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National Fencing Club Championships for USA Fencing National Tournaments 2015-2016

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National Fencing Club Championships for USA Fencing National Tournaments 2015-2016

The Los Angeles International Fencing Center (LAIFC), the powerhouse mega-club located at 11755 Exposition Boulevard, Los Angeles, won the National Fencing Club Championships for 2015-2016 based on the total number of medals awarded in USA Fencing National Tournaments. With 11 gold medals, 11 silver medals, 15 bronze medals and 59 medals in total, the club eclipsed another powerhouse club, the dual weapon Manhattan Fencing Center, for the # 1 ranking in 2015-2016, followings its rank of #5 in 2014-2015. With 18 strips in 12,000 square feet, LAIFC specializes in all three weapons. Last year, four of its fencers, Adi Thein-Sandler, Kasia Nixon, Justin Yoo, and Nikita Itkin completed in the 2016 Cadet/Junior World Championships in Bourges, France.

The Manhattan Fencing Center, the heavyweight Manhattan saber and foil club, finished the year at #2 with 4 gold medals, 7 silver medals, 13 bronze medals and 55 medals in total after finishing the previous year at #2. Home to the Olympic Silver Medalist, Dary Homer, Olympic Bronze Team Medalists Dagmara Wonziak and Monika Aksamit, the club has prepared more saber Olympians and National Team members than any other fencing club in the U.S. in the past ten years.

The New York Athletic Club (NYAC), with its long and proud fencing history, finished the year at #3 with 10 gold medals, 8 silver medals, 13 bronze medals and 50 medals in total. The NYAC fencing team had two Olympians in 2008, six in 2012 and five in 2016. (Katharine Holmes, Courtney Hurley, Kelley Hurley, Jason Pryor and Katarzyna Trzopek)

In all, 266 out of 613 clubs or about 43% of the clubs participating in National Tournaments made the ranking in 2015-2016. The Championships ranked all clubs by the total number of medals won by Top 8 fencers at National Tournaments held throughout the year. Details on the National Tournaments held last year are provided in the table at the end of this post.

Please refer to our latest rolling medal count standings for the National Fencing Club Championships for 2016-2017 which are updated shortly after each National Tournament.

Here’s how the overall medal table looked at the end of the 2015-2016 season.  Readers are able to sort, filter or search the table. In certain instances, state rankings are possible by placing the state abbreviation in the search box, e.g., TX for Texas.

Final Medal Count Standings for Fencing Club Championships for USA Fencing National Tournaments 2015-2016

