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Top 8 Super Youth Circuit Medalists for New York Fencing Academy 2016-2017

PlaceNameRating EarnedAgeGenderWeaponTournament
1Caralina KhrolY12WomenEpeeFairfax Challenge SYC
1Caralina KhrolY12WomenEpeeCOBRA CHALLENGE Super Youth (SYC) and CADET
1Caralina KhrolY12WomenEpeeThrust Fall Super Youth Circuit (SYC)
1Ethan KushnerikY14MenEpeeMission SYC (Super Youth Circuit) 2017
1Ethan KushnerikY14MenEpeeDaugherty Youth Cup - SYC/RCC
1Ian GoldfineY10MenEpeeCapitol Clash SYC and Cadet RCC 2017
1Ian GoldfineY10MenEpeeThrust Fall Super Youth Circuit (SYC)
1Nadia GaberkornY14WomenEpeeMission SYC (Super Youth Circuit) 2017
1Nadia GaberkornY12WomenEpeeMission SYC (Super Youth Circuit) 2017
1Skyler LiverantY14MenEpeeCOBRA CHALLENGE Super Youth (SYC) and CADET
1Skyler LiverantY12MenEpeeThrust Fall Super Youth Circuit (SYC)
2Bobby GubinY12MenEpeeMission SYC (Super Youth Circuit) 2017
2Daniel GaidarY14MenEpeeMission SYC (Super Youth Circuit) 2017
2Ian GoldfineY10MenEpeeMission SYC (Super Youth Circuit) 2017
2Nadia GaberkornY14WomenEpeeBen Gutenberg Memorial SYC & Cadet
3Anna TemiryaevY14WomenEpeeMission SYC (Super Youth Circuit) 2017
3Ethan KushnerikY14MenEpeeCOBRA CHALLENGE Super Youth (SYC) and CADET
3Ian GoldfineY12MenEpeeMission SYC (Super Youth Circuit) 2017
3Jack KambeselesD2016Y14MenEpeeThrust Fall Super Youth Circuit (SYC)
3Joshua YavorovskiyY10MenEpeeMission SYC (Super Youth Circuit) 2017
3Nadia GaberkornY12WomenEpeeCOBRA CHALLENGE Super Youth (SYC) and CADET
3Nadia GaberkornY12WomenEpeeBen Gutenberg Memorial SYC & Cadet
3Nadia GaberkornY12WomenEpeeThrust Fall Super Youth Circuit (SYC)
3Shawn AgaonY10MenEpeeFairfax Challenge SYC
3Skyler LiverantY14MenEpeeFairfax Challenge SYC
5Caralina KhrolY14WomenEpeeFairfax Challenge SYC
5Jaclyn KhrolY14WomenEpeeCOBRA CHALLENGE Super Youth (SYC) and CADET
5Mark DolgonosY14MenEpeeDaugherty Youth Cup - SYC/RCC
5Mark DolgonosY14MenEpeeThrust Fall Super Youth Circuit (SYC)
5Nadia GaberkornY12WomenEpeeFairfax Challenge SYC
6David PavlenishviliY12MenEpeeMission SYC (Super Youth Circuit) 2017
6David PavlenishviliY12MenEpeeThrust Fall Super Youth Circuit (SYC)
6Ian GoldfineY10MenEpeeFairfax Challenge SYC
6Jordan LiverantY14WomenEpeeThrust Fall Super Youth Circuit (SYC)
6Nadia GaberkornY14WomenEpeeCOBRA CHALLENGE Super Youth (SYC) and CADET
6Skyler LiverantY14MenEpeeMission SYC (Super Youth Circuit) 2017
7Ian GoldfineY12MenEpeeThrust Fall Super Youth Circuit (SYC)
7Jordan LiverantY14WomenEpeeCOBRA CHALLENGE Super Youth (SYC) and CADET
7Max KoustikovY12MenEpeeThrust Fall Super Youth Circuit (SYC)
7Peter KambeselesE2017Y14MenEpeeFairfax Challenge SYC
7Peter KambeselesY14MenEpeeWindy City Super Youth Circuit SYC and Cadets RCC
8Caralina KhrolY14WomenEpeeThrust Fall Super Youth Circuit (SYC)
8Jack KambeselesY14MenEpeeBen Gutenberg Memorial SYC & Cadet
8Nadia GaberkornY14WomenEpeeCapitol Clash SYC and Cadet RCC 2017
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