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Top New Jersey Feeder Clubs to the Super Youth Circuit (SYC) 2016-2017

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New Jersey fencing clubs are a major source of demand (fencer-events in Y-10, Y-12 and Y-14 age categories) for the burgeoning Super Youth Circuit (SYC)¹. Since 2011-2012, the clubs have accounted for about 12% of total U.S SYC fencer-events. This compares with clubs in New York and California which generated 18.5% and 16.9% of total SYC fencer-events respectively over the same period.

With four ‘local’ SYCs in Region 3 (ME, NH, VT, MA, NY, RI, CT, NJ, PA)² and two in neighboring Region 6 (WV, DE, MD, VA, DC, TN, NC, SC, GA, AL, MS, FL), New Jersey youth fencers had a number of driveable SYCs to chose from in 2016-2017. New Jersey youth fencers participated in 2.6 SYCs on average, with a range 1 to 9. This year, 300 youth fencers from 30 New Jersey clubs generated 1,092 fencer-events in 13 of the 16 SYC tournaments held nationwide. The fencers participated in 3.6 tournament events on average, with a range of one to 16.

The Top 10 feeder clubs to the SYC accounted for 895 fencer-events or 82% of the demand originating from New Jersey. The clubs are:

  • Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy (Fair Lawn)
  • Medeo Fencing Club (Bridgewater)
  • Top Fencing Club (Northvale)
  • V Fencing Club (Livingston)
  • Cobra Fencing Club (Jersey City)
  • Advanced Fencing and Fitness Academy (Garwood)
  • Freehold Fencing Academy (Freehold)
  • Lilov Fencing Academy (Cedar Grove)
  • Bergen Fencing Club (Ho Ho Kus), and
  • Premier Fencing Club (Monmouth Junction)

Each of the clubs has an active youth program which incorporates attendance at SYC tournaments. The most popular SYC for New Jersey youth fencers was the Cobra Challenge in Secaucus, NJ (November 25-27, 2016) followed by the Capital Clash SYC in National Harbor, MD (January 14-16, 2017). The thirteen SYCs which attracted fencers from New Jersey are listed below.

Super Youth Circuit Tournaments Attended by New Jersey Youth Fencers 2016-2017

SYC Tournament # New Jersey Fencers # New Jersey Entries % of Total New Jersey Entries Average # Events Per New Jersey Fencer
Cobra Challenge Super Youth (SYC) and Cadet 229 291 26.6% 1.3
Capitol Clash SYC and Cadet RCC 2017 133 195 17.9% 1.5
Thrust Fall Super Youth Circuit (SYC) 156 193 17.7% 1.2
Fairfax Challenge SYC 102 154 14.1% 1.5
Mission SYC (Super Youth Circuit) 2017 88 131 12.0% 1.5
Ben Gutenberg  Memorial SYC & Cadet 58 93 8.5% 1.6
North Texas Roundup – Region 5 SYC and RCC 16/17 6 11 1.0% 1.8
Windy City Super Youth Circuit  SYC and Cadets RCC 6 9 0.8% 1.5
Gerrie Baumgart Rocky Mountain SYC/RCC (Reg 4) 2016 3 6 0.5% 2.0
Daugherty Youth Cup – SYC/RCC 3 3 0.3% 1.0
SYC at UCSD (Super Youth Circuit) 3 3 0.3% 1.0
The 2016 Austin Challenge SYC and Cadet 1 2 0.2% 2.0
Bernie Stein Memorial SYC 2016 1 1 0.1% 1.0
Total 300 1,092 100.0% 3.6

Source: National Fencing Club Rankings based on an analysis of askFRED.net data and statistics.

These tournaments provided an opportunity for young athletes to experience elite competition, earn national ranking points and prepare for future national events. Eighty-six of the 300 fencers from New Jersey had a Top 8 result as illustrated in the following table.

Ranking of Top 8 Medalists for New Jersey Clubs in the 2016-2017 Super Youth Circuit (SYC)

