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Top Feeder Fencing Clubs to the Ivy League Fencing Roster 2016-2017

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Top Feeder Fencing Clubs

The Fencers Club of New York is the #1 Top Feeder Fencing Club to the Ivy League Fencing Roster for 2016-2017. With four freshmen fencers attending Harvard, Princeton, Penn, and Yale, the Fencers Club was the only club to place students in two weapons, epee, and foil. The club continues its long tradition of producing outstanding scholar-athletes and life-long learners. It follows the path of the Fencing Academy of Westchester which won the title in 2015-2016 and the Los Angeles International Fencing Center which won the title in our inaugural year, 2014-2015.  Eight clubs, including Brooklyn Bridge Fencing Club -NY, Capital Fencing Academy -MD, Empire United Fencing -NJ, Fencing Academy of Westchester -NY, Nellya Fencers -GA, and the North Shore Fencers Club -NY, each contributed two fencers to the Ivy League Fencing Roster in 2016-2017.

The seven Ivy League universities with NCAA-sanctioned fencing teams are:

The Ivy League universities fielded 48 freshmen fencers in 2016-2017, compared to 58  in 2015-2016 and 54 in 2014-2015. The accompanying table provides details about the Ivy League Freshmen Fencing Roster for 2016-2017. Please note, these are freshmen who entered school in the Fall of 2016, not fencers who are destined to start their college careers in the Fall of 2017! You may click on a column heading to sort the data based on that criteria.

The Ivy League Freshmen Fencing Roster 2016-2017

NameGenderUniversityWeaponHometown, High SchoolState or Country
NameGenderUniversityWeaponHometown (High School)State or Country
Sabrina EdelmanFBrownSabreUnknownNY
Sophie UleneFBrownEpeeScarsdale, NY (Scarsdale)NY
Eduard Munoz-SuneMBrownFoilUnknownCT
Violet MichelFColumbiaSabreCambridge, MA (Buckingham Browne & Nichols)MA
Ester SchreiberFColumbiaFoilGothenburg, Sweden (Sigrid Rudecks Gymnasium)Sweden
Rachel SunFColumbiaEpeeBeijing, China (International School of Beijing)China
Giana VierhellerFColumbiaEpeePittsburgh, PA (Lamar)PA
Andrew DoddoMColumbiaSabreSouth Orange, NJ (Columbia High School)NJ
Sam MoelisMColumbiaFoilHewlett, NY (Lynbrook)NY
Sacha SchoukerMColumbiaEpeeTannay, Switzerland (Istitut Florimont)Switzerland
Alex ShinMColumbiaFoilBusan, South Korea (Korea Christian International School)South Korea
Jakob StymneMColumbiaEpeeStockholm, Sweden (Viktor Rydberg Gymnasium)Sweden
Andrew Walker IIMColumbiaSabreAtlanta, GA (Westminster School)GA
Mick YamanakaMColumbiaEpeeFloral Park NY (Bronx High Sshool of Science)NY
Caroline KleinerFCornellEpeeSparkill, NY (Tappan Zee High School)NY
Vera LinFCornellEpeeGreat Neck, NY (Great Neck South High School)NY
Hannah RyjikovFCornellEpeeScarsdale, NY (Edgemont Jr./Sr. High School)NY
Marta LasotaFHarvardSabreSilver Spring, MD (Albert Einstein)MD
Natalie YangFHarvardFoilColts Neck, NJ (The Lawrenceville School)NJ
Matthew BranmanMHarvardFoilVillanova, PA (The Lawrenceville School)PA
Erwin CaiMHarvardSabreManetta, GA (Wheeler)GA
Philippe GuyMHarvardSabreSan Diego, CA (Canyon Crest Academy)CA
George HaglundMHarvardFoilCalifon, NJ (Newark Academy)NJ
Duncan Rheingans-YooMHarvardFoilColumbia, MD (Oakland Mills)MD
Isabella ChungFPrincetonFoilGreenwich, CT (Greenwich Academy)CT
Farrah Lee-ElabdFPrincetonEpeeSan Antonio, TX (Saint Mary's Hall)TX
Angela LiFPrincetonFoilNorth York, Ontario (Havergal College)Ontario, CA
Catherine (Kasia) NixonFPrincetonEpeeLos Angeles, CA (Notre Dame Academy)CA
Samuel BarmannMPrincetonFoilBarrington, RI (Barrington)RI
Wesley YuanMPrincetonEpeeWest Windsor, NJ (West Windsor-Plainsboro South)NJ
Danielle FerdonFUpennFoilSan Francisco, CA (George Washington)CA
Claire FosterFUpennSabreFlemington, NJ (The Academy of Health and Medical Sciences)NJ
Sarah PappFUpennSabreLexington, MAMA
Inbar TivonFUpennFoilFair Lawn, NJ (Fair Lawn)NJ
Nicole VaianiFUpennFoilWall, NJ (Ranney School)NJ
Victoria ZhangFUpennSabreCarmichael, CA (Mira Loma)CA
Alexandre AmiceMUpennFoilSt. Louis, MO (Saint Louis Priory School)MO
Adam GreenMUpennSabreChevy Chase, MD (Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School)MD
Connor MillsMUpennSabreMedford, NJ (St. Augustine's Prep)NJ
Willie UpbinMUpennFoilBrooklyn, NYNY
Michelle LiFYaleEpeeToronto, Canada (University of Toronto Schools)Ontario, CA
Michelle NamFYaleEpeeNew York City, NY (Horace Mann High School)NY
Sam WoodFYaleFoilWolfeboro, NH (Kingswood Regional High School)NH
Anna ZhouFYaleFoilLexington, MA (Lexington High School)MA
Aiden AhnMYaleFoilLos Angeles, CA (New Covenant Academy)CA
Jonathan LiMYaleSabre/FoilShreveport, LA (Loyola College Prep)LA
Malcolm MillerMYaleEpeeNew York, NY (Hunter College High School)NY
Isaac ShelanskiMYaleEpeeWashington DC (Washington International School)DC
Source: University Fencing Roster Websites


