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The Most Important Fencing Tournaments

Every sport has its own tournaments, a system which works for most athletes. Soccer has the World Cup and the UEFA Champions League, while the NFL culminates with the Super Bowl. Tennis has grand slams and golf has its own majors. Every sport, it appears, has some major tournaments which count as the most important […]

The Most Popular Types of Fencing

Every sport has variations and some of them are likely to be the most popular out there. For example, basketball is not played on the entire court most of the time. Due to certain issues sometimes or a lack of players, most people settle for playing one on one or three versus three, but only […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Competitive Fencing

Every sport has rules and for some of them, the rules are easy enough to understand, mostly because the sports get lots of coverage. Everybody is familiar with soccer and basketball rules. Most people understand how sprinting works, as well as marathons. What people have trouble understanding are sports with less coverage. Among the many […]

A Brief History of Fencing at the Olympics

Some sports date back a couple of centuries, or even longer, if you take into account prior forms of a sport, or variations which led to new sports. Sports are always considered by historians as an interesting field of study. Some of them do not appear to be as interesting as they actually are, while […]

What Does it Take to Become a Fencer?

Fencing is a competitive sport, primarily. Most people train to become competitors. Depending on your age, you can compete in some of the categories, but not all of them. Since fencing is age-based, not everybody attempts to compete, even though they may be older and placed in their own “veteran” category.  In this case, it […]

All You Need to Know About Fencing

Sports come and go and we are familiar with some of them, but others remain something of a myth, especially if all we do is hear about them here and there, without actually looking them up. Take cricket, for instance. Many people from countries that do not practice playing this sport have either not heard […]