Youth Women’s Epee Club Rankings 2016-2017

The seven youth events included in this ranking include the normal youth events scheduled every year; three Y-14, two Y-12, and two Y-10 events. It does not include the National Championship event that was canceled in Dallas in 2016 and rescheduled with the 2016 November North American Cup in Milwaukee, WI. These canceled events include the Y10 men’s epee, Y10 women’s foil, Y10 women’s epee, Y10 men’s saber, Y12 men’s foil and Y12 women’s saber competitions. Interested in frequency and milestone benchmarks for youth fencers? Download our FREE report! Click Here

Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals by Club for Seven National Youth Women’s Epee Events, 2016-2017 

Podium Medal Points Rank 2016-2017Podium Medal Points Rank 2015-2016Fencing ClubTotal Podium MedalsPodium Medal Points
1NASwords Fencing Studio, CA4361
26TMedeo Fencing Club, NJ3262
3TNANew York Athletic Club, NY2200
3T12TNorth Texas Fencing Alliance, TX2200
3T12TRoyal Arts Fencing Academy, OH2200
64TAcademy of Fencing Masters, CA2184
7NAWindy City Fencing-Chicago, IL2177
8T6TAlliance Fencing Academy, TX2170
8TNAFencing Academy of Westchester, NY2170
103Putnam County Fencing Center, NY1100
11TNAGold Blade Fencing Center, TX185
11TNAIllinois Fencers Club, IL185
11TNALas Positas Fencing Center, CA185
11TNAStoccata Fencing Academy & Club, FL185
11TNASword Players, ON185
11TNAToronto Fencing Club, ON185

Top 8  Medals by Club for Seven National Youth Women’s Epee Events, 2016-2017

Top 8 Medal Points Rank 2016-2017Top 8 Medal Points Rank 2015-2016Fencing ClubTotal Top 8 MedalsTop 8 Medal Points
13TMedeo Fencing Club, NJ6471.5
219TSwords Fencing Studio, CA5429.5
3NAWindy City Fencing-Chicago, IL5383.5
416TRoyal Arts Fencing Academy, OH3269
510Fencing Academy of Westchester, NY3240
63TAlliance Fencing Academy, TX3238.5
7TNANew York Athletic Club, NY2200
7T8North Texas Fencing Alliance, TX2200
92Academy of Fencing Masters, CA2184
1018Stoccata Fencing Academy & Club, FL2155
11NASword Players, ON2154
1211Fencing Sports Academy, VA2140
13T7Alamo Fencing Academy, TX2139
13T1New York Fencing Academy, NY2139
15NALoudoun International Fencing Club, VA2138.25
166Putnam County Fencing Center, NY1100
17TNAGold Blade Fencing Center, TX185
17TNAIllinois Fencers Club, IL185
17TNALas Positas Fencing Center, CA185
17TNAToronto Fencing Club, ON185
21TNAFencers Club, NY169.5
21TNASan Diego Fencing Center, CA169.5
23TNADC Fencers Club, MD169
23TNANorthern Colorado Fencers, CO169
23T13TWashington Fencing Academy, WA169
26NAPenta Olympic Fencing Club, VA168.75
27TNAColumbus Fencing & Fitness, OH168.5
27T11Peoria Fencing Academy, IL168.5

Top 16  Placements by Club for Seven National Youth Women’s Epee Events, 2016-2017

Top 16 Placement Points Rank 2016-2017Top 16 Placement Points Rank 2015-2016ClubTotal Top 16 PlacementsTop 16 Placement Points
15Medeo Fencing Club, NJ13836
219Windy City Fencing-Chicago, IL8537
33Alliance Fencing Academy, TX8494.5
425TSwords Fencing Studio, CA5429.5
523TRoyal Arts Fencing Academy, OH6427.5
61New York Fencing Academy, NY7400
72Academy of Fencing Masters, CA5337.5
817TStoccata Fencing Academy & Club, FL4260.5
9NASword Players, ON4259.25
108TNorth Texas Fencing Alliance, TX3253
117Fencing Academy of Westchester, NY3240
12NANew York Athletic Club, NY2200
1311Fencing Sports Academy, VA3191
144Alamo Fencing Academy, TX3189.5
1516TWashington Fencing Academy, WA3174
1613Northern Colorado Fencers, CO3173.5
17NAPenta Olympic Fencing Club, VA3173.25
186Los Angeles International Fencing Center, CA3153
19NALoudoun International Fencing Club, VA2138.25
20NAGold Blade Fencing Center, TX2137.5
21NAIllinois Fencers Club, IL2135.5
2229Fencers Club, NY2122.25
23NADC Fencers Club, MD2119
24NAVango Toronto, ON2104.5
2512Fortune Fencing, CA2102.5
2631TMarx Fencing Academy, MA2101.5
2710TPutnam County Fencing Center, NY1100
28TNALas Positas Fencing Center, CA185
28T31TToronto Fencing Club, ON185
30NASan Diego Fencing Center, CA169.5
31NAColumbus Fencing & Fitness, OH168.5
3114TPeoria Fencing Academy, IL168.5
33NATexas Fencing Academy, TX152
3417TBattle Born Fencing Club, NV151.5
36NABoise Fencing Club, ID150

Source: National Fencing Club Rankings LLC based on an analysis of United States Fencing Association (USFA) national event data.