Victoria PevznerV Fencing Club22318
Alexandra DrovetskyMedeo Fencing Club1157
Chase EmmerV Fencing Club31217
Josephine ChangGutkovskiy Fencing Academy11316
Lola PossickCobra Fencing Club111216
Jia ChenGutkovskiy Fencing Academy111115
Jonathan DaiV Fencing Club111115
Katherine ApelianGutkovskiy Fencing Academy11125
Liam BasGutkovskiy Fencing Academy11215
Matthew ChanMedeo Fencing Club235
Meghana PaturuMedeo Fencing Club21115
Zoe KimMedeo Fencing Club2215
Ashten ProcacciniEscrimeur Fencers Club1124
Ethan AugustineGutkovskiy Fencing Academy1124
Justina LamPremier Fencing Club1214
Kayla AlcebarCobra Fencing Club224
Madison Four-GarciaCobra Fencing Club11114
Rachel KooGutkovskiy Fencing Academy314
Samantha SerbanV Fencing Club11114
Sarah NgGutkovskiy Fencing Academy2114
Tei D KimTop Fencing Club1214
Victoria ChernyshovaMedeo Fencing Club11114
Yonjae KimTop Fencing Club1214
Anousheh ReidMedeo Fencing Club213
Chelsea DelsoinCobra Fencing Club123
Ethan BoroditskyMedeo Fencing Club1113
Jaewon JangTop Fencing Club123
Jenna ShomanAdvance Fencing and Fitness Academy1113
Jude WilsonCobra Fencing Club1113
Juni KimTop Fencing Club213
Kaitlyn HulseburgCobra Fencing Club1113
Kaveh ShafaieFreehold Fencing Academy1113
Maya YunAdvance Fencing and Fitness Academy1113
Mikayla ChusidGutkovskiy Fencing Academy1113
Rachael KimTop Fencing Club1113
Tei KimTop Fencing Club123
Zachary ChanBergen Fencing Club1113
Zander RhodesV Fencing Club1113
Andrew ShiLilov Fencing Academy112
Asherah HorsleyGutkovskiy Fencing Academy22
Dominic JosephPremier Fencing Club112
Elizabeth ChanMedeo Fencing Club22
Gillian ParrisLilov Fencing Academy112
Haley KooGutkovskiy Fencing Academy112
Jessica LinMedeo Fencing Club112
Jonathan YaoAdvance Fencing and Fitness Academy112
Juni C KimTop Fencing Club112
Neil LilovLilov Fencing Academy112
Rachel LiuBergen Fencing Club112
Sofia MarekAdvance Fencing and Fitness Academy112
Sohah KulkarniV Fencing Club22
Amir ChambersNational Fencing Alliance11
Angela ShiPremier Fencing Club11
Ashley LuoMedeo Fencing Club11
Calvin CondonCobra Fencing Club11
Chris LeeTop Fencing Club11
Christopher BoratgisArena Fencing Academy11
Czarina AlfonsoGutkovskiy Fencing Academy11
Dayaal SinghV Fencing Club11
Douglas LauricellaFreehold Fencing Academy11
Elizabeth MoystonCobra Fencing Club11
Emma YunAdvance Fencing and Fitness Academy11
Eric LiuV Fencing Club11
Grace Van AttaLilov Fencing Academy11
Isabel YouArena Fencing Academy11
Jack DvorinLilov Fencing Academy11
Jacob SjostedtTigerZ Fencing Academy11
Jadeyn WilliamsAdvance Fencing and Fitness Academy11
Jasmine ShenDurkan Fencing Academy11
Jonathan NgBergen Fencing Club11
Jorge GanaAtlantic Fencing Academy11
Julia YoonTigerZ Fencing Academy11
Katie LinMedeo Fencing Club11
Kevin BoylanDurkan Fencing Academy11
Kimberley JangDurkan Fencing Academy11
Michael YerokhinGutkovskiy Fencing Academy11
Mirriam ShomanAdvance Fencing and Fitness Academy11
Nicholas KimTop Fencing Club11
Noah ShomanMedeo Fencing Club11
Renata ChusidGutkovskiy Fencing Academy11
Sanjay KasiGutkovskiy Fencing Academy11
Sarah GuMedeo Fencing Club11
Sophie GraffCobra Fencing Club11
Vinni YuTop Fencing Club11
Yejine LeeTop Fencing Club11
Zachary ShomanMedeo Fencing Club11
Source: askFRED.net

The composition of fencer-events generated by the largest feeder clubs to the SYC in 2016-2017 is illustrated in the accompanying graph. Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy, Medeo Fencing Club, Top Fencing Club and V Fencing Club accounted for about 50% of the fencer-events generated by New Jersey Clubs for the SYC, while the Top 10 clubs accounted for 82% of the state’s fencer-events at SYCs. Fencers from Gutkovskiy Fencing Club generated the most fencer-events in 2016-2017 at 165, about 84% from foil and 16% from saber. Medeo Fencing Club followed with 145, 70% epee, 27% saber and 3% foil.

The growth in total fencer-events generated by the largest feeder clubs to the SYC is illustrated in the graph below. Eight of the ten clubs have participated in SYCs over the past five years. In aggregate, the ten clubs have seen a 16% compounded annual growth in SYC fencer-events over the period, compared to 3.7% for all clubs in New Jersey.

Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy, the largest feeder club in New Jersey, has been reasonably consistent in the number of fencer-events generated for SYCs over the past five years. Medeo Fencing Club and Top Fencing Club have both experienced significant growth since 2012-2013, while V Fencing Club generated 99 fencer-events in its first year of operation.


Super Youth Circuit

¹The Super Youth Circuit is defined by the 2017-2018 Regional Open Circuit (ROC), Regional Junior/Cadet Circuit (RJCC), Regional Youth Circuit (RYC) and Super Youth Circuit (SYC) Tournament Organizer Requirements and Bid Overview Packet.

“The Super Youth Circuit (SYC) is sanctioned and overseen by USA Fencing. SYCs are held throughout the country for fencers in the Y10, Y12 and Y14 age categories in all six weapons. These tournaments provide an opportunity for young athletes to experience elite competition, earn national ranking points and prepare for future national events.

A principle goal of USA Fencing is to showcase the sport of fencing at the youth level in different regions of the country, providing athletes with a developmentally appropriate level of competition while considering travel time and expenses for fencers and their families. The tournament is intended to provide strong competitive opportunities for youth age fencers seeking to begin the transition from competing principally in regional competitions to competing at the national level by earning national ranking points towards qualification. A designated SYC will consist of all three age classifications in both Men’s and Women’s events in each of the three weapons.”

² Click the image of the Regional Map to enlarge it.

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