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A Review of the Summer Nationals, Dallas TX, 29th June – 7th July, 2016

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The recent USA Fencing National Championships and July Challenge (the Summer Nationals) attracted 3,652 fencers from 412 clubs. Billed as the world’s largest fencing tournament, the Summer Nationals were held at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas, TX and included 72 individual and 6 senior team competitions in all three weapons: epee, foil and saber. The tragic events surrounding the attack on Dallas police officers, compelled the USFA to cancel the six youth events scheduled for Friday 8 July, the last day of competition. The events were Y-10 men’s epee, Y-12 men’s foil, Y-12 women’s saber, Y-10 men’s saber, Y-10 women’s epee and Y-10 women’s foil.

During the National Championships, 54 titles were awarded in Division 1A, Division 11, Division 111, Y-14, Y-12, Y-10, and Veteran (40-49, 50-59, 60-69 and 70+) competitions. The list of national champions crowned at the tournament is found in the accompanying table.

National Champions Crowned at the USA Fencing National Championships, June 29 - July, 7 2016, Dallas, TX

NamePrimay ClubCurrent ClassificationAge/DivisionGenderWeapon
SCHMITT, TrentonPremier Fencing Academy, CAB16 Y-14MenSaber
VERMEULE, EmilyOlympia Fencing Center, MAA16 Y-14WomenEpee
HERBST, IsaacAlliance Fencing Academy, TXA16 Y-14MenEpee
TIEU, MayPremier Fencing Club, NJA16 Y-14WomenFoil
BRAVO, KenjiMassialas Foundation ( M TEAM), CAA16 Y-14MenFoil
JENKINS, RyanUnattachedA16 Y-14WomenSaber
KHROL, JaclynNew York Fencing Academy, NYB16 Y-12WomenEpee
MOOSEKIAN, StaffordSwords Fencing , CAC16 Y-12MenEpee
FLORES, PeterPremier Fencing Academy, CAD16 Y-12MenSaber
FLANAGAN, CatherineFencing Academy of Westchester, NYB16 Y-12WomenFoil
CHEN, AndrewBirmingham Fencing Club, AL E16 Y-10MenFoil
POSSICK, LolaCobra Fencing Club, NJE16 Y-10WomenSaber
KALLUS, DianeUnattachedD14 Vet-70WomenEpee
SBARBARO Esq., PhilipVirginia Academy Of Fencing, VAD15 Vet-70MenSaber
DODGE, RuthArizona Fencing Center, AZD12 Vet-70WomenFoil
MESSING, ArnoldFencers Club, NYB16 Vet-70MenEpee
HURST, SusanCabrillo Academy Of The Sword, CAE16 Vet-70WomenSaber
COHEN, JosephBucks County Academy of Fencing - WestD13 Vet-70MenFoil
KOCAB, ElizabethUnderground Fencing Organization, MIA13 Vet-60WomenEpee
BADGER, CarltonMid-south Fencers' Club, NCB16 Vet-60MenSaber
STARKS-FAULKNER, JennetteConnecticut Fencers Club, CTA12 Vet-60WomenFoil
RIDGE, JohnRocky Mountain Fencing Academy, COA16 Vet-60MenEpee
TURNER, DeliaDelaware Valley Fencers Club, PAB13 Vet-60WomenSaber
LUTTON, ThomasLe Club Touche, CAA16 Vet-60MenFoil
PERKA, MichaelCardinal Fencing Club, CAA16 Vet-50 MenEpee
PERNICE, RobinDynamo Fencing Center, MAB16 Vet-50WomenSaber
VINES, KristinBaylor School, TNB16 Vet-50WomenFoil
DAVIS, DonRockville Fencing Academy, MDA16 Vet-50MenFoil
BECKER, WilliamFencers Club Of Arizona, AZA16 Vet-50MenSaber
FORD, CristinaNorthwest Fencing Center, ORB16 Vet-50WomenEpee
MARSH-SENIC, AnnRenaissance Fencing Club, MIA14 Vet-40WomenFoil
LOPARCO, MichaelAlliance Fencing Academy, TXA16 Vet-40MenEpee
VASCONCELLOS, KathleenOregon Fencing Alliance, ORC16 Vet-40WomenSaber
WYSZYNSKI, MarekFencers Club, NYA16 Vet-40MenFoil
JOCHANIEWICZ, TonyRedstar Fencing Club Chicago, ILB16 Vet-40MenSaber
GANSER, YuliyaMedeo Fencing Club, NJA16 Vet-40WomenEpee
LARSEN, SamuelNorthwest Fencing Center, ORA16 Div 1AMenEpee
TANG, LouiseNorthwest Fencing Center, ORA16 Div 1AWomenFoil
LITYNSKI, GillianBeaches Sabre Club, NYA16 Div 1AWomenSaber
KWONG, SamuelCardinal Fencing Club, CAA16 Div 1AMenSaber
ANDRADE, NicholasMoe Fencing Club, MAA16 Div 1AMenFoil
CHIMAHUSKY, RebeccaDC Fencers Club, MDA16 Div 1AWomenEpee
MULLIGAN, JamesSalle Santa Cruz, CAB16 Div 111MenFoil
SWALLOW, AbigailSalle Auriol Seattle, WAC16 Div 111WomenSaber
SODERBERG, AlexTeam Touche Fencing Center, CAB16 Div 111MenEpee
CHANG, MadeleineTop Fencing Club, NJC16 Div 111WomenFoil
WITEK, BernardDurkan Fencing Academy, NJC16 Div 111MenSaber
CHAMBERLAIN, AliceBoston Fencing Club, MAC16 Div 111WomenEpee
YUN, JoyPDX Fencing, ORB16 Div 11WomenSaber
ABAYEVA, SashaFencing Academy of Westchester, NYB16 Div 11WomenFoil
SMITH, Sean T.J.UnattachedB16 Div 11MenEpee
MULLIGAN, JamesSalle Santa Cruz, CAB16 Div 11MenFoil
KHAW, KristinaMedeo Fencing Club, NJB16 Div 11WomenEpee
GEORGE, FirozFencers Club, NYB16 Div 11MenSaber
Source: USFA Website.

