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The Shift in World Rankings for Team USA’s Members for the 2017 Senior World Fencing Championships, Leipzig, Germany 19-26 July, 2017

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With three weeks to go before the Senior World Fencing Championships in Leipzig, Germany, we thought it worthwhile to provide a series of slopegraphs to illustrate how the world rankings have changed over the past two years for the 24 fencers who made Team USA. Nine fencers are ranked in the top 16 of their individual disciplines. We have also provided the rankings for the 12 fencers who ended the season as alternates for members of Team USA.  The top-ranked U.S. teams include Men’s Foil, Women’s Foil and Women’s Saber, all of which are ranked 3rd as illustrated in the accompanying table. A full list of the 2017 Senior World Championship Team is provided at the end of the post.

World Rankings for U.S. Teams 2015-2017

2015 World Ranking

2016 World Ranking

Current World Ranking

Men’s Epee 11 17 15
Men’s Foil 3 1 3
Men’s Saber 8 2 7
Women’s Epee 9 6 8
Women’s Foil 3 3 3
Women’s Saber 2 4 3

Source: International Fencing Federation

The eight-day tournament includes individual and team events in all gender-weapon categories and runs from Wednesday 19 through Wednesday 26, July. The schedule for the competition can be found on the tournament’s website. The rankings in the following slopegraphs reflect end-of-year FIE World Rankings for 2015 and 2016 and current Rankings for 2017. We believe the slopegraphs are self-explanatory and reveal the different routes taken by fencers to secure a place on Team USA. Scroll over the end of a line to reveal details on the fencer’s ranking.

2017 Senior World Championship Teams

1Adam RodneyTeamMEpeePeter Westbrook Foundation, NY
2Jason PryorTeamMEpeeNew York Athletic Club, NY
3Benjamin BrattonTeamMEpeePeter Westbrook Foundation, NY
4Cooper SchumacherTeamMEpeeNew York Athletic Club, NY
5Alexander TsinisAlt 1MEpeeNew York Athletic Club, NY
6James KaullAlt 2MEpeeNew York Athletic Club, NY
1Alexander MassialasTeamMFoilMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA
2Miles Chamley-WatsonTeamMFoilFencers Club, NY
3Race ImbodenTeamMFoilGolubitsky Fencing Center, CA
4Gerek MeinhardtTeamMFoilMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA
5Nick ItkinAlt 1MFoilLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA
6Brian KaneshigeAlt 2MFoilDurkan Fencing Academy, NJ
1Daryl HomerTeamMSaberManhattan Fencing Center, NY
2Eli DershwitzTeamMSaberZeta Fencing, MA
3Jeff SpearTeamMSaberNew York Athletic Club, NY
4Geoffrey LossTeamMSaberAvant Garde Fencers Club, CA
5Benjamin NatanzonAlt 1MSaberManhattan Fencing Center, NY
6Evan ProchniakAlt 2MSaberNew York Athletic Club, NY
1Katharine HolmesTeamWEpeeNew York Athletic Club, NY
2Courtney HurleyTeamWEpeeNew York Athletic Club, NY
3Kelley HurleyTeamWEpeeNew York Athletic Club, NY
4Anna Van BrummenTeamWEpeeAlliance Fencing Academy, TX
5Amanda SiricoAlt 1WEpeeDC Fencers Club, MD
6Catherine NixonAlt 2WEpeeLos Angeles International Fencing Center, CA
1Lee KieferTeamWFoilBluegrass Fencers' Club, KY
2Nicole RossTeamWFoilFencers Club, NY
3Margaret LuTeamWFoilNew York Athletic Club, NY
4Sabrina MassialasTeamWFoilMassialas Foundation (M Team), CA
5Jacqueline DubrovichAlt 1WFoilDurkan Fencing Academy, NJ
6Nzingha PrescodAlt 2WFoilPeter Westbrook Foundation, NY
1 Mariel ZagunisTeam (Withdrawn)WSaberOregon Fencing Alliance, OR
2Dagmara WozniakTeamWSaberManhattan Fencing Center, NY
3Monica AksamitTeamWSaberManhattan Fencing Center, NY
4Ibtihaj MuhammadTeamWSaberPeter Westbrook Foundation, NY
5Anne-Elizabeth StoneTeamWSaberBergen Fencing Club, NJ
6Sage PalmedoAlt 1WSaberBergen Fencing Club, NJ
Source: USFA Website and National Fencing Club Rankings. The USFA Rank is based on National Senior Team Point Standings.

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