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Ranking the Performance of the Top 50 Youth Foil Clubs in the Super Youth Circuit (SYC) 2016-2017

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Medal Conversion Statistics for 2016-2017 SYC – Youth Foil Clubs Due to the response to our earlier post, “Evaluating Your Club’s Super Youth Circuit (SYC) Medal Count,” and the numerous requests to provide medal conversion statistics for each of the weapons at the SYCs, we have expanded our coverage to include the Top 50 ranked youth foil […]

A Visual History of the Countries that Have Dominated Men’s Foil at the Senior World Fencing Championships 1981-2015

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Senior World Fencing Championships The Senior World Fencing Championships are an annual competition organized by the International Fencing Federation (FIE). Held since 1921, the World Championships are the preeminent international fencing competition, apart from the Olympic Games. The championships are not held every fourth year for individual events coinciding with the Olympic Games. This years […]

The Age of USA Fencing Division 1 National Champions 1997-2016

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The Masters The recent 2017 Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia generated a lot of discussion about the ages of Masters Champions and the role golf’s young guns have on the game. Prior to the Masters, speculation centered on who might win this year’s tournament as the last two champions and three of the previous […]

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A Visual History of Which Countries Have Dominated Men’s & Women’s Foil at the Cadet & Junior World Championships

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In our visualization, we have drawn a timeline showing rolling five-year total Top 8 results for the dominant foil countries at the Cadet and Junior World Championships using data from the International Fencing Federation’s (FIE) database. We thought it worthwhile to provide a longitudinal analysis of the comparative performance of US fencers and the leading foil fencing […]

Ranking of Top 8 Medalists for Junior Men’s & Women’s Foil Team at Junior World Cups 2002-2003 to 2016-2017

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Our earlier post, “Performance of Junior Men’s and Women’s Foil Team at Designated Events 2012-2016”, generated considerable discussion around our findings that the U.S. Junior Men’s Foil Team has become more competitive in the Podium, Top 8 and Top 16 tableau categories over the past five years, and that the U.S. Junior Women’s Foil Team […]

Benchmarks for Youth Foil Fencers

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Our recent post, “Potential Benchmark Indicators for Youth Men & Women Saber Fencers”, generated significant interest, so we have decided to bring forward a similar post for youth foil fencers! Check out our post “Frequency Benchmarks for Local & Regional Tournament Events by Youth Foil Fencers (Y10, Y12, Y14)”. While the USFA’s classification system for […]

A Brief Statistical Review of USA Fencing 2015-2016

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NFCR is pleased to provide a brief statistical review of USA Fencing for 2015-2016. It is not meant to be an exhaustive expose, but rather a snapshot into membership, clubs, divisions and fencing activity. As usual we look forward to your comments. Membership Despite increased fencer activity at local, divisional, regional and national level competitions […]