Zeta Fencing


Zeta Fencing in Natick, Massachusetts is home to national and international champions. The club offers a wide range of sabre fencing programs under the direction of Head Coach Zoran Tulum. Former coach of Harvard and Stanford University Fencing Teams, US Olympic coach and the current National Coach of the US Men’s Sabre Team, Tulum leads Zeta’s experienced cadre of high-level coaches to offer sabre fencing classes for athletes at all levels, from beginners to international competitors.

Zeta’s unique Victorian-style fencing salle in Natick’s historic Odd Fellows’ Building instills natural respect for the history and values of our Olympic sport in young fencers.

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Club Information

Address: 11 South Main Street
Natick, MA 01760
Tel: 1-508-655-6480
Email: info@zetafencing.com

Among Our National Rankings

• # 1 Cadet Women’s Sabre Top 8 Medal Points 2014-2015 (Club of the Year 2014-2015)
• # 2 Senior Men’s Sabre Podium Medal Points 2014-2015
• # 3 Junior Men’s Sabre Top 8 Medal Points 2014-2015
• # 11 Youth Women’s Sabre Podium Medal Points 2014-2015
• # 15 Senior Women’s Sabre Top 8 Medal Points 2014-2015

Notable International Results

Eli Dershwitz – currently ranked #17 in the world and #2 in the country

  • First US saber fencer to win an individual world championship title
  • 2015 Junior World Champion
  • 2015 Pan American Games – 1st place
  • 2015 Pan American Championships – 1st place
  • 2014 Pan American Championships – 1st place
  • 2014 Budapest Junior World Cup (February) – 1st place
  • 2014 Budapest Junior World Cup (September) – 1st place
  • 2014 Arizona Junior World Cup – 1st place

Andrew Mackiewicz

  • 2014 Budapest Junior World Cup – 3rd place
  • 2014 Pan American Championships – 6th place
  • 2014 Junior World Championships – 6th place

Violet Michel – currently ranked #24 in the world (Junior) and number 2 in the country (Junior)

  • 2015 Cadet World Championships – 12th place
  • 2014 Phoenix Junior World Cup – 3rd place
  • 2014 Konin Cadet European Cup – 9th place

About the Club

Zeta Fencing is a fencing club in downtown Natick, Massachusetts. Home to national and international champions, Zeta is one of the leading fencing programs in the United States. The club’s students regularly represent USA at World Championships and international competitions.While Zeta provides world-class fencing at the highest level, we know that the future of fencing depends on strong youth programs in our fencing clubs. That’s why we offer high-quality beginner classes for all age groups and year-round competitive classes for our youth fencers. Zeta specializes in sabre fencing, and all our classes are taught by sabre coaches.

Zeta’s High Performance Program is one of the world’s strongest sabre fencing programs. It provides world-class training at the highest national and international level. Our elite fencers train 5-6 days a week and follow an extensive national and international tournament schedule.

Zeta Fencing was founded in 2000, when Zoran Tulum happened to stumble into a beautiful historical building in the heart of Natick, Massachusetts. He realized that he had found the space that would give him the chance to do what he had always dreamed of—to establish a fencing school true to European traditions. Today, very few fencing salles exist in the world that embody the spirit and atmosphere of the Victorian era, the golden age of fencing.

Our Coaches

Zoran Tulum – President, Head Coach

Zoran Tulum has been a fencer for over 40 years and a coach for more than 30. His career has taken him from winning the Yugoslavian National Championships to coaching the US National Team at the Olympic Games.As a fencing master, Zoran coached at Harvard University for two years and was Head Coach of Stanford University’s fencing program for 12 years. From 1988 to 1996, Zoran Tulum was the US National Men’s Foil Coach. In 1996, he was Olympic Coach for one of the first internationally successful US foil fencing teams. As an early promoter of our sport in the US, he and his team were even featured in Vanity Fair.