U.S. residents accounted for 41 or 85% of the freshmen intake with 29 or 60% of the total coming from New York (10), New Jersey (8), California (5), Massachusetts (3) and Maryland (3).  Six or 12% of the total came from Connecticut, Georgia and Pennsylvania, (2 each). The roster also included seven foreign fencers from Canada, Sweden, China, Switzerland, and Korea. Interestingly, five of the seven found their way onto the Columbia University Fencing Roster.

Men accounted for 23 or 48% of the freshmen intake, while women accounted for 25 or 52% of the freshmen fencers. The number of freshmen men fencers on the roster ranged from a high of seven at Columbia to a low of one at Brown with an average of 3.8 freshmen men per school. Cornell, with its women-only fencing team, added three women to its roster in 2015-2016, compared to seven the previous year.  The number of freshmen women fencers on the roster ranged from a high of six at Penn to a low of two at Harvard and Brown with an average of 3.3 freshmen women per school.

Foil accounted for 19 or 40% of freshmen fencers followed by epee (19) at 33% and saber (12) at 25%. As expected the overall split between the weapons is more-or-less about one-third for each weapon although the composition of freshmen by weapon varies significantly across the universities.

The breakdown of ratings for freshmen men and women on the Ivy League Fencing Roster is outlined in the accompanying table.

Ratings of 2016-2017 Ivy League Freshmen Fencing Roster at 1 November, 2015

Number% of TotalNumber% of TotalNumber% of Total
Source: National Fencing Club Rankings based on an analysis of askFRED.net and USFA data.

It should be noted that the composition of ratings has changed considerably over the past twelve months. Sixty-nine percent (69%) of the freshmen intake for the Fall of 2016 had an “A” rating compared to 40% the previous year.  There was one “B” rating, four “C” ratings, three “E” ratings, and two unranked or “U” ratings.