Rank 2015-2016Rank 2014-2015ClubGoldSilverBronze5678Total
15Los Angeles International Fencing Center, CA111115873459
22Manhattan Fencing Center, NY471310710455
34New York Athletic Club, NY10813258450
413Fencing Academy of Westchester, NY5111898648
51Fencers Club, NY1099724445
56Nellya Fencers, GA5516645445
73Alliance Fencing Academy, TX5613574444
78Bergen Fencing Club, NJ7510865344
97DC Fencers Club, MD619553837
1014Northwest Fencing Center, OR556476235
1111Massialas Foundation (M Team), CA653734533
1219Medeo Fencing Club, NJ449355232
1310Peter Westbrook Foundation, NY4410441229
1416Empire United Fencing, NJ574233327
1511Premier Fencing Academy, CA344641325
1624Rockville Fencing Academy, MD33437424
1714Denver Fencing Center, CO252631423
1719Silicon Valley Fencing Center, CA31924423
1926San Francisco Fencers' Club, CA18333422
2021Capital Fencing Academy, MD123326421
208Fencers Club of Arizona, AZ23663121
2231Boston Fencing Club, MA114136117
2236Olympia Fencing Center, MA122511517
2224Oregon Fencing Alliance, OR13714117
2231Swords Fencing Studio, CA323124217
26695T Fencers Club, NY1563116
2636Redstar Fencing Club Chicago, IL119111216
2618Salle Auriol Seattle, WA15143216
2954New York Fencing Academy, NY612112215
2945Sabre Outreach Network, FL215131215
3128Brooklyn Bridge Fencing Club, NY212141314
3131Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy, NJ12414214
3136Lilov Fencing Academy, NJ5421214
3128Zeta Fencing, MA126121114
3583Laguna Fencing Center, CA113213213
3541Methodist Rehab Fencing, MS15221213
35133Mid-South Fencers' Club, NC1142513
3536Northern Colorado Fencers, CO412212113
3522PDX Fencing, OR14312213
40NABattle Born Fencing Club, NV13111512
4026Cardinal Fencing Club, CA41321112
40160Durkan Fencing Academy, NJ114113112
40198Fencing Sports Academy, VA1313412
4069Salle Mauro Fencing Academy, TX314111112
45160Lincoln Fencing Club, NE1423111
4545Marx Fencing Academy, MA11322211
4745Baltimore Fencing Center, MD1221410
4741Connecticut Fencers Club, CT3212210
4731Fencing Academy Of Denver, CO323210
47100Infinity Fencing Alliance, NJ531110
4759Shepherd Swords Fencing Club, GA22131110
4759Toronto Fencing Club, ON3222110
4741Virginia Academy Of Fencing, VA1323110
5428Bluegrass Fencers' Club, KY34119
54100Chevy Chase Fencing Club, DC15219
5483Gold Fencing Club, MA123219
5469Premier Fencing Club, NJ22329
5459Putnam County Fencing Center, NY2259
5459Schoolhouse Fencing, UT223119
54160Southern Oregon Fencing Club, OR123219
5436Zeljkovic Fencing Academy, PA5319
6245Advance Fencing And Fitness Academy, NJ12328
6245Atlantic Fencing Academy, NJ1122118
6283Avant Garde Fencers Club, CA132118
62114Cutting Edge Fencing Club, TX11112118
62133Dynamic Fencing Club, BC12328
6245Fencing Academy of Philadelphia, PA112138
6231Fencing Institute of Texas, TX24118
62133Fortune Fencing, CA12328
6283Louisville Fencing Center, KY4318
6279Mission Fencing Center, NY111328
6279Rochester Fencing Club, NY311218
62114Salle Pouj / San Antonio Fencing Center, TX5128
6254Utah Swords Academy Fencing Club, UT2338
7569Academy Of Fencing Masters, CA113117
7579Atlanta Fencers' Club, GA131117
7583Brooklyn Fencing Center, NY211127
7545East Bay Fencers Gym, CA111317
7559Hangtown Saber Club, CA311117
7569Hollywood Sabre, FL121217
7569Le Club Touche, CA212117
7559No Fear Fencing Club, CA2327
7516Rhode Island Fencing Academy And Club, RI221117
8459Bucks County Academy of Fencing, NJ211116
84160Columbus Fencing And Fitness, OH2226
84114Dynamo Fencing Center, MA211116
84114Fairfax Fencers Club, VA31116
8459Fencing Academy Of Nevada, NV121116
84133Fencing Center of Chicago, IL111216
8469Golubitsky Fencing Center, CA121116
84NAHigh Desert Fencing Academy, NV12126
8469Hooked On Fencing, OH4116
84114Midwest Fencing Academy, IL211116
8422Olympian Fencing Club, TX112116
84160Rain City Fencing Center, WA1416
8483Salle Couturier, CA11316
