To be eligible for a “Best Fencing Clubs” ranking in 2016-2017, a fencing club must have had at least one of its fencers finish in the Top 16 of a USA Fencing (USFA) National Domestic Point Tournament in either a Youth, Cadet, Junior or Senior age division.  In the Veteran age group, a club fencer needs to have finished on the Podium for a club to be eligible for a “Best Fencing Clubs” ranking. The Top 16 (or Podium) fencers in each competition automatically contribute to their club’s final ranking. Readers are encouraged to review the detailed rankings for each age-gender-weapon category which are found under the menu heading, ‘Rankings’.

The rankings are based on a simple weighted 100-point system adopted by the USFA with points being awarded to the Top 16 fencers in each competition. The final rankings are derived by aggregating the Top 16 placement points for the fencers by their club representation. National Domestic Tournament Results data from the USFA is the data source used to determine the rankings. Further information about the ranking process used to identify the “Best Fencing Clubs” can be found here. 

Readers are also encouraged to review our National Fencing Club Championships for 2016-2017 for USA Fencing National Tournament season. The Championships rank all clubs by the total number of medals won by Top 8 fencers at National Tournaments held throughout the year. 

“Best Fencing Clubs” Digital Badge

“Best Fencing Clubs” – 2016-2017

Clubs that made our “Best Fencing Clubs” rankings for 2016-2017 are listed in the accompanying table.  At year end 7/31/2017, there were 667 USA Fencing Member Clubs. With the inclusion of 13 clubs from Canada this year, 223 clubs, (down one from the last year), made NFCR’s “Best Fencing Clubs” rankings. One-hundred and eleven (111) clubs were ranked in epee, 102 in foil and 81 in saber.

About 73% of the clubs ranked in only one weapon, 23% ranked in two and ten or 4% ranked in all three weapons. Clubs which ranked in all three weapons include Columbus Fencing & Fitness-OH, Denver Fencing Center-CO, Durkan Fencing Academy-NJ, Los Angeles International Fencing Center-CA,  Medeo Fencing Club-NJ, New York Athletic Club-NY, Peter Westbrook Foundation-NY, Rhode Island Fencing Academy and Club -RI, Rochester Fencing Club-NY and Royal Arts Fencing Academy-OH.

About 50% of the “Best Fencing Clubs” are located in six U.S. states; California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Texas, and Virginia. About two-thirds are found in twelve states, adding Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Ohio, and Illinois to the list. In addition to the number of clubs detailed on the map, the provinces of Canada are home to 13 “Best Fencing Clubs”, Quebec (5), Ontario (4), British Columbia (2) and Alberta (2).

During the past year, a number of readers requested that we provide greater granularity on our “Best Fencing Clubs.” Knowing that a club made our “Best Fencing Clubs’ was useful, but a large number of readers wanted to know how the clubs were ranked overall. You can download a FREE spreadsheet with detailed rankings of the 223 clubs that made our “Best Fencing Clubs” in foil, saber, and epee in 2016-2017. Click here for your FREE Spreadsheet.

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How may I publicize our club’s rankings? Please view our publicizing guidelines by clicking here. For information on licensing the “Best Fencing Clubs” or “Fencing Club of the Year” digital badge please click here. For advertising and other marketing opportunities, call 973-723-0423 or click here. With 55,000 visitors and 155,000 page views in the past twelve months, (projected to reach 70,000 visitors in 2017), an Expanded Club Profile guarantees a club’s exposure to a high quality and targeted audience in the most cost-effective way. We currently generate over 200 sessions per day with visitors seeking information on the “Best Fencing Clubs” in the nation.

Readers can filter or search the list of “Best Fencing Clubs” in the following table. You may click on a column heading to sort the data based on that criteria. Readers are advised to firstly, sort the state by alphabetical order and secondly the weapon of interest.

