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Veteran Women’s Foil Club Rankings 2015-2016

Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals by Club for Fourteen National Veteran Women’s Foil Events, 2015-2016 

Podium Medal Points Rank 2015-2016Fencing ClubTotal Podium MedalsPodium Medal Points
1Connecticut Fencers Club, CT4392
2Rochester Fencing Club, NY4361
3Arizona Fencing Center, AZ3285
4Hollywood Sabre, FL3284
5Fencers Club, NY3277
6Chevy Chase Fencing Club, DC3262
7Redstar Fencing Club Chicago, IL3255
8Athletic Club Northeast, GA2192
9TBaylor School, TN2185
9TFarmington Valley Fencing Academy, CT2185
9TFencing Institute Of Texas, TX2185
9TThree Rivers Fencing Center, PA2185
13TGutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ2177
13TSalle Couturier, CA2177
15TBaltimore Fencing Center, MD2170
15TCharlotte Fencing Academy, NC2170
15TRichmond Fencing Club, VA2170
15TRockville Fencing Academy, MD2170
19TRenaissance Fencing Club, MI1100
19TTreasure Coast Fencing Club, FL1100
21TEscrime Du Lac, IN192
21TFencing Center Of Chicago, IL192
24TFencing Academy of Westchester, NY185
24TLe Club Touche Fencing Academy, CA185
24TNorthwest Fencing Center, OR185
24TOlde Town Fencing Club, VA185
24TPutnam County Fencing Center, NY185
24TThe Fencers Academy, MO185

Top 8  Medals by Club for Fourteen National Veteran Women’s Foil Events, 2015-2016

Top 8 Medal Points Rank 2015-2016Fencing ClubTotal Top 8 MedalsTop 8 Medal Points
1Rockville Fencing Academy, MD11792.5
2Connecticut Fencers Club, CT8668
3Hollywood Sabre, FL5424
4Chevy Chase Fencing Club, DC5402
5Rochester Fencing Club, NY4361
6Fencers Club, NY4347
7Three Rivers Fencing Center, PA4324
8Baltimore Fencing Center, MD4308.5
10Fencing Academy of Westchester, NY4292.5
11Arizona Fencing Center, AZ3285
12Redstar Fencing Club Chicago, IL3255
13Richmond Fencing Club, VA3239.5
14Fencing Center Of Chicago, IL3231.5
15Salle Auriol Seattle, WA3207
16Athletic Club Northeast, GA2192
17TBaylor School, TN2185
17TFarmington Valley Fencing Academy, CT2185
17TFencing Institute Of Texas, TX2185
20TGutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ2177
20TSalle Couturier, CA2177
22Charlotte Fencing Academy, NC2170
23Escrime Du Lac, IN2161
24Olde Town Fencing Club, VA2155
25Northwest Fencing Center, OR2154.5
26Vermont Fencing Alliance, VT2139
27Fencing Sports Academy, VA2138.5
28TFencing Academy Of Boston, MA2138
28TLincoln Fencing Club, NE2138
30Minnesota Sword Club, MN2137
31TRenaissance Fencing Club, MI1100
31TTreasure Coast Fencing Club, FL1100
33Le Club Touche Fencing Academy, CA185
33Putnam County Fencing Center, NY185
33The Fencers Academy, MO185
36Indianapolis Fencing Club, IN169.5
37On Target Fencing Team, OH169
38Premier Fencing Club, NJ168.5
38Seacoast Fencing Club, NH168.5

Top 16  Medals by Club for Fourteen National Veteran Women’s Foil Events, 2015-2016

Top 16 Placement Points Rank 2015-2016ClubTotal Top 16 PlacementsTop 16 Placement Points
1Rockville Fencing Academy, MD161048.5
2Connecticut Fencers Club, CT8668
3Salle Auriol Seattle, WA8466.5
4Fencers Club, NY6453
5Hollywood Sabre, FL5424
7Chevy Chase Fencing Club, DC5402
8Fencing Academy of Westchester, NY6399
9Arizona Fencing Center, AZ5388
10Baltimore Fencing Center, MD5362
11Rochester Fencing Club, NY4361
12Three Rivers Fencing Center, PA4324
13Redstar Fencing Club Chicago, IL4306
14Richmond Fencing Club, VA4292.5
15Fencing Institute Of Texas, TX4291.5
16Fencing Center Of Chicago, IL4283
17Escrime Du Lac, IN4266
18Olde Town Fencing Club, VA4262
19Treasure Coast Fencing Club, FL4251.5
20Baylor School, TN3238
21Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ3230.5
22Charlotte Fencing Academy, NC3220
23Renaissance Fencing Club, MI3201.5
24TAthletic Club Northeast, GA2192
24TVermont Fencing Alliance, VT3192
26TFencing Sports Academy, VA3191.5
26TLincoln Fencing Club, NE3191.5
28Putnam County Fencing Center, NY3188.5
29Farmington Valley Fencing Academy, CT2185
30Salle Couturier, CA2177
31Indianapolis Fencing Club, IN3173
32Rhode Island Fencing Academy And Club, RI3157.5
33Delaware Valley Fencers Club, PA3156
34Northwest Fencing Center, OR2154.5
35Dominion Fencing Club, VA3154
36Salle Santa Cruz, CA3153
37Fencing Academy Of Boston, MA2138
38Minnesota Sword Club, MN2137
39Prospect Fencing Club, CT2104.5
40TEn Garde! Fencing Club, NJ2102.5
40TWorcester Fencing Club, MA2102.5
42Southwest Fencing Club, AZ2102.25
43Salle Mauro Fencing Academy, TX2102
44TLe Club Touche Fencing Academy, CA185
44TThe Fencers Academy, MO185
46On Target Fencing Team, OH169
47TPremier Fencing Club, NJ168.5
47TSeacoast Fencing Club, NH168.5
49TRain City Fencing Center, WA153.5
49TSouthern Oregon Fencing Club, OR153.5
51Northern Colorado Fencers, CO153
52TAtlantic Fencing Academy, NJ152.5
52TCyranos Place, OH152.5
52TNorth Texas Fencing Alliance, TX152.5
55TMurphy's En Garde Fencing Club, PA152
55TPittsburgh Fencers East, PA152
55TSan Francisco Fencers' Club, CA152
58Stoccata Fencing Academy & Club, FL151.5
59Orion Fencing, OR151
60Desert Fencing Academy, CA150.75
61West Berkeley Fencing Club, CA150.5
62TApex Fencing Academy, NC150
62TSalle New Bern, NC150

Source: National Fencing Club Rankings LLC based on an analysis of United States Fencing Association (USFA) national event data.