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Ranking the Performance of Fencing Clubs at the 2016 National Collegiate Men’s and Women’s Fencing Championships

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One hundred and forty-four student-athletes from 25 colleges and universities competed in individual events at the 2016 National Collegiate Men’s and Women’s Fencing Championships at Brandeis University on the last weekend of March. The 21 NCAA Division I schools at the championships dominated the roster of participants with 131 athletes or 91% of the total compared to 7 or 4.9% from Division II schools and 6 or 4.2% from Division III schools as illustrated in the accompanying graph.

Almost half the student-fencers came from six schools; Notre Dame (12), Princeton (12), St. Johns (12), Columbia (12), Ohio State (11) and Penn State (10) as illustrated in the gragh below. Four of these schools qualified the maximum number of 12 fencers allowed per school. Being selected to participate in the Championships is a great accomplishment and a wonderful experience for student-athletes and coaches, not to mention the “bragging rights” bestowed on the winning college or university! For details on how individual athletes are selected to participate in the Championships please refer to NCAA’s Pre-Championships 2015-2016 Manual. 

After two days of fencing 23 opponents in a round-robin pool format with five touch bouts the top four fencers in each gender-weapon event proceeded to a direct elimination with 15 touch bouts to determine a winner. The six individual NCAA Champions crowned were:

  • Women’s Saber – Adrienne Jarocki (Harvard)
  • Women’s Foil – Eleanor Harvey (Ohio State)
  • Women’s Epee – Jessie Gottesman (Penn State)
  • Men’s Saber – Andrew Mackiewicz (Penn State)
  • Men’s Foil – Maximilien Chastanet (Ohio State)
  • Men’s Epee – Jake Hoyle (Columbia)

Men’s saber champion, Andrew Mackiewicz and men’s epee champion, Jake Hoyle successfully defended their 2015 championship titles.  Columbia University finished the tournament with a seven-point victory, 176-167 over Ohio State and became the first team to win the Team Championships two years in a row since Penn State won the title in 2009 and 2010. Detailed results of the Championships can be found here.

Interestingly, the 144 athletes came from 63 clubs located throughout the U.S. as well as a number of overseas clubs. About 27 athletes were from overseas and their results have been grouped into a “Foreign” category in our analysis. It is a testament to the strength of U.S. fencing that the field of competitors at the Championships came from so many clubs scattered across the country.

Clubs are not “officially” represented at the Championships but, de facto, they are, as many of the athlete’s clubs prior to entering college are eager to publicize their athlete’s selection as a Championship participant and the results their fencers achieved at the Championships. So how did the clubs perform?

Based on a simple weighted point system we ranked the performance of athletes by their club representation. Due to the round-robin nature of the tournament, we multiplied each fencer’s pool win points by a common factor and then added points for the gold, silver and bronze winners, reflecting the tableau nature of the competition for the final four. We then aggregated the data for each club.

Apart from foreign clubs, fencers came from 22 foil clubs, 26 epee clubs and 25 saber clubs as illustrated in the table below. Two clubs were represented by fencers in all three weapons, Fencers Club, NY and Mission Fencing Center, NY. Each of the following six clubs were represented in two weapons: Fencing Academy of Westchester, NY; Virginia Academy of Fencing, VA; Los Angeles International Fencing Center, CA; Fencing Academy of South Jersey, NJ (now closed), Dynamo Fencing Club, BC and Medeo Fencing Club, NJ. About 68% of the domestic clubs are located in one of seven states; California, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Arizona, Massachusetts and Oregon.

The #1 U.S. club based on athlete performance at the 2016 National Collegiate Men’s and Women’s Fencing Championship is the Fencers Club of New York as illustrated in the accompanying table. Its overall ranking is due in no small way to the performance of its foil fencers. Apart from the Fencers Club, the best performing clubs overall include:

Data in the table can be sorted to rank the best performing foil, epee and saber clubs as well as the best clubs overall at the championships. You may click on a column heading to sort the data based on that criteria. In addition the table can be extended by adding entries at the top of the table.

Ranking of Fencing Club Performance at the 2016 National Collegiate Men's and Women's Fencing Championships

Total Points RankFencing ClubState/ProvinceFoil PointsSaber PointsEpee PointsTotal Points
2Fencers ClubNY343084014705740
3Los Angeles International Fencing Center, CACA98038804860
4Manhattan Fencing Center, NYNY44954495
5Alliance Fencing AcademyTX42154215
6Fencing Academy of WestchesterNY168018203500
7Empire United FencingNJ31653165
8Nellya Fencers, GAGA31503150
9Massialas Foundation (M Team)CA29072907
10Mission Fencing CenterNY21019603502520
11Gutkovskiy Fencing AcademyNJ24022402
12Peter Westbrook FoundationNY23102310
13Zeta Fencing, MAMA22702270
14Northwest Fencing CenterOR21702170
15New York Athletic ClubNY19901990
16Dynamo Fencing ClubBC9808401820
17Medeo Fencing ClubNJ28014921772
18Avant Garde Fencers ClubCA17501750
19Heartland Fencing AcademyKS16801680
19Oregon Fencing AllianceOR16801680
21Salle Mauro Fencing AcademyTX16101610
22Toronto Fencing ClubON15701570
23Bergen Fencing ClubNJ14701470
24Fencing Academy of PhiladelphiaPA14301430
25Sacramento Saber FencingCA14151415
26Virginia Academy of FencingVA6307701400
26New York Fencing AcademyNY14001400
28Midwest Fencing AcademyIL13521352
29Premier Fencing AcademyCA12751275
30Bluegrass Fencers' ClubKY11351135
31Phoenix Falcon Fencing ClubAZ11201120
32Windy City Fencing ClubIL10651065
33Vivo Fencing ClubMA10501050
34Louisville Fencing CenterKY980980
35Golubitsky Fencing CenterCA910910
35Arizona Fencing CenterAZ910910
35Fencers Club of ArizonaAZ910910
35Florida MusketeersFL910910
35Hooked on FencingOH910910
35Marx Fencing Academy, MAMA910910
41Fencing Institute of TexasTX840840
41Fencing Academy of South JerseyNJ350490840
41Northern Colorado FencersCO840840
445T Fencers ClubNY700700
44Cardinal Fencing ClubCA700700
44Culver Military AcademyIN700700
44Husar Fencing SchoolTX700700
44Olympian Fencing ClubTX700700
44Rain City Fencing CenterWA700700
50Mid-south Fencers' ClubNC630630
50PDX FencingOR630630
52Silicon Valley Fencing CenterCA560560
52Christian Brothers High School Fencing ClubTN560560
52Gold Blade Fencing CenterTX560560
52The Sabre SchoolNJ560560
56Morris Fencing ClubNJ490490
56San Francisco Fencers' ClubCA490490
56San Diego Fencing CenterCA490490
59Lilov Fencing AcademyNJ420420
59Presidio Fencing ClubCA420420
59Swords Fencing StudioCA420420
62Ottawa FencingON350350
63Fencing Academy of NevadaNV280280
64Sarasota Fencing Academy & ClubFL7070
Source: National Fencing Club Rankings based on an analysis of National Collegiate Athletics Association data.


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