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Ranking of Fencing Club Performance at the Thrust Fall Super Youth Circuit, 10th-11th September, 2016

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The East Coast’s first Super Youth Circuit (SYC) tournament of the season, the Thrust Fall Super Youth Circuit (SYC) tournament, was held at the Rockland Community College, Suffern, NY, over the weekend, September 10 – September 11, 2016.  Drawing on youth fencers from mainly New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts, the tournament  marked the beginning of the 2016-2017 national youth tournament program in the east, a program which generates points for national youth rankings.  Over the past twelve months, the number of fencer-events hosted by SYC tournaments grew by 14.2% from 7,799 in 2014-2015 to 8,907 in 2015-2016 as demonstrated in our accompanying post, “The SYC Youth Market & Ranking of Clubs by Ratings at SYCs 2011-2012 to 2015-2016.”

Hosted by the Thrust Fencing Academy of Nyack, NY the Thrust Fall SYC attracted a large number of top ranked fencers for the eighteen youth events. The tournament attracted 512 individual fencers who participated in 671 fencer-events. This was made up of 306 youth men fencers who fenced in 399 fencer-events (1.3 fencer-events per fencer on average) and 206 youth women fencers who participated in 272 fencer-events (1.3 fencer-events per fencer on average).

About 24% of youth fencers were rated before the tournament. About 1%  had an “A” rating, 2% had a “B” rating, 5% had a “C” rating, 7% had a “D” rating and 10% had an “E” rating. Fifteen fencers either upgraded or were awarded their first rating at the tournament.

Youth men fencers came from 79 clubs, an average of 3.9 fencers per club. Youth women fencers came from 65 clubs at an average of 3.2 fencers per club. In all, 91 clubs from 20 Divisions were represented at the SYC. Of the 91 clubs represented, 42 or 46% made our Top 8 rankings. Almost 80% of the entrants came from New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts as illustrated in the accompanying map.


To be eligible for a ranking, a fencing club must have at least one of its fencers finish in the Top 8 of a Y10, Y12 or Y14 event at the SYC.  The Top 8 fencers in each competition automatically contributed to their club’s final ranking in the six gender-weapon categories. The rankings are based on a simple weighted 100-point system adopted by the USFA with points being awarded to the Top 8 fencers in each competition. The final rankings are derived by aggregating the Top 8 placement points for the fencers by their club representation.

The medal efficiency ratio measures the medals won by a club’s total fencer-events in the gender-weapon category and is designed to examine how well a club performed at the SYC based on the number of fencer-events generated by a club’s fencers who participated in the events, e.g., one fencer may have entered a Y12 and a Y14 event, generating two fencer-events. The higher the ratio, the more efficient a club was in winning medals in a gender-weapon category. Please refer to our methodology for further information on medal efficiency ratios.


The national rank following a fencers name in the tables below is the rank originating from the National Rolling Points Standings used for seeding this tournament. The # 1 ranked clubs in top 8 medal points for each gender-weapon category and therefore the best performing clubs at the SYC in no particular order were:

  • Empire United Fencing, NJ  (Youth Men’s Foil)
  • Dynamo Fencing Center, MA (Youth Men’s Saber)
  • New York Fencing Academy, NY (Youth Men’s Epee)
  • Gold Fencing Club, MA (Youth Women’s Foil)
  • Manhattan Fencing Center, NY (Youth Women’s Saber)
  • Medeo Fencing Club, NJ (Youth Women’s Epee)

Ratings were awarded to the following fencers at the SYC. These ratings are not official and are subject to the USFA’s final approval. Please refer to our recent posts on the average time a youth fencer spends between the first event and a classification rating: Benchmarks for Youth Foil Fencers and Potential Benchmark Indicators for Youth Men & Women Saber Fencers.

