Climate Change Charities You Can Donate To

When the world is changing, we can probably help to change it in the right direction. Whether by lowering our carbon emissions or helping others realize what they are doing about carbon emissions, there are many ways to help the environment. We tend to work best in teams, as we are social beings.

When people team up, they tend to operate more efficiently, and this has been the case for climate change charities. There are a plethora of them, but not every single one is the best one to donate to, as sad as that might sound.

Here are the best climate charities to donate to if you want to change the world a bit.

The Coalition for Rainforest Nations

Rainforests are important parts of our nature and biosphere. They are responsible for creating a lot of the air we breathe.

That being said, they are being ruined through a lack of care and knowledge. This charity focuses on the rainforests, a social approach, as well as one of economy, to preserve and even reconstruct rainforests that have been damaged or destroyed. 

This is one of the best charities to donate to as it has a direct approach to a cause which is rather necessary, with air pollution increasing all over the world, leading to the next charity, seamlessly.

The Clean Air Task Force

As the name suggests, this charity deals with creating cleaner air, by striving for zero emissions. Emissions are not just gas, but a whole lot of energy wasted in various industries and even individual homes. They focus on reducing waste, plastic and otherwise.

They also focus on making sure that the world uses a better kind of energy, meaning lowering nuclear, land and otherwise types of energy production which pollutes the environment. Cleaner air is better for all of us.


No sandbagging with this charity. They are European-based but work on a global scale. They are oriented towards data. This is what most charities and environment agencies lack, data and ideas on how to change the world.

They aim to present the world with data which is correct and which offers valuable insight into the current situation. It also strives to offer solutions and ideas going forward. Absolutist solutions make no sense, so they strive to think of ideas that can be implemented which would make the world a better place.

Climate Emergency Fund

The people out there are as important as the companies and larger charities which do the work. Individual or smaller protests and activists that do work throughout the world need their support. This charity is used to fund such activists and give people all over the world an opportunity to change it, one step at a time.

There are plenty of charities you can donate to, but these are the ones to start with, to make sure that your money is going to the right cause. Additionally, you can check any charity you think is good on the Charity Navigator site, to see whether they have been reviewed.