Cadet Women’s Saber Club Rankings 2016-2017

Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals by Club for Four National Cadet Women’s Saber Events, 2016-2017

Podium Medal Points Rank 2016-2017Podium Medal Points Rank 2015-2016Fencing ClubTotal Podium MedalsPodium Medal Points
17TManhattan Fencing Center, NY3292
2NAFencers Club of Arizona, AZ3255
33Nellya Fencers, GA2185
41Oregon Fencing Alliance, OR2184
57TAvant Garde Fencers Club, CA2177
7TNAFencing Academy of Denver, CO185
7T5Premier Fencing Academy, CA185
7TNASheridan Fencing Academy, NY185

Top 8  Medals by Club for Four National Cadet Women’s Saber Events, 2016-2017

Top 8 Medal Points Rank 2016-2017Top 8 Medal Points Rank 2015-2016Fencing ClubTotal Top 8 MedalsTop 8 Medal Points
16Manhattan Fencing Center, NY4362
2NAFencers Club of Arizona, AZ4324.5
34Nellya Fencers, GA4324
410TAvant Garde Fencers Club, CA3247
5T15TCapital Fencing Academy, MD3206
5T10TCardinal Fencing Club, CA3206
73Oregon Fencing Alliance, OR2184
85Premier Fencing Academy, CA2155
10TNAFencing Academy of Denver, CO185
10T13TSheridan Fencing Academy, NY185
12NABoston Fencing Club, MA170
13NASalle D'Asaro Fencing Club, CA169.5
14T10TPDX Fencing, OR169
14TNATim Morehouse Fencing Club, NY169

Top 16  Placements by Club for Four National Cadet Women’s Saber Events, 2016-2017

Top 16 Placement Points Rank 2016-2017Top 16 Placement Points Rank 2015-2016ClubTotal Top 16 PlacementsTop 16 Placement Points
18Fencers Club of Arizona, AZ9584.25
21Nellya Fencers, GA8530.75
33Manhattan Fencing Center, NY7518
410Capital Fencing Academy, MD5310.75
55Oregon Fencing Alliance, OR4290.25
6T15TCardinal Fencing Club, CA4258
6T2Premier Fencing Academy, CA4258
812Avant Garde Fencers Club, CA3247
94Bergen Fencing Club, NJ4207
11NATim Morehouse Fencing Club, NY2120
1215TPDX Fencing, OR2119
137Laguna Fencing Center, CA2101
14TNAFencing Academy of Denver, CO185
14T17TSheridan Fencing Academy, NY185
16NABoston Fencing Club, MA170
1720Salle D'Asaro Fencing Club, CA169.5
18NADurkan Fencing Academy, NJ153.5
196Zeta Fencing, MA152
20T24Cheney Fencing, TN150
20T19Sabre Outreach Network, FL150

Source: National Fencing Club Rankings LLC based on an analysis of United States Fencing Association (USFA) national event data.