These Are the Common Misconceptions About Fencing

When we learn about a topic, we tend to come with some preconceived thoughts and ideas, which might cost us some time as we actually become familiar with a topic. Things tend to not go our way as we realize that a topic we thought we knew something about is actually much more complex.

Sports we are unfamiliar with are frequently topics that people have misconceptions about. Fencing is one such sport. There are far too many misconceptions about fencing, some of which shall now be dispelled.

Fencing is Not Really a Sport

Some people believe that fencing is a hobby or a discipline to be trained for one’s own values or defense. The problem with that is that it is simply untrue. Fencing is a sport, recognized by the Olympic Committee and has been an Olympic sport since the very beginning of the modern Olympic Games, in 1896. It has been contested at every Olympic Games since. Fencing also has local, national and international tournaments, in one of the three styles.

Fencing is Not Difficult

People look at fencing and some think, at first glance, that it is an easy sport. However, anybody who ever tried to actually fence, would have known that fencing takes your breath away in just three minutes. 

A fencing match is usually back and forth on a piste, with a lot of footwork, meaning fast pacing back and forward, trying to block an attack while also attempting to get your own strike in. It is an excruciating sport and it is recommended to try it before criticizing it.

The Swords are Fakes

This is one of the most common misconceptions about fencing. The swords are anything but unreal. The swords are swords everything a real sword should be, except perhaps sharp at the end.

There were fencing accidents involving broken blades and pierced skulls, most notably during the 1982 Olympics.

The swords have been remade for the sake of safety multiple times over the course of the last century and some.

They still remain real and dangerous swords, hence all the protective gear.

The Swordfighting is Far Too Flashy

Fencing dates back to sword duels and military training centuries back. Fencing is still based on the fundamentals from the 18th century, and those fundamentals were in development for three more centuries. 

The swordfighting is real and is based on combat skills used in the military.

The Movements are Like Complex Dancing

Some doubt fencing because of its footwork. The reality is that competitive fencing requires a lot of movement to not get hit and to score a point for yourself. The motions are purposeful. 

We tend to have misconceptions about anything, let alone a unique sport like fencing. These are the most common ones, now hopefully debunked.