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The Veteran Regional Open Circuit (ROC) Market – 2015-2016

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In light of our decision to launch our club rankings for Veterans immediately after this year’s Summer Nationals, we have provided some background information on the performance and characteristics of Veteran Regional Open Circuit (ROC) tournaments over the past year. While there are over 600 USFA member fencing clubs, only 119 clubs contributed veteran fencers to these tournaments. Of the 119 clubs, 22 clubs and the “Unattached” category accounted for half the veteran fencers participating in ROC tournaments in 2015-2016!

Regional Open Circuit (ROC)

The ROC is designed to promote and develop strong regional tournaments for the Open/Division I-A fencer who seeks competitive opportunities beyond the local and sectional level but below the NAC Division I level. Veterans, who meet age requirements, are able to qualify for national championships by fencing in a Veterans ROC event. Veteran fencers accounted for 6.1% of fencers and 4.4% of fencer events at ROC tournaments over the past year.

Veteran (ROC) Tournaments

Over the period, nine Veteran ROC tournaments hosted 269 veteran fencers who fenced in 47 tournament events and generated 336 fencer events as outlined in the accompanying table. (A veteran fencer may have entered two events at a tournament such as Vet Men’s Foil and Vet Men’s Epee, generating two fencer events.) As an aside, 519 veteran fencers from 205 clubs have registered to fence in 24 tournament events at the Summer Nationals!

Characteristics of Veteran's Regional Open Circuit (ROC) Tournaments by Location 2015-2016

TournamentLocationTournament EventsTotal Fencer EventsTotal FencersFencer Events Per FencerAverage Size Event
2015 BladeFest Div 2 and Vet ROCTacoma, WA545361.39.0
Bill Hall's Veteran Challenge 15 ROCWaltham, MA682731.113.7
CCO '15: ROC D1A2Vets and JRCC with Y12 & WhchNew Orleans, LA628231.24.7
Dean Alexander Memorial 2016: DV 1A DV 2 Vet ROCChandler, AZ518171.13.6
Duel at Dallas - Region 5 RJC and Vet ROCDallas, TX641311.36.8
NJFA Danny Bukantz ROC (Div I-A Div II VET)Maplewood, NJ531311.06.2
ROC of the Rockies DIV IA/DIV II/VET F/E/S Region4Denver, CO638331.26.3
SabreCave XXI: RYC RJC Senior VetNorth Richland Hills, TX210101.05.0
TFC's Fallfest Div II and VETs ROCSan Jose, CA643401.17.2
Source: National Fencing Club Rankings based on an analysis of askFRED.net data.
Bill Hall’s Veteran Challenge 15 ROC in Waltham, MA was the largest Veteran ROC tournament held this year. It attracted 73 fencers who participated in six tournament events and generated 82 fencer events, or 1.1 fencer events per fencer.

Of the 336 fencer events generated at this year’s Veteran ROC tournaments, men accounted for 206 fencer events or 61.3% of the total as illustrated in the accompanying table. They participated in 25 tournament events which averaged 8.2 fencers per event.

Composition of Veteran's Events at Regional Open Circuit (ROC) Tournaments 2015-2016

EventEventsFencer EventsPercent of Total Fencer EventsFencersAverage Event SizeFencer Events Per Fencer
Vet Combined Men's Epee812637.5%11615.81.1
Vet Combined Men's Foil84312.8%425.41.0
Vet Combined Men's Saber93711.0%344.11.1
Vet Combined Women's Epee86820.2%658.51.0
Vet Combined Women's Foil63510.4%325.81.1
Vet Combined Women's Saber8278.0%223.41.2
Source: National Fencing Club Rankings based on an analysis of askFRED.net data.

Epee was by far the most popular weapon accounting for almost 57.5% of all fencer events (37.5% men and 20.2% for women). Saber was the least popular weapon at about 19% (11% for men and 8% for women).

Many veterans seek to earn or upgrade their rating classifications at ROC tournaments. Of the 336 fencer events, 207 or 62% were generated by fencers with ratings and of the 207, 13 or 6% upgraded their rankings as illustrated in the accompanying table.

