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Top Fencing Clubs and High School All-American Team Members 2017

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High School All-American Team – Criteria

USA Fencing has recently announced the inaugural High School All-American Team, which includes over 300 fencers from across the country. The High School All-American program is designed to recognize high school athletes’ accomplishments on the strip during the 2016-17 season. Applicants were required to be USA Fencing members in high school, have earned a rating in the current fencing season, be in good academic standing and have shown exceptional character in the community.  The criteria for selection were:

  1. Must be a current USA Fencing Competitive, Professional or High School Member.
  2. Must be in 9-12th grade at a secondary school or in a homeschool program. No post-graduate fencers were considered.
  3. Must have earned an “E” rating or higher in the current fencing season. (After August 1, 2016)
  4. Must be in good academic standing at their school, and
  5. Must have displayed exceptional character as an athlete, a student, and a community member.

All American Selections will receive Certificates of achievement and recognition in USA Fencing communications.  All American Team members are encouraged to promote their accomplishment on college applications and personal resumes.

Team Members

In all, 311 fencers representing 321 entries from 35 states and 158 clubs were named to the High School All-American Team for 2017. Ten fencers earned honors in multiple weapons. The names of Team Members are found in the PDF file at the end of this post.

One hundred and sixty-seven (167) or 52% of athletes who had earned or renewed an “A” or “B” classification during the 2016-2017 fencing season were named 1st Team USA Fencing All-American.  One hundred and fifteen or 36% who had earned or renewed a “C” or “D” classification were named 2nd Team USA Fencing All-American and 39 or 12% of athletes received an Honorable Mention Team USA Fencing All-American for earning or renewing an “E” rating during the season.

California accounts for 70 members or about 22% of the High School All-American Team followed by New Jersey with 42 members (13.1%), New York State with 28 members (8.7%), Texas with 23 members (7.2%) and Massachusetts with 16 members (5%).

USA Fencing 2017 High School All-American Team Members by State 

Scroll over a state to highlight details.

Fencers in their sophomore year account for about 35% of High School All-American team members, followed by junior and freshman at 29% and 28% respectively. First Team members account for the largest proportion of All-American Team members by year as illustrated in the accompanying graph.  

First Team members also account for the largest proportion of All-American team members for each of the weapons as illustrated in the graph below. They account for about 58% of epee team members, 49% of saber team members and 48% of foil team members.

The following table provides a ranking of the 158 fencing clubs by the number of USA Fencing 2017 High School All-American Team members. Medeo Club of New Jersey heads the ranking with nine team members. Tied for second place are Anaheim Hills Fencers Club and Avant-Garde Fencers Club, both of California with seven team members apiece. Three clubs are tied for fourth place, Fencers Club of New York, Fencing Academy of Westchester, New York and Nellya Fencers of Georgia. 

Ranking of Fencing Clubs by Number of USA Fencing 2017 High School All-American Team Members

