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Ranking the Performance of the Top 50 Youth Epee Clubs in the Super Youth Circuit (SYC) 2016-2017

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Medal Conversion Statistics for 2016-2017 SYC – Youth Epee Clubs

Due to the response to our earlier post, “Evaluating Your Club’s Super Youth Circuit (SYC) Medal Count,” and the numerous requests to provide medal conversion statistics for each of the weapons at the SYCs, we have expanded our coverage to include the Top 50 ranked youth fencing clubs in epee.

About 1,040 individual Y-10, Y-12 and Y-14 fencers from 185 clubs generated 2,606 entries in 96 SYC epee events in the past year as outlined in the accompanying table. Almost 380 individual fencers (734 entries) from 105 clubs had a Top 8 finish at one or more of the SYCs epee events in 2016-2017.

Background Statistics for 96 Epee Events at 16 SYCs in 2016-2017

Total Top 8 Podium Gold Medal
# Clubs 185 105 76 39
# Club Entries 2,606 734 381 96
# Club Members 1,043 376 216 63

The post should be read in conjunction with our earlier post, “Evaluating Your Club’s Super Youth Circuit (SYC) Medal Count” which provides the rationale for the current post. The data in the table pertains to epee data only and does not include data on any other weapons for a club.

Readers are able to sort, filter or search the table. By typing in a club’s name in the search box, readers will be able to compare the performance of a club with the average of the clubs ranked in the table. In certain instances, state rankings are possible by placing the state abbreviation in the search box, e.g., TX for Texas. Details on all medalists from the Top 20 ranked clubs in our overall National Fencing Club Youth Championships – SYC 2016-2017  can be found by clicking the name of the club in the following table.

Our conversion rates are designed to examine how well a club has performed based on the total number of its fencers who participated in SYC events and the total number of fencer-events generated by these fencers. The resulting quotient indicates the efficiency of each club’s fencers performance. The higher the percentage, the more efficient a club was in winning medals.

We encourage readers to compare the conversion rates, by firstly comparing clubs with comparable or similar number of club fencers and the number of fencer-events, and secondly by comparing a club’s performance with the average of the Top 50 ranked youth epee clubs. The data are designed as a reference and a management or operational aid for fencing clubs and their coaches and or managers. The data should not be construed as setting standards on policies or actions for any individual  fencing clubs – or their professional coaches and managers.

Medal Conversion Statistics for Top 50 Ranked Youth Epee Clubs in the Super Youth Circuit (SYC) 2016-2017

Youth Epee Club# Club Members @ SYCs# Club Entries @ SYCs# Club Members in Top 8# Top 8 Medals% Club Entries in top 8# Club Members on Podium# Podium Medals% Club Entries on Podium
Alliance Fencing Academy, TX69186315429.0%182815.1%
Academy of Fencing Masters, CA43124234838.7%132318.5%
New York Fencing Academy, NY
Windy City Fencing Club, IL3791163336.3%101819.8%
North Texas Fencing Alliance, TX146773146.3%42029.9%
Medeo Fencing Club, NJ23102102928.4%71413.7%
Penta Olympic Fencing Club, VA31102122827.5%3109.8%
Fortune Fencing, CA1764102335.9%81625.0%
Alamo Fencing Academy, TX145962237.3%51728.8%
Los Angeles International Fencing Center, CA
Fencing Academy of Westchester, NY
Olympia Fencing Center, MA
Dynamo Fencing Club, BC2557101628.1%6610.5%
Washington Fencing Academy, WA82531456.0%31040.0%
Swords Fencing Studio, CA2034111338.2%6720.6%
Fencing Sports Academy, VA275751221.1%335.3%
Beverly Hills Fencers' Club, CA42331147.8%31043.5%
Woodlands Fencing Academy, TX275371120.8%5713.2%
Battle Born Fencing Club, NV234581124.4%236.7%
OLYMPIAN Fencing Club, TX113331030.3%1618.2%
Fencers Club, NY83151032.3%2412.9%
Peoria Fencing Academy, IL92451041.7%228.3%
Fencing Center of Chicago, IL4123975.0%2433.3%
North Shore Fencers Club, NY15364925.0%4411.1%
Unattached (or Unknown)40529917.3%559.6%
Fencing Academy of Nevada, NV12245833.3%3416.7%
Winter Garden Fencing Academy, FL2727100%2342.9%
Sword Players, ON10186738.9%3316.7%
Cardinal Fencing Club, CA13233730.4%2313.0%
Texas Fencing Academy, TX8225731.8%114.5%
Royal Arts Fencing Academy, OH282675.0%2675.0%
Team Touche Fencing Center, CA8175635.3%2317.6%
Las Positas Fencing Center, CA4142642.9%1214.3%
Rockland Fencers Club, NY5213628.6%2314.3%
Rhode Island Fencing Academy and Club, RI14495612.2%224.1%
Fencing Alliance of Ohio, OH292555.6%2444.4%
Olympia Fencing Academy, MO484562.5%3337.5%
Fresno Fencing Academy, CA5152533.3%2426.7%
Northern Colorado Fencers, CO7124541.7%3325.0%
East Bay Fencers Gym, CA7223522.7%2418.2%
South Denver Fencing Academy, CO7133538.5%117.7%
DC Fencers Club, MD3559458.5%346.8%
Northwest Fencing Center, OR10224522.7%114.5%
Top Fencing Club, NJ7282517.9%113.6%
Mission Fencing Center, NY9114436.4%2218.2%
Loudoun International Fencing Club, VA11183422.2%115.6%
Pioneer Valley Fencing Academy, MA272457.1%
Silicon Valley Fencing Center, CA2323100%23100%
Denver Fencing Center, CO3333100%2266.7%
High Desert Fencing Club, OR362350.0%2350.0%
Spokane Fencers Unlimited, WA352360.0%1240.0%
Illinois Fencers Club, IL792333.3%2333.3%
Rochester Fencing Club, NY10103330.0%2220.0%
Masque de fer, QC562350.0%1116.7%
New Mexico Fencing Foundation, NM181337.5%1112.5%
Vango Toronto, ON14233313.0%114.3%
High Desert Fencing Alliance, NV242375.0%
Toronto Fencing Club, ON352360.0%
Source: National Fencing Club Rankings based on an analysis of askFRED.net data and statistics.


Super Youth Circuit

The Super Youth Circuit is defined by the the 2017-2018 Regional Open Circuit (ROC), Regional Junior/Cadet Circuit (RJCC), Regional Youth Circuit (RYC) and Super Youth Circuit (SYC) Tournament Organizer Requirements and Bid Overview Packet.

“The Super Youth Circuit (SYC) is sanctioned and overseen by USA Fencing. SYCs are held throughout the country for fencers in the Y10, Y12 and Y14 age categories in all six weapons. These tournaments provide an opportunity for young athletes to experience elite competition, earn national ranking points and prepare for future national events.

A principle goal of USA Fencing is to showcase the sport of fencing at the youth level in different regions of the country, providing athletes with a developmentally appropriate level of competition while considering travel time and expenses for fencers and their families. The tournament is intended to provide strong competitive opportunities for youth age fencers seeking to begin the transition from competing principally in regional competitions to competing at the national level by earning national ranking points towards qualification. A designated SYC will consist of all three age classifications in both Men’s and Women’s events in each of the three weapons.”

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