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Oregon – Top 20 List for Fencing Activity 2015-2016

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Oregon Division Generating almost 2,500 local and regional fencer-events in 2015-2016¹, the Oregon Division was the 15th largest USA Fencing Division in the nation for generating fencer-events. The Division is home to two “Fencing Club of the Year” recipients for 2015-2016, the Oregon Fencing Alliance located in Portland, and the Northwest Fencing Center located in Beaverton. […]

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Seattle & Western Washington – Top 20 List for Fencing Activity 2015-2016

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Western Washington Division With jurisdiction over the portion of the State of Washington lying west of the Cascade Crest,  the Division was the 11th largest Division of USA Fencing in terms fencing activity in 2015-2016. Generating almost 2,900 local and regional fencer-events¹, the Division is home to four “Best Fencing Clubs” recipients for 2015-2016. The number of […]

A Brief Statistical Review of USA Fencing 2015-2016

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NFCR is pleased to provide a brief statistical review of USA Fencing for 2015-2016. It is not meant to be an exhaustive expose, but rather a snapshot into membership, clubs, divisions and fencing activity. As usual we look forward to your comments. Membership Despite increased fencer activity at local, divisional, regional and national level competitions […]