Why Homemade Meals are Better than Takeouts

When we order food outside, the food we get is not 100% as we might have wanted it. Some food is just foul tasting, while others may have too many spices and be simply oversaturated with ingredients that just don’t go well with what we are eating. 

Takeouts might be fine for a day or two or three, but homemade meals are almost always better. Homemade meals can be better for a plethora of reasons but to ease your curiosity, let us name a couple of them.

You Control the Ingredients

This is probably one of the best reasons why you should make your own meals. The ingredients are almost 90% of a meal. The rest is preparation and serving of the meal. But, if the ingredients are subpar, then the meal cannot really be good, right? Right, of course, no meal is good if the ingredients are bad. You can mask it but you wouldn’t really like it and neither would it be healthy.

Purchase your own ingredients and make sure that they are fresh, and the rest is up to you, which is again, liberating.

You Control the Meal Making Process

This is the rest of making a good meal. You need to mix and match the ingredients and make them into a meal. Whether you are making a salad or a pasta or a complex meal, you can choose how much oil to add, if any, and whether to make it seasoned or not. Meals can be ruined with a teaspoon of any spice, particularly strong ones.

Having control over the meal making process makes you responsible for the meal’s taste, as well as its overall calorie count and whether it is healthy or not. There is no blame to be shifted or shared and that is also another step to take to being responsible for your own health and taste buds.

Money – It’s Cheaper to Make Your Own Food

Consider that a standard meal or takeout can cost anywhere from 3 to 30 dollars, depending on what you order. It is probably more expensive if you want dessert and other guilty pleasures. That money could be spent on ingredients and you would end up with more money and more food, particularly in the long run. These are good habits to nourish, even more so if one plans to live on their own.

The food that you make will be healthier and better for you, not to mention that you will have leftover money by not spending it on takeout food.

It is Not Complicated

Making meals is not really that complicated. The less we cook an ingredient, the more nutrients it has, particularly if it is a vegetable. Meat and fish, as well as eggs, need to be cooked for health and safety purposes.

Note that cooking does not need to involve hours of preparation just to make a meal. The simpler the better, the more likely it is that the food will retain all its nutrients. 


Cooking at home is one of the best ways of spending time with loved ones and friends. If you lack socializing, inviting someone for a meal is a great way to catch up or just have a lovely evening.

Takeout food may be a great solution or getting food when you lack the time and the will to cook your own food. In the long run, homemade meals are much better.