8445Salle D'Asaro, CA3216
84160Stoccata Fencing Academy & Club, FL112116
84133The Cabrillo Academy Of The Sword, CA11136
84NAThe Fencers' Club, VA111216
84114Three Rivers Fencing Center, PA12216
8483Vanderwege Academie D'armes, TX66
103198Cape Fear Fencing Association, NC2215
103133Cobra Fencing Club, NJ21115
10383Escrime Du Lac, IN111115
103100Fencing Academy Of Boston, MA111115
10383Golden Sabre Academy, CA3115
103100Grand Rapids Fencing Academy, MI21115
10383Halberstadt Fencers' Club, CA11215
10341North Shore Fencers Club, NY21115
10369North Texas Fencing Alliance, TX21115
10354Renaissance Fencing Club, MI21115
10354Royal Arts Fencing Academy, OH1225
103NATim Morehouse Fencing Club, NY12115
103100Underground Fencing Organization, MI325
117160Advance Fencing Academy (Salle Stepien), IL1214
117100Arizona Fencing Center, AZ2114
117100Cambridge Fencing Center, MA1124
117100Delaware Valley Fencers Club, PA11114
117NAEagle Fencing Club, GA1214
117198Fairfield Fencing Academy, CT2114
11783Indysabre, IN1214
117NAKairos Fencing Academy, TX11114
117133Manchen Academy Of Fencing, NJ134
117198Metro Tacoma Fencing Club, WA314
11769Minnesota Sword Club, MN134
117160Peoria Fencing Academy, IL11114
117NARichmond Fencing Club, VA2114
117100Rocky Mountain Fencing Academy, CO11114
11783Sheridan Fencing Academy, NY2114
11783The Fencers Academy, MO1124
10359The Fencing Center of San Jose, CA11215
11783TigerZ Fencing Academy, NJ11114
117100Windy City Fencing-Chicago, IL1124
135133Alamo Fencing Academy, TX1113
135160Alcazar Fencing Club, OH1113
13559Athletic Club Northeast, GA1113
135133Beaches Sabre Club, NY123
135160Edmonton Fencing Club, AB213
135198En Garde! Fencing Club NJ, NJ1113
135NAFarmington Valley Fencing, MA1113
135198Fencing Alliance Of Ohio, OH123
135NAFencing Star Academy, GA123
135114Fresno Fencing Academy, CA33
135133Kern Athletic Fencing Foundation, CA123
135160Lone Star Fencing Center, TX123
135198New Amsterdam Fencing Academy North, NY1113
135NANorth Carolina Fencing Development Program, NC1113
13583Olde Town Fencing Club, VA1113
135133Princeton-Hillsborough YMCA, NJ123
135NAResearch Triangle Fencing, NC1113
135NASalle Santa Cruz, CA33
135100San Diego Fencing Center, CA1113
135198Team Touche Fencing Center, CA1113
135114Top Fencing Club, NJ1113
135NAUnited Fencing Academy, CA1113
157#N/AAcademy Fencing Club, MO112
157114Bay State Fencers, MA22
157160Baylor School, TN112
157NABirmingham Fencing Club, AL112
157NABucks County Academy Of Fencing - West, PA112
157133California Fencing Academy, CA112
15745Candlewood Fencing Center, CT112
157198Capital District Fencing School, NY112
157NACharlotte Fencing Academy, NC22
157114Coastside Fencing Club, CA22
157198Desert Blades, NV112
157NADuke City Fencing, NM112
157NADunwoody Fencing Club, GA22
157NAFencing Sports Club, IL112
157114Gold Blade Fencing Center, TX112
157160Golden Gate Fencing Center, CA112
157133Huahua Fencing Club, ON112
157114Illinois Fencers Club, IL22
157198Iowa City Fencing Center, IA22
157160Island Fencing Center, NY112
157160JJl Fencing Club, UT112
157NAKnights Of Siena, NC112
157160Moe Fencing Club, MA112
157198Morris Fencing Club, NJ112
157198New Jersey Fencing Alliance, NJ22
157NAOn Target Fencing Team, OH112
157NAOrion Fencing, WA112
157100Peninsula Fencing Academy, CA112
157198Portland Fencing Center, ME112
157198Salle Lancier, CA112
157NASalle Palasz, MD112
157NASergei's Sabre Club, AB112
157160South Denver Fencing Academy, CO112
157NASouthwest Fencing Club, AZ112
157NAStamford Fencing Center, CT112
157NATampa Fencing Academy, FL112
157NAVermont Fencing Alliance, VT112
157160Vivo Fencing Club, MA112
157198Wallingford-Swarthmore Panthers, PA112
157NAWisconsin Fencing Academy, WI112
157NAZ Fencing Los Angeles, CA112
198NAAllegheny Fencing Club, PA11
198NAAmerican Fencing Academy Of Dayton, OH11
198198Austin Fencers Club, TX11