"Best Fencing Clubs" - 2016-2017

State/ProvinceFencing ClubSaberFoilEpee
State/ProvinceFencing ClubSaberFoilEpee
New York5T Fencers Club, NYFoil
CaliforniaAcademy of Fencing Masters, CAFoilEpee
New JerseyAdvance Fencing and Fitness Academy, NJSaber
TexasAlamo Fencing Academy, TXEpee
New HampshireAllez Fencing, NHFoil
TexasAlliance Fencing Academy, TXEpee
CaliforniaAnaheim Hill Fencers, CAFoil
ArizonaArizona Fencing Center, AZFoil
ArizonaArizona State University Fencing Club, AZSaber
GeorgiaArsenal Fencing Club, GASaber
WisconsinAtaba Fencing Club, WIEpee
GeorgiaAthletic Club Northeast, GAFoil
New JerseyAtlantic Fencing Academy, NJSaberEpee
CaliforniaAvant Garde Fencers Club, CASaber
MarylandBaltimore Fencing Center, MDFoilEpee
NevadaBattle Born Fencing Club, NVEpee
MassachusettsBay State Fencers, MAEpee
TennesseeBaylor School, TNFoil
TexasBayou City Fencing Academy, TXFoil
New YorkBeaches Sabre Club, NYSaber
New JerseyBergen Fencing Club, NJSaber
CaliforniaBeverly Hills Fencers' Club, CAEpee
AlabamaBirmingham Fencing Club, ALFoil
KentuckyBluegrass Fencers' Club, KYFoil
IdahoBoise Fencing Club, IDEpee
MassachusettsBoston Fencing Club, MASaberEpee
QuebecBre-les Dynamiques De Brebeuf, QCSaberEpee
New YorkBrooklyn Bridge Fencing Club, NYFoil
New YorkBrooklyn Fencing Center, NYFoil
PennyslvaniaBucks County Academy Of Fencing - West, PAFoil
CaliforniaCabrillo Academy Of The Sword, CASaberEpee
CaliforniaCalifornia Fencing Academy, CAFoil
ConnecticutCandlewood Fencing Center, CTEpee
North CaroliaCape Fear Fencing Association, NCEpee
CaliforniaCapital City Fencer's Club, CAFoil
MarylandCapital Fencing Academy, MDSaber
CaliforniaCardinal Fencing Club, CASaber
North CaroliaCharlotte Fencing Academy, NCEpee
TennesseeCheney Fencing, TNSaber
District of ColumbiaChevy Chase Fencing Club, DCFoilEpee
ColoradoCheyenne Fencing Society, COEpee
QuebecClub d'escrime STH de Quebec, QCEpee
CaliforniaCoastside Fencing Club, CASaber
New JerseyCobra Fencing Club, NJSaber
QuebecCoeur de Lion, QCFoil
OhioColumbus Fencing & Fitness, OHSaberFoilEpee
CaliforniaConejo Fencing Club, CAFoil
ConnecticutConnecticut Fencers Club, CTSaberFoil
TexasCutting Edge Fencing Club, TXSaber
MarylandDC Fencers Club, MDEpee
PennyslvaniaDelaware Valley Fencers Club, PASaber
ColoradoDenver Fencing Center, COSaberFoilEpee
New MexicoDuke City Fencing, NMFoil
New JerseyDurkan Fencing Academy, NJSaberFoilEpee
MassachusettsDynamo Fencing Center, MASaberEpee
British ColumbiaDynamo Fencing Club, BCFoilEpee
GeorgiaEagle Fencing Club of Atlanta, GAFoilEpee
CaliforniaEast Bay Fencers Gym, CAEpee
AlbertaEdmonton Fencing Club, ABFoil
IndianaEscrime Du Lac, INFoil
New JerseyEscrimeur Fencers Club, NJSaber
VirginiaFairfax Fencers, VAFoil
ConnecticutFairfield Fencing Academy, CTEpee
North DakotaFargo-Moorhead Fencing Club, NDEpee
ConnecticutFarmington Valley Fencing Academy, CTSaberFoil
ArizonaFencers Club of Arizona, AZSaber
New YorkFencers Club, NYFoilEpee
MassachusettsFencing Academy Of Boston, MASaber
ColoradoFencing Academy of Denver, COSaber
NevadaFencing Academy of Nevada, NVEpee
PennyslvaniaFencing Academy of Philadelphia, PAFoilEpee
New YorkFencing Academy of Westchester, NYFoilEpee
OhioFencing Alliance of Ohio, OHSaber
