Youth Men’s Epee Club Rankings 2016-2017

The seven youth events included in this ranking are the normal youth events scheduled every year; three Y-14, two Y-12, and two Y-10 events. The ranking does not include the National Championship event that was canceled in Dallas in 2016 and rescheduled with the 2016 November North American Cup in Milwaukee, WI. These canceled events included the Y10 men’s epee, Y10 women’s foil, Y10 women’s epee, Y10 men’s saber, Y12 men’s foil and Y12 women’s saber competitions.

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Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals by Club for Seven National Youth Epee’s Foil Events, 2016-2017 

Podium Medal Points Rank 2016-2017Podium Medal Points Rank 2015-2016Fencing ClubTotal Podium MedalsPodium Medal Points
1NATeam Touche Fencing Center, CA3262
2T2Alliance Fencing Academy, TX2192
2TNAFortune Fencing, CA2192
4TNADynamo Fencing Club, BC2185
4TNAFencers Club, NY2185
6TNABattle Born Fencing Club, NV2177
6T1New York Fencing Academy, NY2177
8NAToronto Fencing Club, ON2170
9TNAAlamo Fencing Academy, TX1100
9TNAHigh Desert Fencing Club, OR1100
9TNAOlympia Fencing Center, MA1100
12TNADC Fencers Club, MD192
12T4Swords Fencing Studio, CA192
14TNANorth Texas Fencing Alliance, TX185
14TNAOlympian Fencing Club, TX185
14TNAPhoenix Falcons Fencing Club, AZ185
14TNASpokane Fencers Unlimited, WA185
14TNAWinter Garden Fencing Academy, FL185
14TNAWoodlands Fencing Academy, TX185

Top 8  Medals by Club for Seven National Youth Men’s Epee Events, 2016-2017

Top 8 Medal Points Rank 2016-2017Top 8 Medal Points Rank 2015-2016Fencing ClubTotal Top 8 MedalsTop 8 Medal Points
12New York Fencing Academy, NY6454.25
2NATeam Touche Fencing Center, CA4332
31Alliance Fencing Academy, TX4331
47Fortune Fencing, CA4330.25
5NAFencers Club, NY3253.5
623TBattle Born Fencing Club, NV3247
74Swords Fencing Studio, CA3230
817TNorth Texas Fencing Alliance, TX3223.5
917TWoodlands Fencing Academy, TX3222.75
10NADynamo Fencing Club, BC2185
11NAToronto Fencing Club, ON2170
1223TOlympia Fencing Center, MA2169.5
13NAHigh Desert Fencing Club, OR2169
14NAAlamo Fencing Academy, TX1100
15NADC Fencers Club, MD192
16T23TOlympian Fencing Club, TX185
16TNAPhoenix Falcons Fencing Club, AZ185
16TNASpokane Fencers Unlimited, WA185
16TNAWinter Garden Fencing Academy, FL185
20TNAMedeo Fencing Club, NJ170
20TNARhode Island Fencing Academy and Club, RI170
22TNAPenta Olympic Fencing Club, VA169.5
22TNATigerZ Fencing Academy, NJ169.5
24NAStoccata Fencing Academy & Club, FL169.25
25TNAEast Bay Fencers Gym, CA169
25T3Los Angeles International Fencing Center, CA169
27TNAFencing Sports Academy, VA168.5
27TNANorth Shore Fencers Club, NY168.5

Top 16  Placements by Club for Seven National Youth Men’s Epee Events, 2016-2017

Top 16 Placement Points Rank 2016-2017Top 16 Placement Points Rank 2015-2016ClubTotal Top 16 PlacementsTop 16 Placement Points
12New York Fencing Academy, NY10658.5
21Alliance Fencing Academy, TX10640.75
34Fortune Fencing, CA7487.5
49TBattle Born Fencing Club, NV7453
538TTeam Touche Fencing Center, CA4332
67Olympia Fencing Center, MA5323.5
75Fencers Club, NY4307
88Swords Fencing Studio, CA4282.25
923TNorth Texas Fencing Alliance, TX4273.5
1016Woodlands Fencing Academy, TX4273.25
11NADynamo Fencing Club, BC3237
1222Windy City Fencing-Chicago, IL4206
1331TAlamo Fencing Academy, TX3205
1433TDC Fencers Club, MD3195
15NAToronto Fencing Club, ON2170
16NAHigh Desert Fencing Club, OR2169
1717Olympian Fencing Club, TX2136
18NAMedeo Fencing Club, NJ2123.5
19T33TEast Bay Fencers Gym, CA2122
19TNAFencing Sports Academy, VA2122
21NAPenta Olympic Fencing Club, VA2120.5
229TAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA2105
23NABeverly Hills Fencers' Club, CA2104.25
2426TFresno Fencing Academy, CA2102
25TNAPhoenix Falcons Fencing Club, AZ185
25TNASpokane Fencers Unlimited, WA185
25TNAWinter Garden Fencing Academy, FL185
28NARhode Island Fencing Academy and Club, RI170
29NATigerZ Fencing Academy, NJ169.5
30NAStoccata Fencing Academy & Club, FL169.25
313Los Angeles International Fencing Center, CA169
3211TNorth Shore Fencers Club, NY168.5
33TNAHudson Centers for the Martial Arts, OH153
33T39TRockland Fencers, NY153
3618TFencing Academy of Westchester, NY152.5
3739TFencing Center Of Chicago, IL152.25
38TNABre-les Dynamiques De Brebeuf, QC152
38TNAToronto Fencing Club, ON152
40NAVivo Fencing Club, MA151.25
41TNAMiami Lakes Fencing Club, FL151
41TNATop Fencing Club, NJ151
43NAFargo-Moorhead Fencing Club, ND150.5
44NAHooked on Fencing, OH150

Source: National Fencing Club Rankings LLC based on an analysis of United States Fencing Association (USFA) national event data.