The Fencers Club, NY and Northwest Fencing Center,OR each accounted for three national champions. Alliance Fencing Academy – TX, Cardinal Fencing Club – CA, Fencing Academy of Westchester – NY, Medeo Fencing Club – NJ, Premier Fencing Academy – CA, and Salle Santa Cruz – CA, each accounted for two national champions. California clubs accounted for 11 national champions, followed by New York clubs – 7 champions, New Jersey clubs – 6 champions, Oregon clubs – 5 champions and Massachusetts clubs – 4 champions. Readers are advised to review the results for the July Challenge events before they arrive at a total medal count for a club or individual at the Summer Nationals.

The National Championships also included six senior team events. The number of senior team entrants fell by 19% in 2016, from 170 in 2015 to 138 in 2016. The decline was due to fewer Foil and Epee teams entering the events. The six senior teams crowned at the championships are listed in the table.

National Team Champions Crowned at the USA Fencing National Championships, June 29 - July, 7 2016, Dallas, TX

New York Athletic Club, NYKeller, Schumacher, White, Zagoruiko Senior Men's Epee
Rhode Island Fencing Academy and Club, RIPartridge, Crum, Breker, Shalansky Senior Women's Foil
Precision Athletics Fencing Club, CAKim, MacDougall, Kang, Kang Senior Men's Foil
Bergen Fencing Club, NJMerza, Merza, Sapienza Senior Women's Saber
Los Angeles International Fencing Center, CANixon, Nixon, Beddingfield, Beddingfield Senior Women's Epee
Boston Fencing Club, MAKuldell, Souders, Zhang Senior Men's Saber
Source: USFA Website.

The July Challenge was open to both U.S. and foreign fencers competing in Division 1, Junior and Cadet events. Fencers from twenty-eight countries including the U.S. were eligible to win one of 18 titles. Fencers registered with foreign countries accounted for 7% of entrants in the July Challenge. Gold medal winners for the July Challenge are listed in the accompanying table.

