Best Cooking YouTube Channels You Should Know

The world is full of great talents that show us how to do things and how not to do them. Whether you want tech advice or advice about clothing or repair services, the world is full of tutorials and how-tos which make our lives easier. 

YouTube is a great platform that has entertaining videos and tutorials. Cooking is one of the many hobbies and jobs that you could easily start learning via YouTube. Whether you are a beginner cook or an advanced one, here are some cooking channels that could help or inspire you.


TOPJAW is less about cooking if you want to do it, but more about getting good ideas about what you could eat if you were anywhere in the world. Jesse Burgess and Will Warr are great at traveling the world and showing their viewers what their favorite meals are, wherever they go. 

The videos are top notch when it comes to the production and even better if you want to see some great specialty meals. Consider this channel if you want to get ideas in a non-direct way. It is more about experiencing the world and its many meals, rather than cooking them yourself by listening to a guide.

Serious Eats

This is a great channel that works as an opposite to the above-mentioned one. It is a recipe and how to channel which does well to teach someone how to make a meal. Not all videos are about specific meals, but are also about techniques and approaches to making a meal. A good technique is as important as a meal itself. 

Serious Eats also has an eponymous website, which you can browse through. 

Chinese Cooking Demystified

Chinese culinary treats can be more demanding than others. They are pretty foreign to the West and this channel tries their best to demystify it. A couple from Shenzhen, China, named Stephanie Li and Chris Thomas, do their best to teach us about cooking in China, some of the meals, the specialties, the spices and their overall approach to making a great meal. 

If you want to make Chinese the next time, rather than order it, this is the best way to do it. Why settle for someone else’s meal when you can make one on your own, just as you like it.

About to Eat

This channel talks about another aspect of eating which we often forget about. Eating is about who is making the meal as about the person they are making the meal for. It is also about the person who is anticipating the meal. Anticipation plays a great role in a good meal, which is what About to Eat strives to prove. They have great videos which you can watch as content, rather than how-to guides.

Babish Culinary Universe

This is one of the most popular culinary channels out there. They do what other channels would want to, host great guests and have amazing shows that either teach you what to do or what to make. This is the go-to channel for most people who want great shows. As most popular channels, it has mini series which are divided into categories. Some are about guests, others about guides. 

Cooking is easier with a guide or some ideas and these are the best cooking YouTube channels to get them from.