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Veteran Men’s Epee Club Rankings 2015-2016

Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals by Club for Fourteen National Veteran Men’s Epee Events, 2015-2016 

Podium Medal Points Rank 2015-2016Fencing ClubTotal Podium MedalsPodium Medal Points
1Battle Born Fencing Club, NV4347
2Fencers Club, NY3285
3Advance Fencing Academy (Salle Stepien), IL3284
4TRocky Mountain Fencing Academy, CO3277
4TToronto Fencing Club, ON3277
6Underground Fencing Organization, MI3270
7Louisville Fencing Center, KY3255
8TAlliance Fencing Academy, TX2192
8TNew York Athletic Club, NY2192
8TThe Fencing Center of San Jose, CA2192
11TDC Fencers Club, MD2185
11TSalle Lancier, CA2185
13TFairfax Fencers, VA2177
13TLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA2177
13TSouthern Oregon Fencing Club, OR2177
16TCardinal Fencing Club, CA1100
16TEast Bay Fencers Gym, CA1100
16THooked On Fencing, OH1100
19TCabrillo Academy Of The Sword, CA192
19TFive Rings Fencing Club, KS192
19TOrion Fencing, OR192
22TDynamo Fencing Club, BC185
22TFencing Academy of Westchester, NY185
22TMedeo Fencing Club, NJ185
22TNo Fear Fencing Club, CA185
22TNorth Carolina Fencing Development Program, NC185
22TOlympia Fencing Center, MA185
22TSalle Otto, NJ185
22TSalle Palasz, MD185
22TSword In The Scroll Fencing Academy, CT185
22TSyracuse Musketeers Fencing, NY185
22TThree Swords Fencing Club, MI185

Top 8  Medals by Club for Fourteen National Veteran Men’s Epee Events, 2015-2016

Top 8 Medal Points Rank 2015-2016Fencing ClubTotal Top 8 MedalsTop 8 Medal Points
1DC Fencers Club, MD7529.5
2Battle Born Fencing Club, NV6486.5
3The Fencing Center of San Jose, CA5401.5
4Fencers Club, NY4354
5Toronto Fencing Club, ON4347
6Rocky Mountain Fencing Academy, CO4345.5
7Los Angeles International Fencing Center, CA4316.5
8Fairfax Fencers, VA4316
9East Bay Fencers Gym, CA4309.5
10No Fear Fencing Club, CA4293
11Advance Fencing Academy (Salle Stepien), IL3284
12Underground Fencing Organization, MI3270
13Alliance Fencing Academy, TX3261.5
14Louisville Fencing Center, KY3255
15Southern Oregon Fencing Club, OR3247
16Cardinal Fencing Club, CA3239.5
17Cabrillo Academy Of The Sword, CA3232
18Dynamo Fencing Club, BC3223.5
20New York Athletic Club, NY2192
21Salle Lancier, CA2185
22TMedeo Fencing Club, NJ2154.5
22TSalle Palasz, MD2154.5
24TFencing Academy of Westchester, NY2153.5
24TOlympia Fencing Center, MA2153.5
26TFencing Academy Of Philadelphia, PA2138
28Boston Fencing Club, MA2137.5
29Hooked On Fencing, OH1100
30TFive Rings Fencing Club, KS192
30TOrion Fencing, OR192
32TNorth Carolina Fencing Development Program, NC185
32TSalle Otto, NJ185
32TSword In The Scroll Fencing Academy, CT185
32TSyracuse Musketeers Fencing, NY185
32TThree Swords Fencing Club, MI185
37TBergen Fencing Club, NJ169.5
37TChevy Chase Fencing Club, DC169.5
37TSouth Florida Fencing Club, FL169.5
40TNorthwest Fencing Center, OR169
40TPrinceton-Hillsborough YMCA, NJ169
40TRichmond Fencing Club, VA169
40TStamford Fencing Center, CT169
40TWindy City Fencing-Chicago, IL169
45TAllegheny Fencing Club, PA168.5
45TBucks County Academy of Fencing, NJ168.5
45TDenver Fencing Center, CO168.5
45TSwords Fencing Studio, CA168.5
45TTidewater Fencing Club, VA168.5

