Cadet International Women’s Epee Club Rankings 2016-2017

European Cadet Circuit Points Rank 2016-2017ClubEuropean Cadet Circuit Points 2016-2017
1New York Athletic Club, NY168
2Los Angeles International Fencing Center, CA105
3TFortune Fencing, CA90
3TMedeo Fencing Club, NJ90
5Peoria Fencing Academy, IL63
6TOlympia Fencing Center, MA54
6TPeter Westbrook Foundation, NY54
8North Shore Fencers Club, NY39
9Northern Colorado Fencers, CO36
10Golden Gate Fencing Center, CA24
11TAlliance Fencing Academy, TX18
11TWindy City Fencing-Chicago, IL18
13Stoccata Fencing Academy & Club, FL15
14TAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA9
14TFencers Club, NY9
16TFencing Academy Of Westchester, NY6
16TWoodlands Fencing Academy, TX6
18TFencing Academy of Philadelphia, PA3
18TNew York Fencing Academy, NY3