Gold Medal Winners at the USA Fencing July Challenge June 29 - July 7, 2016 Dallas, TX

NamePrimay ClubCountryCurrent ClassificationAge/DivisionGenderWeapon
LINDER, KaraFencers Club Of Arizona, AZUSA A16 Div 1WomenSaber
KUMBLA, SidarthSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CAUSA A16 Div 1MenFoil
NATANZON, BenjaminManhattan Fencing Center, NYUSA A16 JuniorMenSaber
NIXON, Catherine (Kasia)Los Angeles International Fencing Center, CAUSA A16 JuniorWomenEpee
RYAN, KelleighEmpire United Fencing, NJCAN A16 Div 1WomenFoil
ZAGORUIKO, IvanNew York Athletic Club, NYUSA A16 Div 1MenEpee
TOURETTE, GeoffreySilicon Valley Fencing Center, CAUSA A16 JuniorMenFoil
NATANZON, BenjaminManhattan Fencing Center, NYUSA A16 Div 1MenSaber
JOHNSON, EdithNellya Fencers, GAUSA A16 JuniorWomenSaber
VAN BRUMMEN, AnnaAlliance Fencing Academy, TXUSA A16 Div 1WomenEpee
SARON, MitchellBergen Fencing Club, NJUSA A16 CadetMenSaber
EWART Jr., Stephen PSwords Fencing Studio, CAUSA A16 JuniorMenEpee
MANGANO, ArianaNew York Athletic Club, NYUSA A16 CadetWomenEpee
BLOW, ImanPeter Westbrook Foundation, NYUSA A16 JuniorWomenFoil
BRAVO, KenjiMassialas Foundation (M Team), CAUSA A16 CadetMenFoil
JENKINS, RyanUnattachedUSA A16 CadetWomenSaber
TEMIRYAEV, AlanNew York Fencing Academy, NYUSA A16 CadetMenEpee
ZHANG, RachelInternational Fencers Alliance Of Boston. MAUSA A16 CadetWomenFoil
Source: USFA Website

Manhattan Fencing Center – NY, New York Athletic Club – NY and Silicon Valley Fencing Center – CA, each accounted for two gold medal winners in the July Challenge. New York clubs led the way with six gold medal winners followed by California clubs with five gold medal winners.

Highlights of the Summer Nationals:

  • 7,243 entries in 72 individual events, 6,785 or 94% with club affiliations
  • Growth in entrants of 13.9% on a “same-store” basis between 2015 and 2016
  • 3,652 individual fencers, 3,194 or 88% with club affiliations
  • Fencers participated in two events on average (one fencer participated in seven events and eleven participated in six events)
  • 138 teams participated in six Senior Team events
  • 412 clubs were represented with an average of 17.6 entries per club
  • Largest gender-weapon category – Men’s Foil at 20% of entries, smallest -Women’s Saber at 11%
  • Largest event – Y-14 Men’s Foil with 249 entrants, smallest event – Vet-70+ Women’s Foil with four entrants.
  • Entrants from every Division except Wyoming
  • California accounted for about 19% of entries, followed by New York State at 14%
  • 80% of entries from 155 clubs or 38% of clubs represented
  • 80% of entries from 25 Divisions or 37% of Divisions represented
  • 280 ratings awarded, about 55% were either an A or a B classification.


In order to provide a “same-store” comparison between the 2015 and 2016 Summer Nationals, we have excluded last year’s Y-10 men’s epee, Y-12 men’s foil, Y-12 women’s saber, Y-10 men’s saber, Y-10 women’s epee and Y-10 women’s foil from our analysis. With 7,243 entries, this year’s tournament was 13.9% larger than last year’s Summer Nationals which was held in San Jose, CA and attracted 6,360 entries.  In all but two age/division categories, the number of entrants increased in 2016 compared to 2015, although in the case of Division 1, Cadet and Junior categories, year-over-year comparisons are difficult because of the significantly different qualifications paths to the Summer Nationals over the past couple of years.

Men accounted for 58.2% and women 41.8% of entrants at this year’s Summer Nationals. Foil was the most popular weapon for entrants at 37% followed by epee and saber at 33.8% and 29.2% respectively. Entrants came from every Division except Wyoming.  California accounted for 19.1% of entrants followed by New York State at 13.6%.

