Expanded Club Profile 2017-2018


Expanded Club Profile 2017-2018

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The Expanded Club Profile enables a club to promote its rankings and achievements on our website. The information in the Profile can be updated at any time. All references to the club on our website are hyperlinked to the Expanded Club Profile enabling the highest click-throughs and website visitors.

With 55,000 unique visitors and 155,000 page views in our second twelve months, (projected at 70,000 visitors for 2017) an Expanded Club Profile guarantees a club’s exposure to a high quality and targeted audience in the most cost-effective way. We currently generate over 200 sessions per day with visitors seeking information on the “Best Fencing Clubs” in the nation. Until the end of October 2017, our offer includes either a complimentary “Fencing Club of the Year” or “Best Fencing Club” digital badge valued at $75.

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