Is Planting Trees Enough to Save the Environment?

We talk about saving the environment a lot and we often consider solutions such as lowering emissions, which is a good place to start. There are other ways of changing the environment, some of which are thought to be conventional. Trees are considered the way to go, the planting of which is thought of as one of the ways to save the environment. Is it the only way, is it enough, on its own? It is probably not the only thing that can save the environment, but it can do a lot of good. Here is a short breakdown.

Trees Benefit Us

We all know that trees turn CO2 into O2, something we dearly need, considering that our planet is getting worse air by the day. Just look at some cities which used to have decent air. Today’s applications and air testers work well and give out decent results so one can see that the air is pretty bad. Whether it was actually better, it is hard to say, though if the cities primarily use fossil fuels for heating, the air is likely unchanged, unless the fuel source changed.

Trees, regardless, should make the atmosphere more breathable, on a local and global level. 

Trees Have Worked Well in the Past

Trees have worked for centuries before we increased carbon emissions through the roof. We haven’t only increased carbon emissions, but we have also cut down plenty of rainforests and ruined lots of ecosystems. 

Trees have done a good job prior to us cutting down a lot of them, all over the world. That being said, we have to stop cutting down trees in order for the replanting of them to work. It doesn’t work if we just cut and add the same number, the scales won’t be tipped in our favor. And with that in mind, trees are not enough on their own.

Lowering Emissions Overall

Emissions are a problem. We waste energy and it turns into heat, not to mention that we waste resources as well. Lowering emissions and lowering overall waste should make the process of photosynthesis more efficient. We wouldn’t be polluting the environment as much. It isn’t an arms race of polluting more and planting more, but rather making a balance by planting more than we waste and wasting less and polluting less.

Education, Change and Donations

The best process of going forward is education for the individuals, what they can do to lower emissions and waste. The power of the individual in this process should not be underestimated. Individuals can help, whether by changing their own lifestyles or by donating to charities and foundations.

Pressuring larger companies to change and focus more on the environment and less on profit is the way forward.

Trees alone won’t change the environment, even if there were more of them. Changing the way industries work, by lowering emissions and resource waste. It would help if we also change on an individual level, to plant more trees and lower our carbon footprint.