Age-Gender-Weapon CategoryFencerClubRating Awarded
Y14 Women's Foil
Guo, Jessica Zi JiaHua Hua Fencing, ONB2016
Y14 Women's Epee
Shi, AngelaPremier Fencing Club, NJD2016
Park, FaithPenta Olympic Fencing Club, VAE2016
Paturu, MeghanaMedeo Fencing Club, NJE2016
Y14 Women's Saber
Yun, MayaAdvance Fencing and Fitness Academy, NJC2016
Ching, SapphiraSheridan Fencing Academy, NYE2016
Pak, KaitlynNellya Fencers, GAE2016
Y14 Men's Foil
Chen, JamesEmpire United Fencing, NJB2016
Li, BrandonMarx Fencing Academy, MAC2016
Y14 Men's Saber
Lortkipanidze, NickolozTim Moorehouse Fencing Club, NYC2016
Chayevsky, KirkNellya Fencers, GAD2016
Nil, MichaelDynamo Fencing Center, MAE2016
Y14 Men's Epee
Kambeseles, JackNew York Fencing Academy, NYD2016
Lee, Timothy SeungjoonPenta Olympic Fencing Club, VAE2016
Leigh, DavidOlympia Fencing Center, MAE2016
Source: askFred.net

Club Rankings for Youth Men’s Foil, Epee & Saber – Thrust Fall SYC 

Top 8 Medals by Club for Youth Men's Foil - Thrust Fall SYC 10-11 September, 2016

Top 8 Medal Points RankFencing ClubTotal Top 8 MedalsTop 8 Medal PointsMedal Efficiency RatioTop Club Fencers (National Rank) Contributing to Club Rank
1Empire United Fencing32850.60Oscar Marx (#25, Y-10), James Chen (#10, Y-14), Hyun Paik (#7, Y-14).
2Fencers Club, NY32060.25Brian Pae, Alden Reals (#12, Y-12), Spencer Grossman Smisek (#52, Y-12).
3Marx Fencing Academy, MA21850.67Brandon Li (#1, Y-12).
4Top Fencing Club, NJ21700.15Yonjae Kim (#5, Y-10), Nichilas Kim (#20, Y-12).
5Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ2161.50.12Liam Bas (#4, Y-10), Ethan Augustine (#57, Y-12).
6Olympia Fencing Center, MA2153.50.18Evan Zhang, Daniel Zhang (#33, Y-14).
7Zeljkovic Fencing Academy, NJ21391.00Dusan Zeljkovic (#59, Y-12), Alejandro Toro (#19, Y-14).
8TFencing Academy of Westchester, NY1920.12Lucas Lutar (#9, Y-14).
8TV Fencing Club, NJ1920.14Chase Emmer (#11, Y-12).
10Moe Fencing Club, MA1850.17Minwook (Sam) Choun (#23, Y-12).
11TInternational Fencers Alliance of Boston, MA1700.50Patrick Liu (#2, Y-14).
11TManhattan Fencing Center, NY1700.25Peter Bruk (#6, Y-10).
13Freehold Fencing Academy, NJ169.50.14Keveh Shafaie (#25, Y-14).
13Virginia Academy of Fencing, VA169.50.25Roy Graham.
15Island Fencing Academy, NY1690.10Lixi Liang (#28, Y-10).

