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The Shift in Rankings for Team USA’s Cadet Squads for the 2017 Junior & Cadet World Championships – Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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With less than three weeks before the Junior and Cadet World Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, we thought it worthwhile to provide a series of slopegraphs to illustrate how the rankings have changed for the 18 cadet fencers who have made Team USA over the past twelve months. We have also provided the rankings for the 18 fencers who ended the season as alternatives for members of Team USA. A full list of the 2017 Cadet World Championship Team is provided at the end of the post.

The ten-day tournament (April 1 to 10) will include events for cadets (U17) in each gender-weapon category, as well as a mixed weapon cadet team competition. Cadet Team Points for selection are earned at North American Cups, National Championships, July Challenge and designated Cadet international events. The top three athletes on the National Cadet Team Point Standings were selected as members of the Cadet World Championship Team and are eligible to compete in individual competition. The number one ranked fencer is selected for the Cadet Mixed Team event at the Cadet World Championships. The rankings are based on Cadet Team Points earned in competitions that begin with the July Challenge and end with the Junior Olympic Fencing Championships.

The rankings in the following slopegraphs reflect end-of-year rankings based on final Cadet Team Points for 2016 and 2017. We believe the slopegraphs are self-explanatory but reveal the different routes taken by fencers to secure a place on Team USA. Scroll over the end of a line to reveal details. Please check out our accompanying post for Team USA’s Junior squad.






2017 Cadet World Championship Team

1Ryan GriffithsTeamMenEpeeNew York Athletic Club
2Alan TemiryaevTeamMenEpeeNew York Fencing Academy
3Jonathan PiskovatskovTeamMenEpeeAlliance Fencing Academy
4Theodore LombardoAlt 1MenEpeeFencing Academy of Westchester
5Cedric MeckeAlt 2MenEpeeNew York Athletic Club
6Isaac HerbstAlt 3MenEpeeAlliance Fencing Academy
1Greta CandrevaTeamWomenEpeeNew York Athletic Club
2Ariana ManganoTeamWomenEpeeNew York Athletic Club
3Chloe DanielTeamWomenEpeeFortune Fencing
4Miriam GradyAlt 1WomenEpeeNorthern Colorado Fencers
5Sofia KomarAlt 2WomenEpeeMedeo Fencing Club
6Catherine BeddingfieldAlt 3WomenEpeeLos Angeles International Fencing Club
1Andrew MachovecTeamMenFoil5T Fencers Club
2Julian ChengTeamMenFoilMarx Fencing Academy
3Andrew ZhengTeamMenFoilFencers Club
4Joon PaikAlt 1MenFoilFencers Club
5Kenji BravoAlt 2MenFoilMassialas Foundation (M Team)
6Jerry WuAlt 3MenFoilLe Club Touche
1Natalie MinarikTeamWomenFoil5T Fencers Club
2Delphine DevoreTeamWomenFoilFencers Club
3May TieuTeamWomenFoilPremier Fencing Club
4Lauren ScruggsAlt 1WomenFoilFencers Club
5Emme ZhouAlt 2WomenFoilGold Fencing Club
6Rachel ZhangAlt 3WomenFoilInternational Fencers Alliance of Boston
1Christopher WalkerTeamMenSaberNellya Fencers
2Filip DolegiewiczTeamMenSaberMidwest Fencing Academy
3Daniel SolomonTeamMenSaberMission Fencing Center
4Mitchell SaronAlt 1MenSaberBergen Fencing Club
5Raymond ZhaoAlt 2MenSaberNellya Fencers
6Kamar SkeeteAlt 3MenSaberNellya Fencers
1Kara LinderTeamWomenSaberFencers Club of Arizona
2Edith Victoria JohnsonTeamWomenSaberNellya Fencers
3Elizabeth TartakovskyTeamWomenSaberManhattan Fencing Center
4Chloe Fox-GitomerAlt 1WomenSaberOregon Fencing Alliance
5Alexis AngladeAlt 2WomenSaberNellya Fencers
6Daniella TimofeyevAlt 3WomenSaberPremier Fencing Academy
Source: USFA Website and National Fencing Club Rankings


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