198160Beverly Hills Fencers' Club, CA11
198198Boise Fencing Club, ID11
198NABre-Les Dynamiques De Brebeuf, QC11
198NACanadian Fencing Academy, ON11
198NACheyenne Fencing Society, CO11
198198Club D'escrime Sth De Quebec, QC11
198NACoeur Du Lion, CA11
198NAColorado Fencing Academy, CO11
198NACracovia Foil Fencing, WI11
198NACulver Fencing, CA11
198NAD'Alerta Fencing Academy, FL11
198114Des Moines Fencing Club, IA11
198160Desert Fencing Academy, CA11
198NADubois Fencing Club, PA11
198198Eastern Kentucky University Fencing Club, KY11
198NAEscrimeur Fencers Club, NJ11
198NAFioretto Fencing Academy, FL11
198198Five Rings Fencing Club, KS11
198NAFront Range Fencing Club, CO11
198NAHomewood Fencing Club, MD11
198NAHub City Fencing Academy, NJ11
198160Indianapolis Fencing Club, IN11
198198International Fencing Club, MA11
198NAJacksonvile Fencing Club, FL11
198198Kansas City Fencing Center, KS11
198198Liberty Fencing Club, PA11
198NALoudoun International Fencing Club, VA11
198100Massialas Foundation O.C. (MTeam O.C.), CA11
198198Masters Fencing Club, FL11
198160Metro Chicago Fencing Center, IL11
198NAMilwaukee Sport Fencing Academy, WI11
198160Nema Fencing Center, MA11
198NANew Orleans Fencers Club, LA11
198NANorth Bay Fencing Academy, CA11
198133Olympic Fencers Club, GA11
198NAPhoenix Falcons Fencing Club, AZ11
198NAPittsburgh Fencers East, PA11
198NAPrecision Athletics Fencing Club, CA11
198NAPrise De Fer Fencing Club, MA11
198NAProspect Fencing Club, CT11
198160Riverside Fencing Center, CA11
198114Sacramento Saber Fencing, CA11
198NASalle Laverne, CA11
198NASalle Otto, NJ11
198NASeacoast Fencing Club, NH11
198NASeca Academy, China11
198198Sinsu Fencing Club, Korea11
198NASomerset Hills Fencing Club11
198133South Coast Fencing Center, CA11
198NASword In The Scroll Fencing Academy, CT11
198NASyracuse Musketeers Fencing, NY11
198NATexas Fencing Academy, TX11
198160The Phoenix Center, NY11
198NAThe Point Fencing Club & School, IL11
198198The Sabre School, NJ11
198NAThree Swords Fencing Club, MI11
198NATidewater Fencing Club, VA11
198114Tournament Fencers Club, NV11
198NATreasure Coast Fencing Club, FL11
198NATri-weapon Fencing Club, MD11
198NATwo Ravens Fencing School, OH11
198NAUniversity Of Florida Fencing Club, FL11
198NAVango Toronto, ON11
198160Wilmington Fencing Club, DE11
198160Woodlands Fencing Academy, TX11
198NAWorcester Fencing Club, MA11
Source: National Fencing Club Rankings based on an analysis of USFA website data. Medal counts for unattached or unknown club affiliations are excluded from the analysis. The total number of medals by place is further influenced by events with less than eight participants and tied results apart from third place. In the case of college fencers, we assigned the fencer’s club immediately before they entered college or a new club, which they may have joined while in college. In no case did we use the college or university representations. Our rationale for adopting this approach is explained in part by reading the material in USFA’s Athlete Handbook relating to collegiate or scholastic fencers.

USA Fencing National Tournaments 2015-2016

1 10/9/2015 – 10/12/2015 NAC Richmond, VA Div 1, Div 2, Cadet, STM
2 11/13/2015 – 11/16/2015 NAC Kansas City, MO Junior, Cadet, Y14
3 12/4/2015-12/7/2015 NAC Baltimore, MD Div 1, Div 2, Vet
4 1/8/2016-1/11/2016 NAC St. Louis Div 1, Junior, CHR, STM
5 2/12/2016-2/15/2016 Junior Olympics Cleveland, OH Junior, Cadet
6 3/11/2016-3/14/2016 NAC Salt Lake City, UT Div 2, Y 10, Y 12, Y 14, Y 14 Team)
7 4/8/2016-4/11/2016 NAC & Championships Richmond, VA Div 1, Div 1 Team, Wheelchair, Div 111, Vet Open & Age Group, Vet Team
8 6/29/2016-7/8/2016 Championships & July Challenge Dallas, TX Div 1A, Div 11, Div 111, Veteran Age, Y 10, Y 12, Y 14, Div 1, Junior & Cadet

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