IllinoisFencing Center Of Chicago, ILFoilEpee
TexasFencing Institute of Texas, TXFoil
VirginiaFencing Sports Academy, VAFoilEpee
FloridaFioretto Fencing Academy, FLFoil
CaliforniaFortune Fencing, CAEpee
CaliforniaFresno Fencing Academy, CAFoilEpee
ColoradoFront Range Fencing, COEpee
TexasGold Blade Fencing Center, TXEpee
MassachusettsGold Fencing Club, MAFoil
CaliforniaGolden Gate Fencing Center, CAEpee
CaliforniaGolden Sabre Academy, CASaber
CaliforniaGolubitsky Fencing Center, CAFoil
MichiganGrand Rapids Fencing Academy, MIFoil
New JerseyGutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJFoil
CaliforniaHalberstadt Fencers' Club, CASaberEpee
CaliforniaHangtown Saber Club, CASaber
NevadaHigh Desert Fencing Alliance, NVSaber
OregonHigh Desert Fencing Club, OREpee
OhioHooked on Fencing, OHEpee
OntarioHua Hua Fencing Club, ONFoil
OhioHudson Centers for the Martial Arts, OHEpee
IllinoisIllinois Fencers Club, ILEpee
GeorgiaiMasters Academy, GAEpee
IndianaIndianapolis Fencing Club, INFoil
New JerseyInfinity Fencing Alliance, NJSaber
MassachusettsInternational Fencers Alliance of Boston, MAFoil
MassachusettsInternational Fencing Club, MASaber
IowaIowa City Fencing Center, IAEpee
TexasKairos Fencing Academy, TXSaber
CaliforniaKern Athletic Fencing Foundation, CASaber
CaliforniaLaguna Fencing Center, CASaber
CaliforniaLas Positas Fencing Center, CAEpee
CaliforniaLe Club Touche Fencing Academy, CAFoil
PennyslvaniaLigoner Fencing Club, PAEpee
New JerseyLilov Fencing Academy, NJSaberFoil
NebraskaLincoln Fencing Club, NESaberFoil
CaliforniaLionheart Fencing Academy/coeur Du Lion Fencing Club, CAFoil
TexasLone Star Fencing Center, TXSaber
CaliforniaLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CASaberFoilEpee
VirginiaLoudoun International Fencing Club, VAEpee
KentuckyLouisville Fencing Center, KYSaber
New YorkManhattan Fencing Center, NYSaberFoil
MassachusettsMarx Fencing Academy, MAFoilEpee
CaliforniaMassialas Foundation (M Team), CAFoil
FloridaMasters Fencing Club, FLFoilEpee
New JerseyMedeo Fencing Club, NJSaberFoilEpee
WashingtonMetro Tacoma Fencing Club, WAFoilEpee
FloridaMiami Lakes Fencing Club, FLEpee
North CaroliaMid-south Fencers' Club, NCSaberFoil
IllinoisMidwest Fencing Academy, ILSaber
MinnesotaMinnesota Sword Club, MNSaberEpee
New YorkMission Fencing Center, NYSaberFoil
MassachusettsMoe Fencing Club, MAFoil
New JerseyMorris Fencing Club, NJSaberEpee
FloridaNaples Fencing Academy, FLFoil
GeorgiaNellya Fencers, GASaber
MassachusettsNEMA Fencing Center, MAFoil
New YorkNew York Athletic Club, NYSaberFoilEpee
New YorkNew York Fencing Academy, NYEpee
CaliforniaNorth Bay Fencing Academy, CAFoil
North CaroliaNorth Carolina Fencing Development Program, NCEpee
CaliforniaNorth Coast Fencing Academy, CAEpee
New YorkNorth Shore Fencers Club, NYEpee
TexasNorth Texas Fencing Alliance, TXEpee
ColoradoNorthern Colorado Fencers, COFoilEpee
OregonNorthwest Fencing Center, ORFoilEpee
OklahomaOklahoma Sport Fencing, OKSaber
VirginiaOlde Town Fencing Club, VAFoil
MassachusettsOlympia Fencing Center, MAFoilEpee
QuebecOlympia Montreal, QCFoilEpee
TexasOlympian Fencing Club, TXEpee
GeorgiaOlympic Fencers Club, GAEpee
OregonOregon Fencing Alliance, ORSaber
OregonOrion Fencing, ORSaberEpee
OregonPDX Fencing, ORSaber
