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Senior Men’s Epee Club Rankings 2015-2016

Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals by Club for Five National Senior Men’s Epee Events, 2015-2016

Podium Medal Points Rank 2015-2016Podium Medal Points Rank 2014-2015Fencing ClubTotal Podium MedalsPodium Medal Points
11New York Athletic Club, NY6510
2NAFencers Club, NY3273.6
3TNAVivo Fencing Club, MA2177
3T2Peter Westbrook Foundation, NY2177
53Alliance Fencing Academy, TX2153
6NANorthern Colorado Fencers, CO1100
8TNAAdvance Fencing Academy (Salle Stepien), IL
8TNATigerz Fencing Academy, NJ185
8T4Marx Fencing Academy, MA185

Top 8 Medals by Club for Five National Senior Men’s Epee Events, 2015-2016

Top 8 Medal Points Rank 2015-2016Top 8 Medal Points Rank 2014-2015Fencing ClubTotal Top 8 MedalsTop 8 Medal Points
11New York Athletic Club, NY12925
2NAFencing Sports Academy, VA5330.5
3NAFencers Club, NY3273.6
53Alliance Fencing Academy, TX3207.8
6T7Vivo Fencing Club, MA2177
6T2Peter Westbrook Foundation, NY2177
84Marx Fencing Academy, MA2140.6
95Los Angeles International Fencing Center, CA2139.5
10NANorthern Colorado Fencers, CO1100
11TNAAdvance Fencing Academy (Salle Stepien), IL
11TNATigerz Fencing Academy, NJ185
13T8Schoolhouse Fencing, UT170
13TNAFairfield Fencing Academy, CT170
15NASwords Fencing Studio, CA155.2

Top 16 Placements by Club for Five National Senior Men’s Epee Events, 2015-2016

Top 16 Placement Points Rank 2015-2016Top 16 Placement Points Rank 2014-2015ClubTotal Top 16 PlacementsTop 16 Placement Points
11New York Athletic Club, NY221424.4
22Peter Westbrook Foundation, NY9531.6
3NAFencing Sports Academy, VA7433
43Alliance Fencing Academy, TX7394.7
5NAFencers Club, NY4325.1
76Marx Fencing Academy, MA3193.1
89Los Angeles International Fencing Center, CA3192
910TVivo Fencing Club, MA2177
105Schoolhouse Fencing, UT3174
11NASwords Fencing Studio, CA3156.7
1213Northern Colorado Fencers, CO2151
13NAAdvance Fencing Academy (Salle Stepien), IL
1420Fairfield Fencing Academy, CT2111
15NATigerz Fencing Academy, NJ185
16NAVango Toronto, ON152
17TNANorth Shore Fencers Club, NY150.5
17TNAFencing Academy of Philadelphia, PA150.5
19T18TAtlanta Fencers' Club, GA150
19T23Woodlands Fencing Academy, TX150

Source: National Fencing Club Rankings LLC based on an analysis of United States Fencing Association (USFA) national event data.