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Ranking of Canadian Fencing Club Performance at the Cadet & Junior World Fencing Championships, Plovdiv, Bulgaria 2017

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Thirty-four of the best Canadian Cadet and Junior fencers competed in 42 individual events at the 2017 Cadet and Junior World Fencing Championships held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in early April. For the second time, four athletes per country were allowed to enter the individual events in the Junior competition. Prior to last year’s World Championships, only three fencers per country were allowed in the individual Junior events.

Individual Performance

Five members of the team made the Top 16 and thirteen made the Top 32. Blake Broszus (Canadian living in the U.S.) Cadet Men’s Foil and Cynthia Liu (Canadian living in the U.S.) Cadet Women’s Foil made the Top 8. Dylan French (Dynamo Fencing Club) Junior Men’s Epee, Ariane Leonard (OLYMPIA MONTREAL) Cadet Women’s Epee, and Fynn Fafard (Dynamo Fencing Club) Cadet Men’s Epee finished in the Top 16. Further details can be found at the FIE’s website.

The Top 16 results accounted for almost 12% of Canada’s placements, more than last year as illustrated in the graph below.  Thirty-one percent of the athletes finished in the Top 32 compared to 27% last year.

Club Performance

Interestingly, 32 team members came from 15 clubs located across Canada. Quebec accounted for seven of these clubs, with Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta accounting for three, two and two clubs respectively.

While clubs are not “officially” represented at the Worlds, de facto, they are, as the athlete’s personal club coach often attends these events. In addition, the clubs are eager to publicize their athlete’s selection in the national team and the results their fencers achieved at the Worlds. So how did the clubs perform?

Based on a simple weighted point system which is explained at the foot of the accompanying table, we ranked the performance of Canadian fencers at the Cadet and Junior World Fencing Championships by their club representation. The weighted point system is designed to reward fencers commensurate with their placement. There is bigger point jumps between Direct Elimination (DE) rounds (for example between a fencer placed 9th and one who placed 8th, due to the fact that the 8th placed fencer went to the next level in the direct elimination (DE) bracket.

The #1 club based on athlete performance at the World Championships is the Dynamo Fencing Club, the powerhouse epee club located in Richmond, BC. Founded in 1998 by Maitre Victor Gantsevich, the three-weapon club has had one of its members on the Canadian National Fencing Team every year since 2000. The club fielded six athletes in seven events. It had two Top 16 finishes and four Top 32 results.

Bre-les Dynamiques De Brebeuf from Quebec ranked #2 with two sabre fencers, Francois Cauchon and Angelo Chiara in Cadet and Junior Men’s Sabre events. OLYMPIA MONTREAL, QC ranked #3 with two Top 64 results.

Ranking of Canadian Club Performance at Cadet & Junior World Fencing Championships, Plovdiv, Bulgaria 2017

RankFencing ClubPoints
1Dynamo Fencing Club, BC169.5
2Bre-les Dynamiques De Brebeuf, QC73.25
4Toronto Fencing Club, ON58
5Edmonton Fencing Club, AB34
6Les Mousquetaires, QC28.5
7Vango Toronto, ON14.75
8Club d'escrime STH de Québec, QC12.25
9Seigneurs de la Rive-Nord, QC5.25
10Club d'escrime du Roussillon, QC5
11Club d'escrime STH de Québec. QC
11Saskatoon Fencing Club, SK
11Duel Nature Fencing, ON
11North Vancouver Fencing Club, BC
11Sergei's Sabre Club, AB
NACanadians living in the US177.75
Source: National Fencing Club Rankings based on an analysis of FIE and Canadian Fencing Federation results and statistics. Note: Only clubs with fencers who placed in the Top 64 are ranked. Points were awarded on placements, 1st =100, 2nd = 92, 3rd = 85,........64th = 4.75, etc.

Squad Performance

Overall, the combined Cadet and Junior Foil squad performed better than either the Epee or Saber squads with 299.5 points compared with 224.75 points for Epee and 88.75 points for Sabre. The Men’s squad was marginally more successful than the Women’s squad with 348.5 points compared to 294.5 points for the Women’s squad. The best performing gender-weapon squads were Women’s Foil (181), Men’s Epee (151.75) and Men’s Foil (118.50).

Junior Team Performance

Canada’s Junior Teams achieved the following results at the Cadet and Junior World Fencing Championships.

Team Results
Junior Women’s Epee 10th
Junior Men’s Foil 11th
Junior Women’s Saber 11th
Junior Women’s Foil 13th
Junior Men’s Saber 17th
Junior Men’s Epee 19th

Medal Count

The final medal count for the Championships is provided in the table below.

Place Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Russia 8 2 6 16
2 Italy 2 5 5 12
3 France 2 2
4 USA 1 4 6 11
5 Hungary 1 2 5 8
6 Japan 1 2 3
7 Poland 1 1 2
8 Mexico 1 2 3
9 Hong Kong 1 1
9 Turkey 1 1
11 China 1 2 3
12 Canada   1   1
12 Greece 1 1
14 Korea 2 2
15 Czech Republic 1 1
15 Germany 1 1
15 Singapore 1 1



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