CaliforniaPeninsula Fencing Academy, CASaber
VirginiaPenta Olympic Fencing Club, VAEpee
IllinoisPeoria Fencing Academy, ILEpee
New YorkPeter Westbrook Foundation, NYSaberFoilEpee
ArizonaPhoenix Falcons Fencing Club, AZEpee
PennyslvaniaPittsburgh Fencers' Club, PAFoil
MainePortland Fencing Center, MEEpee
CaliforniaPrecision Athletics Fencing Club, CAFoil
CaliforniaPremier Fencing Academy, CASaber
New JerseyPremier Fencing Club, NJFoil
New JerseyPrinceton-Hillsborough YMCA, NJEpee
New YorkPutnam County Fencing Center, NYFoilEpee
WashingtonRain City Fencing Center, WAFoilEpee
IllinoisRedStar Fencing Club Chicago, ILSaberFoil
MichiganRenaissance Fencing Club, MISaberFoil
North CaroliaResearch Triangle Fencing, NCSaber
Rhode IslandRhode Island Fencing Academy and Club, RISaberFoilEpee
VirginiaRichmond Fencing Club, VAFoil
New YorkRochester Fencing Club, NYSaberFoilEpee
New YorkRockland Fencers, NYEpee
VirginiaRockville Fencing Academy, VAFoil
ColoradoRocky Mountain Fencing Academy, COEpee
OhioRoyal Arts Fencing Academy, OHSaberFoilEpee
FloridaSabre Outreach Network, FLSaber
CaliforniaSacramento Saber Fencing, CASaber
WashingtonSalle Auriol Seattle, WAFoilEpee
CaliforniaSalle Couturier, CAFoilEpee
CaliforniaSalle D'Asaro Fencing Club, CASaber
UtahSalle D'Escrime Utah Valley, UTSaberFoil
TexasSalle Mauro Fencing Academy, TXFoil
CaliforniaSan Diego Fencing Center, CASaberEpee
CaliforniaSan Francisco Fencers Club, CAFoil
UtahSchoolhouse Fencing, UTEpee
New HampshireSeacoast Fencing Club, NHFoil
QuebecSeigneurs de la Rive-Nord, QCSaber
AlbertaSergei's Sabre Club, ABSaber
New YorkSheridan Fencing Academy, NYSaber
CaliforniaSilicon Valley Fencing Center, CAFoil
OregonSouthern Oregon Fencing Club, OREpee
CaliforniaSpartak, CASaber
WashingtonSpokane Fencers Unlimited, WAEpee
ConnecticutStamford Fencing Center, CTSaberEpee
FloridaStoccata Fencing Academy & Club, FLFoilEpee
NevadaSummerlin Fencing Club, NVEpee
OntarioSword Players, ONEpee
CaliforniaSwords Fencing Studio, CAEpee
MassachusettsTanner City Fencing Club, MAFoil
CaliforniaTeam Touche Fencing Center, CAFoilEpee
TexasTexas Fencing Academy, TXEpee
MissouriThe Fencers Academy St.Louis, MOFoil
VirginiaThe Fencers' Club, VAEpee
CaliforniaThe Fencing Center of San Jose, CAFoilEpee
New YorkThrust Fencing Academy, NYSaber
New JerseyTigerZ Fencing Academy, NJEpee
New YorkTim Morehouse Fencing Club, NYSaber
New JerseyTop Fencing Club, NJFoilEpee
OntarioToronto Fencing Club, ONFoilEpee
British ColumbiaTri-City Fencing Academy, BCFoil
OhioTwo Ravens Fencing School, OHEpee
MichiganUnderground Fencing Organization, MIEpee
CaliforniaUnited Fencing Academy, CAFoil
CaliforniaUS Navy, CASaber
UtahUtah Swords Academy Fencing Club, UTSaber
New JerseyV Fencing Club, NJFoil
OntarioVango Toronto, ONFoilEpee
VirginiaVirginia Academy Of Fencing, VASaberFoil
MassachusettsVivo Fencing Club, MAEpee
WashingtonWashington Fencing Academy, WAEpee
IllinoisWindy City Fencing Chicago, ILEpee
FloridaWinter Garden Fencing Academy, FLFoilEpee
TexasWoodlands Fencing Academy, TXEpee
MassachusettsWorcester Fencing Club, MAEpee
CaliforniaZ Fencing Los Angeles, CASaber
PennyslvaniaZeljkovic Fencing Academy, PAFoil
MassachusettsZeta Fencing, MASaber
Source: National Fencing Club Rankings

