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Census Business Builder – Providing Key Data for Small Business Owners such as Fencing Clubs

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Are you looking for data to help you start or grow a fencing club or understand the business landscape for a region?

The Census Business Builder (CBB) is a suite of free services that provide selected demographic and economic data from the Census Bureau tailored to specific types of users in a simple to access and use format.

The Small Business Edition is built primarily for small business owners, such as fencing club owners who need key data for their business plan or to better understand their potential market. It presents data for a single type of business and geography at a time. Further details on the Small Business Edition can be found here: Small Business Edition Flyer

Regional Analyst Edition is built for people who need a broad portrait of the people and businesses in their service area. It presents data for all sectors of the economy and for a user-defined region made up of one or more areas. Further details on the Regional Analyst Edition can be found here: Regional Analyst Edition Flyer

Key Features

  •  Easy to use menus and Search tools to select the location you’d like to research and nearly all types of businesses
  • Interactive maps to browse and download data about the selected area and type of businesses
  • A customizable dashboard that includes time series and geographic comparison charts
  • Interactive and downloadable reports (including charts) that can be easily incorporated into your research
  • Optimized for your smartphone or tablet

We hope you can use this excellent tool for your fencing club or any other business you have an interest in.

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