How to Start Your Own Online Trading Business

Moving to a more online-based job is what most people have done, some due to a global pandemic that we have been facing, others because they found it to be more practical and that it allowed them more options than working at one company for the rest of their lives. One of the businesses that […]

5 Alternatives to Investing in the Stock Market

The stock market is very volatile and can scare people and rightly so. It changes overnight, from company decisions to sudden announcements to political situations. Everything and anything can make stocks go up and down, with things that we cannot predict.  There are always alternatives to the stock market as well. Here are a couple […]

The Different Types of Trading Strategies

Every business has its own quirks and goes up and down according to many outside factors which we may not understand at first. Having strategies is a common way to approach many businesses and trading is not different in this regard. Trading is basically buying and selling stocks, with the goal of selling for more […]

A Beginner Guide to Trading

Doing business online is a difficult thing to master. There are many ways of doing business online but not all of them work for everybody. Most people can start an online business but that might not be the best-case scenario. Trading has been one of the most interesting ways of earning money and doing business […]

Why You Should Open Your Business Online – Not Offline

Businesses should always have an online presence. Nowadays, not having a website, a Google tag on your maps or on any other map for that matter, not having an Instagram page, is considered living in the stone age. Online marketing and advertising is one of the easiest ways to make your business stay relevant. Most […]