In 2001, Zoran founded his own fencing club in Natick, Massachusetts. His students at Zeta Fencing have accumulated nearly every national title in the US at each age and classification level, from Youth Tournaments through Junior Olympics and Senior National Championships. Many have gone on to fencing in leading college programs. Currently, members of the US Cadet, Junior, and Senior World Sabre Teams are among Zoran’s students. During the last two years, his students won medals at Junior World Championships, Senior World Cups, and Pan American Zonal Championships.

In 2014, Zoran Tulum was named National Coach again, this time for the US Men’s Sabre program. While preparing the nation’s best fencers for the World Championships and Olympic Games, he knows that the future of sabre fencing depends on strong youth programs in our fencing clubs. That’s why he enjoys working with our beginner fencers as much as teaching Zeta’s most advanced competitive classes. For Zoran, being a fencing coach means much more than simply teaching fencing moves: “We can say that we don’t teach people how to fence in our club, we teach people how to be fencers, which is a much, much higher category.”

Matthew Zich – Junior Sabre Coach

Matthew Zich started fencing at the age of 10 at the New York Fencers Club. He was coached by Olympic silver medal winning coach, Yury Gelman. Later, Matt also had the chance to work with renowned coach Emik Kaidanov for an extended period of time. Matt was a member of three US World Championship teams, the first time as a Cadet in 2003 (Italy), and two more times as a Junior in 2005 (Austria) and 2006 (Korea). In 2004, Matt won the US Junior National Championships. Matt has been ranked 1st in Under-14, Under-17, and Under-19, and he was ranked as high as 6th in Division I Men’s Sabre during his active fencing career.

As a coach, Matt integrates his extensive national and international competition experience into his teaching. Since Matt started coaching, his students consistently reached the final rounds at state and regional competitions. During his first year of coaching for Zeta, Matt lead his fencers to national championship titles as well as numerous national and regional medals. He will start his international coaching career with members of Zeta’s High Performance Program during the 2015-2016 fencing season. Matt coaches all levels of classes at Zeta and gives private lessons. He is the head of our Competitive Programs.

Bartosz Pukal – Junior Sabre Coach

Bartosz Pukal was born and raised in Chicago. There, he started fencing at the age of eight. Bartosz has been competing and medaling at numerous national and international competitions. Since he started coaching at Zeta, Bart has lead his fencers to national championship titles and to numerous national and regional medals. His talent and success make him one of the most outstanding youth coaches in the country. Bart teaches all class levels and gives private lessons.

Rachel Aho – Assistant Sabre Coach

Rachel was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but was raised in Richmond, Virginia, and Boston. She started competing when she was fifteen. She has fenced nationally and internationally over the past few years and has won numerous national medals. Rachel collected coaching experience as a youth coach at Boston Fencing Club. Her extensive fencing experience as well as her rapport with young fencers make her a very popular coach. Rachel teaches Beginner and Pre-Competitive classes.

Eva Heinrich – Executive Director, Youth Coach

Eva Heinrich brings professional experience as an educational consultant, college professor, textbook editor and published writer to Zeta Fencing. She has developed educational programs from Kindergarten to college level. As a language instructor as well as a fencing coach, Eva has long-standing experience teaching all age groups. As Zeta Fencing’s Executive Director, Eva oversees the club’s administration, program development, PR and marketing, membership support/recruitment as well as all areas of day-to-day business. Eva competes actively as a veteran sabre fencer and has won national medals. She holds a certificate as Moniteur de Sabre from the US Fencing Coaches Association. Eva is the head of our Beginner and Pre-Competitive Programs.

Workshops and Camps

During the summer, Zeta offers summer programs for all levels of fencing. Our intermediate and advanced competitive summer programs are very popular and attract fencers from around the world. Zeta’s High Performance Program regularly holds weekend workshops for high-level competitors. Some of these workshops are open to guests, many US team members among them. Please contact the club directly for more information.