
Ibtihaj Muhammad 14 Nicole Ross 28 Courtney Hurley 61
Dagmara Wozniak 19 Nzingha Prescod 32 Lauren Willock 106
Daria Schneider 44 Doris Willette 40 Lindsay Campbell 114
2011 Italy Catania Mariel Zagunis 2 Lee Kiefer 3 Courtney Hurley 27
Dagmara Wozniak 12 Nicole Ross 14 Maya Lawrence 31
Ibtihaj Muhammad 35 Nzingha Prescod 19 Lindsay Campbell 56
Daria Schneider 36 Doris Willette 53 Kelley Hurley 86
2013 Hungary Budapest Mariel Zagunis 5 Nicole Ross 15 Courtney Hurley 11
Dagmara Wozniak 17 Lee Kiefer 17 Katharine Holmes 27
Ibtihaj Muhammad 18 Nzingha Prescod 18 Kelley Hurley 30
Anne-Elizabeth Stone 19 Margaret Lu 44 Maya Lawrence 45
2014 Russia Kazan Mariel Zagunis 2 Lee Kiefer 6 Courtney Hurley 18
Dagmara Wozniak 6 Nzingha Prescod 19 Kelley Hurley 22
Anne-Elizabeth Stone 10 Margaret Lu 22 Katharine Holmes 28
Ibtihaj Muhammad 35 Nicole Ross 29 Van Brummen 28
2015 Russia Moscow Mariel Zagunis 10 Nzingha Prescod 3 Courtney Hurley 12
Dagmara Wozniak 12 Lee Kiefer 5 Kelley Hurley 22
Ibtihaj Muhammad 13 Sabrina Massialas 16 Katharine Holmes 31
Anne-Elizabeth Stone 25 Nicole Ross 33 Katarzyna Trzopek 81

Source: International Fencing Federation

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