What is Oroeco? – Apps That Help the Environment

Applications that are meant to help us save the world have become more prominent as climate change is talked about more often. Some of these applications are just great stories which you can tell yourself if you want to feel better about not purchasing this thing or that. Effort is what matters, in the end, even though some applications actually do a good job of making sure that we are more aware of things that impact the environment.

Oroeco is a good application, one which you should be aware of if you want to have a better understanding of what your carbon footprint looks like. Here is more on the application.

Oroeco – A Powerful Carbon Footprint Calculator

Oroeco is an application which allows you to calculate your carbon footprint, meaning how much you help emissions get better or worse. Lowering our carbon footprint is one of the first steps of helping the world become better. What can one individual do? Well, a lot if others join in, and there are billions of us. One wouldn’t make a great change but a billion most certainly would.

Oroeco uses anything from socializing to visual incentives to keep you on track. Here are some of the clever things that it employs to help minimize your carbon footprint.

Tracking – We Love Tracking

From fitness trackers to maps and cookies, nowadays, we love all sorts of tracking. Not all of it is good for us, but the tracking Oroeco does is decent. From your decisions about shopping and daily habits of you and your family members, to your diet plan and schedule, anything and everything is tracked to make sure that you get a good data representation of what your carbon footprint is and what you could do to change and lessen it. This is one of the best applications for this type of analysis, and while there are others on the market, Oroeco is comprehensive in the stats that it tracks, which gives a good result.

Results Are Only as Good as the Formula

Results can be great, but if the formula is wrong, what good are the results? Well, in this case they are great because Oroeco uses an interesting calculator to help you understand your carbon footprint and what you could do to change it. 

Whether you are using public transport or are using your own car solo, there are things that you could change that would greatly impact the environment. Things that you could change in your daily life. Powerful results means that you can change your habits more precisely, which comes as a suggestion rather than an order. People respond better when they are not forced into anything.

The Social Aspect

We are dependent on online content and social media and this is the simple truth. Whether scrolling through posts or searching for the next video to watch, social media is a part of our daily lives. Why not add a social aspect to an application which enables you to compete with your friends and family as to who will have the smallest carbon footprint. If there was any competition worth having, then it would be this one.

Oroeco is a decent application which reminds us of what we could do in our daily lives to lower our carbon emissions. It has a social aspect which makes it more interesting to modern users. Overall, it is a good place to start.