During the past year, a number of readers requested that we provide greater granularity on our “Best Fencing Clubs.” As was previously mentioned, the “Best Fencing Clubs” rankings are based on the performance of a club’s fencers in the Top 16 finishes in USA Fencing National Point Tournaments in either a Youth, Cadet, Junior or Senior age division. In the Veteran age group, a club fencer needs to have finished on the Podium for a club to be eligible for a “Best Fencing Clubs” ranking.

Of the 223 clubs that qualified for a “Best Fencing Clubs” designation, 81 or 36% qualified in only one category, 38 or 17% qualified in two categories and another 27 or 12% qualified in three categories. A single weapon club has the potential to qualify in ten categories, namely youth, cadet, junior, senior and veteran in both genders, i.e., 5 x 2 = 10. A three weapon club has the potential to qualify in 30 categories.

In order to provide greater insights into the depth and breadth of the performance of our “Best Fencing Clubs,” we have disaggregated the number of Top 16 finishes (Podium finishes for veterans) and ranked clubs by the number of categories in which they qualified. The Fencers Club and Los Angeles International Fencing Center both qualified for a “Best Fencing Club” designation in 17 categories. You can download a FREE spreadsheet with detailed rankings of the 223 clubs that made our “Best Fencing Clubs” in foil, saber, and epee in 2016-2017. Click here for your FREE Spreadsheet.

If your club made NFCR’ “Best Fencing Clubs” rankings, now is the time to maximize and promote this distinct achievement in US fencing to enhance your club’s reputation and visibility! Take full advantage of your accomplishment with our customized marketing and communication tools created exclusively for NFCR’s 2016-2017 honorees. Further details can be found here.  Now is the time to let everyone know about your club’s outstanding performance!

Coaches and fencers from Stamford Fencing Center, CT celebrate the club’s “Best Fencing Clubs” designation in 2015-2016.

“Best Fencing Clubs” – 2015-2016

There were about 615 USA Fencing Member clubs in 2015-2016. For 2015-2016, 224 fencing clubs made National Fencing Club Rankings’ (NFCR’) “Best Fencing Clubs” rankings. About 73% of the clubs ranked in only one weapon, 22% ranked in two and 5% ranked in three weapons.  One hundred and eight (108) clubs ranked in foil, 106 in epee and 85 in saber. About 50% of the “Best Fencing Clubs” were located in six states; California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Texas and Florida and about two-thirds were found in eleven states, adding Connecticut, Illinois, Colorado, North Carolina and Oregon to the list.

While your club may not be listed in our rankings we nevertheless believe it has an important role to play in the further development and expansion of our sport; a sport that has remained largely hidden from too many Americans for too long! Our mission is to lift the profile of the Sport of Fencing in the U.S. and we hope that our rankings will help us in our mission.



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