Ratings Earned at Veteran's Regional Open Circuit (ROC) Tournaments 2015-2016

Row LabelsA2015A2016C2015D2015E2015E2016Total
Source: National Fencing Club Rankings based on an analysis of askFRED.net data.

As an example, a fencer with an A2014 rating upgraded his or her rating to a A2016. Of the 129 unrated participants, 6 or 4.7% earned either an “E” or “D” rating.

While there are over 600 USFA member clubs, a total of 119 fencing clubs contributed veteran fencers to ROC tournaments. Twenty-two clubs plus the “Unattached” category accounted for just over half the demand generated at Veteran ROC tournaments as illustrated in the table below.

Powerhouse Fencing Clubs Contributing Over Fifty Percent (50%) of Fencer Events at Veteran Regional Open Circuit (ROC) Tournaments 2015-2016

ClubFencer Events Percent of Total Fencer EventsCumulative Percent of Total Fencer Events
Unattached (or Unknown)206.0%6.0%
Rain City Fencing Center, WA185.4%11.3%
Cutting Edge Fencing Club, TX154.5%15.8%
Fencing Institute of Texas, TX103.0%18.8%
The Fencing Center of San Jose, CA103.0%21.7%
Denver Fencing Center, CO92.7%24.4%
Olympia Fencing Center, MA92.7%27.1%
Metro Tacoma Fencing Club. WA82.4%29.5%
Salle Auriol Seattle, WA82.4%31.8%
Bay State Fencers, MA61.8%33.6%
Fencing Academy of Denver, CO51.5%35.1%
New Orleans Fencers Club, LA51.5%36.6%
Phoenix Falcons Fencing Club, AZ51.5%38.1%
Portland Fencing Center, OR51.5%39.6%
Red Stick School of Fencing, LA51.5%41.1%
Round Rock Fencing Club, TX51.5%42.6%
Vermont Fencing Alliance, VT51.5%44.0%
Washington Fencing Academy, WA51.5%45.5%
West Berkeley Fencing Club, CA51.5%47.0%
Atlantic Fencing Academy, NJ41.2%48.2%
Battle Born Fencing Club, NV41.2%49.4%
Boston Fencing Club, MA41.2%50.6%
Candlewood Fencing Center, CT41.2%51.8%
Fencers Club, NY41.2%53.0%
Medeo Fencing Club, NJ41.2%54.2%
Source: National Fencing Club Rankings based on an analysis of askFRED.net data.

Next year there are six Veteran ROC tournaments scheduled with a full complement of veteran events and one with only saber events as outlined below. So in all, there will be three less Veteran ROC tournaments next year compared to this year, unless others are approved by the USFA in the coming months.






8/27 – 8/28/16 Bladefest 2016 Tacoma WA 1
9/17 – 9/18/16 Neil Lazar RYC, VET ROC & Cadet Non-Regional New Haven CT 3
9/24 – 9/25/16 Duel at Dallas RJCC + Veteran ROC Dallas TX 5
10/29 – 10/30/16 Crescent City Open 10 New Orleans LA 5
12/16 – 12/17/16 SabreCave XXII RYC/RJC/ROC Sabre Only North Richland Hills TX 5
12/16 – 12/18/16 Boston Fencing Club ROC/Bill Hall Veteran Challenge ROC Boston MA 3
2/4 – 2/5/17 Dean Alexander Memorial ROC Chandler AZ 4


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  1. Good ROC information. I would like to see how you intend to use veteran national points for factoring in the selection of top clubs over the season. International veteran events include world championships and Pan Ams…

  2. Ross says:

    We plan to add the four age categories (Vet-40, Vet-50, Vet-60 and Vet-70) to the two Veteran Open events for each gender and weapon category in order to rank the performance of clubs. So for each veteran-gender-weapon category there will be four age groups x three events per year plus the two open events giving a total of 14 Veteran events for each gender-weapon category. This will enable us to measure the breadth of a club’s veteran program. Our 2015-2016 release date will be Friday 29, July 2016 after the 2016 USA Fencing National Championships in Dallas.

  3. Michael says:

    Ross, thanks for this ROC information. I think some clubs send more fencers to ROCs and other send more to NACs, so not sure that either list will be fully representative. Look forward to the NAC results to round out the analysis.

  4. Bob says:

    Good information for us to have. Thanks. Bob

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