RankFencing Club1st Team2nd TeamHonorable
Grand Total16711539321
1Medeo Fencing Club, NJ3519
2Anaheim Hills Fencers Club, CA2417
2Avant Garde Fencers Club, CA527
4Fencers Club, NY516
4Fencing Academy of Westchester, NY4116
4Nellya Fencers, GA426
7Alliance Fencing Academy, TX415
7Candlewood Fencing Center, CT325
7Capital Fencing Academy, MD145
7Fencing Institute of Texas, TX2215
7Los Angeles International Fencing Center, CA55
7Metro Tacoma Fencing Club, WA325
14Fencer's Club of Arizona, AZ314
14Hills Fencing Institute, NY224
14Homewood Fencing Club, MD44
14Mission Fencing Center, NY314
14Olympia Fencing Center, MA314
14Oregon Fencing Alliance, OR44
14Premier Fencing Academy, CA44
14Silicon Valley Fencing Center, CA134
14Texas Fencing Academy, TX134
14Tim Morehouse Fencing Club, NY2114
14Zeljkovic Fencing Academy, PA314
25Bergen Fencing Club, NJ213
25Boston Fencing Club, MA213
25DC Fencers Club, MD33
25Fairfield Fencing Academy, CT213
25Fencing Academy of Philadelphia, PA213
25Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ33
25Laguna Fencing Center, CA213
25Massialas Foundation (M Team), CA213
25Northwest Fencing Center, OR33
25Research Triangle Fencing, NC213
25Rhode Island Fencing Academy and Club, RI213
25Salle D'Asaro, CA123
25The Fencing Center of San Jose, CA213
25Twin Cities Fencing Club, MN213
25United Fencing Academy, CA123
40Academy of Fencing Masters, CA112
40Advanced Fencing and Fitness Academy, NJ22
40American Institute of Fencing, NJ22
40Apex Fencing Academy, NC22
40Bluegrass Fencers' Club, FL112
40Brooklyn Bridge Fencing CLub, NY22
40Cardinal Fencing Club, CA112
40Cheyenne Fencing Society, CO22
40D'Alerta Fencing Academy, FL22
40Davis Fencing Academy, CA22
40Fayetteville Fencing Club, AR112
40Fortune Fencing, CA112
40Gold Blade Fencing Center, TX112
40iMasters Academy, GA22
40Indysabre, IN22
40Integrity Fencing Studio, NJ112
40Lilov Fencing Academy, NJ22
40Lionheart Fencing Academy, CA112
40Manchen Academy of Fencing, NJ22
40Maryland Fencing Club, MD112
40Masters Fencing Club, FL22
40Moe Fencing Club, MA22
40Morris Fencing Club, NJ112
40New York Athletic Club, NJ22
40New York Fencing Academy, NY112
40Oklahoma Sport Fencing, OK22
40Penta Olympic Fencing Club, IN112
40Premier Fencing Club, NJ112
40Renaissance Fencing Club, MI22
40San Diego Fencing Center, CA22
40San Francisco Fencers Club, CA22
40Swords Fencing Studio, CA112
40Three Rivers Fencing Center, PA22
40Vivo Fencing Club, MA22
40Winter Garden Fencing Academy, FL22
40Zeta Fencing, MA22
765T Fencers Club, NY11
76Alamo Fencing Academy, TX11
76American Fencing Academy of Dayton, OH11
76Atlantic Fencing Club, NJ11
76Austin Fencers Club, TX11
76Baltimore Fencing Center, MD11
76Battle Born Fencing Academy, NV11
76Beverly Hills Fencers' Club, CA11
76Boise Fencing Club, ID11
76California Fencing Academy, CA11
76Charlotte Fencing Academy, NC11
76Cobra Fencing Club, NJ11
76Conejo Valley Fencing Club, CA11
76Corsair Fencing Club, PA11
76Denver Fencing Center, CO11
76Duke City Fencing, NM11
76Dunwoody Fencing Club, GA11
76Eagle Fencing Academy, MO11
76East Bay Fencers Gym, CA11
76Escrimeur Fencers Club, NJ11
76Fencing Club of Mercer County, NJ11
76Fencing Sports Academy, VA11
76Florida Fencing Academy, FL11
76Georgia Fencing Academy, GA11
76Gold Fencing Club, MA11
76Golden Sabre Academy, CA11
76Golubitsky Fencing Center, CA11
76Gryphon Fencing, CA11
76Halberstadt Fencers Club, CA11
76Hangtown Saber Fencing, CA11
76Heartland Fencing Academy, KS11
76Hooked On Fencing, OH11
76Indianapolis Fencing Club, IN11
76International Fencing Club, MA11
76Iowa City Fencing Center, IA11
76Kansas City Fencing Center, MO11
76Le Club Touche Fencing Academy, CA11
76Lone Star Fencing Center, TX11
76Los Angeles International Fencing Club, CA11
76Manhattan Fencing Center, NJ11
76Master Sabre Fencing Academy, NY11
76Matsters Fencing club, FL11
76Memphis University School, TN11
76Mid South Fencing Club, NC11
76Minnesota Sword Club, MN11
76Mississippi Fencing Club, MS11
76Modern Duelists Fencing Academy, MD11
76Modern Fencer, KY11
76Naples Fencing Academy, FL11
76New Jersey Fencing Alliance, NJ11
76New Trier X-Caliber, IL11
76NKY Fencing Academy, KY11
76North Carolina Fencing Development Program, NC11
76North Texas Fencing Alliance, TX11
76Northwest Indiana Fencing Club, IN11
76NOVA Fencing Club, VA11
76Olympian Fencing Club, TX11
76Olympic Fencers Club, GA11
76Orion Fencing, WA11
76PDX Fencing, OR11
76Phoenix Falcons Fencing Club, AZ11
76Putnam County Fencing Center, NY11
76Queen City Fencing Club, NC11
76Red Rock Fencing Center, NV11
76Redlands Fencing Center, KS11
76Redstar Fencing Club, IL11
76Robert E. Fitch Senior High School, CT11
76Rose City Fencing Club, CT11
76Royal Arts Fencing Academy, OH11
76Salle La Verne, CA11
76Salle Mauro Fencing Academy, TX11
76San Antonio Phoenix Fencer's Club, TX11
76Sheridan Fencing Academy, CT11
76Silver City Fencing Club, CT11
76South Brooklyn Fencing, NY11
76The Fencers Academy, MO11
76The Phoenix Center, NY11
76Three Swords Fencing Club, MI11
76Tri-Weapon Boys Club, MD11
76Two Ravens Fencing School, OH11
76Underground Fencing Organization, MI11
76Virginia Academy of Fencing, VA11
76Washington Fencing, WA11
76Windy City Fencing Club, IL11
Source: National Fencing Club Rankings based on an analysis of USA Fencing data.

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