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NFCR’s rankings are based on a rigorous process that includes data collection, data cleansing and statistical analysis. We use a ranking methodology that is easy […]
Mar 19, 2015 /


What goes into these rankings, as well as questions of interest to fencers, parents, coaches, other fencing club professionals and the media are addressed in […]
Mar 19, 2015 /

Fencing Club of the Year

Awarded to the # 1 ranked club in the Top 8 medal points for each age-gender-weapon category, 23 clubs won the prestigious “Fencing Club of […]
Mar 19, 2015 /
Fencer at Windy City SYC


The “Best Fencing Clubs” rankings are based on the performance of a club’s fencers in the Top 16 finishes in USA Fencing National Point Tournaments […]
Mar 19, 2015 /

About NFCR

National Fencing Club Rankings LLC, (NFCR) provides the fencing community with objective, accurate and in-depth rankings of fencing club performance in the U.S. We publish […]
Mar 19, 2015 /

Best Fencing Clubs

There are about 667 USA Fencing Member clubs. With the inclusion of 13 clubs from Canada, NFCR ranked 223 fencing clubs based on their fencers’ Top 16 […]
Mar 19, 2015 /

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NFCR Plaque

These high-quality indoor plaques comprise of two metal plates sublimated onto a coated black wood board measuring 12” x 15”.
Mar 19, 2015 /

NFCR Digital Badge

Use NFCR’s “Fencing Club of the Year” badge to promote your club’s prestigious selection for 2016-2017. Use the badge on your website, on coach bios, […]
Mar 19, 2015 /

NFCR Banner

The ultimate way to show off your “Best Fencing Clubs” selection for your club is with an indoor 6’ wide x 2’ high vinal banner, […]
Mar 19, 2015 /