Top 16  Medals by Club for Fourteen National Veteran Men’s Epee Events, 2015-2016

Top 16 Placement Points Rank 2015-2016ClubTotal Top 16 PlacementsTop 16 Placement Points
1DC Fencers Club, MD171051
2Battle Born Fencing Club, NV11742
3The Fencing Center of San Jose, CA10660
4No Fear Fencing Club, CA10610
6Fencers Club, NY6459
7Toronto Fencing Club, ON6453
8Alliance Fencing Academy, TX6416.5
9Fairfax Fencers, VA5369.5
10Los Angeles International Fencing Center, CA5366.5
11East Bay Fencers Gym, CA5359.5
12Rocky Mountain Fencing Academy, CO4345.5
13Medeo Fencing Club, NJ5311.5
14Bay State Fencers, MA6303.5
15North Carolina Fencing Development Program, NC5295
16Advance Fencing Academy (Salle Stepien), IL3284
17Underground Fencing Organization, MI3270
18Salle Palasz, MD4261
19Olympia Fencing Center, MA4259
20Louisville Fencing Center, KY3255
21Southern Oregon Fencing Club, OR3247
22New York Athletic Club, NY3245.5
24Cardinal Fencing Club, CA3239.5
25Cabrillo Academy Of The Sword, CA3232
26Dynamo Fencing Club, BC3223.5
27Fencing Academy Of Philadelphia, PA3188
28Salle Lancier, CA2185
29Chevy Chase Fencing Club, DC3171
30Princeton-Hillsborough YMCA, NJ3170.5
31TBucks County Academy of Fencing, NJ3169.5
31TDenver Fencing Center, CO3169.5
33Hudson Centers For The Martial Arts, OH3157.5
34Two Ravens Fencing School, OH3154
35Fencing Academy of Westchester, NY2153.5
36Boston Fencing Club, MA2137.5
37Three Swords Fencing Club, MI2135
38Northwest Fencing Center, OR2120
39Gold Blade Fencing Center, TX2106
40Olde Town Fencing Club, VA2104.5
41TBucks County Academy of Fencing -West, PA2104
41TNorth Shore Fencers Club, NY2104
43TMadison Fencing Academy, WI2103.5
43TTournament Fencers Club, NV2103.5
45Cape Fear Fencing Association, NC2102.5
46T3MB Fencing Club, MA2101.5
46TWilmington Fencing Club, NC2101.5
48Fencing Center Of Chicago, IL2101
49Hooked On Fencing, OH1100
50TFive Rings Fencing Club, KS192
50TOrion Fencing, OR192
52TSalle Otto, NJ185
52TSword In The Scroll Fencing Academy, CT185
52TSyracuse Musketeers Fencing, NY185
55TBergen Fencing Club, NJ169.5
55TSouth Florida Fencing Club, FL169.5
57TRichmond Fencing Club, VA169
57TStamford Fencing Center, CT169
57TWindy City Fencing-Chicago, IL169
60TAllegheny Fencing Club, PA168.5
60TSwords Fencing Studio, CA168.5
60TTidewater Fencing Club, VA168.5
63Minnesota Sword Club, MN153.5
64Fortune Fencing, CA153
65Salle Auriol Seattle, WA152.5
66TIllinois Fencers Club, IL152
66TTulsa Fencing Club, OK152
68TCandlewood Fencing Center, CT151.5
68TD'Alerta Fencing Academy, FL151.5
70TRain City Fencing Center, WA151
70TSwords & Strategy Fencing, NY151
72TMid-South Fencers' Club, NC150.5
72TTanner City Fencers Club, MA150.5
72TThe Point Fencing Club & School, IL150.5
75Academy Fencing Club, MO150

Source: National Fencing Club Rankings LLC based on an analysis of United States Fencing Association (USFA) national event data.