The largest gender-weapon category was Men’s Foil at 20.4% of entrants, followed by Men’s Epee at 20%. The smallest was Women’s Saber at 11.5% of entrants. The Y-14 age group was the largest age group or division, followed by the Junior age group.  The Y-14 age group accounted for almost 16% of entrants while the Junior age group accounted for 14.5% of entrants. The largest event at the tournament was Y-14 Men’s Foil with 249 registered fencers and the smallest was Vet-70+ Women’s Foil at 4 fencers. The average sized event for the entire tournament was 101 fencers.

About 65% or 412 of the 630 USFA Member clubs were represented at the Summer Nationals. Eighty percent of the entrants in the tournament were generated by about 155 or 38% of the clubs represented. Entrants were concentrated in a number of Divisions with 80% of the demand for the Summer Nationals coming from 25 or about 37% of the Divisions.

The average number of events entered by fencers varied by age, weapon, state of origin and type of club. The number of clubs represented by each age/division category ranged from a high of 269 for Division 111 to a low of 37 for the Vet-70+ age group as illustrated in the table below. The average entries per club by age/division also varied significantly from a high of 5.2 in the case of Juniors to a low of 1.7 in the case of the Vet-60 age group.

Number of Entrants, Fencers and Participant Clubs by Age/Division Category at the 2016 Summer Nationals, Dallas, TX

Age/Division EntrantsParticipant ClubsFencersEntrants Per ClubEvents Per Fencer
Div 1118492498213.41.0
Div 119702699503.61.0
Div 1A5851875813.11.0
Div 15651525643.71.0
Source: National Fencing Club Rankings based on an analysis of USFA website data.

The top 54 performing foil, epee and saber clubs at the Summer Nationals with three or more Top 8 medals are ranked in the following three tables. Denver Fencing Center, CO made the rankings in three weapons, while the Fencing Academy of Westchester – NY, Los Angeles International Fencing Center – CA, Northwest Fencing Center – OR, New York Athletic Club – NY and Redstar Fencing Club – IL, made the rankings in two weapons. Empire United Fencing NJ, Fencing Academy of Westchester NY and Silicon Valley Fencing Center CA, were the top performing foils clubs as illustrated in the accompanying table.

Top 8 Medals for the Top Performing Foil Clubs (Three or More Medals) at the Summer Nationals, Dallas, TX, 29th June - 7th July 2016

ClubTop 8 Medals% of Top 8 MedalsFoil Entrants% of Foil Entrants
Sub Total12365.5%1,19744.9%
Empire United Fencing, NJ126.4%742.8%
Fencing Academy of Westchester, NY105.3%712.7%
Silicon Valley Fencing Center, CA105.3%793.0%
Massialas Foundation (M Team), CA94.8%1224.6%
Fencers Club, NY84.3%823.1%
Northwest Fencing Center, OR84.3%511.9%
Lilov Fencing Academy, NJ63.2%391.5%
5T Fencers Club, NY52.7%311.2%
Premier Fencing Club, NJ52.7%331.2%
Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ42.1%542.0%
Le Club Touche, CA42.1%250.9%
Redstar Fencing Club, IL42.1%210.8%
San Francisco Fencers' Club, CA42.1%913.4%
Baltimore Fencing Center, MD31.6%281.0%
Brooklyn Bridge Fencing Club, NY31.6%431.6%
Denver Fencing Center, CO31.6%140.5%
Gold Fencing Club, MA31.6%471.8%
International Fencers Alliance Of Boston, MA31.6%80.3%
Los Angeles International Fencing Center, CA31.6%311.2%
New York Athletic Club, NY31.6%40.1%
Olympia Fencing Center, MA31.6%401.5%
Rochester Fencing Club, NY31.6%240.9%
Rockville Fencing Academy, MD31.6%130.5%
Source: National Fencing Club Rankings based on an an analysis of USFA Website data.

The top performing epee clubs were Alliance Fencing Academy, Los Angeles International Fencing Center and the Medeo Fencing Club as illustrated in the following table.