Nine of the 25 women fencers were nationally ranked in Juniors and had an average rank of 18, with a range of 2 to 39 (July 2015). Eighteen of the 23 men fencers were nationally ranked in Juniors and had an average ranking of 26 with a range of 1 to 97 (July 2015).

Freshmen from the U.S. came from 31 USFA member clubs (37 in 2015-2016 and 33 in 2014-2015) from around the country but the top seven feeder clubs accounted for almost 39% of freshmen in 2016-2017. The top feeder clubs were Fencers Club NY, Brooklyn Bridge Fencing Club NY, Capital Fencing Academy -MD, Empire United Fencing NJ, Fencing Academy of Westchester – NY, Nellya Fencers GA, and North Shore Fencers Club NY as listed in the accompanying table. You may click on a column heading to sort the data based on that criteria.

Feeder Fencing Clubs & Destination Ivy League Universities 2016-2017

Feeder Club# on Ivy League Freshmen RosterWeapon/sDestination University
Grand Total48
Foreign7Epee, FoilColumbia, Princeton, Yale
Fencers Club, NY4Epee, FoilHarvard, Penn, Princeton, Yale
Brooklyn Bridge Fencing Club, NY2FoilColumbia, Penn
Capital Fencing Academy, MD2SaberHarvard, Penn
Empire United Fencing, NJ2FoilHarvard, Penn
Fencing Academy of Westchester, NY2EpeeCornell, Brown
Nellya Fencers, GA2SaberHarvard, Columbia
North Shore Fencers Club, NY2EpeeCornell, Columia
Alliance Fencing Academy, TX1EpeeColumbia
Baltimore Fencing Center, MD1FoilHarvard
Boston Fencing Club, MA1SaberPenn
Connecticut Fencers Club, CT1FoilBrown
DC Fencers Club, MD1EpeeYale
Fairfield Fencing, TN1Sabe/FoilYale
Gold Fencing Club, MA1FoilYale
Golubitsky Fencing Center, CA1FoilYale
Lilov Fencing Academy, NJ1EpeeCornell
Los Angeles International Fencing Center, CA1EpeePrinceton
Manhattan Fencing Center, NY1SaberPenn
New York Athletic Club, NY1FoilHarvard
Olympian Fencing Club, TX1EpeePrinceton
Peter Westbrook Foundation, NY1SaberColumbia
Premier Fencing Academy, CA1SaberPenn
Rhode Island Fencing Academy and Club, RI1FoilPrinceton
San Francisco Fencers' Club, CA1FoilPenn
Seacoast Fencing Club, NH1FoilYale
Sheridan Fencing Academy, CA1SaberBrown
Spartak, CA1SaberBrown
The Fencers Academy, MO1FoilPenn
TigerZFencing Academy, NJ1EpeePrinceton
Top Fencing Club, NJ1EpeeYale
Zeta Fencing, MA1SaberColumbia
Source: National Fencing Club Rankings based on an analysis of Ivy League University Fencing Rosters 2016-2017, askFRED.net, and USFA data.

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Contact Details

Contact details for the head coaches of the Ivy League Fencing Rosters are listed below.


Head Coach

Telephone #

Brown Atilio Tass 401-863-1986
Columbia Michael Aufrichtig 212-854-4040
Cornell Daria Schneider 607-255-1672
Harvard Peter Brand 617-495-1991
Penn Andy Ma 215-898-6116
Princeton Zoltan Dudas 609- 258-3519
Yale Henry Harutunian 203-432-2137

Check back in to review our updated post on the NCAA Division 1 fencing roster which we hope to post in either October or November 2016. We will continue to exclude data on the Ivy League Fencing Roster so the data will pertain to the Atlantic Coast Conference schools such as Duke University, the University of Notre Dame and Boston College, and the Independents such as Stanford University, Pennsylvania State University, and St. John’s University.

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    • Bob says:

      True they need min SAT and grades – much higher than your typical school. But the likelihood of getting in especially if you are Asian is poor even with perfect grades and SAT’s. Many people with4.0 and 1500+ will fall by the wayside. Athletics is the second largest boost to admissions except for legacy large donor.

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