Top 8 Super Youth Circuit Medalists for Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy 2016-2017

PlaceNameRating EarnedAge GenderWeaponTournament
1Haley KooA2016Y14WomenFoilCOBRA CHALLENGE Super Youth (SYC) and CADET
1Katherine ApelianY12WomenFoilBen Gutenberg Memorial SYC & Cadet
1Renata ChusidY14WomenFoilDaugherty Youth Cup - SYC/RCC
2Haley KooY14WomenFoilThrust Fall Super Youth Circuit (SYC)
2Josephine ChangY12WomenSaberBen Gutenberg Memorial SYC & Cadet
2Katherine ApelianY12WomenFoilFairfax Challenge SYC
2Liam BasY10MenFoilThrust Fall Super Youth Circuit (SYC)
2Mikayla ChusidY10WomenFoilDaugherty Youth Cup - SYC/RCC
2Rachel KooC2017Y14WomenFoilFairfax Challenge SYC
2Rachel KooY12WomenFoilCapitol Clash SYC and Cadet RCC 2017
2Rachel KooY12WomenFoilThrust Fall Super Youth Circuit (SYC)
3Jia ChenY10WomenFoilMission SYC (Super Youth Circuit) 2017
3Josephine ChangY12WomenSaberThrust Fall Super Youth Circuit (SYC)
3Liam BasY10MenFoilMission SYC (Super Youth Circuit) 2017
3Sarah NgY10WomenFoilBen Gutenberg Memorial SYC & Cadet
3Sarah NgY10WomenFoilNorth Texas Roundup - Region 5 SYC and RCC 16/17
5Czarina AlfonsoY14WomenFoilCOBRA CHALLENGE Super Youth (SYC) and CADET
5Ethan AugustineY14MenFoilMission SYC (Super Youth Circuit) 2017
5Josephine ChangY12WomenSaberCapitol Clash SYC and Cadet RCC 2017
5Josephine ChangY14WomenSaberBen Gutenberg Memorial SYC & Cadet
5Josephine ChangY14WomenSaberThrust Fall Super Youth Circuit (SYC)
5Katherine ApelianY12WomenFoilCapitol Clash SYC and Cadet RCC 2017
5Liam BasY10MenFoilCOBRA CHALLENGE Super Youth (SYC) and CADET
5Liam BasY10MenFoilBen Gutenberg Memorial SYC & Cadet
5Rachel KooY12WomenFoilFairfax Challenge SYC
6Asherah HorsleyY14WomenFoilCOBRA CHALLENGE Super Youth (SYC) and CADET
6Asherah HorsleyY14WomenFoilBen Gutenberg Memorial SYC & Cadet
6Ethan AugustineY12MenFoilThrust Fall Super Youth Circuit (SYC)
6Katherine ApelianY14WomenFoilWindy City Super Youth Circuit SYC and Cadets RCC
6Katherine ApelianY12WomenFoilThrust Fall Super Youth Circuit (SYC)
6Mikayla ChusidY10WomenFoilBen Gutenberg Memorial SYC & Cadet
6Sarah NgY10WomenFoilThrust Fall Super Youth Circuit (SYC)
7Ethan AugustineY12MenFoilFairfax Challenge SYC
7Ethan AugustineE2017Y12MenFoilCapitol Clash SYC and Cadet RCC 2017
7Mikayla ChusidY10WomenFoilThrust Fall Super Youth Circuit (SYC)
7Sanjay KasiY12MenFoilMission SYC (Super Youth Circuit) 2017
7Sarah NgY10WomenFoilMission SYC (Super Youth Circuit) 2017
8Josephine ChangD2016Y14WomenSaberCOBRA CHALLENGE Super Youth (SYC) and CADET
8Liam BasE2017Y12MenFoilCapitol Clash SYC and Cadet RCC 2017
8Michael YerokhinY12MenFoilMission SYC (Super Youth Circuit) 2017
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