Top 8 Medals by Club for Youth Men's Epee - Thrust Fall SYC 10-11 September 2016

Top 8 Medal Points RankFencing ClubTotal Top 8 MedalsTop 8 Medal PointsMedal Efficiency RatioTop Club Fencers (National Rank) Contributing to Club Rank
1New York Fencing Academy, NY75620.41Skyler Liverant (#1, Y-12), Ian Goldfine (#2, Y-12), Jack Kambeseles (#60, Y-14), David Pavlenishvili (#37, Y-12), Max Koustikov, Mark Dolgonos (#8, Y-14).
2Penta Olympic Fencing Club, VA4276.50.67Ian Park, Shwan Lee (#22, Y-10), Timothy Lee (#60, Y-14), Prestan Park (#63, Y-14).
3Olympia Fencing Center, MA3245.50.23Spencer Vermeule (#6, Y-12), Jordan Macarty (#8, Y-10), David Leigh.
4Fencers Club, NY21850.25Henry Lawson (#4, Y-12), Nicholas Lawson (#7, Y-14)
5Fencing Academy of Westchester, NY21700.18Nowell Gibson (#16, Y-12), Wendell Moske (#7, Y-10).
6TMedeo Fencing Club, NJ1920.25Ethan Borodotsky (#8, Y-10).
6TNew Amsterdam Fencing Academy North, NY1921.00Reza Merchant (#12, Y-14).
8Rockland Fencers Club, NY1850.50Michael Kang (#10, Y-14).
9TNorth Shore Fencers Club, NY1700.33Gaetano Salerno.
9TTop Fencing Club, NJ1700.33Juni Kim (#35, Y-12).
11Ocean State Fencing Club, RI1690.50Sawyer Langton.

Top 8 Medals by Club for Youth Men's Saber - Thrust Fall SYC 3-5 September 2016

Top 8 Medal Points RankFencing ClubTotal Top 8 MedalsTop 8 Medal PointsMedal Efficiency RatioTop Club Fencers (National Rank) Contributing to Club Rank 
11Dynamo Fencing Center, MA53930.38Edward Maklin (#7, Y-10), Oleksander Shirpal (#16, Y-10), Michael Nil (#28, Y-12), Surya Sakhamuri (#14, Y-12)
22Tim Moorehouse Fencing Club, NY32620.33Nickoloz Lortkipanidze (#5, Y-14), Lysander Denner (#11, Y-12), Henry Nadile (#11, Y-14).
33Manhattan Fencing Center, NY3239.50.37Jordan Silberzweig (#16, Y-12), Stephen Kim (#23,Y-14), Marcel Merchant (#15, Y-14).
44Stamford Fencing Center, CT21690.22John Lin (#3, Y-12), Nicky Wind (#48, Y-12).
55Fencing Academy of Boston, MA2138.50.28Arnav Travers, Nathaniel Hoge.
66TMedeo Fencing Club, NJ1921.00Matthew Chan (#15, Y-10).
66TZeta Fencing, MA1920.33Sean Moon (#8, Y-14)
88TCobra Fencing Club, NJ1850.33Jude Wilson.
88TIsland Fencing Academy, NY1850.12Justin Lau.
88TNellya Fencers, GA1850.20Kirk Chayevsky (#15, Y-14).
1111Thrust Fencing Academy, NY169.50.14Kyle Megerditchian.
1212TBergen Fencing Club, NJ1690.50Zachary Chan (#18, Y-14).
1212TFencers Club, NY1691.00Derek Lee.
1414Capital Fencing Academy, VA168.50.25Andrei Nazlymov (#17, Y-10).

Club Rankings for Youth Women’s Foil, Epee & Saber – Thrust Fall SYC

Top 8 Medals by Club for Youth Women's Foil - Thrust Fall SYC 10-11 September, 2016

Top 8 Medal Points RankFencing ClubTotal Top 8 MedalsTop 8 Medal PointsMedal Efficiency RatioTop Club Fencers (National Rank) Contributing to Club Rank
1Gold Fencing Club, MA54320.38Katerina Lung (#4, Y-10), Emily Jing (#8, Y-10), Eleen Wang (#46, Y-12), Alexandra Jing (#22, Y-12), Alicia Hao (#82, Y-14).
2Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ53920.42Rachel Koo (#10, Y-12), Haley Koo (#12, Y-14), Sarah Ng (#8, Y-10), Mikayla Chusid (#6, Y-10), Katherine Apelian (#15, Y-12).
3Hua Hua Fencing, ON21850.28Jessica Zia Jia Guo (#2, Y-12).
4Olympia Fencing Center, MA21550.25Bridgette Ouyang, Lydia Shen.
5Fencing Academy of Westchester, NY2153.50.25Sophia Wong, Christina Ferrari (#7, Y-14).
6V Fencing Club, NJ2138.50.40Victoria Pevzner, Samantha Serban (#12, Y-12).
7Manhattan Fencing Center, NY2137.50.50Montana Lee (#25, Y-12), Eileen Ye (#13, Y12).
8Fencing Academy of Philadelphia, PA11001.00Maia Weintraub (#2, Y-14).
9Top Fencing Club, NJ1850.12Yejine Shen (#22, Y-14).
10Fencers Club, NY169.50.11Annora Lee (#4, Y-14).
11Empire United Fencing1690.33Allison Lee (#41, Y-14).