Top 8 Medals for the Top Performing Epee Clubs (Three or More Medals) at the Summer Nationals, Dallas, TX, 29th June - 7th July 2016

ClubTop 8 Medals% of Top 8 MedalsEpee Entrants% of Epee Entrants
Sub Total11861.5%1,01641.5%
Alliance Fencing Academy, TX168.3%1385.6%
Los Angeles International Fencing Center, CA136.8%632.6%
Medeo Fencing Club, NJ105.2%632.6%
New York Fencing Academy, NY84.2%763.1%
Northwest Fencing Center, OR73.6%371.5%
Battle Born Fencing Club, NV63.1%441.8%
DC Fencers Club, MD63.1%552.2%
Boston Fencing Club, MA52.6%241.0%
Northern Colorado Fencers, CO52.6%371.5%
Swords Fencing Studio, CA52.6%431.8%
East Bay Fencers Gym, CA42.1%241.0%
Fencing Academy of Westchester, NY42.1%542.2%
Fortune Fencing CA42.1%461.9%
New York Athletic Club, NY42.1%170.7%
Denver Fencing Center, CO31.6%321.3%
North Shore Fencers Club, NY31.6%331.3%
Salle Auriol Seattle, WA31.6%160.7%
The Fencing Center Of San Jose, CA31.6%461.9%
Source: National Fencing Club Rankings based on an an analysis of USFA Website data.

Bergen Fencing Club, Manhattan Fencing Center, Fencers Club of Arizona and Nellya Fencers were the top performing saber clubs at the Summer Nationals.

Top 8 Medals for the Top Performing Saber Clubs (Three or More Medals) at the Summer Nationals, Dallas, TX, 29th June - 7th July 2016

ClubTop 8 Medals% of Top 8 MedalsSaber Entrants% of Saber Entrants
Sub Total12063.4%1,03648.8%
Bergen Fencing Club, NJ136.9%1024.8%
Manhattan Fencing Center, NY115.8%1004.7%
Fencers Club Of Arizona, AZ105.3%602.8%
Nellya Fencers, GA105.3%1034.9%
Premier Fencing Academy, CA94.8%612.9%
Sabre Outreach Network, FL63.2%582.7%
Capital Fencing Academy, MD52.6%572.7%
Oregon Fencing Alliance, OR52.6%452.1%
PDX Fencing, OR52.6%522.5%
Zeta Fencing, MA52.6%452.1%
Fencing Academy Of Denver, CO42.1%622.9%
Mid-south Fencers' Club, NC42.1%200.9%
Peter Westbrook Foundation, NY42.1%170.8%
Tim Morehouse Fencing, NY42.1%170.8%
Cardinal Fencing Club, CA31.6%261.2%
Cutting Edge Fencing Club, TX31.6%261.2%
Denver Fencing Center, CO31.6%140.7%
Midwest Fencing Club, IL31.6%271.3%
Redstar Fencing Club, IL31.6%150.7%
Virginia Academy Of Fencing, VA31.6%110.5%
Source: National Fencing Club Rankings based on an an analysis of USFA Website data.

Seven clubs had more than 100 entrants at the Summer Nationals. They were Fencers Club, NY -159, Alliance Fencing Academy, TX -138, Manhattan Fencing Center, NY -135, Fencing Academy of Westchester, NY -126, Massialas Foundation (M Team), CA -122, Nellya Fencers, GA -103 and Bergen Fencing Club, NJ -102.

The Summer Nationals provide a significant opportunity for fencers to earn or upgrade their rating classifications. This year, 280 rating classifications were awarded in the 72 individual events as illustrated in the following table.

Rating Classifications Awarded by Age/Division Category at the 2016 Summer Nationals, Dallas, TX

Age/DivisionA16 B16 C16 D16 E16 Total% of Total
Div 11119983612.9%
Div 111810433512.5%
Div 1A2315114014.3%
Div 1161176.1%
% of Total29.6%25.7%21.8%10.4%12.5%100%
Source: USFA Website

Just over 14% of classifications were awarded to Division 1A fencers, followed by Youth fencers at 13.6%.  Almost 30% of the rating classifications awarded were “A” ratings, 26% were “B” ratings and 22% were “C” ratings.

The changing composition of rating classifications as fencers move from the Youth age groups to Cadet, Junior and Senior categories is demonstrated in the following graph.  About 3.2% of Y-14 fencers had an A rating at the close of the Summer Nationals. This compares with 16.5% for Cadets, 36.1% for Juniors and almost 70% for Senior fencers.

By late July, early August we plan to release our Youth and Veteran rankings for 2015-2016. Be sure to check in to see our Podium, Top 8 and Top 16 rankings for each age-gender-weapon category.

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