Club Rankings – Seeking Prestige, Raising Visibility and Embedding Quality

The “Best Fencing Clubs” rankings in 2016-2017 are based on the performance of a club’s fencers in the Top 16 finishes in USA Fencing National Point Tournaments in either a Youth, Cadet, Junior or Senior age division. In the Veteran age group, a club fencer needs to have finished on the Podium for a club to be eligible for a “Best Fencing Clubs” ranking. The Top 16 fencers in each competition automatically contribute to their club’s final ranking. Typically, there is a lot of interest in the fencers who make either the Podium or the Top 8, but also the fencers who acquire a “Top 16” status.

USA Fencing National Point Tournaments are a measurable test of a fencing club’s athletic performance. Medal counts are the object of intense scrutiny after every tournament, especially after the Summer Nationals. Most clubs celebrate any medal with glee since about 55% of competing clubs will win none! During 2015-2016 about 26% of competing clubs captured all the podium medals, about 34% won all the Top 8 medals and about 45% won all the Top 16 placements. Despite this concentration of a few clubs, more clubs are winning medals than a few years ago, thanks in part to the growing professionalism of fencing clubs throughout the nation. It is worth noting that while there were about 667 USA Fencing Member clubs in 2016-2017, over one hundred on average have fencers participating in any age-gender-weapon category at these national tournaments.

In the interests of covering the top performing fencing clubs as well as the emerging clubs in the nation, we provide three rankings (Podium Medal Points Ranking, Top 8 Medal Points Ranking and Top 16 Placement Points Ranking) for each age division (Youth, Cadet, Junior, Senior and Veteran), each gender and each weapon, giving 90 (5 x 3 x 2 x 3) detailed rankings in all. Detailed rankings are found under the menu heading Rankings.

Fencer Rankings – Honoring Our Athletes

USA Fencing maintains point standings for different age divisions – Senior (Division I), Junior (Under 20/Under 19), Cadet (Under 17/Under 16), Youth 14, Youth 12, Youth 10, Wheelchair, Veteran Open (40 & Older), Veteran 40-49, Veteran 50-59, Veteran 60-69 and Veteran 70 & Older. Points are used for seeding of competitions, qualification for national championships, and selection for international competitions.

For those interested in the international rankings of elite fencers from the US, please refer to the International Fencing Federation’s (FIE) rankings.  For those interested in the European rankings of Cadet and U23 fencers, please review the European Fencing Confederation’s rankings.

NFCR is proud to offer Award of Excellence plaques to fencers who are listed in USFA’s end of year rankings for either 2015-2016 and/or 2016-2017. Congratulations on achieving a ranking! Further details on these recognition awards can be found here.