Rankings of athletes, sports teams and sports clubs are a global phenomenon. They serve many purposes, which for NFCR includes providing easily interpretable information as an important external measure of the quality of fencing performance. This helps validate the strength of fencing clubs, assists in promoting the fencing culture and the pursuit of fencing excellence as well as assisting fencers and their parents in making informed decisions about the best clubs to join and/or fencing camps to attend.

NFCR rankings provide comparative information and a market-based perspective on the fencing performance of the best fencing clubs in the U.S. Our tables rank fencing clubs by National fencing performance only, and inform our audience based on a range of criteria. NFCR rankings list the top fencing clubs in a particular age-gender-weapon category.

Providing comparable unbiased information in order for fencers and their parents to decide which club to join or where to attend their next fencing camp is the primary purpose of the NFCR rankings. We make no pretense that we are ranking clubs based on their service, facilities, programming or any basis other than fencing performance at the national level.

We believe that there is a high correlation between the fencing performance of a club and the quality of instruction from the club’s coaches. We understand that many fencers have no options in deciding which club to join, but for many the rankings will help in the decision making process.

We understand that rankings are only one source of information required, as choosing a fencing club depends on a number of factors including, social, geographic, financial and personal, which cannot be measured by club rankings.

NFCR encourages fencers to choose their fencing clubs based on which best matches their fencing ambitions, personal development and financial opportunities. NFCR is a fully independent organization and is not legally subordinated to any club or organization involved in US fencing.  We are therefore able to provide this unbiased information to enhance the profile and needs of the U.S. fencing community.

“I applaud any effort to bring a sense of clarity to the fencing club selection process. As parents of three fencers, my wife and I have made a tremendous investment both emotionally and financially into our kids’ fencing training. Any tool that helps parents make a better and and more informed decision when it comes to choosing a club, is a most welcome addition to the US fencing scene.”
~ Jeff Binder

“Excellent tool to assist fencers and parents to choose a club for various reasons. One might be looking for a permanent club, another for occasional bouting while in the area or a camp. The depth within weapons, within age groups, and the historical data are good indicators to find the appropriate fit. Thank you for all your efforts and making this available for all!”
~  Maria Panyi