Top 8 Medals by Club for Youth Women's Epee - Thrust Fall SYC 10-11 September, 2016

Top 8 Medal Points RankFencing ClubTotal Top 8 MedalsTop 8 Medal PointsMedal Efficiency RatioTop Club Fencers (National Rank) Contributing to Club Rank
1Medeo Fencing Club, NJ5369.50.42Jessica Lin (#13, Y-14), Meghana Paturu (#20, Y-12), Alexandra Drovetsky (#35, Y-12), Elizabeth Chan.
2Fencing Academy of Westchester, NY43620.67Kyle Fallon (#4, Y-10), Christina Watrall (#11, Y-12), Sedna Gandhi (#22, Y-12), Lyla Choi (#12, Y-14).
3New York Fencing Academy, NY43230.80Caralina Khrol (#4, Y-12), Nadia Gaberkorn (#37, Y-12), Jordan Liverant (#27, Y-14).
4Penta Olympic Fencing Club, VA3230.50.37Yedda Lee, Faith Park (#26, Y-12).
5Putnam County Fencing Center, NY11001.00Great Candreva (#1, Y-14).
6TOlympia Fencing Center, MA1851.00Linden Zheng.
6TPremier Fencing Club, NJ1851.00Angela Shi.
Note: The total top 8 medals points is less than the total for other gender-weapon categories because there were only three participants in the Y-10 women's epee event.

Top 8 Medals by Club for Youth Women's Saber - Thrust Fall SYC 3-5 September 2016

Top 8 Medal Points RankFencing ClubTotal Top 8 MedalsTop 8 Medal PointsMedal Efficiency RatioTop Club Fencers (National Rank) Contributing to Club Rank
1Manhattan Fencing Center, NY53620.50Isabella Romagnoli(#16, Y-10), Ashley Yang (#13, Y-10), Juiszelle Bienvenu (#34, Y-14), Isabela Carvalho (#21, Y-12), Hava Stone (#10,Y-12).
2Cobra Fencing Club, NJ32690.37Sophie Graff, Lola Possick (#2, Y-12), Kaitlyn Hulseburg (#20, Y-12).
3Advance Fencing and Fitness Academy, NJ21850.67Maya Yun (#20, Y-14), Jadeyn Williams (#23, Y-14).
4Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ21550.40Josephine Chang (#4, Y-12).
5Nellya Fencers, GA2138.50.33Kaitlyn Pak (#11, Y-12)
6TMedeo Fencing Club, NJ11000.50Zoe Kim (#5, Y-12).
6TStamford Fencing Center, CT11000.25Amanda Li.
8Bergen Fencing Club, NJ1921.00Rachel Liu (#34, Y-14).
9TDynamo Fencing Center, MA1850.17Samantha Nathanson (#7, Y-10).
9TPeter Westbrook Foundation, NY1851.00Chejsa-Kaili Seck (#18, Y-14).
11TFencers Club, NY169.51.00Mia Lopez-Ona.
11TSheridan Fencing Academy, NY169.51.00Sapphira Ching (#26, Y-14).
13TBaltimore Fencing Center, MD1691.00Aanya Chawla (#19, Y-10).
13TBoston Fencing Club, MA1690.50Leah Blum.
15Thrust Fencing Academy, NY168.51.00Ibla Vadasz.

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