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Veteran Men’s Saber Club Rankings 2015-2016

Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals by Club for Fourteen National Veteran Men’s Saber Events, 2015-2016 

Podium Medal Points Rank 2015-2016Fencing ClubTotal Podium MedalsPodium Medal Points
2Virginia Academy of Fencing, VA6546
3TFencers Club of Arizona, AZ3277
3TFencing Academy of Boston, MA3277
5Mid-South Fencers' Club, NC3270
6Lilov Fencing Academy, NJ3269
7Manhattan Fencing Center, NY3262
8Golden Sabre Academy, CA3255
9TBergen Fencing Club, NJ2200
9TRockville Fencing Academy, MD2200
11Redstar Fencing Club Chicago, IL2192
12Infinity Fencing Alliance, NJ2185
13TColumbus Fencing And Fitness, OH2170
13TFencing Alliance Of Ohio, OH2170
15Spartak, CA1100
16TAcademy Fencing Club, MO192
16TCapital Fencing Academy, MD192
16TKern Athletic Fencing Foundation, CA192
16TNew Orleans Fencers Club, LA192
20TDC Fencers Club, MD185
20TFencing Academy Of Denver, CO185
20THangtown Saber Club, CA185
20TIndysabre, IN185
20TMorris Fencing Club, NJ185
20TOrion Fencing, OR185
20TPDX Fencing, OR185
20TRoyal Arts Fencing Academy, OH185
20TUtah Swords Academy, UT185

Top 8  Medals by Club for Fourteen National Veteran Men’s Saber Events, 2015-2016

Top 8 Medal Points Rank 2015-2016Fencing ClubTotal Top 8 MedalsTop 8 Medal Points
2Virginia Academy of Fencing, VA8683.5
3Manhattan Fencing Center, NY8610.5
4Fencers Club of Arizona, AZ5416
5Mid-South Fencers' Club, NC5408.5
6Rockville Fencing Academy, MD5406.5
7Bergen Fencing Club, NJ4340
8Golden Sabre Academy, CA4324.5
9Columbus Fencing And Fitness, OH4310
10Fencing Academy Of Boston, MA3277
11Lilov Fencing Academy, NJ3269
12Spartak, CA3238.5
13Capital Fencing Academy, MD3230.5
14Kern Athletic Fencing Foundation, CA3230
15DC Fencers Club, MD3225
16Hangtown Saber Club, CA3223.5
17Redstar Fencing Club Chicago, IL2192
18Infinity Fencing Alliance, NJ2185
19Fencing Alliance Of Ohio, OH2170
20Academy Fencing Club, MO2161.5
21TFencing Academy Of Denver, CO2155
21TRoyal Arts Fencing Academy, OH2155
23Morris Fencing Club, NJ2154
24TFencing Center Of Chicago, IL2138
24TPremier Fencing Academy, CA2138
26TLaguna Fencing Center, CA2137.5
26TRochester Fencing Club, NY2137.5
28New Orleans Fencers Club, LA192
29TIndysabre, IN185
29TOrion Fencing, OR185
29TPDX Fencing, OR185
29TUtah Swords Academy, UT185
33Dynamo Fencing Club, BC170
34TSouth Mountain Martial Arts, NJ169.5
34TTournament Fencers Club, NV169.5
36TMedeo Fencing Club, NJ169
36TMidwest Fencing Club, IL169
38TCutting Edge Fencing Club, TX168.5
38TLincoln Fencing Club, NE168.5
38TNew York Athletic Club, NY168.5
38TPeninsula Fencing Academy, CA168.5
38TThe Point Fencing Club & School, IL168.5
38TZ Fencing Los Angeles, CA168.5

Top 16  Medals by Club for Fourteen National Veteran Men’s Saber Events, 2015-2016

Top 16 Placement Points Rank 2015-2016ClubTotal Top 16 PlacementsTop 16 Placement Points
2Virginia Academy of Fencing, VA13942
3Manhattan Fencing Center, NY14920.5
4Rockville Fencing Academy, MD10669.5
5Mid-South Fencers' Club, NC7513.5
6Fencers Club of Arizona, AZ6466
7Bergen Fencing Club, NJ5393
8Lilov Fencing Academy, NJ5373.5
9Columbus Fencing And Fitness, OH5362
10Capital Fencing Academy, MD5334
11Golden Sabre Academy, CA4324.5
12Fencing Academy Of Denver, CO5311.5
13Fencing Academy of Boston, MA3277
14DC Fencers Club, MD4276
15Hangtown Saber Club, CA4274
16Redstar Fencing Club Chicago, IL3244.5
17Spartak, CA3238.5
18Infinity Fencing Alliance, NJ3236.5
19Kern Athletic Fencing Foundation, CA3230
20Peninsula Fencing Academy, CA4226
21Fencing Alliance Of Ohio, OH3222
22Academy Fencing Club, MO3213
23Royal Arts Fencing Academy, OH3208.5
24Morris Fencing Club, NJ3205
25Indysabre, IN3192
26TFencing Center Of Chicago, IL3191
26TNorthwest Fencing Center, OR3191
28Laguna Fencing Center, CA3190
29Rochester Fencing Club, NY3188
30Z Fencing Los Angeles, CA3171
31Sheridan Fencing Academy, NY3155
32PDX Fencing, OR2135.5
33South Mountain Martial Arts, NJ2123
34New York Athletic Club, NY2122
35Dynamo Fencing Club, BC2121.5
36Medeo Fencing Club, NJ2121
37The Point Fencing Club & School, IL2120.5
38Lincoln Fencing Club, NE2120
39Cardinal Fencing Club, CA2106
40TArizona State University Fencing Club, AZ2105.5
40TWashington Fencing Academy, WA2105.5
42Nema Fencing Center, MA2103.5
43Cheney Fencing, TN2103
44Olde Town Fencing Club, VA2102.5
45Free State Fencers Club, MD2102
46Beaches Sabre Club, NY2101
47Cape Fear Fencing Association, NC2100.5
48New Orleans Fencers Club, LA192
49TOrion Fencing, OR185
49TUtah Swords Academy, UT185
51Tournament Fencers Club, NV169.5
52Midwest Fencing Club, IL169
53Cutting Edge Fencing Club, TX168.5
54Wilmington Fencing Club, NC153.5
55Boston Fencing Club, MA153
57TFencers Club, NY151.5
57TKansas City Fencing Center, KS151.5
57TRoyal Fencing Academy, MD151.5
57TSomerset Hills Fencing Club, NJ151.5
61TBayou City Fencing Academy, TX151
61TNaples Fencing Academy, FL151
61TVillage Fencing Club, AZ151
64Knights Of Siena Fencing Academy, NC150.5
65TLouisville Fencing Center, KY150
65TRenaissance Fencing Club, MI150

Source: National Fencing Club Rankings LLC based on an analysis of United States Fencing Association (USFA) national event data.